Monday, May 31, 2010

Pamela Geller talks with Bat Ye'or about the planned Mosque at Ground Zero


Only one week from the SIOA Rally to Stop The Mosque at Ground Zero, Pamela Geller also talked with Bat Ye'or about how the Left, the West, is helping, not stopping the Islamization of the West.


Say "No to the Mosque at Ground Zero" Rally , June 6, 2010. For more info, go to

And read more about Bat Ye'or at Atlas Shrugs

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Da'wah on the streets of Manhattan....

The purpose of da'wah is NOT to learn about Jesus!

"In Islamic theology, the purpose of Da‘wah is to invite people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, to understand the worship of Allah[4] as expressed in the Qur'ān and the sunnah of the prophet, as well as to inform them about Muhammad.[2] Da‘wah produces converts to Islam, which in turn grows the strength of the Muslim ummah.[2]"

Dawah or Call towards Allah, is the means by which Prophet Muhammad spread the message of Quran to mankind. After the Prophet, his followers or Ummah assume the responsibility of the Dawah to the people of their times[2].

WAKE UP, AMERICA. The enemy is here. Along 8th avenue.... in mid-town lower Manhattan.... store after store, taxi after taxi...ALL AROUND THE TOWN!

"Discover Jesus in Quran?!" The infidel has received the "invitation " to what?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Citizens Walk for Human Rights in Times Square (5-11-10)

May 11, 2010. Times Square.



Even though
the media and our president... all are afraid to talk honestly about the Times Square bomber and the ideology that motivated him (and too many others like him around the world) to murder and to violate the Human Rights of others.


We must no longer remain silent.

This coalition of concerned citizens came to Times Square, to walk from 42nd St to 45 st st (the site of the failed Times Square bomber)


They carried signs that the media remains afraid to talk about.


These are murders and human rights violations committed by the followers of Islam.

We must
fight terrorism through education.

We can no longer remain silent!

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day 2010 Union Square (pics and video)

Update : 5 videos now added ( scroll down)

May Day, 2010. The Illegals were out as usual being manipulated by the Commie insurgents to break America from with-in.



What about about our laws? The illegals and the anarchists are of one mind, " Laws! We don't need no stinkin' laws".



But Americans (of all races, as well as legal immigrants) countered this hateful anti-American rally with a patriotic reminder that to be a citizen of ANY country, you must respect the law. Otherwise you will have anarchy.....





While reading their signs, we wondered, "Why do they even want to live here, when they resent all things American so much ."


Another observation, apparently, the police decided for the first time that we can remember, to have next to NO presence and as the illegals and the Truthers became aware that the police were in absentia (the couple of auxilary police looked dazed) so we were swamped at different times. These few officers joined the Auxilary Officer you see close to the camera (briefly) near the end of our two and half hour counter-rally....and then disappeared....We were on our own. Very, very odd.


Slide show of both sides:

Resentment and entitlement are not winning arguments for citizenship.



Added to the mix, since this is Union Square, the ubiquitous 9-11 Truthers / We are Change/ End the Fed nut-Jobs (claiming to be John Bircher 'conservatives') were on hand mixing it up with everyone....



The 5 videos are next :
Part 1:

Part 2:The Angry Commie vs the Truthers... Since this is Union Square, the ubiquitous 9-11 Truthers / We are Change/ End the Fed nut-Jobs (claiming to be John Bircher 'conservatives') were on hand to debate this very angry Commie.. He was ballistic that HIS day, May Day, was being used to protest the violation of our immigration laws!

Part 3:Two Immigrants dialogue....A legal Russian immigrant talks with an illegal immigrant surrounded by a curious crowd. ( re: sound. My good camera (a Canon HD30) battery went dead so I had to use my Nikon p 80)

Part 4: One of the organizers of the illegals came over to chat. Since there was no police presence, the usually keeps us all on our own sides of the street, the Leftists kept coming over to our side. Twice (in the video) you can see tthe illegals go after our people when they attempted to do the same, go to their side to talk (to build some bridges) instead we were assaulted. This is excerpts of the responses from the leftist. She was questioned at times by the a legal Russian immigrant. (who is assaulted by the illegals after they tell her she's not an American because she has an accent) And of course one of the black women in our group was told she was on the wrong side of the street. They definitely gave her a hard time, but she gave it right

Part 5: The Patriots and Illegals manage to exchange their points of view in spite of the noisy crowd. This Pro-American counter-Rally (of all races and as well as legal immigrants) was a patriotic reminder that to be a citizen of ANY country, you must respect the law. Resentment and entitlement..... Why do the illegals even want to live here, when they resent all things American so much .


FYI: If you aren't familiar with the 9-11 Truthers etc, arecent post on the We Are Change-Gang (in Times Square)



And more from them at Ground Zero (2008)


There was, as usual, the Anti- Israel crowd on another corner.....tediously spreading their lies... (pictures soon)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day, 2010 and the Times Square Evacuation (Updates)

MORE Info (thanks to Atlas Shrugs)

Faisal shahzad
Pakistani US citizen ‘trying to flee US’
Pakistan and American — is it homegrown or is it international? Hmmmm. Uh, it’s jihad, stupid.

So this is the white man the NY Times said was a person of interest. I am surprised they didn’t call him a tea partier. Asshats. (photo hat tip Rut)

(read more here)


UPDATE (5-4-10)

Authorities arrested a suspect in the attempted weekend car bombing in Times Square, NBC News’ justice correspondent Pete Williams reported early Tuesday morning.

A U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, Shahzad Faisal, was arrested Monday night on Long Island, Williams reported. WNBC’s Jonathan Dienst reported that Faisal was picked up at JFK airport.

Earlier, an official told The Associated Press that the potential suspect recently traveled to Pakistan. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the case was at a sensitive stage.

Read more here

May 1, 2010:

Either the terrorists were running a drill, or the cops were...It sure seemed like it could have been a 'drill'. ...and if the terrorists ran such a practice run, I guess they got to watch how Times Square is going to manage the situation. (on May Day). And we all know how the terrorists love the symbolism of certain dates...I watched the evacuation start from the upper level of McD' so it all seemed a bit casual,



But, then a woman came in, frazzled, and said people were running up town saying the pop, pops they just heard was a gun....then there was talk of a bomb...

In a few pictures you can see the bottles of water left behind and some chairs people knocked over as they got out of dodge. As far as the cops, it still took a few minutes before they started clearing Duffy Square. It was a was a bomb...still have no idea.



I took some video as we all left McD.s and headed for up to 47th St. The cop said at McD's said it was a bomb that had already gone off...

Now since we already no that the authorities never want to label anything as terrorism....or anyone a terrorist, will this go down in the reports as a "suspicious car-fire" (case-closed?)



HEADS UP May Day, Union Square and The Illegals (video and pics ) is now posted:

Re May Day and the Illegals: Our intense confrontation in Union Square with the predictable Supporters of the Illegals (always on May Day) and the lack of police support for our side was not the norm at all, allowing the annoying infiltration of our Patriots by the 9-11 Truthers/We are Change/John Birch Nut-Jobs.We had a few hot and heavy exchanges and the police were AWOL (bizarre).


Found the link to the CNN posting of our video. It was about 3 AM (EST). The You Tube post was only up about 20 minutes when CNN spotted it. Wow….


Re-post of a slide show we took of the Times Square Recruitment Station in March of 2008. I think the story goes now that it was some French anarchists?

side view of door from west...