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Westerners must understand the undiluted savagery of the Gazastinians

 November 19, 2023

"My article shows new evidence of Gazan savagery: even very young children and women participated in the Israeli pogrom. The assumed innocence of most Gazans must be questioned."[Madeline Brooks]

 Westerners must understand the undiluted savagery of the Gazastinians

.By Madeline Brooks

It is gut-wrenching to have to revisit the events of October 7 in southern Israel. But new evidence emerges that should shake our foundational thinking about Gazan civilians’ presumed innocence.

The Free Beacon has collected survivor reports. One of the survivors filmed the attacks:

Eyal Barad and his family hid in the safe room of their house from about 6:30 a.m. until the Israeli military evacuated them 12 or so hours later. But Barad, an engineer, had a rare view of the outside world thanks to a speed camera he had recently set up to bust his neighbors for driving on the sidewalk.

On the camera’s livestream, Barad watched three types of Gazans pass by his house: uniformed Hamas commandos carrying automatic weapons, RPGs, and grenades; casually dressed gunmen; and ordinary-looking men, women, and children. Barad said the ordinary Gazans vastly outnumbered the armed terrorists. He estimated that he saw at least a dozen children, who were between the ages of 10 and 15, and 30 women from Gaza. {snip]

“I can say with 100 percent certainty that [the women and kids] were not just innocent bystanders or looters. They were part of the massacre. They were part of the horrors that we endured that day.”

A mother describes hiding in her safe room with her children while a Gaza woman spent hours eating her food, serving meals to the Gazan men, and stealing the Israeli woman’s personal items, including her underwear.

Image: Gazans at al-Shifa hospital cheering footage of the October 7 massacre. YouTube screen grab.

Another survivor says he saw children between six and ten wearing Hamas military outfits, riding with a group of Hamas commandos. (my emphasis). Some of the boys were given rifles and told to kill the Israelis, which they did. The combatants’ young age would be surprising if one were not aware of how early military training begins in Gaza. In this video, we watch kindergartners execute a complex takeover of an Israeli outpost by killing a soldier. It is a graduation ceremony, and we see the whole family in proud attendance:


Tender-hearted people plead that these women and children are innocent. They are merely ‘brainwashed” and can be re-educated. Maybe. Perhaps some can.

But that argument makes the mistake of projecting one’s own values onto others, whose values may be substantially, and unchangeably, different. In this case, the decency and respect for human life that characterizes non-Muslims get projected onto a military/religious organization that values success at jihad more than anything else—more than one’s own life and certainly more than regard for an enemy’s life.

That sadistic contempt for Israeli life is displayed very ominously in a movie showing the October 7 atrocities that was watched by a vast audience of Gazan men in, of all places, the al Shifa hospital. The Gazans cheered wildly. So much for the notion that hospitals are only about saving lives:


The uproarious delight of the entertained jihadis should be chilling. Consequently, Israel and her supporters must think realistically about what to do with the Gazans—and their hideous ideology—once they win the war. [american thinker]

Madeline Brooks, M.A., is the former head of the New York chapter of ActforAmerica and is a conservative and counter-jihad writer. Her articles have been published in AmericanThinker.com, CanadaFreePress.com, FamilySecurityMatters.org, and elsewhere. Her book, What You Need To Know About Islamic Jihad: Information The Main Stream Media Is Not Giving You, is available on Scribd. She can be reached at ResistJihad@aol.com.

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Nov 8, 2023″ March for Gaza” spreads more anti-Israel Lies.


 Nov 8, 2023

Outside the Uganda Mission across from U.N.


The pro -'palestinian' press-hype hung their "Cease Fire Now" on this location since Dr. Martin Luther King spoke here 50 years ago opposing the Viet Nam war.

The infamous Linda Sarsour. (who once claimed Israel Is ‘Built on the Idea That Jews Are Supreme to Everyone Else’) was one of the main speakers at the March For Gaza. Listen with a critical ear as she has a air of confidence spouting propaganda that eschews the facts. (Behind her is BLM's Tamika Mallory who has refused to say Israel has the right to exist)  


.I listened to three speakers. Women. And they did not fail to disappoint. The Leftists and 'palis' have shamefully denied the crimes of Hamas, particularly their crimes against women and children.

Hypocrites who preach LOVE , like the Author of Fierce Love: "A Bold Path to Ferocious Courage and Rule-Breaking Kindness That Can Heal the World", The Rev. Dr. Jacqui (Jacqueline) Lewis - . .... VIDEO:

.Author of Fierce Love: "A Bold Path to Ferocious Courage and Rule-Breaking Kindness That Can Heal the World"

They ignore history. Ancient history. Stuck on stupid, they rant about 75 years as though there had been no anti-Jewish attacks from the Muslim world prior to 1948.

NEXT, Marwa Janini , Sarsour's successor as Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) ... a left-of-center org which focuses on immigration policy, criminal justice policy and other issues impacting the Arab American community in New York City. VIDEO:

Another woman who spoke, Carmen Perez, internationally-known civil and human rights leader and Chicana feminist; a co-founder of the Women’s March and the current executive director of The Gathering For Justice a far-left “social justice” advocacy organization established by far-left activist and singer Harry Belafonte.

Like her fellow Women’s March leaders Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory, Perez has expressed support for Nation of Islam leader and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and her support of convicted Brinks robbery associate Baba Sekou Odinga.

Disappointed, I failed to get an audio  I could use.The police made our jobs as reporters difficult this day,  forcing the press to film from a distance: no press area. Forcing the press  to jockey for positions from across East 45th street.

Pali Flickr slide show

palis March for Gaza 


 Pro-Israel Counters March For Gaza outside U. N. 

Trying to cover the Pro-Israel supporters was a challenge, since press was kept on the sidewalk . Not a great angle.

VIDEO- Pro ISRAEL rally goers vs the "pali" lies protest


Closing  with this video from a young Iranian woman who speaks with great wisdom ** Saying “one man’s terr0rist is another man’s freedom fighter” is like saying “one woman’s rap1st is another woman’s passionate lover”

Please listen from the beginning of this powerful 6 minute video"


#neveragainisnow #freethehostages #thisisnotaresistance

Sadly, there is always more to follow....

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Should Israel Spare the Gazan “Innocents”?: Madeline Brooks


Should Israel Spare the Gazan “Innocents”?
By Madeline Brooks*

As the world knows, or very tellingly, should know, the Israeli Defense Force goes to great lengths to spare the lives of Gazans presumed innocent. In the moral smog of war, this important fact is usually overlooked by the international crowd of Israel critics.

The IDF gave abundant warning to Gazans with leaflets and even phone calls to go to the south of Gaza, out of the immediate war zone. Some Gazans did head south, waving white flags and getting shot at by their own Hamas government. Others stayed, even though they were offered a substantial reward and a safe place to live if they cooperated in getting the hostages out.

Just who is Israel sparing? The sixteen year old boy who at this moment does not have a rifle in his hand, although his school books teach him to hate Jews? Hordes of “civilian” young men, out of uniform, who nevertheless swarmed into southern Israel on October 7 after the uniformed jihadis to rape, behead and burn Jewish families? How about the mother who sings her child to sleep with lullabies about killing Israelis, or the young girl engaged to a jihadi, egging him on?

Most horribly, a huge crowd of military age Gazan men were shown a movie of the massacres of Jews on October 7. This was the same video put together by the IDF from the cameras of the terrorists. Somehow the video got into the Gazans’ hands and was shown at al Shifa hospital. When Israeli journalists watched the video, many were so upset they vomited or sobbed uncontrollably. What did the Gazans do? They cheered. They roared their approval. Allahu Akbar.

Please watch the reaction of the Gazans presumed innocent starting at the 18:05 minute mark and repeated at the 32:36 minute mark.

(Edits to full video for fast reference, but full video is important link)


.These are among the creatures that the IDF may have been trying to spare, even at the cost of their own lives since the whole area could have been bombed so thoroughly from above that it would be turned into a parking lot, with no escape from the tunnels. Such was the sentiment among some at the start of the war. Instead, the IDF is engaged in a prolonged building to building fight, which puts its own soldiers at great risk, all to spare presumed innocents.

Does it make sense to spare one’s enemies whose blood lust gets fed by reliving what they did to Israelis a month ago - what they can and will do again when they see more weakness? Since Israel’s inception, every time its guard went down and it trusted its sworn enemies, it paid a terrible price in blood.

Sadly, and adding to the complexity of it all, there are some Gazans who reject Hamas and are willing to describe its horrors to an Israeli, as seen in this video. These Gazans had to flee to Europe to be able to speak freely about Hamas without getting their legs broken or getting killed. One of them speaks of friends still in Gaza who hate Hamas as much as he does.

Yet if Israel goes down, diaspora Jews will have very hard lives. More than that, the rest of the world will be faced with a “barbarism that has no place in the modern world” as Isaac Herzog, Israel’s president, said in an open letter to university administrators.

Across the planet, protests are going on to stop the bombing and spare the “innocent” civilians. That would mean protecting the terrorists-in-waiting that we see in the hospital’s movie audience. Protests by the keffiyeh kiddos inspire the jihad and bring in fresh recruits, as well as putting pressure on weak government officials to stop Israel from fully defending herself.

Israel could have taken the Joshua option, eliminating all threats as in the Old Testament books of Deuteronomy and Joshua. But it has chosen a softer approach, one that may bring more war upon its head in the future, and still no world acceptance. As we see, anti Israel and anti Jewish protests began even before Israel went into Gaza, and grow stronger everyday. Hate has a life of its own. Holding back on war efforts has no apparent effect on rage against Jews.

Any other country would be widely praised for its self-sacrifice. But not Israel. Israel gets accused of committing genocide, a projection of what Hamas is clearly doing.

Israel has a hard choice to make: Dodge worldwide criticism or fight like Joshua and the Israelites in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy, where the Almighty ordered the elimination of all who did not answer the call to surrender. Survival may only come by fighting Biblically. Granted, that sounds morally difficult in today’s climate, though it was practiced by the United States in Dresden, Germany and two Japanese cities during WWII.

Certainly, watching the video of Gazan men, who may be off duty jihadists, cheering as they watch their fellows chop, rape and burn other human beings…that should open new doors to careful thinking about Gazan innocents.

*Madeline Brooks, M.A., is the former head of the New York chapter of ActforAmerica and is a conservative and counter-jihad writer. Her articles have been published in AmericanThinker.com, CanadaFreePress.com, FamilySecurityMatters.org, and elsewhere. Her book, What You Need To Know About Islamic Jihad: Information The Main Stream Media Is Not Giving You, is available on Scribd. She can be reached at ResistJihad@aol.com.

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NYC Protest Demands CUNY Stand with palestine

 CUNY is COMPLICIT in Genocide

Nov 2, 2023.  Outside CUNY offices on 42nd st.
First poster from the "palis' and leftists

The anti-Israel protestors parrot one message,

"If you support Israel, you SUPPORT Genocide.

 The PRO ISRAEL poster promotes
Rally against TERROR

Rally for ISRAEL!

"They Lie and Deny the Oct 7 massacre.
Hamas and those cheering in the streets deserve no mercy."

October 7, 2023.
Israeli police officer searches
for survivors of Hamas massacre.
There are only dead bodies.

Video-link of massacre.

WARNING: this video is of the October 7 Massacre.
Don’t look away.


Back to 42nd st and those who SUPPORT Israel

Video- Part 1 . A small but valiant group of patriots supporting Israel was enough to upset the 'palis'


Words straight from a senior Hamas official:

“We will repeat the actions of October 7 again and again until Israel is destroyed.”Hamas has one goal: To wipe Israel and its people off the face of the earth. "

LINK for Hamas video:  [https://www.instagram.com/reel/CzJbP2vNf98/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link]


The October 7th attack by Hamas,
the deaths and kidnapped children,
continues to be ignored by the palis AND the leftists.

We must Stand With Israel


Video Part 2
More from the 'palis" and their anti-Israel chants and signs

. From the Matt Walsh Show, a major publication published an article claiming that "MAGA Republicans" are more dangerous than Hamas.

This is all part of a far ranging plan by the Left to demonize and dehumanize their political opponents.

And we all know where it leads." [The Daily Wire]

 In the background of the next video, at third Avenue,   

I noticed later there was a vandalized hostage /kidnapped poster.

Video Part 3 - more palis

LEFT VOICE banner  (an example of who supports the pali genocide of the Jews ) "Left Voice is a revolutionary socialist news site and magazine dedicated to fostering a sustained and strategic struggle against every form of capitalist exploitation and oppression."

"As part of an international network of news sites ...  Left Voice is able to provide a truly internationalist perspective on revolutionary politics, ... to examine the movements of the U.S. working class within the larger framework of global revolution."  [https://www.leftvoice.org/]

Flickr Slideshow, palis and leftists"palis" protest CUNY - NYC

.Photo: (Empty Chairs, Broken Hearts)

"These are people who believed in peace and coexistence.
But Hamas doesn't want coexistence, as their atrocities demonstrate.

Flickr Slide show, Israel : Even a small group of Israel supporters was still enough to upset the 'pali's'  LIES as they continue to ignore the murder and kidnapping of women and children in Israel.

Pro Israel Protest outside CUNY  NYC

"Sad reminder that there are people across the West who openly celebrated this massacre as an act of “decolonization”. TwitterX

"Israel suggested the Arab's a State, 5 times, but they declined it because they want all the land, between the river and the sea." TwitterX

And as the JEW HATRED grows, even the police are fearful of standing up for Israel:

... filmed by  
(a cop hating twitter site)
"... a man waving an Israel flag as a pro-Palestine march approached in NYC.
Cops moved him away and surrounded him and told him to put the flag away because he was instigating."

Censorship that aides the genocidal palis by silencing the truth.

 We must NOT be SILENT.

God Bless America
Am Yisrael Chai.


[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

How can Gazans stop the Israeli bombings?

My Guest today is Madeline Brooks, addressing the Gazans and the bombings.

How can Gazans stop the Israeli bombings?

By Madeline Brooks/ November 4, 2023/ . [American Thinker]

"I write about what could stop the bombing if they took responsibility for themselves, and I look at them through a family systems lens. They are like the very troubled child living off Daddy who wants to burn the house down. Let us not buy into their self pitying smokescreen." MB

Madeline is a conservative and counter-jihad writer.  She can be reached at resistjihad@aol.com


.The latest moral confusion about the Hamas/Gaza problem is whether or not to continue bombing.  The plea is that civilians are innocent and must be spared.  A mainstream TV broadcast showed a wide-eyed Gaza man saying, “I was as surprised as the Israelis by the October 7 attack.  So why punish me with bombing?”

This is a message for you, Mr. Average Gazan, and any other Gazan like you.  Here’s why Gaza is still being bombed.

First of all, it’s hard to know if you are telling the truth.  The terrorists planning the attack acted for two years as if they were peaceful, all the while stockpiling weapons.  Taqiyyah, or lying to your enemies, is endorsed in the Koran (3:28) and in other Muslim writings.  An apparent peacemaker, Hamas official Ghazi Hamad, who was responsible for the Gilad prisoner exchange, turned out to be totally treacherous.  While fooling the leftist chump he bargained with, Hamad talked about negotiating peace.  Now Hamad shows his true colors, vowing to repeat the October 7 massacre over and over until Israel is eliminated, as Caroline Glick points out.

Also, Mr. Ordinary Gazan, although you may not have known the exact date of the latest massacre, all Hamas has been screaming about is death to Israel from the start.  So don’t play innocent.

Secondly, you have been receiving food, water, electricity, and medicine mostly from Israel, your so-called oppressor.  Actually, Israel has been your daddy, and you have let yourself live like a ward of the state — a supremely ungrateful ward.  When Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005, it left you orchards and sophisticated greenhouses, which produced income for the Jews who developed them and could have for you, too.  But you tore them down out of spite.  You also could have developed your beautiful beaches into profitable resorts.  There was no Israeli “occupation” preventing your economic development, since Israel was not there.  But Hamas was, and you apparently accepted Hamas’s dictatorial, one-party control.

Wake up to how your Islamist leaders have been taking international money that was meant for you and using it for their own luxurious living as well as for secret armaments.  That is a big part of why you are poor.

Thirdly, Israel has offered peace to you on multiple occasions, but you preferred war, and a continuation of your hostile dependency.  Looking at this mess from a family systems dynamic, you are the deeply troubled child refusing to help himself, relying totally on others to support him, and staying emotionally and financially crippled, taking pride not in accomplishments, but in destruction.  Beyond that is your insane conviction that your host country must die, even as you bite the hand that feeds you.  Apparently, neither you nor the world has noticed yet how untenable your demands are.  You have successfully put up a smokescreen of self-pity and victimhood, which does nothing to help you getting well.

Playing the victim card right now, begging the world to make Israel stop the war, is a continuation of the smokescreen, giving Hamas more time to get strong and renew the attacks it has announced it will resume.

Fourthly, Gazans owe the world and especially Israelis an apology for all of the above.  You must declare that you reject Hamas’s goal to kill all the Jews and take over Israel and the world.  Tell the worldwide “hate Jews” movement yelling in support of you that it’s time for them to grow up, too.  If you, Mr. Average Gazan, really want the bombing to stop, you must cooperate with Israel and help the Israelis find Hamas operatives and weapons caches, and whatever else will help the Israeli war effort.

In short, Gazans must take full responsibility for their support of Hamas and do all they can to disable it.  Otherwise, Israel has no good reason to stop the bombing.  You, Mr. Average Gazan, have been given the benefit of the doubt as an innocent victim.  And you have shown you don’t deserve it.

Prove otherwise.  Work now with Israel to halt the war and then develop a peaceful way of life.  Or get bombed.  The choice is yours.

Will this happen?  Not very likely.  But it is the moral path forward.  Stating it can help you get clear on your need to take responsibility for yourself.  It can also help the guilt-ridden international community make a decision to no longer let themselves be manipulated by your endless irrationalities.


My Flickr slideshow  from October 13, 2023, in Times Square focuses on the obnoxious International Day of Action for "palestine".

The "palis' and their Commie supporters ALWAYS put on a good show. Posters, marches, chants. The media loves them. BUT what is MISSING?

These are LIES. ALL lies.

International Day of Action- Jihad - Rage NYC

Adding two addendums that compliment Madeline's post:

The true history of the Jews of the Middle East

Seventy-five years ago, my husband’s family was part of Egypt’s flourishing Jewish community. After Israel’s establishment in 1948, their community was destroyed. Egyptian Jews fled anti-Jewish persecution or were expelled.

But, speaking to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi recently denied this well-documented history. Instead, he audaciously claimed:

“I grew up in a neighborhood side-by-side with the Jews of Egypt. They were never subject to any form of persecution whatsoever. They were never targeted in any way whatsoever…. Maybe they were targeted in Europe, in Spain, in other countries, but in our Arab and Islamic region, nothing like this ever happened.”

While astonishing that Sisi, the leader of a U.S. ally, would spread ahistorical propaganda — many on the extreme political left promote similar lies.

The reason is simple: Middle Eastern and North African Jews do not fit a neat narrative about Israel’s supposed evil as a symbol of Western colonialism. The culpability of Jews and the “eternal innocence” of those who brutally resist the West by murdering civilians does not allow for Jewish victimhood when the perpetrators are not white or European.

But the history of Jewish life under hundreds of years of Islamic rule paints a different picture.

Jews under Islamic regimes were dhimmi, or a “protected people of the book” permitted to live in Muslim societies. They were however subject to regulations, such as paying the jizyah tax levied on non-Muslims, exclusion from certain professions, restricted habitation in ghettos, and often forced to wear distinctive clothing meant to demonstrate submission to Muslims.

Even with this “protected” status, Jews were under threat as a minority. Fanatics who rejected tolerant Islam often perpetrated anti-Jewish violence, including the slaughter and expulsion of Jewish tribes in the 7th century, the Almohades’ persecution in the 12th century, 17th-century forced conversion of Jews in Isfahan and manifold other expulsions, massacres and forced conversions — all of which are often erased in historical retellings like Sisi’s.

Modern history of anti-Jewish violence by fundamentalist Islamists is also denied or ignored. Before Israel was established, more than 800,000 Jews lived across the Middle East and North Africa. After Israel’ s establishment, hundreds of thousands of Jews left, fled or were expelled from Islamic-majority countries, threatened by rising Arab anti-Jewish sentiment and violence.

This persecution — ironically — resulted in todays’ Israeli Jewish population whose majority is made up of “Brown” Mizrahi Jews, indisputably indigenous to the region even for those with a penchant for denying ancient Jewish ties to Israel. With a few exceptions, their families’ former countries have largely become Jew-free. Today, as a Jew, I cannot safely visit most of the countries that generations of my extended family once called home.

But why is anti-Jewish violence and antisemitism in both pre-modern and modern Middle East and North Africa denied or ignored?

The reason is simple. Erasing Middle Eastern Jewish history and historical oppression of Jews sets up a bedrock of falsehoods to support the justification for terror: The decolonization argument, the belief that Hamas’ terror serves as legitimate resistance to a colonizing power.

Proponents of this false theory argue that Zionism grew directly from Western colonialism. Jews who settled Israel are seen as white European colonizers who carry the West’s moral stains and re-victimize its Muslim innocents. The Holocaust, typically understood as a key event in the legitimization of Zionism, is construed as yet another crime of European colonialism that indirectly led to the persecution of Palestinians.

Seeing this conflict as merely a question of colonialism is based on historical lies and allows for grotesque moral conclusions.

First, any violence against Israelis is legitimized and becomes the fault of the colonizers — either Europeans or Jews themselves — but never fundamentalist Islamists who perpetrate them.

Second, Jews cease to be innocent civilians. Whether adults or babies, whether they support a two-state solution or not, whether Israelis or Jews living in countries outside of Israel, they are legitimate targets for “freedom fighters” engaged in a prolonged anti-colonial struggle.

This false narrative assumes that Israelis should be viewed strictly as colonizers and Palestinians strictly as their resisters. It assumes that fundamentalist Islamists bear no responsibility for their actions. It ignores anti-Jewish violence by Islamists around the world. It denies agency to the very people whom it claims to speak for — Palestinians. It assumes that if only Israel were to dismantle itself, Jews would live peacefully again in the Middle East.

The events of Oct. 7 — and their aftermath — show the utter folly of that idea.

And lastly, from mia talias


She says, "Time for a history lesson, every day is a school day.


Am Yisrael Chai!