Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free Hidden Harbor Tour Lower Manhattan -Two Part Video

For over an hour on City of Water Day we took a free tour. This was the Hidden Harbor Tour (in Two Parts) July 18, 2009

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Part 1

Part 2

The Promo Says: Explore the New York Harbor you have never seen before and cannot see except by boat.

On this tour narrated by the Working Harbor Committee, you will be a witness to the part of our harbor that holds and fosters the economic engines that drive more than a quarter of our regional economy.

We depart Governors Island and go south in Buttermilk Channel between Brooklyn & Governors Island, passing Atlantic Basin and the new cruise ship terminal, New York home port of Queen Mary 2. We go further south and nose into Erie Basin, a large barge & tug facility and home to IKEA's Brooklyn store on the former site of Todd Shipyard and a now filled in graving dock. We see tugs and barges from Reinauer Transportation and more barges from Hughes Brothers.

We then cross Upper New York Harbor, passing numerous moored barges and tugs to the entrance to the Kill Van Kull, a waterway that separates Staten Island and Bayonne. We then go north passing the end of the Military Ocean Terminal with its large active graving dock, then go by Global Marine Terminal just north, continuing up to the Statue of Liberty.

We then go by the tip of Manhattan up the East River to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, with its many graving docks, pass down the Brooklyn waterfront by Brooklyn Bridge Park, and end up at the only container port in Brooklyn, American Stevedoring, before heading back to our berth at Governors Island.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Townhall Meeting at SEIU (Hicksville, LI)

On Aug 13, 2009, Congressman Tim Bishop (1st District -NY) called a Town Hall meeting and was a no- show (again). So...the SEIU Union goons took the 'town hall' to the streets claiming they had no info re Bishop. But...funny how ready they were to have a 'union' meeting on the street corner... sound system on the street corner before we arrived. Gathering of Eagles and as well as other patriotic citizens made a solid showing for the Town Hall Meeting that became a street Town Hall "meeting".... and the citizens seemed to out number the goons!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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DSCN6689 c opy 2

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Anthony Weiner, New York’s 9th District,Town Hall Meeting 8-12-09

Congressman Anthony Weiner, of NY’s 9th District, held his Town Hall Meeting (photo-op/press conference) in a Union Hall in Forest Hills, NY.

The Union spokesman put everyone on notice that this was their Union Hall and we had to obey certain rules regarding the Town Hall if we were to be allowed to stay. Then we SAT quietly because Weiner arrived 40 minutes late (with no one giving any apology or explanation.)

We deserved an explanation but got none.When the Congressman arrived he took the mic, after we said the Pledge of Allegiance, and proceeded to yadayadayada for another 30 minutes or more as he ‘explained’ HIS plan (using a Pelosi pie-chart as a visual aide)

It was all painfully boring. Finally, when the questions were to be read (that had to be handed in before he arrived) he instead started talking with people in the audience. They would speak out or stand and he would let them speak….Four men and one woman….and of course, he ’skipped’ over many of the written questions (when he would bother to glance at them) saying…oh I’ve answered this one. The Union-goons were standing guard throughout. In the video, at about 4:40, the goons swarmed one guy in attempt to intimidate and to give Weiner a studly photo-op.

Re: the sound on this video: We were told no cameras were allowed in the meeting (so I didn’t have my better camera and microphone) Then, of course,Weiner grandly admitted CBS (the only media present) as he entered. So, then the audience was the permitted to enter with cameras. (Too late for me to get better sound) It doesn’t really matter. He spoke in circles.

A couple of points he made: This plan is necessary so there will be competition. These people are just trying to get their faces on TV (when a couple of women were arguing) Yes…he would sign up for the plan…next question…etcetcetc. His photographers were ready for the photo-ops…like grandstanding when the union guys were surrounding the first guy…kissing an elderly woman on the cheek after she got the better of him (supposedly) and asking the patriots on the sidewalk with their signs to join him inside … Look for these pictures to pop-up somewhere.

Meanwhile, as far as the actual meeting , the time was tightly controlled. Weiner kept flapping his gums, so that very little real challenge to ObamaCare was allowed. As expected!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tea Party Video/Pictures (Merrick, LI) with Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Patriots!!

August 3, 2009: A large gathering of patriots came to a "Tea Party" in Merrick, Long Island. The speaker in first video is Pamela Geller of

Part 1

Wake Up, America! Now is the time for all good men and women to say, "No To Obama-Care" !

Part 2


UPDATE: Chuckie Schumer and Company (ne: Congress) do NOT intend to step DOWN and in no way will they allow Congress to become victims of their grand "Health Care" scheme. More on this topic from the NY Post: The World According to Chuckie....The People Be Damned!

Part 3:

"Dems Threaten Health Trick..."

Last updated: 12:25 pm August 4, 2009

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer jumped smack into the middle of the war over health care yesterday, warning that congressional leaders may resort to a rarely used maneuver to ram the legislation through.

Schumer said Democrats might use an arcane legislative procedure to get a bill through with just 51 votes to smash a potential GOP filibuster.

That would also mean the bill could be passed without support from Democrats who have reservations.


To paraphrase President Hussein: "Rules? We don't need no stickin' rules...We won!" Oh yeah?....2010 and 2012: Stop The Madness. Vote the Bums OUT!!!


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And more video from Merrick Tea Party will be posted soon...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tea Party (7-30-09) Hicksville, Long Island (video and pics)

America: What a Country! On a warm Thursday evening in Hicksville,NY on July 30, 2009... 300-400 PATRIOTS assembled:Free Speech is still alive and thriving! We will NOT be Silenced!

First the videos, then the pictures:

Some of the groups who participated are Individuals United for Freedom,Gathering of Eagles, Conservative Society for Action, Campaign for Liberty, 912 Groups, Long Island Tea Party Coalition, Rockville Center Tea Party and many others...

DSCN6159 copy

DSCN6178 copy

And the former Lt. Governor of New York, Dr. Betsy McCaughey...

DSCN6319 copy

pics from video (14)

pics from video (17)

Patriots putting the Pelosi/Reid/Hussein-Obama White House on notice...


DSCN6343 copy

They've read all 1,018 pages (which is more than Congrss has mangaged to do) and America: She's "Mad as Hell" . She iis NOT going to be pushed around by these petty tyrants: "No to Obama Care!" "No to Socialized Medicine!"

DSCN6255 copy

This changey-hopey thing has gone as bad as we knew it would, but our Tea Party movement is growing. Take a look at this great report at Gathering of Eagles: A Carnival of Tea Parties, and get excited! We're here!!!! And then send those e-mails, make those phone calls and attend those Town Hall meetings (if you can find them...)


Make sure Congress knows what we think about a Trillion Dollar deficit...

DSCN6314 copy

DSCN6188 copy

And socialized, rationed 'health care'... ALL are totally unacceptable!

DSCN6249 copy


Thirty Days and counting...

DSCN6271 copy

DSCN6279 copy

Save our Country...

DSCN6266 copy

Stop The "Madness!

pics from video (1)

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