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“Jews Say No” protest violates sanctity of 9/11 Museum ( vids & pics)

Jewish allies held "vigil" on Wednesday at 9/11 Memorial Museum to call upon the Museum to edit the six-minute video, "The Rise of Al Qaeda"

What follows are two of their flyers that claim to be 'honoring' those murdered by muslim terrorists on 9-11.

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 10.55.01 AM Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 11.02.06 AM 
"The Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition's silent vigil at the 9/11 Museum opening. Jewish Groups urge National September 11th Museum: Don't Fuel Anti-Muslim Sentiment. Co-sponsored by: Jews Say No!, Jewish Voice for Peace, Jewish Voice for Peace—New York, Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. This will be a silent vigil to hand out our leaflets to passers-by as they enter the Museum. Signs will be provided.    

The National September 11 Memorial Museum, opening this Wednesday, will play a unique role in educating the public about September 11."
They continue with: "As we honor the memory of those who perished on 9/11, please join us to call upon the Museum to edit a six-minute video, The Rise of Al Qaeda, that contains disturbing terminology linking Islam with terrorism and that fails to contextualize al-Qaeda."
"We call upon the Museum to take seriously the concerns expressed by its multi-faith advisory council, scholars world-wide, leading Muslim American and Arab American organizations, and community leaders. The video’s current script will reinforce a dangerous falsehood at the heart of a post-September 11 narrative: that all Muslims are responsible for the attacks on September 11."

They drone on and on with: "The conflation of Islam with the September 11 attackers has helped drive a national anti-Muslim backlash, including actions by government officials."

signs 04 copy.Still001 

"The communities directly impacted by the distortions in this video--Muslims, Arab Americans, Sikhs, and other South Asians--are not asking for special treatment, but fairness and clarity to ensure that the acts of a small group are not attached to an entire world religion."

The flyers were to promote their 'silent' vigil and to demand the "Rise of Al Qaeda" video be edited. Handed out by a group of about 40, split evenly between hard-core lefties (of retired age) .... regulars at the anti-Israel protests.... 

There were hijabbed muslim women with female children (only one niqab that I saw) And what seemed to be an absence of husbands and sons (perhaps not as picture-worthy as a hijab)

An offensive protest orchestrated by the irritatingly imperious, Donna Nevel (From her bio : "... a community psychologist and educator &  long-time organizer for equity and racial justice in public education; involved with Palestine/Israel peace and justice work since the 1970's and groups that challenge Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism.")

Standing n front of the Memorial Museum, I overheard one of Nevel's  minions express SHOCK, shock (!), when the police officer told her the Memorial Grounds were private.

That 'debate' about ownership was worth the price of a ticket. However, since the officer also said the owner was Port Authority, it begs the question, "Wouldn't that make the museum PUBLIC property?" But, Donna Nevel would have NO quibbling.  No debate.  When she saw WHO was recording the exchange (moi)....This show was now off-limits.

Donna Nevel, capo, had a "crisis" to fix." Media opportunities" might be lost! (well...maybe not ALL media opportunities) If she could put my camera in chains, she would have done so. Some press is just not equal to others....

Then "Frick and Frick" (George and Friend) slivered out of the crowd to confront me. Insisting I identify myself. Tried intimidation with "telling the world where I lived". Demanding to know WHY I was taking 'their' pictures  (It's a PUBLIC protest, George) Defeated, George and his friend returned to the herd moaning," I don't wanta be in YOUR camera" .

It was all for show. Stand around. Look lost. Dismayed.
" We have these "nice flyers". Important flyers that the police won't let us hand out. "People NEED this information" about the racist, anti-Muslim film being shown inside the memorial. We must EDUCATE the People.

For about 30 minutes they stood their ground between the entrance to the Memorial and the Memorial Falls. (they do know how to USE the moment) Gathering a crowd, cameras AND (of course) HANDING OUT THE FLYERS anyway!
walking 03.Still001

This is how close they were to the Memorial Falls. A sacred place. Not a place to hand out flyers accusing the Memorial Museum of anti-muslim bigotry.

Nevel finally gave the order to walk quietly to Greenwich St.
To do their protest on the PUBLIC street which borders the Memorial on the East. However, as soon as they turned towards the street....not yet ON the street...the good little soldiers WHIPPED out their posters and held them high for the salivating photographers. 

The photographers who had waited and waited for this IMPORTANT picture opportunity snapped picture after picture.

A photo-op that was happening ON the Memorial Grounds with the Falls and Museum in the pictures.

NEVER let ANY media opportunity go to waste.

Once on the street, across from the Memorial Grounds, more pictures with all the Muslim, hijabbed women and children 'front and center'


Some of the muslim participants held signs meant, it would seem, for the Jewish participants of "Jews for Peace" and "Jews say No".

And those oh-so-important flyers, I can usually find a few in the trash. But, for obvious security reasons there was a paucity of trash cans in this area. Their website statements posted up top will have to do. And interviews for the Foreign Press.... I caught this one on-camera .

Much more to see in the the slide show:

 In conclusion,  the PUBLIC wasn't very interested in this circus side-show.

Just the sycophant press. Lapping up their fiction. Ignoring the real story.

Almost 3,000 people were murdered on 9-11.

Murdered by muslim Terrorists. Religious muslims, who made sure the world knew they murdered  3,000 infidels because of their religion.

twin towers 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pulitzer Outrage Press Conference from Cliff Kincaid (Video)

April 14, 2014. Accuracy in Media Press Conference: "Espionage does NOT Equal Journalism" and the "First-ever Pulitzer Prize for Espionage".


A fact-packed press conference from Cliff Kincaid  of Accurancy In Media and USA Survival. Filming this press conference, as I have other Kincaid pressers is always a powerful experience. Previously, I reported on a press confernce  exposing Red Bill DeBlasio and another exposing Al Jazeera and the Suicide of West .

Part 1 : Cliff Kincaid opened the Press Conference.

" The work of Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras and their ilk has made America more vulnerable to terrorist attack and its military personnel more likely to die in conflicts with terrorist groups and enemy regimes. That's the assessment of our military and intelligence professionals"

Part 2 " Russian Disinformation Then and Now" Walter Zaryckyj, Executive Director of the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations .

 Walter Zaryckyj said,  "It's shocking what the Pulitzer people are doing." "We're buying disinformation then. We're buying disinformation now."  "Remember what the 1930s eventually brought us...If we don't see it now, we will see it in a year or two. That's all that the Ukrainians can say to the rest of the planet." This was followed by a brief Q and A.

Later in the afternoon, we went up to Columbia University for the Pulitzer Announcements and another very illuminating experience.

Part 3- "Pulitzer Prizes for Espionage: The Inside Story " at the Announcement of the 2014 Pulitzer Prizes at Columbia University Journalism Building.  Cliff Kincaid, President of America's Survival, Inc. and Director, AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, questioned Sig Gissler, Pulitzer Prize Administrator, on "Gold Medal" Pulitzer Prizes for Anti-NSA stories based on stolen documents from Russian spy and former NSA contractor , Edward Snowden."

"If anything proved beyond doubt that the Pulitzer Prizes are a self-congratulatory display whereby the media pat each other on the back and share in the congratulations, it was the coverage of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize announcements."

Part 4: Outside, after the announcement of the Pulitzers, Cliff Kincaid is interviewed by Phil Kent as they discuss "Putin's Propaganda Honored by US Media"

"These prizes are usually called “prestigious,” but few people know that they involve a process whereby some people in the media nominate other media for awards, to be decided upon by still other media. It’s a racket."

 A more detailed report from Cliff Kincaid on this shameful awarding of a Pulitzer to Edward Snowden is found at Accuracy In Media. Linked below:

The Putrid Pulitzers that Please Putin

Kincaid said in the article,

"When awards are given for “journalism” that damages U.S. national security and facilitates foreign aggression, as the Snowden disclosures have done in the case of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we are looking at something unprecedented in history for American journalism."

In conclusion, Kincaid asks,

"What has happened to the patriotic press? Why is there no debate, even on Fox News, over this dangerous trend in American journalism? Where is the rest of the conservative media on this?"

Where indeed.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

CPAC 2014 (three days full) vids & pics

I acknowledge this is a very late posting of my CPAC media from March. Guess I had to think about it for awhile. This was my sixth visit to CPAC, a costly adventure, particularly for three full days. Is it worth it? Is CPAC making a difference? Will I return for 2015? Mulling over this year and looking back at previous years, I'm not so sure...

IMG_0920(8 AM - March 6, 2014) While waiting to get my Media Pass...

...I met a fellow from North Dakota...

This was an eye-opener for me and should be for any "Greenies" out there: North Dakota is so Oil Rich that they have little unemployment and high wages. Google the State of North Dakota and its oil history. N.D. has had more than one Oil Boom and this current Boom is going gang-busters: One Billion Barrels of Crude to date.


Those who are against American independence, economically and socially, continue to resent and block access to our oil fields. N.D. the Poster Child for energy-led success makes the "Greenie"s  ill: It's a sickeness

And this exchange was just the first day... the morning of CPAC 2014. I wanted it all to be so riveting. All three days. But....it really struggled to hold my attention.

Frank Gaffney's event Uninvited event this year and the previous Geller/Spencer events (2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) have always been the high points of CPAC for me.

So, with tweaks and 'improvements' a-plenty, was 2014 better?  The powers behind CPAC,  Al Cardenas, Cleta Mitchell, Grover Norquist & Suhail Khan (and their tools ) run a tight-ship. They shut-out and shut-down critical input from within. Every year.

And criticism that exposes Norquist and Khan goes ignored every year, including 2014 . It is is verboten.


 Suhail Khan kept a low profile this year, but in 2012, moderated a panel on "Promoting Religious Freedom in U.S. and Abroad" ...

In the video of the Q and A, after the Panelists prattled about being inclusive and open-minded, yet Khan revealed they were anything BUT open-minded.

VIDEO: Suhail Khan Warns People From Reading Robert Spencer

Obviously, from their perspective, CPAC is alive and well. Even though, quite inconsistent when it comes to policy.

From year to year, who is "in" seems to change according to insider whims. Yes, Atheists. No Atheists. Yes, GoProud . No, GoProud. Lots of flip-flopping,

Besides the Uninvited Panel from my previous post (The National Security Action Summit of 2014) there were others, as well, who were Uninvited by CPAC (again).

Gay Republicans (GoProud) & Atheists were OUT at CPAC 2014

The organization that opposed their participation this year was passing out literature in the Exhibit Hall. The flyer was President Reagan, a three-legged stool and... a very busy beaver. The opposition has always been there, but why after a few years participation is GoProud banished?
anti go proud
And in 2011, the same opposition group made this. I wonder at why opposing wasn't acceptable over banishment

GoProud's participation (and co-sponsorship)  in the past was permitted and in 2010, there was spirited debate from both sides.

They had a booth again in 2011. So why the banishment in 2014?

Seemed to be more opposing points of view allowed in 2011 (as the slideshow indicates as well)

The Atheists: I found at a table outside CPAC were friendly and willing to chat-up their position (a position I do not embrace)

Just like GoProud (in the past) they could have been inside CPAC. Not shy about defending their position as fellow Atheist-Conservatives, why avoid such debates ?  Unfortunately, those who run CPAC have become more close-minded, as though somehow they are protecting the ballot-box....

DAY One Slide Show

Noticeably, the Libertarians have suffered no such restrictions. They return, year after year, with a growing dominance of opinion over what has been promoted as a gathering of Conservative Opinion.  This year, more than previous years, many of the panels and speakers were noticeably Libertarian-heavy. So, perhaps CPAC should be re-branded.

Also, in spite of the Leftist narrative that claims Conservatives are racists, "people of color" were and are members of the CPAC community. There is no covert racism. The pictures I have posted in my slides shows will bear witness to the fact that they participate in all aspects of CPAC.


Once inside (Day 1) I headed for the Main Ball Room. These are a few of the moments I highlighted.
Hollywood Conservative/ Dinesh D'Souza and his new movie  - AWESOME

The Trailer

Then D'Souza spoke

Presidential candidates  are always a part of CPAC.  I was able to hear Gov. Rick Perry on Day 1

Gov. Rick Perry gave a fabulous speech and the crowd loved him!

Also, caught Lt.Col. (Ret) Oliver North  the Main Ballroom. He spoke  to an enthusiastic crowd.

Afterwards at North's Book Signing in the Exhibit Hall, when we all went to enthusiastically take some closer pictures of Ollie .... there was a strange "only could happen at CPAC" moment... "NO PICTURES ALLOWED"! 

The CPAC "Photog-Patrol" Babes ordered the photographers to NOT point our cameras in North's direction. To Put Our Cameras DOWN!  Weird and Outrageous.

Suhail Khan BTW- pulled the same no photographers stunt in 2012 (from a previous TSM post)

"BLOGGERS BASH  (2012) Finished up the day at this year’s Blog Bash at 6:30 PM. We were bussed to Microsoft’s state-of-the-art Innovation and Policy Center on K street... where Suhail Khan was greeting us as we exited the elevators and there were NO PICTURES ALLOWED! Go figure. You get a bunch of bloggers together for a party and we’re told we can’t take any pictures. (very odd behavior CPAC)"

Next, the afternoon, side-panels. ALL side-panels were from 3:30 to 5 pm. Each Day. Topics like Finance. Health care. Rocky mountain high. But, you could only chose one. At the end of three days, you only got 3 side-panels. In the past, these panels met all day.  Missed out on some interesting panels with such time restrictions .

Day One, I chose the  IMMIGRATION Panel and it was a 'miss'. More like a lecture. Condescended to us on how to get the Hispanic Vote. I didn't bother filming it, but did find a link at Free Republic

Take a good look at their PRIORITY SEATING (cash cow), Very often (too often) through-out the three days of CPAC these seats were very EMPTY.


Started Day Two with a panel in the Main Ball Room  on Government,cellphones, emails, privacy. They asked, "Is Edward Snowden a Traitor or Patriot." Very interesting debate (with some edits)

Day Two Slideshow

Before Rand Paul,  we got Al Cardenas, Chairman of the ACU. He, like CPAC's Cleta Mitchell,  refuses to read and accept the very reputable expose on the Muslim Brotherhood association of Grover Norquist  and Suhail Khan. [ the Gaffney Univited Panel has more info.] Cardenas gave a predictable speech.

Senator Rand Paul (like Gov. Perry) was a Rock-Star. The crowd roared with approval.

Not sure what to make of Rand Paul when it comes to israel. A recent article from Caroline Glick (post-CPAC) considers that he is more pro-Israel than his father. With a food-for-thought dissent from Pamela Geller

Day Two Panels after the Main Ball room

I had stepped in to catch Scooter Libby  (I thought) on a panel with a  long title:  " The Big Alternative Ideas Conservatives Should Present as Obama's Term Ends" Libby was not there as announced. Replaced by Carly Fiorina. (No idea why. Hurrying to these panels was complicated by not knowing where you were going. I went to the wrong area so I missed I missed the opening remarks)

Two of the speakers on this panel:

 Carly Fiorina

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch

I missed Allen West's speech ,that he gave at at an “Honoring America’s Military Heroes” reception organized by Citizens United, because of the scheduling. As I exited the "Scooter Libby" panel I saw that Allen was right across the corridor, so I managed to catch Allen's closing statement. A really good one:

 Salon posted this snarky report (of course).

Speaking of  'snark",  Anarchists like Adam Kokesh, roam CPAC as a reporter. He's always so CHEERY as he works to deconstruct America.


March 8th,  began with Michelle Bachman.

I heard she wasn't given a time-slot, so Tea Party Patriot Founder, Jenny Beth Martin, gave Bachman some of her time-slot.

As I was leaving, the next speaker caught my ear. I missed his first remarks but, I was impressed by his very inspirational speech, so I stayed. The Honorable Dan Hannan, a Member of the European Parliament, Alliance of European Conservatives & Reformists.

He was followed by a panel that Grover Norquist moderated called "After Wisconsin and Beyond Right-To-Work Laws, what's possible bow to Free Workers and Students from Unionism". This is the introduction from Norquist.

Day 3 slideshow

Made a final sweep through the Exhibit Hall, which I always find interesting.

Slide Show of  the  EXHIBIT HALL:

Finally, I returned for Dr. Ben Carson. By now I was packed to leave for the Amtrak back to Manhattan so I didn't have my camera working for Dr. Carson. Too bad as he was great. And, unfortunately, Sarah (Palin) was speaking way too late (5 PM). So I missed her fabulous closing speech. Had to catch that late-afternoon train.

Can't say I left CPAC 2014  feeling inspired or encouraged.  Our side is at serious odds with itself. Those in control seem rigid. Doubts and disagreements loom. It gets worse each year. While the Left is Cock-Sure, focused and determined... Evil always is ...

Yet, there are so many good people in the Republican/Tea Party/Conservative Movement; Patriots who will surely Fight to the Death for our Liberties.

"Where liberty dwells, there is my country." - Benjamin Franklin. God Bless America.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

May Day 2014 - Commies & Illegals' Annual Hate-Fest "Amerika" (pictures)


Why do Illegals swarm in to a country they hate? They hate America. Just ask them. Big Bad Amerika And the Commies with their 100 year old grudge. Jealousy. Resentment. Dedicated to the destruction of the American Dream.

The Collective. It must control us all. Individualism must die. Long Live the Totalitarian State and our Dreams Be Damned.

It's a puzzlement. Decade after Decade they reseed their hatreds  Union Square. A parade of the fools and tools of Marxism.  If only they would wither and die away...if only....

Sadly,  their Evil lives on in an Imperfect World.

Two Slide shows of pictures. 

What they say and do doesn't change from year to year. Reading their signs and posters brings to mind:  'Stuck on Stupid' . Their books. Their pamphlets. If we are ever going to stop them. Know thy Enemy...

Part 1 Slide Show

These two moments caught my eye .  WHY was that woman sitting at a "Stop and Frisk Table"  They won. It is NO More.

And Capitalism is A-Okay when it comes to their ubiquitous money jars and buckets.  No cash? No worry. They'll take your credit cards. ( credit cards displayed on the book holder / lower left corner) Free-bees. No Way

Part 2 Slide Show

Wow ! Stop endless Wars? Why didn't we all think of  that.

And $ 15 a Hour. Sure! No Problem! Promise Them Anything. It's not their money. It's YOURS.

But, don't worry. The Answers are Here.. In UNION SQUARE. Workers Unite!!


May Day 2014 – NYICE Counters Annual Illegal Stampede (vids & pics)

NY ICE once again Counter Demonstrated the Annual Illegal Alien Stampede for Amnesty in New York City and Says:  "WE ARE THE NEW NATIVE AMERICANS!"

May 1, 2014, New York. a report from 
Joanna Marzullo, President
NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement)

People Illegally Here in The U. S. are NOT Immigrants, they are Trespassers. In many ways, this is a War of Words, and the U.S. cannot sustain millions of illegal alien TRESPASSERS that are a net cost to our economy.

Their better life is costing the U.S. ours!
Part 1 - shows some of the exchanges with passersby.

The tide of public opinion in NYC is changing on this Issue; NY ICE received a lot of support.  Whether or not the Press airs that support, of course, is another matter!

Part 2 - , "includes a Press interview that seems to be entirely edited away by Reuters, but Pamela Hall preserved it!"

Part 3 - NY ICE President, Joanna Marzullo, says, "We are the new Native Americans.  We are here defending our Land against trespassers".

For more information about NYC's ONLY grassroots activist group dedicated to having our existing U.S. immigration laws enforced, and our borders effectively secured, please visit: www.nyice.us

Slide Show of Photos from that day

The Next Post will have pictures of May Day (aka Commie Day).


The air is always thick with a relentless hatred for America. So, WHY come here to live and work??  Why Stay here? Leave. Go to Cuba. Venezuela. See how far you’ll get protesting on the streets of  REAL TOTALITARIAN nightmares.