Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump Tower NYC Inauguration Day Protest / 5th ave Sit-in

This was Inauguration Day. January 20, 2017. Noon. A Red Flag Day for all insurgents. Chanting "NO NO NO Fascist America" . Assaulting the eyes and ears of who innocently passed by.

Videos 1 - " We Refuse a Fascist America"

Now, 10 days into Trump's Presidency (Jan. 30, 2017) the insanity of the soc/commie/prog/facisti has exploded (as planned) No matter what Trump was going to do (or not do) the rabid Soros Machine was bursting to be 'set free' to create chaos in the streets So, after Michael Moore announced that the next 100 days were to be about RESISTING ALL things Trump, the next day came as no surprise.

The sit-in and the arrest - Video 2 

And my Flickr Slide show  of the Inauguration Day Protest & Arrests

Today, Jan. 30, 2017, they who pull the strings of compliant AMERICAN fools, Domestic and Foreign insurgents, have declared openly: They are at war with America! We can no longer be silent.

++ pictures and videos are property of Pamela Hall++

FYI: Links below to media reports of the "civil disobedience"that  identify those arrested:


Outside Trump Tower, politicians were joined by clergy and immigration rights advocates at a demonstration that coincided with the inauguration of Republican President Donald Trump. , was among those arrested. 

Democratic New York City Councilman, (45th District-Bklyn)  Jumaane Williams and his mother tearfully embraced as he, Kirsten John Foy, of the National Action Network, and State Sen. Marisol Alcantara sat on the crosswalk while surrounded by other city council members and activists. Cops also arrested 36-year-old Councilman Carlos Menchaca (D-Brooklyn) and 42-year-old Margalit Ewart.


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Michael Moore's "Declaration of War" Against America - NYC

January 19, 2017 "We Stand United Rally - NYC "  Columbus Circle [6-8 pm]

They gathered to "Protect Shared Values" on the Night Before Trump's Inauguration," to "send a message to President-elect Trump and Congress that New York City will protect the rights of residents and will continue to make real progress on important issues such as health-care, climate change, social justice and immigrant rights."

G-d save us all from the chaos of these malcontents, insurgents and misguided 'do-gooders'

Playlist of 4 short videos: includes Rosie Perez, Mayor de Blasio and a DeNiro (excerpt)

62nd street and Central Park West. 5:30 pm. As I entered the enclosure for the protest/rally. the Michael Moore (Soros funded) insurgency was going hot and strong.

This first block was nearly half-packed already with people pressing towards the stage making access for any press nearly impossible. (the stage was a block north of the Trump InterNational Hotel starting at 61st st)

The Upper West Side. Important not just because of Trump real estate. This is the breeding ground for brain-dead libtards. Like the Eloi, heads craned passively towards the jumbo-tron...they did not disappoint.

Coming in programmed droves to "Stand in Solidarity" with people-fighting to "advance" the causes of "racial, social, environmental and economic 'justice' ". (arggh)

Much more to see in the Flickr slideshow:

Having found new purpose as they, the white,educated elitists,proclaimed Trump to be an illegitimate POTUS  ... just because THEY said so.

Their Fascist mantra, "Not my President" pierced the night air. And the press was giddy with 'enlightenment'.

They may not have been close to the stage, but they had plenty of soc/commie/prog/fascisti to interview. And they DID. (Note Debbie Almontaser in the gray hooded coat- She of Intifada NYC infamy)
Almontaser waiting along with her fellow "Faith Leaders" to be interviewed ....

Threatening to "Take Back THEIR Socialist America", Moore announced there will be co-ordinated nation-wide assaults;  a hellish rage of protests, riots and see-you-in-court actions" planned by these domestic terrorists to hobble Trump's first 100 days in office. (This is 'love'?)

Flashback November 2008 - One of these things is NOT like the other.
Obama and his 8 years of insurgency. Mass Unhappiness. It, too, was there. Not all rejoiced. A malaise ran deep. BUT, there were no riots-in-the-streets. No Republican insurgency threatening to 'Take Down Amerikkka'. Instead - We Came Together -  peacefully- at the ballot-box.  WE TOOK BACK the real America. Legally.

AND now, as expected, the Leftards are RIOTING. In the streets. Again. Insurgents. Deconstructing America, brick by brick. Yearning for a government the Comintern might recognize .... and love ...

An addendum: My friends - patriots all- some were for Trump, some merely accepted his presidency - but ALL came out to support him, to support America  that night. The patriots expressed a deep concern, having experienced first-hand a swelling of hatred most disturbing towards their quiet display of patriotism.
Predictable, since I noted the usual soc/commie/prog/facisti through out the crowd. Despite Michael Moore's proclamation of fealty this was was a passionate gathering worthy of a Fascist Bund , NOT a pro-America assembly.

What I took away was disgust. 7pm. What more was there to see and hear.

Surrounded by hatred. Smug anger. Bizarre glassy-eyed insurgent- joy. The fools, too easily fed and lead by the media, know nothing -  pawns of the Soros puppeteers ( the TOOLS) It's going to a bumpy ride.

++ Pictures and video property of Pamela Hall++

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Women's (Hate) March Against America - NYC

The over hyped 'take back' America insurgency - planned by an American Sunni Muslim, Linda Sarsour
A woman beloved by the Left (so I thought).

Sarsour has been grooming  herself for public office, perhaps the next Brooklyn Borough President; no small accomplishment for a woman, especially a Muslim woman in hijab.

But, even with this calculated stealth-move, aligning herself with the Soros Women's Hate March, she may have reached too far, too hard and too fast. [see link - HT- Pamela Geller]

This is what they represent. "Bi*ches UNITED"

Some acting so cute- others screaming like little girls- but their signs tell the real story behind the lies.

An anti-America, anti- (straight) male mindset behind this gross manipulation of media and a gullible populace. It congratulated itself with one pithy sign after another

And the necessary  photo shop  - fun fun fun - wonder if Putin has grown to  ever regret that photo op:

[SEE video playlist - 5 short videos]

Saturday morning. January 20. 10 am. heading cross town on a bus that was chatteringly alive with females (and a couple of men in pink 'pussy' hats).

Can  NO get how disgusting their argument has become?

A few  of the Lefty-hating "Grannies for Peace  Brigade "boarded the bus proclaiming. Laughing. Proud.  "We DID IT. the UN-united States of America. We're here."

Destroying America one protest at a time ... starting with....Trump's horcruxes FYI a Horcrux :  an object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality." YEAH That's the ticket!

Hey! Cell phones. Are they a HORCRUX?  I can hear her now, "Mirror Mirror on the wall .... "

Once at 47th and 2nd avenue, this woman - who was going unnoticed in the crowd revealed that not ALL were happy with the event planning

Well someone made sure there was at least one group that was NOT neglected see sign on orange pole, " Women's March PSYCH & Medical Resources"

I stayed around for hours, my eyes sickened by this foolish display of unrelenting hatred for America. And self hate

Really - is this LOVE?

I left thinking, "Please, don't let our daughters grow up to be feminazis!

There is so much more in each slide show . Part 1 slideshow is at 47th and 2nd ave

At the end (for me) 2:30.  Had enough of smug joy. Females. Young. Old.White. Black. Educated. The children. The collegiate elites. The faith leaders.

Men - gay and straight. "PINK-clad & glad" to be .... pussys...

Sad. All of it.

Part 2 slide show as I headed for Trump Tower and also a look at the 55th st destination

The Soc -Commie-Facist-Progs  Soros' Puppets. Deconstructing America in what was clearly a hate-on - no way was this a love-fest.

They claim to protest the 45th President of the United States- as he is sworn in. They protest a peaceful transference of power. They protest what has made a AMERICA GREAT.

The future is in their hands? G-d save us all.

 ++ all pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall++


Thursday, January 19, 2017

MLK Day protest demands RED BILL de Blasio Step down

January 16, 2017. 3:30 pm Outside NY City Hall . A Protest/Rally was led by a Coalition to Protect Chinatown and LES (the Lower East Side) on Martin Luther King Federal Holiday as they demanded racist Mayor Bill de Blasio STEP DOWN.

Seems the Commies at "Citywide Alliance Against Displacement" no longer like their Commie Mayor (go figure)

For the truth about Comrade deBlasio -  ignored by the media - see America's Survival Inc pre election expose- HERE

The Citywide Alliance Against Displacement demanded Mayor RED BILL step down because he was guilty ( the say) of promoting racist rezoning plans that targeted communities of color.

PEOPLE FIRST! was their Battle Cry from in front of the "People's House" aka NY City Hall


This was the list of speakers...not sure they all actually spoke.... A few highlights are on the video playlist:

Many of the speakers (faithful followers of the Communist Party Line) said they came to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.‘s legacy of fighting against racial and economic injustice (sure. they. were)

The Alliance
said it chose MLK Jr day  to "reclaim it- this day" from politicians like Mayor RED BILL ....

They claim de Blasio (somehow) uses this holiday to cover up his racist policies  (no examples were given of HOW he does this).

Link to Press Release

The Citywide Alliance Against Displacement presented their list of  demands:
1. End racism in city planning. Pass community-based “People First” plans like the Chinatown Working Group rezoning plan.
2. End public funding for luxury development, such as 421-a. Instead, use public resources to preserve and build more permanent low-income housing.
3. Stop privatization of public land and assets.
4. Mayor DeBlasio and those in City Council who also collude with developers to step down.

BUT .... where was Red Bill? They said heawas at a church - St Marys Episcopal - in Brooklyn.  The protestors claimed that de Blasio was also using this Federal Holiday to urge New Yorkers to join him at a Midtown rally on Thursday January 19th (promoted by
De Blasio took to Twitter to urge New Yorkers who have concern's about Trump's stances on immigration, climate change, healthcare and policing to come to the rally.This is a big celebrity event planned for Thursday at 6 pm (Columbus Circle- Trump Tower)

Whatever. The rally was really about housing. and rezoning.

Link to re zoning brochure info

They claimed that de Blasio  helped perpetuated New York City's legacy of racism and displacement by encouraging luxury developments in communities of color. A real de Blasio hate-fest.

In Harlem, Williamsburg, Lower East Side and Chinatown, they said, communities are destroyed, tenants face evictions, small businesses closed and jobs  lost due to high-rent and real estate tax increases in these neighborhoods.

 Despite overwhelming community opposition to his plan (over 90% of community boards throughout the city rejected Mayor DeBlasio’s citywide rezoning policies) they said that de Blasio refuses to pass community-led rezoning plans like the Chinatown Working Group rezoning plan that would protect all of Chinatown and Lower East Side,

Link to Harlem zoning release

The Citywide Alliance Against Displacement feels the MLK Jr's legacy of Civil Rights should be one of ordinary people standing against injustice and racism and the investigations of de Blasio's administration has apparently revealed a preference for developers who would displace The People.
Links to groups that were participants in the rally:

MLK Day City Hall Protest 2016
South Bronx Community Congress

AND - last but not least- their helpful HINT to head for DC on the 20th:

++ pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall++