Saturday, August 25, 2012

Times Sq, Niqabs & Hijabs: Is Sharia coming to America?

June 17 to approx July 17. Duffy Sq . 46th and Broadway. Mayor Bloomberg's new and "improved" Times Sq , "Euro-style"; inspired by his partner in 'crime',  Janette Sadik-Kahn.

June and July. VERY HUMID.


Temps in high 80's and 90's

Just before summer solstice - June 21 - Bloomberg  jams Duffy Sq with "Team Yoga" (Tushies UP !)

Not much to do but that day but take pictures of yoga.... for hours...3 blocks worth....

Hanging out in an artificial town square jammed with tourists that's already been seen as  "easy pickings" by jihadis.

But, that was 2010. Flash-forward to 2012.

Noticed a couple of  political statements amongst the travelers. A genocidal Fakestinian T-shirt: "From the River to the Sea"

Friendly tourism coming to America? His flag begs the question...

 Friend or Foe?

A Presidential election looms; tourism booms, particularly Muslim tourism with lots of niqabs, burquas and hijabs. Here we have another stylish passer-by...

Hide the face. Hide the hair, but if not cloaked in a long black abaya, perhaps swathed in tight skinny jeans

Improper attire worthy of physical punishment (like this) in sharia-compliant Muslim countries. This fellow in a black dress ,from the Gay-Pride Parade,  would definitely be in BIG trouble.


More fund games with Scientologists who are trolling for $$ all over Times Square. This unfortunate Muslim family was 'kidnapped' by a Scientologist.

 Tricked by an offer to watch a 'free' film".

The Scientology Center was a block away, led there by a young man in the white shirt: their pied-piper.

The Scientology kid was frighteningly 'friendly". Big grin. Very chatty and repeated a couple of times, as they walked,  that he could say "I love you" in Arabic.

The Muslim father was more worried about me then the Scientology kid.... Buh-Bye....

Another day, this more discerning Muslim father turned down the Scientology offer of a "free"movie

TKTS Booth where tourists buy tickets for Broadway shows. In the background, is a lady in niqab buying tickets for her family.

Many grab some fast food (halal is always available) and take  pictures of themselves 'On Broadway'

Hijabbed tourists staring at huge digital screens .

Some happily sitting  and looking at other tourists (and moi?)


Watching some dancers advertise "Chicago"

And more pictures....

A casual fellow hanging out with what may be his 3 wives.

A couple out for a stroll

She did stop to take a picture of the Yoga Summer Solstice

Another day, a short block north, two happy friends strolling thru an ubiquitous "street faire" selling lousy food....

8th Avenue, a couple was heading over to Times Square

The obscene ex-stripper "Grandma"aka the Naked 'cowgirl' catches people off-guard. Look closely, you'll see her specialty, flipping-off everybody in the posed pictures.

Many tourists just LAUGH and PAY for the pictures! But, the young Muslim couple above lasted barely 5 seconds and moved on  (can't say I blame them)


Fortunately, the colorful family-friendly characters are a big draw (also, busking-for-$$)

A photo for  his "wives" ?

Or just a coincidence that so many Muslim men travel with more than one woman and their children.

The Statue of Liberty photo-op, but only if you slip 'her' some $$ (BTW- it's a guy underneath)

Possibly a family picture of two wives and 4 kids  (woman in the center pulled niqab off her face for the picture)

Camera in hand, this burka'd lady's heading for the mime....

Mime (robot?) He was another popular spot for the kids....

Most of the niqabbed and hijabbed women seemed to be the family photographer (go figure)

Very common was the niqabbed wife but the adolescent daughter was not hijabbed

The required male escort (brothers or sons?) often hanging in the back ground and looking bored. (some escorts seemed as young as 11-12)

 This escort followed behind but did take pictures for the girls when asked.

And again, more single men with many females trailing behind:

Polygamists unchallenged by our laws as they strut through our streets.

More niqabs.

A 'face' in the crowd

She seems to go unnoticed...

There were so many pictures to choose from.  I went every day for a month so I've posted just a few pictures.  There is much more to see in three slideshows below.

Part 1

More and more niqabs, abayas and hijabs on the streets of the U.S. with many young children and pregnant wives.

Part 2

Polygamists. Intolerance. Misogyny. Islam. Sharia is coming to America.

And Part 3, a compilation of niqabs ....

Perhaps these Muslim visitors were rushing their vacations to the Big Apple in June/July before their month of fasting (Ramadan) began on July 20.

Will these tourists be heading "Home for the Holidays?"

 (picture credit: ZA)

Are some potential immigrants, planning to over-stay their visas while  staying in 'birther hotels"?  Requesting asylum from the "Arab Winter"...  and perhaps... potential "VOTERS-for-Obama." Here's a handy CAIR Voter Guide (pdf)

Another step towards a  SHARIA, MUSLIM UMMA (formally known as the USA)and  another reason, once here, many are told in the mosques not to assimilate.

From Nonie Darwish"

"Over the last 3 or 4 decades, American Islamic groups and mosques have managed to radicalize a large number of Muslim Americans, especially those who attend mosques. While they publicly tell us they are “moderate” and that there is nothing to fear from Islamic law, they turn around in private and hold the banner of jihad and Sharia and command Muslim Americans not to assimilate in America."

Decades in the making. And ....some....are masked to look like "one of us"

Already, no criticism of Islam will be tolerated. The Quran commands it.
cause.... "Islam is The Way"

SILENCE when critics of Islam receive death threats . Ignored by the police and tolerated by Team Obama. But drop a package of bacon in a public park and there is no end of faux concern and 'fear' for Muslims in America.

SILENCE when  a Jewish children's camp is terrorized in Pennsylvania.

SILENCE when Christians are stoned in Dearborn, Michigan. The media accepts( defends)the existence of Dearborn Sharia courts and the Sharia-compliant police as the da'wah goes on and many ways....

A man and his megaphone rants against Romney...

... as he sat in front of this da'wah poster

The Religion of 'Peace" and Free Qurans parked at 8th ave and 45 St. Lots of da'wah for the unsuspecting kufir.

BIG plans for a suburban Brooklyn community. The view of the current house in use as a masjid:

The BIG Minaret and the future masjid that is planned to tower over the houses of the infidels:

One mosque at a time, one school at a time, one state at a time: Michigan. Tenn. Brooklyn. Florida. Mass. Minn. NJ.etc etc.... The Stealth Jihad moves forward.

 The EU is going down . Da'wah-ed in to Submission.

And Duffy Square could be Main Street USA. Obama's CHANGE, not good. Will We Submit? Are we ready to suffer under Islam for another 1000 years?

It's our  RIGHT to criticize Islam, to REJECT Sharia Law.  Freedom of Speech: Use it or LOSE IT.

Support the Civilized Man.  Join Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer  on September 11, 2012. 3-7PM. Register now!