Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remembering...February 26, 2010...

Feb 26, 2010. New York City. Snow. Lots and lots of SNOW. Snow-men, snow-plows and electricity for some but not for others. Now, a month a later and it's just ... a memory....

Still have so many pictures of the snow as it buried the city. Guess that means "To be continued..."


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fakestinians return to Times Square (again)

Emboldened by the hatred and lies that Big Zero and company are spewing from the White House, the Fakestinians returned to Times Square to continue spreading those same lies and hatred against Israel and the Jews.



The pictures and unedited video are from my cell-phone (didn't have my camera) but what matters is not the camera, it's documenting the audacity of these Fakestinian lies.


Slide show of rally is here:

One of their "cheer-leaders" said that Islam (with a real long aaaa in "at"....) "Islaaaam cares about everyone: all races, all people, even the JEWS (yeah, right).



Another speaker encouraged all those illegals in the crowd to "Get out and VOTE. It's important he said, that they register so they can vote out-of-office all those nasty politicians who support Israel."



The Neteuri Karta proclaimed their solidarity with all the Fakestinians and also mentioned Harlem. Harlem has been referred to at the Muzzie Day Parades as the MECCA of New York City, so I guess...yeah...I get the connection...(not)




Other Muslim speakers reminded the crowd that as proud AMERICANS they must admonish their government for it's pro-Israeli policies .



Had lots of kids on 7th Avenue (both sides as usual) handing out this propaganda...




Always unfortunate when there isn't a pro-Israel contingent handing out flyers to the same people passing by to counter their lies.



It was encouraging, however, to see most of the tourists staring briefly or not caring at all; just walking on by.They didn't seem very interested. And as for the press, there didn't seem to be any photographers but their own. (...I can always count on them to play right to my camera...)


The police were possibly unaware that the Fakestinians planned a walk (they ALWAYS do, so why be surprised) but, there was an awful lot of discussion with the officers before they were permitted to walk.



The officers were shaking their heads, and gesturing down 7th, most likely telling the Fakestinians they couldn't use 42nd (towards the the Israeli Consulate)


Caught a bit of the march as it started on cell phone video(around 3:50 I get closer shots of crowd and signs as they marched downtown)

So, now...What are we going to do about countering these lies. We must become more pro-active !!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Pond (near the Washington Monument) video

In DC, on Saturday March 20, 2010, before we got to the rally at the Capitol, took some pictures of a pond near the Washington Monument of a happy kid feeding the happy birds with his was lovely...peaceful...
(Click HD and if you can watch on the full screen)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea Party at Capitol plus Invasion of Code Pinkos and the Red Menace"

On March 20, 2010, the Tea Party "Kill The Bill" Rally came to Washington. Statistics range from 10,000 to 30,000. Whatever the final count it was a fabulous turnout (arranged in approximately 24 hours) A Code Red Alert was called and the citizens rallied!


We covered not only the Tea Party in front of the Capitol but the continuation that traveled to the front of the Rayburn building. This whole action was packed with citizens who were strong, motivated, passionate and possibly a tad edgier than previous gatherings. It's difficult to keep a smile-on-your-face when the Demon-crats are sticking it to America.


Our message is loud and clear, Kill the Bill and now that this socialist debacle is passed, come November of 2010 we will be even more determined to Take Back America!



We started the morning with the Gathering of Eagles at the Viet Nam war memorial.



And then there were the anti- War Leftists. T
hese Lefties offended as usual by showing appalling disrespect for the Washington Monument. Here we also found what was rumored to Cindy Sheehan's "Camp" No War.



These were the Anti-War Leftists who had planned a march on the Capitol but it was nixed by the DC police because of the Tea Party Rally. Since their event had been announced first, that's a BIG one for US! However, the offensive fake cemetery that they built on the grounds of the Washington Monument and then named called Arlington Mid West was a nauseating display of Lefty arrogance and insensitivity to our men and women who have served and died for our country.


Here's a video of the fake Arlington and Camp No War

Nearby, a small but loyal group of patriots from the Gathering of Eagles placed themselves at the Viet Nam War Memorial to protect it from these above mentioned Anti- War Leftists.



We understand that the outreach to those passing by was productive and may have even turned a few heads away from the anti-America propaganda that's been forced on recent generations. And, of course, there were a couple of groups of potential Lefty "mischief" makers who turned-tail and 'ran' because the Eagles were on-watch. Bravo!

Slide show of a few more pictures of Eagles and the Viet Nam War Memorial:

Now on to the Capitol. We arrived about an hour in to the rally....the crowd was huge and still growing. It will always be under-estimated by the MSM but pictures and video will reveal (again) that the turn-out was certainly more than the couple of thousand the MSM they claimed (that's if 'they' even bothered to report on the Tea Party Rally).



The pictures and video show lots of great signs, high spirits and loads of determination that will carry us all forward in to the voting booths of 2010.


Slide Show of Rally at the Capitol Building

Video Code Red Alert on Capitol Lawn
(video may still be processing)

Slide show of some snapshots lifted from the video:

Next,before heading over to the Rayburn building, what to my 'wondering' eyes should appear, but a miniature was Suzie Benjamin. The Code Pinko Commie who admires Chavez, Ah'jad and even had TEA with Castro.


There' s NO tyrant she doesn't admire (why else change your name from Suzie to Medea ...the mother of all child killers). Chanting "Medicare for all" she and her associates strolled across the grassy lawn of the Capitol. (see Video posted below)


Some noticed who she was right away. Others were confused and still others were a part of her favorite sport: rehearsed street-theatre "confrontation". AND then there was the attack of the Red Menace. She's NOT one of 'ours' that's for sure and after she assaulted me...attacked me with a very hard metal yellow bell.


red 1

This attack was unprovoked. She simply spun on herself while I was filming and swung at me, full bore, aiming for my head. Wouldn't you think by then some police would have made an appearance. Red" was after blood. It was in her eyes. She came after me two more times have her initial attack Why the police permitted this Code Pinko display and the attack of the Red Menace to continue is odd...very odd. The first police we found (and there weren't even that many) was in front of the Rayburn building. Which is the final lap of this report.

Slide show of Code Pinkos and Washington Monument Antiwar display.

At the the Rayburn Building, a robust crowd of mad-as-hell patriots were on both side of the street but the police seemed to be holding the crowd back ...not letting any more cross to the Rayburn side.



We did manage to catch on video a rush of citizenry at one point as they pushed through the Rayburn side (to the frustration of the police). video may still be processing...

BTW- contrary to lies rumored by the Left, what was chanted by this crowd had nothing to do with racist slurs. The chant of the day was Kill the Bill...over and over and over.

Slide show of Rayburn Building is next:

We did good. Look forward .Don't give up. We can and will Take Back America in 2010!


Monday, March 15, 2010

More BluePrint For Change Conference2010 (videos)

The first post from this event was of Tim Cox of GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House)

Their flyer says , "Rally for America has organized the Blueprint for Change Conference this Presidents Day, February 15, 2010, for all citizens to come together who oppose big government, huge deficits, and high taxes. This is a chance for WE THE PEOPLE to be heard, express ourselves and ask a panel of experts how to develop strategies to restore our government based on the founding principles of a democratic republic and the Constitution"

This four hour event was organized in conjunction with other Tea Party groups in the tri-state area such as Conserveality, Rally For America, Freedom Works, the 912 Project as well as GOOOH. There are ten, ten-minute videos with the other speakers.

The slide show of of few pictures precedes the videos:

Guest speakers included Jennifer Bernstone from the Doug Hoffman campaign, Jeff Weingarten from the NJ Tea Party, Anthony Mele , US Army Veteran, Global Security Consultant and also a member of Rally for America, Tim Cox from GOOOH (Get Out of Our House), Deneen Borelli of Project 21, National Center for Public Policy as well as a Fox News Contributor and Tom Bonelli, National Center's Free Enterprise Project as well as former Congressman, Joseph DioGuardi and Bob Romanowski, a Republican Party Committeeman. The moderator is Frank Sparaco, a Rockland County Legislator.

Part 1 is introductions with Moderator Frank Sparaco

Part 2 -former Congressman, Joseph DioGuardi

Part 3-continues with Joseph DioGuardi

Part 4. Speaker is Jeff Weingarten from the NJ Tea Party

Part 5 Continues with Jeff Weingarten from the NJ Tea Party and then speaking, Jennifer Bernstone .

Part 6 Continues with Jennifer Bernstone.

Part 7 Speaker is Tom Bonelli of National Center's Free Enterprise Project.

Part 8 Speaker is Anthony Mele , US Army Veteran and Global Security Consultant

Part 9 Speaker is Bob Romanowski, a Republican Party Committeeman.

Part 10 The end of Bob Romanowski's speech and then the last speaker is Deneen Borelli of Project 21, National Center for Public Policy as well as a Fox News Contributor.

The website for the conference is which will update what this group is doing to effect change in the political landscape on the local (this is where it begins), state and national levels.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Kumzitz for Peace in Israel - Times Square (pics and vids)2010

UPDATE from the Kumzitz : "The best part was at Bryant Park- a police man came to make sure no one would threaten us, and we told him how it was planned to take place in Times Square- and he said that as long as we didn't have electric devices, or gasoline, we don't need a permit- and the police had no reason to kick us out. But it was really nice at Bryant Park, too- Thank G-d it all worked out."

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

WHY was this event happening? In the wake of the yearly anti-Israel rallies called "Anti-Apartheid" Week,
students from Yeshiva University Israel Club, the Maccabeats and the B’notes, on Thursday, March 11, 2010, at 8:30 PM, met in TIMES SQUARE for ISRAEL PEACE WEEK! They planned to meet by the red steps in Duffy Square or... so they thought...


First the police told them to move a tad south, in front of the Marriott.


This is the same location where just a month before we witnessed a spontaneous rally by 911 Truthers (also called We Are Change) who set up 4 bull horns(without a sound permit) and then went unchallenged by the police for over two hours.

To see the post on the We Are Change event click picture:


The Kumzitz was not as fortunate. The police moved them BACK to the Duffy Square area and then, 30 minutes later, this peaceful assembly of students, singing acoustically, was told they had to leave Times Square altogether. If only the police were fair and consistent this wouldn't seem like prejudice against the Kumzitz.

Video of the Kumzitz:

Thirty minutes was way too short and the people in Times Square were clearly enjoying the Kumzitz.

Slide show of the Kumzitz is next (with lots of friendly moments with the police):

The kids were great; polite and joyful as they promoted PEACE and then... headed to Bryant Park.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pro-Israel Rally vs Anti-Israel protestors at Waldorf-Astoria (2010)


On March 9, 2010, the usual anti-Israel protestors were at the Waldorf -Astoria (again) to protest the IDF (again).
But, this year there was a very strong showing of support FOR Israel and the IDF OUTSIDE the Waldorf...not just inside at the dinner. A great rally to STOP THE ANTI-ISRAEL LIES.

This year, there was an even larger rally in support of Israel and the IDF.

Slide show of the Pro- Israel Rally is next:

Next slide show is of the anti-Israel 'solemn procession' :


People in cars yelled Shame Shame at the Netueri Karta...who yelled back Shame on you

Round and Round the Waldorf these hateful protestors went, while the annual IDF Dinner took place inside. Always interesting to see the police permitting them to 'make their mischief'. Rather than just be penned in with the 'palis' on Park Ave, this 'bunch', since they couldn't get near the entrance to the Waldorf, made sure they were a steady-stream at the underground entrance for the cars going to the dinner. (There was no shortage of verbal responses from the cars when they saw these idiotic signs)

Final slide-show is the attack of the crazed "british pali"
( also a few of the pro-Israel supporters as they were still walking the streets with their signs)

DSCN4642, back to the crazed "Brit"...


(interesting pictures...while being harassed... 'artsy'?



fake fake fakestinians .... in more ways than one. Seemed she was 'british". Maybe that explains why she was ignorant of our 1st amendments rights. (Guess I had no rights on a public street at a public rally...according to this crazed individual ) and the green-hatted legal beagles... they're only to 'protect and serve' the vile hateful 'palis'

In the video. Part 1 of 3 : We had great fun listening to a Pro-Israel supporter take on a pretentiously 'solemn' walk-by of the hate-Israel crowd. He hit them with with FACTS. Lots and LOTS of Facts!

Part 2 of 3: In 2009, Israeli Col. Ben-Tzion Gruber refuted the infamous UN report . Kenneth Timmerman said in Newsmax, "The United Nations and much of the world media have blasted Israel for alleged war crimes during its incursion into the Gaza Strip in January, but one Israeli tank commander is mounting a spirited defense, using declassified video footage from Israel Defense Force drones and commercial media."

Lori Lowenthal-Marcus ( WWW.ZSTREET.ORG ) brought copies of the leaflets/phone messages that were distributed by the IDF (which blew their element of surprise).

The first document below provided detailed information about the times and methods used by the IDF to ensure civilians were warned in sufficient time to escape harm.

To make sure these warnings reach the residents, the IDF used different measures: dropping leaflets, making phone calls, and commandeering local radio and TV stations.

The main messages include:Calls to evacuate buildings where weapons are stored and/or where tunnels have been dug (since December 27)Instructions to move to the center of towns (as of January 3) Instructions to residents to listen to IDF advisories and avoid interaction with terrorist elements

These messages were conveyed by several means:

1. Dropping leaflets:
On December 28, 300,000 leaflets were dropped throughout the entire Gaza Strip
On December 29, 80,000 leaflets were dropped in Rafah
On January 3, 300,000 leaflets were dropped in the entire Gaza Strip, especially in the northern and eastern parts
On January 5, 300,000 leaflets were dropped in Gaza City, Khan Yunis and Rafah.Leaflet (December 28, 2008) (see above)

2. Phone calls
On December 27, around 20,000 phone calls were made throuthout the entire Gaza Strip
On December 29, around 10,000 phone calls were made to the residents of Rafah
Phone Message (December 27, 2008)
. The IDF will hit and destroy any site or building containing ammunition or weapons.
As of the publication of this announcement, the life of anyone in whose home ammunition and weapons are to be found is in danger, and he must leave the place for the sake of his own safety and that of his family.
IDF Command

3. Breaking into local radio transmissions 
(Radio Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Radio and Radio PFLP)

a. Specific local announcements. Radio Announcement (December 29, 2008)

To the residents of Rafah:
A military announcement - 
The IDF will act against any organizations and elements carrying out terrorist activities against the residents of the State of Israel.
The IDF will hit and destroy any building or site containing ammunition, weapons or tunnels.
As of the issuing of this announcement, anyone having ammunition and/or weapons or a tunnel in his home is risking his life and must leave the place for his own safety and that of his family.
You have been warned.
 IDF Command Radio Announcement (January 3, 2009)
 Military announcement
To all residents of the area
: For your own safety, you are required to leave your homes immediately and move to the city centers.
IDF Command

b. Daily news bulletins (since December 27)
News Bulletin - Breaking into regular radio transmissions (January 3, 2009)

DSCN4564 d

It is a superb exhibit of the IDF's humanitarianism because he leaflets included translations and the different formats, numbers, and dates on which they were distributed.

To the residents of the Gaza Strip:
The IDF will act against any movements and elements conducting terrorist activities against the residents of the State of Israel.
The IDF will hit and destroy any building or site containing ammunition and weapons.
As of the publication of this announcement, anyone having ammunition and/or weapons in his home is risking his life and must leave the place for the safety of his own life and that of his family.
You have been warned.
IDF Command


Col. Gruber
met with the pro-Israel Rally outside the Waldorf where he was interviewed by Lori Lowenthal-Marcus of Z Street and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

Part 3, anti-Israel protestors meet up with pro -Israel Supporters (video may still be processing at youtube)

Read more at Atlas Shrugs
More video from trdd here...
Phyllis Chesler's report here