Saturday, June 16, 2012

FLAG DAY honored in NYC- Times Sq & Duffy Sq-2012 (video)

June 14, 2012 . FLAG DAY was honored by the "U.S. Army Soldier Show" at Military Island (44th and Bdway) 

From their site:

"The U.S. Army Soldier Show, proudly presented by the Installation Management  a family-friendly, high-energy, 90-minute live musical production by the active duty Soldiers (they perform at 40 venues across the globe.) The six-month tour features performances of today's hits, yesterday's classics and even original material."

They were great. Active duty soldiers who all happen to be great singers as well. Managed to film some excerpts with my cellphone, my droid.

And then, walking north, two blocks up in Duffy Square , I  found "The United States Army Drill Team"  


What a nice surprise, the U.S. Army Drill Team AND the "U.S. Army Old Guard Drum and Fife Corps" ! (

Why the red uniforms? Found this on their site:

"The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps is part of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)is stationed at Fort Myer, VA.The musicians of this unit...perform in uniforms patterned after those worn by the musicians of Gen. George Washington's Continental Army. Military musicians of the period wore the reverse colors of the regiments to which they were assigned...  dated circa 1781 and consist of black tricorn hats, white wigs, waistcoats, colonial coveralls, and red regimental coats."

Still had to use my cellphone (*sigh). Wish I'd known there would be such a wonderful show put on by the Army. [ Note to Me: must carry my camera wherever I go!]

BTW- The latest addition to the  Bloomberg and Sadik-khan "pedestrian malls" is  "food station trailers". (in a city with no shortage of restaurants) The Dumpling Station at 43rd St.

Odd logo....looking VERY  Chairman Mao to me. (Perhaps to be expected from Bloomberg and Company.)

Also, noticed a new sign posted at Duffy.  Just in case the squatters of #OWS were planning to OCCUPY Times Square 

(perhaps feeding at the Commie "food station"....)

But, Nanny Bloomberg's "No Smoking" in public parks ( and beaches and public squares) is a small FOOTNOTE at the bottom of this sign... Seems squatting is a MUCH bigger issue.

Meanwhile, back to June 14, FLAG DAY, a holiday celebrating the Stars and Stripes that's been around since 1949. While some remembered to honor Old Glory, there were others who did NOT.

"Microsoft fully embraced the national holiday, with a colorful background that shows Old Glory in all its glory: a colorful display of fluttering flags against the backdrop of Rockefeller Center. And Bing’s homepage carries boxes that allow the curious websurfer to find out more about whatever holiday..."

But don’t ask Google about it.
"The search giant is known for its colorful, interactive logos for everything from the 78th birthday of the inventor of the Moog synthesizer to Earth Day to the anniversary of Pac-Man. But for Flag Day, the company was presenting visitors with nothing but its usual site, declining to play up the red and blue in its logo.
Google did highlight national pride... a doodle presented on some local versions of the site honored Russia Day.  June 12 was also highlighted regionally as Independence Day .... in the Philippines."
Flag Day (in the United States) .... Google says "fuggetaboutit"
And POTUS? What about the Big Zero and Flag Day?
Seems Obama had more important plans. After a brief press conference, he headed to lower Manhattan, signed a girder in the new WTC Tower, and then left for headier engagements: FUNDRAISERS.  The mighty dollar ruled, compliments of the 1%.
Two fundraisers (this was his 150th trip to NYC to raise Big Bucks) was on the tax payer dime (after all he did stop by the WTC)
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images; Bryan Smith for New York Daily News
No one came near him unless they paid EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS a HEAD to shake the mighty Barry Sotero's hand. Have also heard that the price paid was only $40,00 a head. (whatever)

After that, Obama went to the Plaza (with entertainment by Mariah Carey) after which, his campaign was $4.5 millions richer.
But, there is a light in the wilderness. Share the joy and pride of your fellow Americans in Times Square, it's nice to know,  'We are NOT Alone".
And reading about a school in Brooklyn (of all places) that actually HONORED FLAG DAY.
"New York) City's oldest elementary school celebrates Old Glory. ''
Perhaps "Come November" we can put end to the " Reign of Obama".  (We can HOPE.)
Flag Day USA
America: What a Country!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

John Stossel at Philadelphia Freedom Center Speakers Series ( VIDEO)

"No They Can't" is a new book by John Stossel, an expose with just the right balance of humor and serious concern and a title that was inspired by " Yes, We Can", the election  motto of 2008.

On May 2, 2012, The David Horowitz Philadelphia Freedom Center and the Union League of Philadelphia co-sponsoredthe Luncheon Speaker's Series.

In the approximately 25 minute presentation, that include some power point slides, Stossel discussed his journey from liberal reporter to Libertarian and why he made the decision to leave ABC for Fox News.

With examples of private contractors vs. government, Stossel pointed out that   bastions of the hard-core left, like San Francisco, have jumped ship on government-run agencies like the TSA. Back to the future, where private security is POLITE and  gets the job done faster and more efficiently than GOVERNMENT (go figure)

However, now that other cities and states would like to follow in their footsteps, the GOVERNMENT has said "NO THEY CAN'T". It's in the GOVERNMENT'S best interest to say NO. (you just can't make this stuff up)

People have been conditioned to believe that Central Planning is best; that the government knows better how to run the economy.

Your own Health Care? You don't Know enough.  Education, schools? You don't know enough. Safety? It's the GOVERNMENT that will keep you safe.

Example of not such great results. The stats have shown that after the creation of OSHA, it hadn't made a noticeable difference. People really are smarter, richer, and healthier when on their own. They Self-Correct. They learn from their mistakes. Spontaneous Order...etc.

Before Welfare, people lifted themselves out of poverty at a faster rate. Government actually stopped that progress. Welfare dependent. Women don't marry so they don't lose their check.We grew fastest when government spent less on us.

Stossel has an organization, a non-profit, that he takes to the schools. It's FREE to teachers. He asks the kids, " Why is American prosperous?" They can't answer. They've never heard of Free-Markets. They don't know that business is voluntary, government is force. Free-Market isn't perfect, but the answer is not more laws. There should be NO privileges. NO bail-outs .

Government crowds out civil society. Sucks the life out of people. Government fails where people succeed.

Government can't even count votes correctly, so how can they run Health-care. (Give me a break!)

VIDEO of Stossel's Speech:

SLIDES from Powerpoint

PART TWO  (Q and A)

Responses from Stossel to a question regarding Islamism and foreign policy. "Religious fanatics who want to kill me, scare me." But as for nation-building, "Everything government does it does badly. Why would nation building be any different?"

He's glad young people aren't voting. Most of them don't know anything. Don't care  for the "recruiting them to vote at rock concerts" method.

Left ABC, because after 8 years it was becoming even more difficult to get interest in the stories. He begged Fox to take him. They never interfere. They let him do whatever he wants to do.

He is obviously true to his Libertarian roots. When asked who he was supporting for President, he responded " Gary Johnson or Ron Paul."

Teacher's Union has help to create the "Stupid In America" he covered.  State bureaucrats are like "boxing with tar". No change is allowed. But, School Choice has broken the government monopoly. "At Risk" kids learn to love school. Want to go to school. It works.

He's concerned when the Tea Party says they want change, but then say 'don't mess with my medicare'.

Will we see riots here as in Europe?

VIDEO of Q and with Stossel

Stossel signing his book after

Saturday, June 9, 2012

NY Celebrates Israel Day Parade 2012 -The Supporters-(vids and pics)

 CELEBRATING 64 years of Israe. June, 2012. NYC

 VIDEO Part 2

I caught some of our many politicians marching by. Gov. Cuomo, Muslim convert Henry Jackson (who declared Harlem the New Mecca) and Curtis Sliwa .

Further up Fifth avenue I saw Manhattan Borough President, "Scotty" Stringer (who yearns to be the next mayor), U.S Representative, Charlie Rangel....

And Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (walking straight at me !)

It was definitely a day of CELEBRATION.

Slideshow of pictures with 4 short videos :

Am Yisrael Chai!

NY Celebrates Israel Day Parade 2012 -The Protestors-(vids and pics)

June 3, 2012 . NYC- 59th Street and 5th Avenue.

10 AM. Way before the Annual Celebrate Israel Parade began. Saw police on top of FAO Scwhartz. A reminder that bad things could happen.

Was pleased to see FAO Schwartz didn't force the parade-watchers off the building's promenade/courtyard. This year people were allowed to sit on the walls and to put down chairs. NICE....

Not so nice was this familiar face I spotted in the crowd: an #OWS anti-Israel, anti-Jewish BIGOT who got lots of press last October at  Zuccotti Park.

Guess he didn't want to be removed from the Celebrate Israel Day Parade so he held up a "less volatile" sign (at the corner of 58th and 5th Ave.)

None of the Christian groups I am aware of, that support Israel, would have felt this to be an appropriate sign. But, this is the ANTI-SEMITE from #OWS so I'm betting he was hoping for a confrontation. 

Seemed like he was  ignored by the press as well as the public.

I had these pictures of him in my files from October 6, 2011 . With a plethora of messages:

But, on October 1, 20122, as they marched toward the Brooklyn Bridge, I had also managed to catch another of his signs (below) with his  "Main Theme " of anti-Jewish Hatred.

Here's the flip side of this sicko's sign on October 3, 2011 (link)

So we had this piece of #OWS SCUM passing himself off as a Christian and the Neturei Karta passing themselves off as 'authentic' Jews.

Opposing the State of Israel from a very empty pen, presumably because the other  Leftards were IN the parade.

The Neturei Karta were getting a lot of attention from only ONE British news crew otherwise they were on their own.

While waiting for the parade to start (it was early, about 10 AM) I decided to interview the NK's (something I will have NO need to EVER do again)

Got a long-winded earful from one Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss who wore the "Fakestinian" flag on his ID badge and a kuffeya around his neck.

VIDEO - Part 1

A Day of  Celebration for most was also a Day of Shame for the organizers of the parade since this year, in spite of much opposition, they inexplicably gave permission for anti-Zionists to march in the parade.

The BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) anti-Israel protestors marched  IN the parade... in OPPOSITION to Israel.... in a parade that was CELEBRATING Israel. Anti-Israel Groups like the "Rabbis For Human Rights" .

VIDEO of Rabbis for Human Rights and other anti-Zionists

Finally found some brave supporters of Israel at 59th street. They had to deal with the police moving them around. Seemed the parade was more afraid of these signs than they were of the offensive anti-Israel contingent that was  IN the parade.

VIDEO of the Supporters of Israel (who opposed the BDSers)

However, guess some things were too much for even the parade.  Found the very foolish "Queers for Palestine" way UP Fifth Avenue and there were parade celebrants who also did NOT appreciate them.

VIDEO of "Queers For Palestine"

I returned to 59th street and saw a few Leftie stragglers had joined with the Neturei Karta:

...a very few....

Our side was facing them on the East side of Fifth Ave with a few signs in response.

But mainly, everyone was there to have great fun .... in spite of the protestors. 

Next post is the Parade!

Am Yisrael Chai!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Glenn Beck Receives Patrick Henry Award at Union League of Philly

On Thursday, May 31, 2012, Glenn Beck was the recipient of the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s  Patrick Henry Award. It was presented to him by David Horowitz at a luncheon co-sponsored by the historical Union League of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Freedom Center.

Part 1: The introductions began with Craig Snider of the Philadelphia Freedom Center. He spoke briefly and then introduced David Horowitz. In introducing his friend, Glenn Beck, Horowitz spoke of American Founder, Patrick Henry and of his “ultimate commitment to Liberty, the Freedom of the Individual from oppression by government.” Calling Beck a “special, successful and indispensable political voice of our time.

He reminds us that Beck has warned that “Progressivism is a cancer on America, eating our Constitution.” We are under assault by a “200 year old movement to destroy our economic liberty and the American way. We are under assault by a progressive tyranny in pursuit of Social Justice.“  Horowitz  said that Glenn Beck was receiving the Patrick Henry Award because he has been a “courageous defender of Freedom and Individual Liberty, confronting this tyranny of  Social Justice, an epic disaster at our door.


Part 2 – Glenn Beck’s speech.  Beck is a man who inspires, though a bit emotional at times, he remains  a dynamic speaker. In this engaging 35 minutes we were treated to powerful historical factoids, a renewed sense of Beck’s personal journey as a Patriot, and after an unexpected reading from Kipling, the reminder that it is up to YOU, US…America… to stop this anarchy as he ended with Patrick Henry’s powerful words, “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death


Next, Commander Thomas Lynch presented the Patrick Henry Award to Glenn Beck.

DSCN4622 copy

DSCN4623 copy

Then Barry Magarick of the Union League, lead the Q and A. Only six questions in a power-packed 15 minutes.  

Two election questions What is most important thing Romney must do to beat Obama” and did he think “Jewish voters might support Romney.” (Beck said, ” if he was Jewish he would vote for his SHOE before he would vote for Obama. Pointing out that demonizing the Jewish people has never ended well through out history.”)

Questions 3 and 4 were Education and Economy questions. “Has the decline of Education contributed to the decline of America?“  (Our education is radically different from what it used to be. By erasing our history we can track the destruction of our society)  

Question 5 , Beck discusses his new talk radio in Philly (on IQ 106.9 FM) By creating his own network, that he funded with his own money, GBTV is debt free.  Growth hasn’t been super-fast, but they have spent that past year creating its infra-structure and they will be experiencing radical growth in the next 6 months.

DSCN4641 copy


And with the last question, “How much damage to Federal Judiciary has been caused by Obama’s Supreme Court appointments“. Not Good. Damage is severe. It’s a 100 year Progressive assault and the damage is staggering. America must wake-up.  We must stick to our principles. We must ask ourselves , “What is important. What do we want do we preserve.We have the blue-print

Complete transcript of the Horowitz and Beck speeches are at this link