Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 2 of King Gloomberg's Irene-o-CON Fiasco

Sunday. August 28, 2011. Day 2  of Bloomberg's Irene-o-CON 

(Day 1 is posted here And here's the link again to the superb editorial from the NY Sun )

Yes, we know Irene caused damage and sadly deaths in areas along the East Coast, where other hurricanes too often do the same, but if this was a NY State Lottery, we'd all be rich. This was an easy bet: Irene was not going to destroy Manhattan; and she didn't. But that didn't stop more businesses from taping up their windows

P1200410 copy

P1200412 copy

Irene was a bust. The rains and the wind went missing. Blew right over Manhattan. But, unfortunately, Bloomberg's Follies was the only show in town.

P1200416 copy

Waiting and watching. "Looking for the elusive IRENE".

Thanks to Mayor Gloomberg, the city was a ghost town.

P1200424 copy

Something as new as the taped up windows was garbage cans turned upside down (in anticipation of those winds that never came).

We get very high winds in Manhattan. OFTEN.  So why the upturned garbage cans. Why NOW?

 P1200422 copy

People had to get creative with their garbage.

 P1200546 copy

Otherwise, garbage in the sewers or simply dropped on the street...

P1200415 copy

P1200421 copy

When I started my walk-about, these 'soupy' hats seemed to be about the biggest mess I'd seen (along with garbage sitting on the upside down cans). And the Hurricane was suppposed to have HIT by now.

P1200434 copy

This Pedicab got creative. Parked at a local bar. He needs the theatres to make his money. No theatres. No traffic. Head for the saloon (if it was open)

P1200432 copy

Sunday was WORSE than Saturday. The Day of Reckoning and EVERYTHING seemed to be closed. Movie theatres, Broadway theatres, restaurants, CHURCHES (and it's Sunday).

These looked like such lucky folk. A nice hotel lobby to hang out in and have that cup of coffee..

P1200435 copy

P1200437 copy

 P1200439 copy

But this poor fellow looked so forelorn

P1200441 copy

And then I realized some brave individuals had actually ripped down the ubiquitous tape (it was yellow here) TAPE barring us all from the subways. It was broken!

P1200443 copy

So, I entered the FORBIDDEN ZONE. 42nd St. & 8th Ave Subway. So empty. So quiet. So spooky.

P1200451 copy

P1200454 copy

P1200452 copy

P1200459 copy

A stairway back up to 8th Ave

P1200460 copy

Food and drink? Compliments of Gloomberg. Not today, Gunga Din

P1200461 copy

The exit on the West side of the Avenue had unbroken PINK tape (whatever is the PINK for?)

P1200457 copy

At 42nd St and 7th. Cops. The only ones I'd seen today. Guess no one was gonna be ripping down tape here.

P1200495 copy

Today, even the McD's (along with the Starbucks) were closed

 P1200463 copy

P1200466 copy

P1200464 copy


P1200468 copy

P1200469 copy

 NO FOOD. There was NO PLACE for the tourists to get food.

P1200472 copy

P1200473 copy

Like a horse going to its stall, I would see people  hopelessly glued to the McD's

P1200527 copy

Today there was going to be NO SHOPPING. The Eagles, Forever 21 and the Disney store were all closed up. ( no Magical  Hours today)

P1200518 copy

P1200516 copy

Both Sephora  stores LOVED sandbags

P1200479 copy

P1200498 copy

So did Eagles (sandbagged its doors) but, WHAT A MESS!

P1200554 copy

P1200556 copy

P1200562 copy

Planet Hollywood got creative and did the dramatic wood-thing!

P1200509 copy

P1200510 copy

Not sure why someone tied up the can INSIDE the B of A:

P1200564 copy

Or WHY no one was allowed on the steps at the Victory theatre on 42nd St.

P1200475 copy

The streets were very empty

P1200471 copy

P1200470 copy

Til I was walking back to Duffy Square. I found Swedes who had just played some type of ball game.

P1200500 copy

P1200501 copy

P1200524 copy

Everyone kind of hung out here. Nothing else to do.

P1200511 copy

But the tables were locked up,. And the food stores were closed down.

P1200553 copy

P1200552 copy

Which left us to take pictures with the naked Cowboy. Again.

P1200525 copy

As the Swedes jogged by

P1200526 copy

And people waved at themselves in the Forever 21 picture cam

P1200569 copy

This taped up restaurant was east of Times Square. It just made NO sense. But, then Bloomie worked the Fear  to such a pitch that there was no logic really as to why or where to tape

P1200544 copy

The tape on these windows looked like they'd had a few drinks before they started taping (Guess it's the thought that counts)

P1200586 copy

P1200590 copy

So, NYC has now become the town that Mayor Gloomberg Shut Down. TWICE

P1200577 copy

Gloomberg's Nanny State Rolls On and On, even when the subways don't.

P1200467 copy

And as King Gloomberg has so famously said, "You don't like it, Boo me at a parade"

I hope he's listening.....

Slide Show of Day 2

UPDATE: And here is my favorite moment on Day 3. I ran into these German Tourists. Monday AM. They said they made the T-shirts. Considering the tourists all got stranded in Manhattan by Gloomberg and Co, at least they were still smiling (trust me, these kid were smiling) Unfortunately, I neglected to get their lovely faces as I chased after them.

Caught up with them at 42nd St and 8th (just before the light changed.)