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EMPact America Press Conference "Standing Up to Ahmadinejad" (2011) VIDEO


Electromagnetic Pulse. 
It could End American Civilization as we know it.
Prepare. Protect. Recover.

A Press Conference presented by EMPact America in NYC (Sept 23, 2011) by an organization for citizens concerned about protecting the American people from a nuclear or natural electromagnetic (EMP) catastrophe

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 Our vulnerability increases daily. Are we prepared for the single greatest threat to America's infrastructure? EMP's.

That is why we NEED the SHIELD ACT.


(Secure High-Voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act)


  • Contemporary U.S.Society is not structured, nor have the means, to provide for the needs of nearly 300 mil Americans without electricity
  • Current strategy for recovery from an electric grid failure leaves us ill-prepared to respond to a man-made or naturally occurring EMP.      
  • Consequences of the loss of electrical power system for substantial period of time likely to be catastrophe with casualties in excess of 60% of population
  • Occurrence of severe geo-magnetic storms inevitable. Only a matter of WHEN.


  • Encourages co-operation between government and industry to address current shortcomings & vulnerabilities of electric grid from major EMP event
  • Passed by House; stalled in Senate, due to additions regarding cyber-security threats (SHIELD Act omits that language,to be address in a separate bill)
  • EMP ( Electro-magnetic pulse) is a high-intensity burst of electro-magnetic energy. It can be caused by a natural event ( like a solar storm) or a malicious act (such as a high-altitude nuclear burst)
  • Consequences of either event could be long-lasting and continent-wide, crippling the U.S. electricity- dependent infra-structures. They are highly vulnerable and largely unprotected. Paralyzed, perhaps, beyond recovery.
  • The infrastuctures include:  power, communications, transportation, banking, finance, food & water; all that is required to sustain a modern civilization 

Terrorists acquiring nuclear materials, rogue nations such as Iran and NoKo, could achieve an EMP effect by launching a low-cost short-range missile from a freighter just 12 miles off the US coast. There is no early-warning system that would provide enough time to react. 

Deterrence is no-longer an option when we face a determined adversary, with no state-affiliation, who can  can achieve an EMP attack capability without having a high-level of sophistication. All they require is one or two relatively unsophisticated missiles armed with nuclear weapons.  Our pervasive use of and dependence up on electronics continues to grow, leaving our society and military vulnerable and open to critical damaged. It invites and rewards an attack. That is why we MUST :

Stand Up to Ahmadinejad !
Military and National Security Policy Experts and First Responders 

Call on President Obama to Confront the Iranian Threat. 

VIDEO presentation (with pictures) of the complete audio (there were some very brief moments in the panel where audio drops out)

The speakers (in order of appearance) began with opening remarks by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum and president of EMPACT America . 

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Lt. General Thomas McInerny, retired Air Force and member of the Iran Policy Committee 
[7:34 -11:21]

DSCN5073 copy

Reza Khalili, Ex - CIA Spy in the revolutionary guards of Iran and the author of the award winning book, A Time to Betray; instructor at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy of the Department of Defense  [12:01- 16:46]

 DSCN5076 copy

Ken Timmerman, CEO of Foundation for Democracy of Iran; author, Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Iranian Nuclear Showdown. [17:28 - 22:45]

DSCN5081 copy

Chet Nagel, former CIA, author of  Iran Covenant [22:59 -24:56]

DSCN5085 copy

Brigadier General Kenneth Chrosniak, U.S. Army War College, Bronze Star recipient [25:12 - 28:51]

DSCN5093 copy

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, U.S. Army, retired, Bronze Star recipient and Senior Intelligence Officer in the Defense Intelligence Agency [29:38 - 35:11]

DSCN5095 copy

Clare M. Lopez, strategic policy and intelligence expert on national defense, Islam, Iran, and counter-terrorism issues [35:30 - 45-16]

DSCN5101 copy

Peter Huessey is President of GeoStrategic Analysis of Potomac, Maryland, a defense and national security consulting firm, who has written extensively on Iran and nuclear issues [45:41- 55:12]

DSCN5103 copy

Tim Brown, is a retired, decorated 20-year FDNY firefighter, and a 9/11 survivor. He was a first responder to the 1993 terrorist attack on the WTC and the 1995 terrorist attack on the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. [55:43 - 59:53]

DSCN5118 copy

What followed next was an equally engaging Q and A.  Dr. Pry began the Q and A by showing us this Planning Guide:

DSCN5121 copy

Then the panel answered questions from the audience.

DSCN5127 copy

DSCN5124 copy

We also heard brief remarks from Cynthia E. Ayers, former NSA Visiting Professor to Center For Strategic Leadership, U.S.Army War College, VP EMPact America

 DSCN5146 copy

And  Henry Schwartz, Founder of EMPact America, was acknowledged

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VIDEO Play list of the Q and A  (1st of the 5 videos is the Panel) Q and A begins with 2nd video in the Play List:

More information on H.R. 668 Shield Act to harden our electric grid against EMP attack:

Scan 113620000

Slide Show of Pictures:


You can voice your opinion through EMPact's online advocacy campaigns at

Read more on the Press Conference here

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Leftist "Raging Granny Brigade" OCCUPY Toys-R-Us Christmas 2011

Some may ask who are these loveable Grannies-of-the-Left and why they  OCCUPIED Toys-R-Us on December 16th?

DSCN0645 copy

On October 1, 2011 the militant Grannies marched to Brooklyn Bridge with #OWS. They love to get arrested so a few of them were surely amongst the 700 taken to jail for obstruction.

DSCN6523 copy

On October 13, 2011 (just before the aborted hosing-down of Zuccotti) the 'Grannies' were seen scrubbing the filth left by the OWS squatters and defending the anarchists 'rights' to squat.



The Progressive Grannies seemed to prefer Zuccotti-ville 

DSCN7768 copy

Not Zuccotti Park as it was intended ....Pictured below (thanks to Urban Infidel for the update on Dec 26, 2011)

On October 15, 2011, the Gray-Haired Grannies joined the Castro-loving Code Pinkos and #OWS chums in Times Square where Grannie, Jenny Heinz, walked around screaming "YOU are the 99 %"

DSCN8907 copy

DSCN8898 copy

Flash- Forward to December 16, 2011, back to Times Square, Toys-R-Us and the Protest Grannies had come-a-caroling...

 DSCN0647 copy

These "ladies" never met a leftist/marxist/progressive/socialist they couldn't support: TIME-WARP GRANNIES.

 DSCN0572 copy 2

.....serenading the shoppers with rude, propaganda "Christmas" Carols

The GRANNIES walked around TOYS-R-US with their War Banners singing twisted WAR-TOY carols until they were escorted OUT by TOYS-R-US security (and continued the assault outside)

DSCN0569 copy


DSCN0575 copy

Poor guy from the Salvation Army, they planted themselves beside him and even put money in his bucket

 DSCN0572 copy

 But, he finally moved away from the 'peaceful grannies' since their lyrics were inappropriate, having NOTHING to do with Christmas....

The Marxists Gray-haired Grannies. Anti-Christmas. (Anti-Israel.) Anti-America.

Whether RAGING Grannies are marching in the #OWS REVOLUTION or singing twisted Christmas Carols (during a Christian Holy Season) they also support terrorists and despots (like Castro and Chavez) and anything Islam. But, America? She is BAD, very bad cause...  "We Buy WAR TOYS!"      '

 "The actual Christmas message of "Peace" and "Goodwill towards men" seems to threaten their very existence as they RAGE AGAINST WAR-TOYS"


Everybody sing now!!

Slide Show of a few pictures

Sunday, December 25, 2011

N17 Unions surround Occupiers at Foley Sq Block Party (Part 2 vids/pics)

 It's been insanely busy these past few months. Only just realized I never posted VIDEOS (Part 2) of the infamous N17 Re-Occupy Protest of #OWS. So before 2012 comes roaring in....

RE CAP: It began at 7 AM. Billed as  #OWS ‘International Day of Action’ to crush NY Stock Exchange.

Even though the squatters had been evicted from Zuccotti Park, the scruffier, younger contingent of the  headed to Wall Street itching for a fight. They did everything they could to make life miserable for the 99% who live and work in the Wall Street area, but the police did a stellar job and the bell was rung in the Stock Exchange! Defeated, the insurgents went back to Zuccotti: Strike One.

© C.S. Muncy/ 

LUNCH was  MIC CHECK as they explained their strategic Subway locations. The plan was to Shut Down" the Subways ( also, to get the PEOPLE to join them at Foley Sq.) Strike Two!
(That non-event is posted here.)

Moving right along to PART 2 of my post and the VIDEOS of the Evening of N17. (pics are screen grabs from video-cam night setting)

Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.36.17 AM copy

At 5 PM I observed union members, lots of union members,  arriving at City Hall where they headed over to Foley Sq. This was billed a one Giant BLOCK Party.

 Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.52.37 AM copy

I have 5 short videos of the "Block Party" at Foley. (Play List includes video from Subway action earlier in the day for total of 6 vids)

BTW- Still trying out this idea (the play list) wish player fit blog screen better. You can click thru to You Tube if screen is obstructed.

I seriously question the claim that they pulled in 30,000 people to Foley Sq. Walking with-in the park, behind the lines of people crammed against the railing, reveals wide open spaces. The park was not jammed. sections were quite empty

Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.30.16 AM copy

The "stage" at the South end of the Square is where many attendees were jammed, listening to the faux gospel and rap music.

The SEIU table was there with their usual astro-turf signs

Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.37.13 AM copy

The North end of the park was the younger crowd. Students and no, perhaps their professors? Probably.

Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.59.26 AM copy

Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.54.05 AM copy

They even had their own marching band with the drums, drums, drums and the clergy:

Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.27.30 AM copy

Thought the Mic Check gospel song to be pretty funny followed by the rap! Taking the city back "block by block, by block" and the demands from the rappers for the police to Stand Down.

 Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.39.05 AM copy

Amazing. (Arrogant)

Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.38.18 AM copy

No matter what the sycophant media implies, this was an in-your-face UNION protest, not an occupation. The Re-Create Block Party in Foley Sq: Strike Three

Left before they marched on to Brooklyn Bridge. Had enough Union mania. But, whether it's unions or OWS, come Spring they have BIG PLANS to take this city and our country down. It ain't over....

Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 12.26.26 AM copy 

slide show of the pics: