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Moms For Liberty: Exposé on Slander by NYC Pols and Left Media

From Moms For Liberty after the Town Hall on Jan. 18, 2024:We had an open conversation on the state of education in New York with NYC elected leaders and parents in the community. Plus a keynote speech from Billboard Chris.

photo Pamela Hall 2022

 Inside Bohemian Hall, "questions were answered, and voices from all viewpoints who wanted to engage in collaborative conversation were welcomed. We loved being in NYC!"

Unable to attend but that will not stop me from reporting on the event and the  anti-Moms propaganda parroted by the leftists, politicians and media.

 "Moms for Liberty is a hate group, plain and simple. And hate has no place in New York City." Tony Simone:Assembly member, 75th District

They used the hate group SPLC (the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center) as their authority on mislabeled hate groups."

The SPLC Is Massively Over counting 'Hate' Groups—and It's Not Just Moms for Liberty" ( Map Southern Poverty Law Center, 2022

."At this rate, the Southern Poverty Law Center's HATE MAP
might eventually describe everyone as an extremist."

"Southern Poverty Law Center’s Despicable Attack on Parental Rights Is a Sign of Leftist Panic"

"The Southern Poverty Law Center does one of the Left’s filthiest jobs: It smears political enemies as “hate groups,” putting these organizations’ staff at risk. It thus spreads hatred while mawkishly pretending to fight it. It foolishly believes its wall of sanctimony will obscure its ruthless tactics." [The Heritage Foundation]

NOTHING that was said inside by a very diverse panel was going to change the stories they had already written. What follows is a look at some of the slanted reporting as well as videos from left and right, leading off with the NY Daily News one-sided headline.

.In this video of Manhattan Borough President, Mark Levine , outside Bohemian Hall, he rants the predictable slander  (Freedom News TV)


.Other videos and articles, like this from the Daily Beast's Kate Briquelet Senior Reporter is an example of leftist journalism, all slant. No matter what she heard inside, the Moms for Liberty were racist BIGOTS.

"" (mobbed?). Noisy, but easily contained by the police.

"Protesters flocked to Manhattan on Thursday to oppose the right-wing extremist group, which hosted a “town hall” for “an honest conversation on the state of education” that featured anti-trans and school choice activists. (Among them were state and city lawmakers and Moms for Liberty opposition group Defense of Democracy.)

Jo Macellaro, a public school teacher in the Bronx, stood near the entrance with a sign reading, “I’m the trans teacher you’re so scared of.”(pronouns they/them)

.."they’ve" worked with trans students in elementary school and said, “It’s hard for me to imagine how hard it is for them,” especially when “most of the information from people like Moms for Liberty is false.

[photo Kate Briquelet/The Daily Beast]

Trans kids I know just want to be kids.
” (also) ...   protect kids .... students (need) access to books, therapy, medical care, and the ability to ask questions."

 Kate Briquelet continued with her negative report:

"But most of the airtime was spent listening to panelists stoke fears about the usual conservative bugbears: transgender care for minors and critical race theory. For about 15 minutes at the end, a handful of people in the crowd were able to ask questions, which resulted in anger and several fraught interactions. This, despite an event flyer claiming that “all viewpoints are welcome.”

My reaction: The full length video shows the only "fraught interactions" were caused by lefties who asked questions that were out right lies: ALL viewpoints were permitted doesn't mean everyone has to like it.

Panelists included “Billboard Chris,” a frequent Moms for Liberty collaborator who travels the continent railing against gender-affirming care for minors, and Nicholas Giordano, a community college professor and occasional Fox News contributor.

Other “parents rights” adherents included NYC community education council member Maud Maron, who called trans-identifying children “a social contagion” and Paul Rossi, a former private school teacher fired for challenging anti-racism lessons. He is now a consultant for affluent parents concerned about “woke” ideology, the New York Post reported.

Another participant, Wai Wah Chin of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York, was reportedly instrumental in ending affirmative action."

Briquelet ended with this bit of "drama" while omitting his name:

"After the town hall ended amid bickering and shouts and one man being escorted out .

("The One Man" ejected was Leftist troublemaker WALTER MATHESON - a Sascha Baron Cohen wanna-be)

[screen grab photos from AOK News]

A few days later he harassed people leaving  Henry Kissinger's memorial with a 'F**k Kissinger" sign.

.Sonni Mun (MD), a Manhattan parent told The Daily Beast, “It wasn’t a town hall. It was a disinformation campaign.”


[I'm familiar with Sonni-  a dedicated hard-core leftist. MY pictures of her include Sonni and her pro-abortion friend's UnF**k the world" t-shirt in 2023 and her cute "It's the f-ing guns" PINK t-shirt at an anti-gun rally in 2022.


Sonni's quote is an incorrect assessment of the Town Hall: “This is New York City and I didn’t expect it to be as insane as it was,” she added. “I was sort of shocked at the amount of hate and misinformation and that they basically talked about everything except curriculum and education.” (The full video at the end of this article verifies that curriculum and education was very prevalent in the discussions.) [both photos Pamela Hall 2022/23]

To be expected, Kate Briquelet, made these non-question plants VICTIMS of the Moms.

"Moms for Liberty advertised their NYC event as a "town hall" but so far no audience members have been able to ask questions & it's supposed to end in 10 minutes. Ahead of audience Qs, they showed us a clip from a COVID documentary." - [The 15 minute documentary teaser was 01:09]


"How they're responding to people's concerns. People are telling this woman to shut up but they wouldn't let her finish her Q." [This woman would not let the panelist respond. SHE was yelling over him---so the audience did tell her to be quiet, to let him talk.]


This man repeated the leftist lies that claim curriculum and education were not discussed, despite the FACT that they were discussed.


.Moms 4 Liberty posted a complete video of the Town Hall (2 hours)

.The leftists were planted around the room, knowing full well there would be vocal reactions to their snarky comments, so the left-media can accuse the so-called chaos of impeding an open town hall.

They ask who gave M4L the right to dictate how to educate their children without explaining "why it is okay for THEM to tell parents how to educate their children". It's one-sided. The left-media skips that part 'cause they know it's one-sided.

Government schools fill hours of so-called education with "how to protest white people and conservatives and Christians and now : Jews and Israel." Left-media does not admit they are the hypocrites.

Yes, the Three R's are important but they are seriously neglected by the LEFT, not the Mom's For Liberty crowd.  Children fail maths, can't write in cursive (or at all) and only know the rewritten history foisted on them by leftist teachers who idolize Marxists like Howard Zinn and promote the fake history of the 1619 Project. Without apology, they ban Thomas Sowell, the Bible, Conservatives, Republicans, the real history of Israel as well as historians like Paul Johnson.

Bastardized history that teaches  hatred, to reshape our country while creating a dystopian world ; this is our future,  the New World Order, the Great Reset if they are not stopped by groups like Moms For Liberty.

+ This clip is rife with falsehoods as Joy Reid of MSNBC rudely talks over Tiffany Justice. She begins with Tiffany Justice (at 1:05) (16 min clip- MSNBC)


Joy  could not let go of the misinformation re banning,  ignoring the books LEFTIST have banned (books with racist or what they label offensive language.)

"All Boys are Blue"/rape of minor child/strap-on dildo/incest- pedophilia- predators- Joy claims moms take it OUT OF CONTEXT.
Joy lobs the "expertise" question with a snarky quip that Tiffany is  NOT AN EXPERT and WHO gave Tiffany the right to 'ban' books'

Joy mentions library OPT OUT FORMS for students. For books like  Ruby Bridges. Tiffany says graphic sexual contact is at issue, but Joy won't let Tiffany talk; to explain.

Tiffany points out that Moms 4 Liberty have not BANNED books.

+ Found a conservative reading list that a leftist school removed from approved reading. []

Open picture in new tab to enlarge.

Outside the Town Hall was a table set by the People for the American Way with
BOOKS supposedly 'banned' by the Mom's and their ilk.
[photo by hatspeech]

+Check out this outrageous alternative to Moms 4 Liberty, a stomach turning website: Defense Of Democracy.

"In the spring of 2022, two moms in a small upstate New York town came together to fight back against three school board candidates endorsed by the hate group Moms for Liberty. "

We support educators who present historically and scientifically accurate information..."


.+Since book 'banning' is such a hot topic for the left-media and the leftist orgs, these excerpts from a few articles (with links at end) reveal more about the hypocritical Left's actual banning of BOOKS.

Liberals cannot open the door to censorship for reasons they consider good without also opening the door for reasons they consider not-so-good.

There were at least 2,532 book challenges from July 2021 to June 2022, affecting 1,648 book titles, according to a report by the "free expression protection group" PEN America. According to the American Library Association,... any book that is challenged is considered to be a "banned book."

.... liberal efforts criticized or restricted books in the name of anti-racism or progressive ideals.

Books like “Of Mice and Men;” “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” and several Dr. Seuss titles have been challenged in some schools and libraries due to racist language or imagery throughout the years, including the use of the n-word or insensitive imagery of racial stereotypes, according to the ALA.

Just as conservatives have gained traction on gender identity by asking leftists to define the word “woman,” they could also reframe the book debate by asking them to define the word “ban.” They shouldn’t let the Left avoid acknowledging the explicit or graphic content of many of these books, and they should ask defenders of these titles whether they want their own children reading them. When movies and television programs are rated PG–13, R, or X—and consequently restricted for younger viewers—that doesn’t mean that they’re banned. The same principle goes for books.

... “progressive” education is designed to teach a single position as the only position. There can’t be debate over abortion, evolution, climate change, homosexuality, transgenderism, and any number of other leftist positions.

Students must be shielded from well-reasoned contrary positions. Just seeing a list of 31 books might give students the wrong impression of what they’ve been taught for 12 years. “You mean there is another position?”

1984, perfect example of how teaching its intended allegory has been lost

It’s hard for many Americans to believe, but their schools have been taken over by an alien worldview designed to shape their children into non-thinking wards of the State as THE LEFT CONTINUES to PERVERT the EDUCATION of our CHILDREN.

-- Bill Maher doubled down. “Everything I read, whatever source, it’s only half the truth. They print the narrative. They don’t print truth.” --

The left claims
that progressive books are being censored in public schools. But my research proves the opposite is true.... students complained that their school libraries had become one-sided, offering only books in line with progressive orthodoxy.

FACT: the Public Library System is controlled by the LEFT.

The ALA has long been notoriously liberal. While many other library associations around the world condemned the Cuban regime’s closure of libraries and jailing of dissident librarians, the ALA never did.

America’s one-sided school libraries are failing students. No wonder only 16% of Gen Z says they are proud to live in America, according to a January 2023 Morning Consult poll.They don’t have access to books that present our country in an honest light.”

It’s no secret that many school libraries have become reflections of politicized librarians. Take Emily Drabinski, president of the American Library Association and a self-proclaimed Marxist, who said during a socialism conference last September in Chicago that public education “needs to be a site of socialist organizing. I think libraries really do, too. We need to be on the agenda of socialist organizing.”

Yet Moms for Liberty are the EXTREMISTS?


What nonsense.

[All pictures articles and videos are attributed]

++LINKS For articles that focused on Left Book Bans:

City-Journal[] []

ABC News []

Free Press []