Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remembering Gilad Shalit inTimes Square (and the death of a deeply troubled Rock Star)

Thursday, June 25, 2009- Times Square. 11 AM

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From Shalit’s Father: My Son Has only One Wish- His Freedom

Some 2,000 Israelis gathered in front of the Defense Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv on Thursday to mark three years to the day in which Israel Defense Forces Gilad Shalit fell into captivity in a cross-border raid by Gaza-based Palestinian gunmen.

The gathering’s keynote address was delivered by Shalit’s father, Noam. “We stand here today, in front of the prime minister’s office, the Defense Ministry, and the IDF General Staff, in front of those who three years ago, 1,095 days ago, sent Gilad on a mission from which he has not come back until this very day,” Noam Shalit said.

“We are standing here today to serve as a mouthpiece for Gilad, to scream his scream,” Shalit said. “He of course cannot scream from the pit in which he has been held for the last three years. It is doubtful whether he can see any sunlight, smile his sheepish and hesitant smile that was permanently etched on his face.”

“We came here this evening to express Gilad’s muted yearning, his only wish,” Noam Shalit said. “He asks just one thing from you, the inhabitants across the street – the decision-makers – his freedom.”

The father of Gilad Shalit urged fellow Israelis on Thursday to think of his son’s plight in Hamas captivity, three years after the soldier was snatched from an Israel Defense Forces post by Gaza militants.

“My request today, June 25, 2009, is for every person in the country, man and woman, young and old, to close their eyes for three minutes. Three minutes only, and to wait until these minutes are over, and in this time for everyone to try to think of what my son Gilad is going through,” Noam Shalit told Army Radio. (snip)

Supporters of the abducted soldier planned to hold a mass demonstration outside Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s office in Tel Aviv on Thursday. Shalit’s parents will declare at the rally the founding of an “army of Gilad Shalit’s friends,” which will lead all efforts aimed at pressing the government over the soldier’s case, Army Radio reported.

Shalit’s brother, for his part, made a new plea to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to mark the day.

“Mr. prime minister, I ask of you: Save my brother. Don’t abandon him to an unknown fate. Don’t wait until tomorrow, help Gilad today,” Yoel Shalit said on Army Radio.

“Every day in captivity is life-threatening. Gilad is still alive and it is your responsibility and duty to bring him home.”

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All day the Times Square screens scrolled dull headlines...

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People were hanging out in Bloomberg’s Lawnchair Follies

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(Making Times Square a mess)

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And the volunteers were great! All day they gathered signed postcards for Gilad’s Father (will post a card shortly) This event was going til 8 PM

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Then, around 5:30 PM (EST) Michael Jackson died…


Times Square became Easter Island


His death affected everything around the volunteers. Making an easy approach to passersby (asking them to sign a card for Gilad’s father) no longer so easy.


People were glued to the headlines and video overhead that scrolled the same thing over and over and OVER….




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Monday, June 29, 2009

Looking for Freedom in Battery Park

The Brigade went to Battery Park looking for a rally that was in Support of the brave Iranian people and not hosted by the Communist Party USA. Never found them, but found people from all of the world celebrating Lady Liberty and the land of the Free! This is part 1 of what will be two short videos. (It was a beautiful day in Manhattan!)

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Solidarity" with Iran Rallies sponsored by Amnesty International and other Leftists

The Brigade went to two commie-sponsored rallies on the 26th of June in Manhattan.

The first 'event' by the Worker Party-types at the Islamic Republic of Iran's Consulate was about 7 people from the Workers Party with no Iranians;
basically a non-event. (will post a few pictures later)

The Big Display was later at Columbus Circle.They do know how to put on a rally with lots and lots of green and candles and speakers and music.....

Part 1

However, the most prevalent aspect (besides their supposed support for "free" elections) was their out-reach via Revolution newspapers, very Leftist speakers and Commie-sponsored flyers from the Workers Party and Amnesty International. (will also post the flyers later)

Part 2

Mixed in with their support for "Free" elections, were plenty of slams at America and praise for the "Big Zero".The average person will not know what they've walked in to, we should all know a commie-sponsored event when we see one:In our desire to help the brave people of Iran, we must be careful with whom we are aligning ourselves: so be careful out there!!






The woman fully clothed in her head-to-toe burqua BUT with her
GREEN head band....amazing....












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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gathering of Eagles in Times Square on Fathers Day

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Gathering of Eagles show their Support for our Troops in the "new" 42nd St (aka Bloomberg's Folly) Beach Chairs in Times Square...too weird.

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But the Eagles: Awesome!

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Sunday in the Park with 'palis'...again...

On a lovely summer's day, families came to Central Park to celebrate Tel Aviv and Israel.

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A small turnout of 'palis' and Israel-haters yelled vile chants, joined by code-pinkos (Medea Benjamin)and other familiar brown-shirt faces who were passing out their usual "dis-information" to uninterested and offended passers-by.
(video in 2 parts)


Media Benjamin of Code Pink gives then a"thumbs up"!

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The Celebration of Tel Aviv with a Beach City in Central Park went from 11-AM to 6 PM. Great fun for the families and children with live music, frizbees and lots of sand!

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Basically, the usual suspects gathered to protest Israel. Unfortunately, we had to leave at about 1:45. At approximately 2:30 some of the VSBrigade appeared with banners and the police actually let them stand with the pro-Israel banners!

UPDATE from VS Brigade (DR)
:" ... in addition to the usual suspects described, a smaller band of Israel-bashers from Westborough Baptist Church (previously infamous for protesting US Military funerals) were observed near the West 72nd street entrance to the park, ranting about Tel Aviv being a city of gays and Israel being a country of gay-lovers. They were not there for very long and Red Squirrel missed them because of entering at 69th and 5th Ave."
Sorry we missed that, DR.
Am Yisrael Chai!