Tuesday, March 30, 2021

St Paddy's Day 2021 March and "Trump 2024" Flag Drop

 March 17, 2021 - NYC City Hall- 2 pm-Chambers and Bdway
Pro-Trump supporters gathered for a MAGA "St Patrick's Day Parade" - aka St Paddy's Day

Fun for all, until an unexplained "fist-fight" broke out.


Things calmed down quickly

And the massive flag was unfurled in the middle of Broadway.

The "Trump 2024" patriots  marched down Broadway to Bowling Green where they stopped in front of the American Indian Museum.

During the marchers were followed by a few harmless hecklers.

This green condom-adorned creature was annoyingly hard to shake.

And one pushy heckler managed to block the flag - briefly. Once again, all was handled, quickly and peacefully.


There were so many police, nothing became unmanageable.

Part 1 video

Part 2 video

Part 3 video

Part 4 video - The pushy heckler blocked the flag march - briefly.

Part 5 video - Final Destination- Bowling Green and the American Indian Museum.

Flickr Slide Show



 Flashback 2020: The only St Paddy's Day Parade in NYC this year 2021- to honor the 45th and 47th President went much smoother this time. October 2020 was intense.

Freedom News TV

Lastly, as we came to the end of the island, some fun lower Manhattan history.

Exchange Alley (Caught my eye because it's an unusual covered street/alley)

 .At a width of just 25 feet total, Exchange Alley is the thinnest street in Manhattan that is open to vehicular traffic. It runs one block between Broadway and Trinity Place (above), and appears as a thin crack between #61 Broadway, the former Adams Exchange Building (constructed from 1912-1914, left) and One Exchange Plaza, a brick and glass tower built from 1982-1984. Trinity Place was one of the first streets laid out in Lower Manhattan beyond the city wall and was originally called Lumber Street until it was renamed in 1846.Both Exchange Alley and its eastern continuation, the rather wider Exchange Place, go back all the way to the Dutch era. Most of it was called Tuyn Street and its later English translation, Garden Street, but Exchange Alley, during the era of British occupation, had a somewhat more colorful name: Oyster Pasty Alley.

The American Indian Museum, sits at the south end of Bowling Green/Evacuation Day Park.

Evacuation Day Park 1783 (Bowling Green) sits just south of the Wall Street Bull (aka Charging Bull, Bowling Green Bull)

Throughout the course of New York’s nearly 400-year history, Bowling Green has seen its fair share of historic events. As the city’s oldest public park, it’s been repurposed several times over the years, serving not only as council grounds for Native American tribes, but also as a parade field, a cattle market and an actual bowling green for lawn bowling.

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Monday, March 29, 2021

“Trump 2024 Save America” Flag Drop Welcomed President Trump NYC

 March 8, 2021 - NYC - Fifth Avenue Flag Drop. Noon. Maga Patriots welcomed President Trump with a YUGE Flag Drop, to thank him and encourage him to run in 2024. TRUMP 2024!

Flickr Slide Show -


Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr · On "President Trump saw these Patriots fly a huge TRUMP flag across 5th Avenue in NYC yesterday. Watch!"

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Pass the ERA NOW: Women of the Revolution Lead the Way in Washington Sq

 March 7, 2021. Rise and Resist hosted a protest in support of the ERA, claiming women and trans have NO equality protection. "It's way past time to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

Next day, Monday, March 8th,  was International Women's Day.

March is Women's History Month. (but, only certain women need apply)

The revolutionists claim women are not protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Video Part 1.  2nd speaker is Cathy Marino-Thomas of Equality NY.

TS Candii, Founder of Black Trans Nation and Black Trans Nation NY

Part 2 video - Donna Lieberman  of the NYCLU Executive Director  is the speaker.

See Flickr Slide show


.From the Facebook Event page:

"Join Rise and Resist as we march to recognize International Women's Day, honor women leaders, and demand the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.) FINALLY be added to the U.S. Constitution.

- Donna Lieberman, NYCLU Executive Director
- TS Candii, Founder of Black Trans Nation and Black Trans Nation NY
- Pamela Sneed, Poet and Activist
- Fogo Azul NY, All-women Brazilian Samba Reggae Drum Line

In solidarity with this year's theme for International Women's Day, we celebrate women's leadership. Women were on the front lines in the pandemic and we suffered the greatest losses, especially job losses.

The Equal Rights Amendment, first introduced in 1923, has been ratified by the necessary 38 states and should come up in the Senate during the Biden Administration. The ERA would help guarantee our rights to equal pay, equal access to work, reproductive freedom, child care, health care, LGBTQ rights, freedom from sexual violence, and more.

The amendment says, simply, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

That’s it. And though other laws, both state and federal, do forbid discrimination, women’s rights are constantly chipped away by courts and legislators. Without a Constitutional ERA, a judge may—and many do—interpret federal or state law through their own values and biases around gender and sexuality. It's time to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.''


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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Trump 2024 ”Save America” Flag Drop March – 5th Ave to Times Sq



 Flickr Slide show: NYC March 5, 2021 Trump Tower Fifth Ave before the march to Times Sq.


BLM graffiti is still on Fifth - the mayor has cleaned it up - again.

There were LOTS of police this time, on bikes and walking.

As the flag was unfurled, a colorful protestor climbed under the flag - but not for long ...

                                                                                     She was forced out.

Video Part 1 Preparing the flag drop so they could march to Times Sq. There were LOTS of police this time.

Infiltrators were so obvious

Part 2 Video Trump Tower Fifth Avenue as the unfurl the flag and begin the march to Times Sq.


.Part 3 Video -LOTS of police surrounding the flags once they arrived at Times Sq. The antifa types vandalized the flag and scuffled with the patriots. The police arrested at least two of the antifa/blm types.

The vandal. postal employee who sliced the flag

Rumble Video has  great over-head shots of whole march and times sq


''So after Trumpin' with 2024 Swag for last month; I'd like to report that Libs/Dems are even MORE angry now that Trump's gone. They are just terrible, nasty, hateful, rude & miserable people. Always have been always will be'' #Trump2024 #SaveAmerica [Dion Cini@dioncini]

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Mayor deBlasio's Folly: Shutdown Wollman Rink in Central Park

 Feb. 21, 2021.  Central Park. The closing of Wollman Rink by Mayor deBlasio  was scheduled this day, included terminating all four Trump Organization contracts: the Central Park Carousel, Wollman and Lasker skating rinks and the Ferry Point Golf Course. He could have let them stay open thru the end of the season. The park, the rink are full.  But, de Blasio's Trump Deranged Syndrome (TDS) knows no bounds.

Meanwhile, patriot Dion Cini set out to fly his Trump 2024 banner around the rink before its closure. However, I couldn't find the rink. I always get lost in the park, even with google and a compass. Thankful that scootercaster caught Dion in action - as well as the assault on him by rink employees.

Video by Daniel Valls for FNTV freedomnews.tv @ScooterCasterNY
I arrived after the action, but still enjoyed the packed rink.  Frustrating though. How can de Blasio be allowed to take down the rink?

After enjoying the skaters, I came upon a ballet class using the Wollman fence for barre. Fun.

As I left the park, I saw more happy kids (large and small) ...

and  ... happy squirrels .... all playing in the snow in the park.

 Flickr Slide show


Then: Good News. 'DeBozo' caved! The rink will now stay open through the end of the season. Interesting facts in this Eyewitness News archive video re the rink's origins under Trump. It was a major gift to the city.  But instead of thanks, our President is to be PUNISHED by de Blasio for a job well done.

The mayor will still end the Trump Organization's four management contracts with a "FU Trump".

 No good dead goes unpunished.
And the People be Damned.

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Live From New York: Yad Yamin co-hosts NBC Protest


Feb 27, 2021 Outside 30 Rock/NBC.  Yad Yamin and others joined with Dov Hikind to denounce the shamefully blatant anti-Semitism coming out of NBC.

The world is on lock down thanks to the "plandemic". Sadly, as tyranny takes wing, is this part of our "New Normal": open season on Jew Hatred at NBC.

Protestors like Yad Yamin and others, along with Dov Hikind, were there to denounce NBC; to challenge this egregious anti-Semitism .  (See Flickr Slide Show)


 Video 1 : Dov Hikind speaks to the press


Video 2 : The protestors gathered to make an impression on NBC (we hope).

The message conveyed to the media was a success. However, anti-Semitism has a low priority for the media-honchos so they drag their feet on the reportage.

"Never Again" is a powerful message so hopefully these racists can be 'woke' one protest at a time. March on. March on.

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