Monday, August 30, 2010

The Best of : Sharif “I am a resource” el-Gamal (video)

Some clips from recent appearances of Sharif el-Gamal, the intended owner of the Ground Zero mosque (once someone in Saudi Arabia coughs up the rest of the money)

El-Gamal is also the newly revealed waiter cum real estate mogul and also a thug who punches out tenants who don't pay their rent; but doesn't bother to pay his taxes on the Ground Zero Mosque . Why bother !

After all, as he so coyly revealed at a CB #1 meeting , "I am a resource"....
Whatta guy.


Read more about el-Gamal's good friend, Imam Rauf- Slumlord, --->here

Feisal rauf qatar

And Atlas Shrugs has more on "I don't pay taxes" el-Gamal --->here

Thanks to Ravi in the comments section for the next tid-bit, The billion dollar face behind NY mosque (and , of course, are any of us SURPRISED?)

Saudi Arabia's Al-Waleed bin Talal is back in the spotlight for allegedly being one of the financers of the mosque near 9/11 Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan.

One of the richest men in the world, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has recently been named as being one of the financers behind the planned Islamic center in downtown Manhattan by Fox News -- which is owned by a company in which, ironically, he is also a major stakeholder, reports Foreign Policy magazine.

It is believed that bin Talal has pumped more than $300,000 into the project headed by New York imam Feisal Abdul Rauf as part of the prince's campaign to 'improve the image of Islam among the American public.'

It is to be noted that in October 2001, following the World Trade Center attacks, New York mayor Rudy Giuliani turned down a $10 million donation from Al-Waleed for disaster relief after the prince suggested the United States 'must address some of the issues that led to such a criminal attack,' and 're-examine its policies in the Middle East.'

However, Giuliani interpreted his statements as drawing 'a moral equivalency between liberal democracies like the United States, like Israel, and terrorist states and those who condone terrorism.'

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leftiest Press Conference in support of Ground Zero Mosque (8-25-10)

WHAT: Press Conference to Announce New Coalition Supporting Religious Freedom called "New York Neighbors for American Values"
DSCN1543 copyright

WHERE: NYC Municipal Building (One Centre Street)
DSCN1531 copyright

WHEN: August 25, 2010 at 11 AM
It was a NEW 'coalition' of every Leftist, Progressive, Soc/commie/Dem who work together constantly to subvert America. So what's with the NEW name? Old friends who are "New York Neighbors for American Values". They claim that they embrace the American constitutional values of religious freedom, diversity and equality. (as in SHARIA?) And that they ".... stand together today to reject the crude stereotypes meant to frighten and divide us."
A predictable press conference where (surprise-surprise) they came out in support of Imam Rauf and (in his own words).... his "ICONIC Ground Zero Mosque".
The sycophant press came out in droves to this last-minute press conference. It was a scramble for everyone to get there but they did and their eagerness for "the story" was palpable.

DSCN1540 copyright

After all, this coalition would deliver what was considered a most important message about 'what has happened in America". And I don't mean the attack on 9-11. NOPE. It's that terrorists and Islam, there is no connection, one to the other. In truth, they never met a terrorist who wasn't a victim of America . That's right, put the blame on the Right-Wing, Hate-Mongers , and they did just that.
The Press Conference Video:

Looking around at the crowd of supporters, there were many familiar faces. Some well-known (as in Debbie Almontaser of NYC Intifada fame)

And others such as Bill Doar (Doares) a professional commie agitator

DSCN1584 copyright

He can be seen assaulting me and a NY Post photographer while the NYC Muslim police just watch. ( watch video here)

This is Bill Doares' "resume"

Workers World Party (also writes for the paper),
NYC Labor Against War (NYCLAW)
Al-Awda NY
International Action Center
If we are known by the company we keep then the Imam has some seriously flawed and highly suspicious characters on his team.

Slide show of pics:

WHEN will our dear Mayor Bloomberg start to ask the hard questions of the Cordoba Initiative. The lack of transparency, the obfuscation , the cover-up goes all the way to the White House, but you'd never know any of that from the fawning press and our Dhimmi Mayor.
BTW, when Faiza Ali , of NY-CAIR,

DSCN1550 copyright

sweetly made a passing reference to a taxi driver knifed because he was Muslim, she did NOT mention that he was employed by "Intersections" and the Rev Chase who is seen towering in the background.

DSCN1565 copyright

Nope. Not necessary. All she did was drop " Right wing, Islamophobia ". Forget the facts, that the attacker was one of their own! [NY Daily News: In an odd twist, (Michael) Enright was a volunteer for Intersections International, a Manhattan-based group that promotes peace among different religions. A spokesman confirmed he was filming for the group, which recently threw its support behind the controversial Park 51 mosque project near Ground Zero.] Nope. that unfortunate NOT necessary to their meme-of-the-day.
Intersections and the Rev Robert Chase were covered as part of a screening for "What A Billion Muslims Think".
A quote from Susan Lerner of Common Cause, one of the organizers of this "NEW" coalition: of
" I am sure many of you are as angry as I am at the furor going on around the Cordoba House, the Islamic cultural and community center proposed for lower Manhattan. Well, under the leadership of Common Cause, many civic, progressive, labor, community and religious groups are getting together to take a stand." Their mantra, *Fighting for Social, Racial, Economic and Environmental Justice***
DSCN1576 copyright

And their Press Release, PUBLISHED TUESDAY, AUG. 24, 2010
NEW YORK, Aug. 24 -- September Eleventh Families, Religious Leaders, Civic Groups, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Groups Announce Coalition to Support Religious Freedom - New York Neighbors for American Values Speaks Out in Support of Park51
NEW YORK, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On Wednesday, August 25, more than 40 prominent organizations, civic groups, leaders and religious and interfaith groups will join together to announce the creation of a coalition in support of religious freedom and diversity and to rebuff the increasingly strident opposition to a proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero.
New York Neighbors for American Values embraces the American constitutional values of religious freedom, diversity and equality. We stand together today to reject the crude stereotypes meant to frighten and divide us.
WHAT: Press Conference to Announce New Coalition Supporting Religious Freedom
WHERE: Municipal Building (One Centre Street)
* Faiza Ali, Council on American-Islamic Relations-NY, 212.870.2002, (C) 718.724.3041
* Deanna Bitetti, Common Cause/NY, (C) 917.751.2342
* Jennifer Carnig, New York Civil Liberties Union, 212.607.3363, (C) 845.553.0349
* Shonna Carter, Riptide, 212.260.5000, (C) 917.453.8286
* September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
* Faiza Ali, Community Affairs Director Council on American-Islamic Relations –NY
* Ro Scheffe, Community Board 1 (DID NOT SPEAK)
* Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, President, New Sanctuary Movement and the Judson Memorial Church
* Donna Lieberman, Executive Director, New York Civil Liberties Union
* Susan Lerner, Executive Director, Common Cause/NY
DSCN1528 copyright

Speakers added : Imam Ayub Abdul Baki of the Islamic Cultural Center of NY and Rabbi Arthur Waskow of the Shalom Center, Donna Marsh O'Connor from 9-11 Families For Peaceful Tomorrow
DSCN1546 copyright

The representatives of over 40 groups expressed support for allowing a Muslim cultural center to be built near ground zero during a news conference in Lower Manhattan August 25, 2010 to introduce 'religious freedom' coalition, The Coalition of NY Neighbors for American Values.Groups to Announce Coalition in Support of Park51, Religious Freedom
DSCN1545 copyright

WHO: The Coalition of NY Neighbors for American Values: Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), Auburn Theological Seminary, Brooklyn for Peace, Citizen Action of New York, Common Cause/New York, Community Voices Heard, Convergence of Cultures/NY, Council on American-Islamic Relations-NY, Demos, Downtown Independent Democrats, Good Jobs New York, Greater NYC for Change, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition, Interfaith Center of New York, Islamic Mission of America inc., Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ), Judson Memorial Church, Lower Manhattan Democrats (LMD), Manhattan Young Democrats, Middle East Crisis Response (MECR), Muslim Consultative Network, Muslim Public Affairs Council -NYC
New York Civil Liberties Union, New York Theological Seminary, New York City New Sanctuary Movement, Pax Christi Metro New York, The Dialogue Project, The New York City Chapter of Humanist Party, The Shalom Center, Woodstock International and Talat Hamdani
Mother of Mohammad Salman Hamdani NYPD Cadet, EMT<>
*Organization listed for identification purposes only
SOURCE Council on American-Islamic Relations

End of Press Conference, as I turned to enter the subway:
DSCN1594 copyright
and then as I was exiting the subway. ..It may difficult to tell, lacking EYES, but she was walking TOWARDS me....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bloomberg bends over for Islam at Iftar Dinner (2010) in Gracie Mansion

Mayor Bloomberg hosted his annual Iftar dinner at Gracie mansion this evening, August 24, 2010 at 8 PM.

And his speech to those in attendance (and to the suckered press) continues to shows how little respect he has for the articulate and NON-RACIST protests of his constituents. No matter how they arguments are parsed, in Bloomberg-Town, if you don't march to his drummer, you are UN-American. Period.

Bloombergs opening remarks, " We call this ‘The People’s House’ because it belongs to all 8.4 million New Yorkers who call this city home. People of every race and religion, every background and belief. We celebrate that diversity here in this house with gatherings like this.

And for me, whether it’s marking St. Patrick’s Day or Harlem Week or any other occasion, these gatherings are always a powerful reminder of what makes our city so strong and our country so great.

America is a nation of immigrants, and no place opens its doors more widely to the world than New York City. America is the land of opportunity, and no place offers its residents more opportunity to pursue their dreams than New York City. America is beacon of freedom, and no place defends those freedoms more fervently, or has been attacked for those freedoms more ferociously, than New York City." His entire speech, if you can stomach it, is posted here>>. Otherwise, just jump to this next bon mot.

Bloomberg continued to exhibit how solidly he has been bought when he said , "Islam did not attack the World Trade Center — Al-Qaeda did. To implicate all of Islam for the actions of a few who twisted a great religion is unfair and un-American. Today we are not at war with Islam — we are at war with Al-Qaeda and other extremists who hate freedom."

The press seemed to have left Bloomberg's 'emotional' speech as teary-eyed as Daisy "I was almost in tears" Kahn

and Sharif "He touches my heart" El-Gamal.

(The Imam is still out of the country fund-raising for the mosque on OUR TAX DOLLAR. So no weepy thank yous from him this evening) NY 1 has short video here

OUT side the dinner, the press actually decided to do some interviews with the protestors.

DSCN1439 copyright

DSCN1512 copyright

The impromptu protest was small because the information about the Iftar dinner was sent out with only about 90minutes notice, but the press did take the time to approach them with a few questions, even though they can't bear to alter their pre-ordained observations.

They remained stuck-on-stupid with , " How far is far enough to build this mosque/community center" and "Why are you blaming all Muslims for 9-11."

DSCN1500 copyright

A slide show of the protest and the press :

With Bloomberg so firmly in the pocket of the Saudis (for surely that will be exposed )we can expect more of this insanity from our Mayor until we VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE.

DSCN1494 copyright

Otherwise, Bloomberg is going to get us all murdered...

DSCN1502 copyright

JOIN US when we do a shout-out to Mayor Bloomberg and company. 9-11 at 3 PM

Ground zero bus

Sunday, August 22, 2010

NYC arrival of America's 9/11 Memorial Ride (8-21-10)

UPDATE Aug 23: added more pics (slide show) scroll down:.

VIDEO as the bikes exited the Holland Tunnel:

August 21, 2010. The Holland Tunnel, NYC. Americas 911 Foundation Memorial Ride. Bikers (700-800) rode from Shanksville, Pennsylvania to the Pentagon and the came roaring into NYC .

DSCN0846 copyright

In the morning they will form a memorial line on the north end of Ground Zero.

CIMG0069 copyright

The America's 9/11 Ride is about remembering the Heroes, Volunteers and Victims who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and since.

CIMG0074 copyright

It was an amazing and thrilling and deeply moving experience to welcome them as they exited the Holland Tunnel.

bikes 8-21-10 010 copyright

The bikes formed a caravan uptown (with police escort) to 54th Street and 7th Avenue.

bikes 8-21-10 013 copyright

bikes 8-21-10 003 copyright

bikes 8-21-10 005 copyright

And then they had a great 'block party' at 54th street.

DSCN0888 copyright

DSCN0896 copyright

More pictures will be posted of the bikes, particularly the police bikes which had the State ID on them. Lots of pics were taken of the 700-800 bikes parked at that location. That will be posted next.

DSCN0814 copyright

DSCN0833 copyright

Part 2 Slide show at Ground Zero:

Part 3 is different States ID when they were at 54th street

For more info on their ride, go to

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the NYC MTA had no problem with these ads. “So, what’s up, Bloomy?”

In July of 2008, this ad was found on the New York Subway (paid advertising)


Subway copyright


And the MTA ran these paid ads on NYC busses in June 2009


atheist bus copyright


Found these MTA bus ads the end of July 2010 on 42nd Street



And this was on the back of 104,, (July 31, 2010) heading up 8th Avenue:



So, Mayor Bloomberg, why have you refused to post this paid AD on the NY city busses:


Ground zero bus
And while we’re asking about bus-ads, has ANYBODY seen these ads on a NYC taxi-cab? Any one??
SIOA PAID for these ads, “Leave Islam Safely” that are supposed to be on the NYC taxis, FIFTY of them. So why aren’t they showing up anywhere in town??
NYC honor
Spent TWO hours in Times Square, Sunday , August 6, 2010… from 5-7 PM ( 42nd to 47th street)…looking for the leaving Islam ads. What we found was a plethora of anything BUT…. We certainly found no shortage of ads for those ‘naked dancing-girls’….
Will post a slid-show next as it t was an ‘educational two hours…
What we found were these blank ad cards on 7 taxis and wondered, “Why those ad cards blank?” Co-incidence? Maybe. OR…Maybe not. Is anyone else wondering.?
Even Bloomy pays for taxi-dds:
Perhaps in the “Land of Dhimmi-gogue Bloomberg and Company”, some people are more EQUAL than others.
You should be ashamed of yourself, Mayor Bloomberg!