Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pamela Geller at the Gotham Tea Party's First Anniversary Celebration(video)

1 tea party

On the evening of December 17, 2012 ( NYC) the amazing Pamela Geller of, was invited to speak to the Gotham Tea Party at their first anniversary celebration.

It was total crunch time as Geller was scheduled to appear on Dr. Drew's show at CNN that night( topic was gun-control). But all went well.  She spoke to a packed house of patriots, freedom lovers, decent and good people on the fantastic Gotham Tea Party's one-year anniversary. It was standing room only. Spectacular.The Gotham Tea Party is growing by leaps and bounds.

Introduced by Lawrence Winberry, we were then treated to an inspiring speech by Geller.

She addressed the on-going threats to our First and Second Amendments as well as her successful anti-Jihad subway and bus campaigns. Geller even managed to take a few questions from the audience before she headed over to CNN and the (obnoxious) Dr. Drew Show.

Hope you enjoy the video (Please watch on HD for best quality)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Victor Davis Hanson on "American Exceptionalism" at the Philadelphia Freedom center

Victor Davis Hanson, an historian, professor (with a Ph.D. in Classics) and esteemed author, was the honored guest speaker for the Philadelphia Freedom Center Speaker Series on the evening of December 11, 2012.

DSC_0170 copy

Held at the Philadelphia Ritz-Carlton, we came together for a wonderful dinner, after which the Philadelphia Freedom Center's, Craig Snider, introduced Dr. Hanson. The main topic of the evening was, "American Exceptionalism".

DSC_0175 copy

DSC_0177 copy

Victor Davis Hanson, while discussing "American Exceptionalism", assessed the failure of other cultures and redistributive economies including Rome, Sicily, North Africa and the Pharaohs, who ruined Egyptian agriculture.

VDH mentioned that the original urge of civilizations to protect property lead the way to a constitutional government. Other topics were amnesty, immigration, Obama, unions, economic strikes, and the NEW Mason-Dixon Line (250-250-250 aka $250,00) that has arbitrarily been used to demonize economic success.

And ENVY, that can also be seen as "a positive" emotion. Not all envy means you want to steal from the successful, it can merely motivate one to pursue one's own success. Then, back to Athens, the Persians and Hannibal; Rome and the Goths; France; Russia, Germany and Japan; the Nationalizing of the British Heath-Care and Steel Industry and the economic devastation of what had been a successful  economy. In terms of success that was lost and gained, examples were given of Liverpool and Detroit VS Nagasaki and Hiroshima....

Amazing how many areas VDH was able to touch upon as he examined "American Exceptionalism".

Finally, the Q and A with questions about the fiscal cliff, voting and entitlements, qualifications or LACK-of in those who seek or ARE President of the U.S. And his very astute assessment of human nature and it's need to WIN. To be on the winning side is more important that what the issue may be, even in America. If we start to lose we tend to turn against the cause (as in Iraq)

Hope you enjoy the video. (Please watch the video in HD for best quality)

A perfect end to the evening was a book signing  before Dr. Hanson called it a night.

DSC_0186 copy

DSC_0196 copy

From Wikipedia  : 

 Victor Davis Hanson is an American military historian, columnist, political essayist and former classics professor, a scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a commentator on modern warfare and contemporary politics for National Review and other media outlets. He was for many years a professor of classics at California State University, Fresno, and is currently the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Hanson is currently a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and Fellow in California Studies at the Claremont Institute.


Monday, December 10, 2012

John Fund "What Went Wrong: Election 2012" Philadelphia Freedom Center (video)

November 19,2012. Philadelphia Union League. Philadelphia Freedom Center.


Craig Snider, the Chair of the Philadelphia Freedom Center, gave the opening remarks and then introduced Andrew C. McCarthy, the new Executive Director of the Freedom Center. McCarthy is known for his prosecution of the Blind Sheik and is the author of several books on the threat of radical Islam. He spoke briefly before introducing John Fund.

DSCN9170 copy2

John Fund gave a powerfully interesting assessment of the 2012 election, the economy, immigration and even Benghazi while sharing his thoughts on what the next 4 years may look like. This was followed by an equally interesting Q and A. I was glad that the discussion included Allen West's recent election woes in Florida. (be sure to watch in HD)


Afterwards, Fund signed copies of his book, "Who's Counting: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put your Vote at Risk". ( PJ media has a review here)

DSCN9134 copy

Fund and McCarthy both stayed after to chat more on the elections (post and future).

DSCN9158 copy2

DSCN9144 copy

I had arrived post-election still struggling with my disappointment and lacking much enthusiasm towards the next four years. However, Fund's honestly critical perspective and the thoughtful questions from the audience managed to 'loose the bonds' of my malaise as we were encouraged "to be more aggressive in our messaging" and reminded "that each of us needs to become a media outlet to publicize the facts that matter."

Next event at the Philly Freedom Center will be Victor Davis Hanson on Dec 11.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Rally for Real Democracy vs a Protest in support of NoKo Tyrant

A rainy day in Manhattan. Times Sq. December 9, 2012. Outside the Marquis-Marriott. Found what I came for, stalwart defenders of Democracy,  real Democracy, not the Marxist-Sharia charades.

And, of course, tourists. Lots of tourists at 46th and Broadway. A location the Leftists love. They hang here often, spewing  their anti-Israel and anti- American messages. Great to see a different, more positive message reach out to the tourists for a change.

Vendors, halal carts, buskers dressed as cartoon characters filled the sidewalks as these young defenders of Democracy stood quietly in front of the Evita sign. Too quietly.... Standing quietly in NY, just doesn't get you noticed.


If only they had a bit of the Leftist moxie. The passers-by needed to be engaged,  sharing specifics the banner didn't offer. A web-site, maybe. Or just thoughts on how someone could join their movement. on one....about democracy to those walking by and what it means to them....

Unfortunately, there was no way of knowing whether they were college Leftists, Union shills or MSA-CAIR front-groups pretending to support Western values.

The Leftists seem to have no problem when it comes to preaching their dogma. On November 21, a few NYC-Commies, led by 20-something Caleb Maupin, were protesting the remake of "Red Dawn". They confidently preached their garbage to the passersby.You knew why they were there (in support of the murderous NoKo Regime)

And very definitely knew who they represented (Workers World Party.)

I don't admire them. Just observing....The Left is very adept at enticing the gullible public with buzz-words that mask their real goals.

Hope the rally I saw today in support of REAL Democracy, will be able to find its voice. Not by trickery, just by the force of confidence. Their message on-line is a good beginning....

From their Face Book Page.

People of all religions, ethnicities & countries are called upon to join forces to Support Freedom & Democracy - Confront Evil

 We thank America for Supporting Freedom, Democracy and Self- Determination of many countries around the world. America will confront new challenges & evils in every generation - May it continue to be Land of the Free & Home of the Brave!
We recognize Tibets right to Freedom, Democracy and self determination. America should help Tibetans in their efforts. 
South Sudan:
We recognize South Sudans right to Freedom, Democracy & Self Determination and congratulate them on Independence
We recognize Israels quest for peace and right to defend themselves against Islamic extremism.

America & Canada:
We recognize and appreciate American & Canadian efforts to Promote Freedom & Democracy around the world.

Armenian People:
We recognize the Armenian Genocide and call on Governments and World parliaments to recognize past atrocities and support Armania's quest for Freedom & Democracy.

Kurdish People:
We support Kurdish peoples god given rights of Freedom, Democracy & Self- Determination

I hope they didn't leave discouraged. God-Speed to them as they learn how to fight for what is right!

Rally to Support Freedom & Democracy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Anti-Israel Protests & LIES vs PRO-Israel Rallies

November 15, 16 and 18th. This was a very busy week checking out  the protests against Israel and demanding that she not defend herself. There were also Support Israel rallies at the same time. Happening daily and culminating in with an Israel-Has-a Right-To-Defend herself Press Conference  that barely preceded the infamous 'cease-fire'.

First in the string of hostile-to-Israel protests was on Thursday, November 15th, where the usual propaganda and hatred for Israel and the Jews was chanted outside the Israeli Consulate. Lies AGAINST Israel that go unchallenged meant to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East.

"Come to protest Israeli crimes in Gaza as Israel continues to attack Gaza, killing innocent people and destroying infrastructure."

Of course, RT (Russian Today) was on hand to cover only the "fakestinian" lies. Found  Lamis Deek and the RT reporter. Lamis, and eventually the reporter, went ballistic when they saw me filming them (at a public protest); both were  nasty, abusive and VERY entitled.

Lamis, while continuing to talk to the R.T. reporter, used her nice bag to block my camera...

This is "Eddie", "Eddie Pages", another of Lamis' cohorts.  He's not just a 'fakestinian", he was also a facilitator with the OWS bunch.

"Eddie" loves to get in front of the camera and not move. His entitlement?  Denying First Amendment rights to anyone who opposes "fakestine". Oh Eddie...what big EYES you have.....

Other Leftist groups gathered each day. Groups like the Answer Coalition, World Can't Wait and   many Socialist Parties under many names...

Al-Awda, whose sole purpose is to  support TERRORISM ... 

Does the media actually believe these LIES? That with some odd faux "Justice" & "Peace" will come from Hamas?? 

Hostility towards American "Imperialism" as well as Zionism.

Lori Arbeiter brought her Jewish traitor-signs to grab the media attention...


The media loves their BDS signs...

They shamefully walked back and forth on the sidewalk...pushing for a boycott of Israel.... Causing as much confusion with the passers-by as do the Neteuri Karta.

Another reporter tried to interview them. Even though she was press, she did not support the protest, so she was told to move-along.

And a brave Pro-Israel sign-walker attempted to walk the same public sidewalk as the  leftists.....

Police told her she had to leave....

Slide show of the anti-Israel faction on the 15th. 

Video of the anti-Israel tirades on 15th. On camera, the RT reporter chases after me and offers a 'challenge to "Pam" Geller:

That same night, the 15th, there was an enthusiastic Pro-Israel rally gathered at the corner 42nd and 2nd Ave.

Slideshow of the Pro-Israel Rally on the 15th:

The SUPPORT for Israel Rally should have appealed to the media, in the interest of a 'fair and balance' story ...should have...

But, the media showed more interest in the Lies-of-Hamas.

They just can't handle the truth... it was there...across the street at the  Pro-Israel Rally (video)


NEXT evening, on FRIDAY, November 16, 2012. I returned to the Israeli consulate. As Hamas continued to rain rockets on Israel and while Israel continued to defend herself, the 'fakestinians' and their Marxist-Leftist-Socialist friends (even the OWS loons joined them) spewing hatred for all things  ISRAELI.

The Israelis are the victims of Hamas, but you'd never know it. Sadly, the public is bombarded by  relentless hate-propaganda like chants of "Judaism Yes, Zionism No" and promises of a peace that Hamas will never honor.

The media continued to ignore those who support the only democracy in the Middle East: Israel. They much prefer the hate-propaganda. They too are products of our college Marxists and "Middle East" programs. They want the story they've been force-fed for years.

Anti-Israel Video on the 16th

The video  from the 16th includes my on-camera harassment because I am known to support Israel. "Dima of 'Fakestine' " and her Marxist 'chum', Bill Doar, told the police I couldn't film their PUBLIC protest because I didn't support Fakestine. I was not there as a protestor, I was reporting on the protest. But, what followed was a sad case of  the "weak-knees" syndrome from the NYC police. 

They bowed to the decrees of the Marxists. 

However, I refused to be banished from the public sidewalk, so a ridiculous rule was imposed on me...because ( in my heart) I oppose Hamas and Fakestine. I was told," As I film, I must keep walking. I cannot stop to take pictures ... Do not pass Go..." A one-sided rule that the frauds and commies don't have to abide by. They stopped all over the PUBLIC sidewalks while handing out propaganda and chatting-up unsuspecting passers-by.

As I dared to pause at one point, one of the Commie 'sidewalk police' hurried over to block my camera : Caleb Maupin .

Caleb, like "Eddie Pages", Lamis Deek and the RT reporter from the night before, finds it most amusing to block cameras. They enjoy denying First Amendment Rights to others. Workers Rights for All!  (we have our colleges to thank for these tools)

Next a short slideshow of both sides, the pro and anti events on the 16th.

One nice bright spot on this night, I saw CBS interviewing one of the supporters of Israel.

It was a small gathering at the corner of 42nd and 2nd ave because it was shabbos, but they did not lack in enthusiasm. No video of the Pro-Israel this evening... sorry...


Finally, November 18, 2012. There were two big gatherings, a rally and a protest in mid-town; from Duffy Square to 42nd St and 7th Avenue. It all started with the PRO-Israel Rally at Duffy Square.

Later they went  to 42nd st to counter the anti-Israel protest.

A wonderful turn-out in the heart of Manhattan.

PRO-Israel VIDEO-18th


At 2:30, I checked out the anti-Israel protest at 42nd St.  I also found our young patriots at 41st St and 7th Ave.

Today there many Leftists in the Times Square crowd who brought new signs. Signs that were pointed at Obama and Bloomberg...even the NY Slimes!

Not happy with the Big Zero, but you know they voted for him anyway (probably 3 or 4 times)

So, these fools and tools, they're thinking they have a future with Morsi, the Muslim Bro, A'jhad and company?

The usual Marxists, like Bill Doar and Andy Pollack, and the offensive Neteuri Karta were screaming for Death to Israel but there were moments where it seemed the public wasn't buying.

Familiars like Fascisti, Ann Shirazi joined the crowd. Ann loves to screech to the police that I'm a 'Zionist-NAZI'.  She's tiny and standing next to the very dated World Can't Wait "Drive Out the Bush Regime" Poster.

Noticed this woman passing out a "Democracy Now" flyer.

Met-up with "Donald" the Stalker when he stopped me in the middle of 42nd street . Donald laughingly told me they all know where I live.

"What's your point, " I asked. "Are you threatening me?", which "Donald" denied, then he laughingly repeated his veiled threat.

Middle East propagandists like "Dima of Fakestine". Caught Dima in her best Lamis Deek tough-broad-pose. No coffee, but she does have  her "Lamis Deek cigarette" at hand...

They are LOUD. Very LOUD. Marxist, Bill Doar, spoke forcefully every time they needed to energize the "workers".

Same speakers. Same speeches. Same Propaganda. All practiced at the art of crowd-incitement as they shout their vile lies at the tourists passing-by.

The Israel Supporters had plenty of lung-power, too.

Had some fun watching our side give it right back to the "fakestinians".

Guess the police got tired of all the shouting cause in the blink-of-an-eye....every one was shoved wa-a-a-y back from each other...

It must be difficult for our young patriots to deal with the constant pressure and harassment in our colleges, demanding that they must accept these lies as fact.

I admire these kids and their parents who have nurtured their courage to hold-fast to what is right and good when assaulted daily by the mind-police.

Video of those who Support Hamas in two parts....

Part 1

Part 2

On this day, the 18th of November, the Neteuri Karta ripped and burned the Israeli flag during a particularly long , offensive and relentless rant.

I filmed a young man's arrest that, I'm guessing, may have been connected to the N.K. tirade.....or ... was he goaded into over-reacting by Andy Pollack...

Andy and his chum Bill Doar, two dedicated Marxists who are practiced at manipulating crowd behavior at these rallies. They lo-o-o-ve to get inexperienced supporters of freedom and democracy to get in trouble with the police by over-reacting to their Alinskyite tactics.
It seemed to work against this poor fellow.

Slide-Show of the anti-Israel crowd on the 18th. Insurgents using their propaganda to discredit Israel AND the United States.

Slideshow of pro-Israel crowd -18th


In conclusion:  By Tuesday, the 20th of November, the very Leftist NY City Council and other Democrat politicians were actually speaking out in support of Israel. LOTS of press was on-hand, but predictably the story never "got legs".

The focus remained on 'fakestine' and their claims of victim-hood which was followed by another  coerced 'cease-fire'. A 'cease-fire' that HRC and BHO were all-to-keen on using to promote themselves as "great mediators". ( link to press Conference)

A faux peace by faux-kestinians, that was all the press wanted to hear.

FACT: The rockets continued to rain on Israel. But, if you are a member of the MSM, the directive must have 'gone-out', "Do NOT talk about rockets or bombs falling on Israel."  It'll spoil the illusion of "Peace'.

Hard Times for those who love Freedom.

If only the media cared to report the Truth...If only....