Monday, January 26, 2009

(video) as lefties and ‘palis’ march for the death cult called hamas

Part 1-brooklyn bridge to 34th st

Part 2- 34th st to columbus circle

Part 3- videos only on the march

The Squirrel Brigade was busy. Took a walk with some lefties.

This info below is from the ‘palis and friends” who walked for 'death to the Jews' . If you march with a death cult (named hamas) that demands death to are marching for 'death to the Jews"

They claim:

“YOU can do SOMETHING. Visit walk of solidarity across New York City to raise awareness and funds for the Gaza humanitarian crisis. Our silent, yet powerful walk will raise funds for American Near East Refugee Aid, an American non-profit founded in 1968, which will provide medical supplies, food and shelter directly to the victims in Gaza.”

Hey! HOW ABOUT THE VICTIMS IN ISRAEL...Victims of the terrorist death-cult named HAMAS? (nope ...not a cent raised for them...right?)

They walked. And walked and WALKED (6.5 miles)

And the public reaction was typical New York: Nobody cared!

Our police had to babysit this group from Brooklyn to Columbus Circle:


All Pictures are posted here>>Image hosted by
by redsquirrel08

To those 'offended' in the comments below. VSB responds: "Yeah,baby! Peace and love; Can't we all get along? That's the ticket! Just make nice and hamas will make nice, oh,brother: Tell that to the Swedes. It's the same world-wide-death-cult-named-hamas (throwing rocks and eggs and fireworks) because they want ....the violence to stop?!" (Not!)

Read more on how 'peaceful' the hamas-gazan bullies are here>>

And watch the video. Unprovoked VIOLENCE against a peaceful demonstration. The "I Heart Gaza" 'peace'-marchers still don't get it: They're marching for 'peace' with the murders, with terrorist sympathizers. Just cause you want them to 'make nice', this video proves, wishing is NOT going to make it happen.

And read more (plus video) about 'peaceful' support for hamas (death-cult) : "Demented Cow Smashes British Grocery" >>



Unknown said...

perhaps better than our tax dollars going to killing innocent children.

Unknown said...

You must be seeing a different march than the one in your videos. This was not a walk for death to the jews but a walk to protest violence against innocent civilians for political means. Even your own videos show how peaceful and un-vitriolic their walk was. The only offensive statement made in connection with this walk is YOUR assertion that these demonstrators were anti-Jew. Its too bad that groups like this need police protection just for exercising their rights to free speech, but given your inappropriate statements, no one should be surprised.

Unknown said...

perhaps nobody in new york cared, but enough people came up to us and asked us for fliers and were supportive. the point was not the walk, but the fundraising, and the awareness.

Please miss VigilantSquirrelBrigade, there really is no need to bash good people who are trying to promote peace on both sides. It's counter effective, and inflammatory.

Unknown said...

obviously the walk made YOU spend several hours there! So it seems like someone cared! Even if your invested time was only to deface a universal peaceful walk with all types of people, leftists, rightists, palis, israeli's, americans. How shameful that you are so ready to label people when all they suscribed to clearly on this walk was being human. You sadly seem to not understand what it means to be human...

Betrave said...

Haha, I wouldn't have posted the videos if I were you. They just prove how delusional your post is.

These people are obviously peaceful and from the link you shared they are fund raising to support humanitarian efforts ... You must know better !

Thanks for making and sharing those videos though, I can even see some hot chicks ... Now I wish I was there walking too :)

Unknown said...

also, i do suggest you rewrite the statement on your website
"Follow the Red Squirrel Brigade as we scour NewYorkistan looking for American Values...That's all you're gonna get folks...cause we're undercover!"

1-american values include tolerance and openness, and your attitude clearly is neither.
2 - you were not doing a very good job of being undercover!

maybe next time try to engage people in discussion like we did with you

lulu said...

Thank you for recording this peaceful walk, though as someone who walked with the group yesterday, I'm stunned at your delusional and libelous blog-title.
You must see the world thru a very dark & twisted lense. The peaceful message of this walk admonished ALL use of violence as a political bargaining tool - The walkers were universalist in their message and humanitarian in their cause, and they were able to raise much-needed money for humanitarian aid for people whose lives have been devastated by the recent crisis. donations went directly to an American non-profit, with an incredibly reputable record of humanitarian work in the region, and solid partnerships both in the US and internationally.

Unknown said...

How can you be so myopic as to accuse a group whose goals are only humanitarian in nature, as evidenced by their website and your own videos, of supporting genocide? Regardless of your views as to the necessity of the recent Israeli assault on Gaza, I would hope you would at least sympathize with innocent civilians who have been caught in the crossfire and had their lives and livelihoods destroyed as a result. Surely you can admit that such innocents do exist on either side, but in much greater numbers on the Gazan side of the wall. The only justification I can see for you holding your view that support for a humanitarian effort to help those that have lost so much is the same as supporting 'death to the jews' would be if you believe every Palestinian to be equivalent to a Hamas militant. This view is absurd on its face, but it is this type of uncritical, irrational and downright lazy thinking that will likely lead to an unnecessary extension of this conflict for years to come.

Red Squirrel (Pamela Hall) said...

Well well well.Are you all having fun!The 'peaceful' supporters of the death cult known as hamas...promoting lies about a place called 'fakestine'. Think YOU need the protection of the police? They protect Americans from you. (until the obamessiah releases more terrorists within our country)You shed no tears for the innocents murdered by hamas.You shed no tears for the Jews. Read their charter: They have one cause:the destruction of Israel and death to the Jews. They do not recognize the State of Israel. They do not intend to live in peace with Israel. They murder innocent children in ISRAEL.Your ignorance makes you tools of a hate-machine and raising money for murderers 'peacefully' doesn't make you peaceful. It's blood money.You are blinded by the lies and propaganda shoved at you since birth. You are on the side of a death cult and your 'quiet little march' is a front for your intended destruction of Israel.These videos reveal you for the HYPOCRITS you are. And it's such easy fun fun fun.

Betrave said...

Oh my god ! I think saw an angry one dragging a mini tank in front of him , and he had a tshirt on with a propagandic logo !!! ... oh wait no, the shirt actually says ... walk to stop violence ... not even who and what ... and the mini tank is not a mini tank ... it's his baby in a trolley ...

Just stop being delusional, and trust me the more you post movies and comments the more delusional you prove yourself to be ... you must know better how to get your lies and propaganda work ...

Unknown said...

stop making this walk about your agenda. There was no speak of support to Hamas, no speak about support to the Israeli army. In fact the only speak there was was about being against violence as political bargaining tool. We recognized and mourn the lives lost on both sides, if you read/posted our mission fairly, you would have understood that. I think you are smarter than that, but would rather manipulate the situation to your agenda. That's your prerogative, but makes you no journalist, nor reporter. It just makes you just as bad as any extremist on any side. Something we should ALL collectively be against.

Unknown said...

To all my fellow walkers, come on... this is New York. We are surrounded by delusional individuals. You would not try to reason with some one like that on the street, so no need to try to reason with him here.

The message of this walk was delicately crafted, unlike other protests from both sides that were indeed hateful. It's a strategic mistake on the part of this blogger to chose this walk as a target, but it only shows how receptive and committed she is to these exact American values democracy as freedom of speech and democracy.

As a Jew and a patriotic Israeli who walked with you all on Sunday, I really encourage you to ignore this hateful post. (if the blogger's American values would even allow my comment to be posted)

Mars said...

I saw this and I wondered what kind of medications squirrels are taking these days. I watched the videos minus the weird subtitles which seemed to come from nowhere and the weird stickers and posters that were obviously included due to lack of material and the conclusion I drew from all of that is that maybe less nuts are needed in this squirrel's diet...

If you wanted to spread the message of hate which you seem intent on doing then picking a silent symbolic walk to stop violence is kind of a very silly move...

Red Squirrel (Pamela Hall) said...

Isn't this fun? I hope you all feel better now that you've vented. (revealing as usual your total lack of awareness) To clarify: marching for 'peace' requires losing "I HEART Gaza" and those many 'palis-scarve...which we ALL know means support for Hamas:Death-Cult. We did not see one flag of Israel nor one "I Heart Israel"... on your 'peace' march or on your site(and we ALL know these items are NOT going to appear (ever)in any of your 'peace' marches etc) "You HEART terrorists". You are tools in a propaganda-parade against Israel and America. We know who you are. Your leaders go from one hate-Israel to hate-America rally to another (you seem to have no jobs...Mr. Soros slipping you some cash?) Owning up to your lies is the first step to recovery (maybe)but 'peace' from you nut-jobs ...YOUR 'peace' is terrorism. More government. More rules. More taxes. Sucked into the mantra "the government is here and we're going to save-help you.(wake-up) It's called terrorism compliments of YOU 'peace-nuts': God Save us all.

Unknown said...

This was not a walk for death to the jews but a walk to protest violence against innocent civilians for political means

How many marches have you held to protest Hamas' murder of innocent Israeli children?

How many marches have you held to protest the bombing of immigrant families in Sderot?

How many marches have you held to protest the Islamist slaughter and enslavement of Christian and black Muslim sudanese?

It seems that some vicitms are more equal than others.

Betrave said...

Mary you are digressing and your arguments make no sense at all ...

Protesting against the use of violence against innocent children in Gaza, does not mean agreeing with use of violence in another place or way ... That's just dumb of you to believe that !

Bottom line is, you are just taking a beautiful humanitarian effort and trying to put an evil spin on it. I am having a really hard time understanding your motives.

Unknown said...

"How many marches have you held to protest Hamas' murder of innocent Israeli children?

How many marches have you held to protest the bombing of immigrant families in Sderot?

How many marches have you held to protest the Islamist slaughter and enslavement of Christian and black Muslim sudanese? "

This is the first walk we have organized so please stop making us out to seem as extreme as you are my friend. The only reason I respond is because I hope that one day you can stop hating and caring about lines and divisions, and labels, and figuring out how much better you are than everyone else. We don't hate jews and its unfair of you infer that we do. You obviously hate anything that is remotely associated with something Arab. Gaza is a piece of land, where people were living. Love for Gaza is not love for Hamas, it is not love for Violence. The reason there were I heart Gaza stickers at the walk was because of the unbelievable destruction of this small piece of land in the recent middle east crisis that even rational and unextreme jewish and israelis are saddened by. We do not endorse violence by islamic fundamentalism, but neither the Israeli Army. Please have a heart. Stop hating my friend! You want to talk about American Values? Listen to your president:

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this Earth; and because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and segregation, and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace."

Please stop hating oh vigilant squirrel brigade and join the rest of the animal kingdom in their message of peace. I hope to see you at our next peaceful walk. I will reach across partisan lines and invite you. Perhaps you can video it for us since you did such a beautiful job minus your hateful commentary.

Red Squirrel (Pamela Hall) said...

okay, potato, it's time for you to get your own site. blah blah drank the kool-aid have no credibility cause you think the guy sitting in the white house (compliments of Bill Ayers, George Soros and ACORN) is someone to listen to? Wrong again. You are sad. You are mistaken. Next time you do a 'peace' march remember that GAZA has been terrorized by its OWN ELECTED government. It's people murdered by its OWN ELECTED government and those terrorists know as hamas are on record that the ONLY 'peace' they will accept is DEATH to Israel. "From the River to the Sea" is NOT a Two-State 'solution' It's only ...'peace' because the Jews are DEAD. You are deluded ...thinking you lead hamas to 'make nice'? that you will naively 'make peace'. What's amazing is how upset you all are.Guess YOU can't handle the truth...huh? Eight years of lies and propaganda...
bent on destroying anything that's Republican.No making nice from you then. You want a One-Party country (sort of like ...Gaza-Hamas, maybe?) So go live there. Live your dream!

Betrave said...

You really are one hopeless Squirrel ...

Unknown said...

We don't hate jews and its unfair of you infer that we do. You obviously hate anything that is remotely associated with something Arab.

Do you assume that I'm a hater because I asked you a few simple questions, and that causes some strain? Most pacifists react that way when someone asks them to think. When the brain is rarely used, it causes some strain to exercise it.

I don't hate pacifists, but I do realize that their political ideals are not based on thought, rational concepts, the existing world or realistic evaluations. They're a faith-based group, and therefore their political views are irrelevant.

Unknown said...

Charles Jacobs says it best, describing the success of Hamas' "dead baby" strategy:

"Algeria: In 1992, civil war broke out. Psychopathic Islamists with machetes hacked to death 110,000 Algerian civilians. No tears flowed down the cheeks of Western "rights activists." No pictures of these dead Arabs -- babies, children, women and men -- appeared on posters in European or American streets. No marches to protest on behalf of these murdered Arabs. Maybe it would be seen as Politically Incorrect to show a non-Western culture as barbarian. Can that possibly outweigh the souls of the dead Algerians? To "rights groups" -- yes it does.

The Syrian dictatorship killed 10-20,000 civilians in the town of Hama, in 1982. No photographers were allowed of course, but there were images of the dead on the internet. Yet you never saw any of that on a "human rights" poster.

In Darfur, the jihadis are slaughtering and enslaving African Muslims. Darfuris do get some notice, but only because the PC "Save Darfur" movement bends over backwards to hide the war's cause: age-old Arab imperialism. But guess what: the hard anti-Israeli left, with its Islamist allies, defends Khartoum and calls the Save Darfur movement a Zionist plot. (A Zionist plot to cover up Arab imperialism in Africa?)

All this does not begin to account for the millions of non-Arabs and non-Muslims murdered, enslaved, subjugated and/or dispossessed by jihadis -- in this century alone. Christians in Iraq, Sudan, and Egypt murdered and enslaved. Somehow their dead children don't evoke pain in the hearts of the anti-Israel crowd.

This is a fraud: These folks are not deeply concerned about Arab deaths. Their tears flow only when Jews (fighting back) cause these deaths. It's not about human rights. It's not about dead children. It's Western guilt, now focused on Jews."

Don't Tread on Me said...

If the liberal lefties would stop reading the NYT they might learn that they are marching with those who wish death on them. You all might as well walk with the KKK or Nazis- but at least those groups don't get props by the mainstream media today.

I wonder if these morons ever march for the children killed by the thousands of Hamas missiles? Probably not.

Keep drinking the Kool Aid kids, you are doing the propaganda for evil men...denial.

Roosevelt Island Reality said...

Isn't that lefties for you, Squioellina! If they shout loud enough they can change the truth -not!
Looks like you collected plenty of nuts this time!!!
Do any of these incredibly shallow people have a clue as to what and whom they are supporting? Do they know that Hamas just as readily murders Palestinians as Jews - Hamas' cold blooded death march and murder of Fatah members is somewhere on You Tube.

Do they use aid money to improve conditions? No. They use it to murder and maim. Anyone of those marchers know or care about the 60 rockets per day launched into Israel; about the use of women, pregnant women and babies as human shields...

The hypocrisy of these retaliators would be hysterically funny if they weren't backing an organisation dedicated to and invested in cold blooded indiscriminate murder.

Roosevelt Island Reality said...

About the cold blooded death march and murder of Fatah members, where they were blindfolded, led down the street, made to lie down in a grassy area near a wall, and machine gunned to death in cold blood.
Real classy.
I'm sure it was just a "training" session.
And what about the children brainwashed into martyrdom, and women bullied by Hamas into strapping suicide belts on them because they're not fit mothers - probably raped and blamed for the rape -
And then there's the Fatah wedding where bride and groom were gunned down in cold blood.
And the silence from the Palestinians regarding the billions in missing aid. Then again I might be silent if I had to live among sponsored torturers and murderers enabled by the West.
Good luck Mitchell - throw money and status on them as you did with the IRA, and turn them into apolitical gangsters while you collect your Nobel...Shameful!
And as for the concerned citizens on the march - Hamas has you in uniform already: white t shirts, keffiyas...WAKE UP before your marching in burqas and machine guns!