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The VILE Westboro Cult vs Anonymous & their Obscene Protest

Times Square.Friday. Late afternoon. January 18, 2012.

For about an hour, some RUDE Theatre-of-the-Absurd took over one block in Times Square. Was the dildo really necessary?

The reason for the counter-protest was posted at  Huff Po

"The Westboro "Baptist" "Church" plans to take its offensive picketing techniques to Times Square. From the group's website:

New York City is the epicenter of international commerce. These people care more about the almighty dollar than the Almighty God. New York also represents fag central. Millions of fags and their enablers proudly promote their filth in and around Times Square. WBC will shed some Gospel light on that mess. Already, counter protests have been organized, mainly by members of the New York gay community, to block the group, or at least to create a human wall to prevent signs and slogans from reaching those in the bustling tourist mecca, according to Queerty."

Also posted at Queer Bloc - Counter Protest The Westboro Baptist Church

This is a call to all queers, 'fag-enablers', tranarchists, anarchists and allies.


And a counter-protest plea for civilized behavior:

This event page specifically says to those who plan attending to provide a peaceful protest. I know that there are a ton of strong feelings against them (the WBC).... every person who plans to attend the WBC's protest and provide a counter protest are expected to act professional... Ladies and Gentlemen let's remember to be Ladies and Gentlemen and be better than they are. DO NOT throw any thing or make physical contact with, disturb, or harass anyone in the WBC. This page is about LOVE for mankind and to stop harassment not adding more and stooping down to the level of the WBC. Thank you.

Our objective is simple.To make the people of New York City smile.This is NOT an angry protest. We are not trying to stoop down to their level. There should be no violence of any sort. We’re fighting ignorance with peace, LOVE, and humor!

Seems ANONYMOUS didn't get the message,  since their counter-protest was VILE and OBSCENE; certainly NOT HUMOROUS.

It was very  disrespectful of the Christian Faith.

A counter-protest not likely to win friends in new places nor will it educate the passersby to the Westboro Cult's Offenses; not likely while shouting obscenities about Christ.

Westboro "Baptist" "Church" is a VILE CULT.  They are NOT Christians. They are NOT Baptists. They are a hate-filled quasi-religion that has no conscience when it comes to Sandy Hook or our fallen military...they mock all that is good at the same time that they attempt to attack evil. They have themselves become  EVIL, yet just two lame individuals came out this afternoon to represent WBC. Very odd.

Today the group that won the award for most obscene public display was NOT in the local Gay Pride Parade, it was in Times Square and it wasn't Westboro.  It was the very, VERY obscene ANONYMOUS whose usual obscenity-laced protests against Scientology happen just around the corner.  But, now they were countering the Fred Phelps Cultists by screeching their usual hatred and intolerance.

Hy-Po-Crites  'cause I'm betting the farm it'll be a cold-day-in-hell before they show some real brass and mock Islam.

Can you imagine if this had been Mohammed...with signs telling the Truth about Pissslam:


ISLAM Murders young rape victims

ISLAM uses children as Sex-Slaves.


No one dared (and we all know why).

Instead, we had lots of nudity when Anonymous was joined by a few 'naked ladies' advertising the revival of "Let My People Come".

Ad a lot of horny tourists  got more than an eyeful when an Anonymous female got in to act by stripping off her bra. (see video below) It was insane.

The video of the Anonymous Cultists. 

Can't imagine they thought this could be considered a Recruitment Day Event. There was lots meant to offend everyone, and they did. (watch in HD)

Wondering what was accomplished by all of this obscenity? Nada.

Except....the police...  getting A LOT of overtime....

And lastly, a slide show of a few more pictures:

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AFDI Subway Clock Ads, The Truth about Islam & the Hypocrisy of the Left

American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)... Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.... have brilliantly advanced their fight for freedom one ad at a time...and it's WORKING!  As successful as their last subway campaign was... supporting the Civilized Man and NOT the Savage...


This new campaign is even better!  The American Freedom Defense Initiative purchased space next to 228 clocks in 39 stations, reminding s that Islam is dedicated to the Conquest of Infidels. That is their JIHAD..

But, the "Jihad " taqiyya war continues with the Hamas-Cair propaganda. LIES about Jihad encouraged by a very willing media. And laughably, Pamela Geller has reported that Hamas-Cair claims in a lawsuit that they 'own' the words "My Jihad"


Sadly we have a media desperate to believe in the myth of  a Western-style Islam. An Islam not 'at war' with the infidel. The Media, the Entertainment Industry and the Halls of Academia have bowed their heads to Islam.

HARVARD is the latest tool.... (From Pamela Geller)

"Harvard University has posted a Quranic verse at the entrance of its faculty of law, describing the verse as one of the greatest expressions for justice in history.

It's to laugh, it's to cry.

Sharia law is the antithesis of America law.who eagerly bow to the Moon-God by posting a quote from the Quran.

This institutionalized discrimination against non-Muslims, primarily Jews and Christians, is part and parcel of the quran's concept of "justice." But the dhimmi lemmings at the Harvard Law School don't know that, or don't care. And so they perpetrate this misleading whitewash of Islamic "justice."

Quran verse posted at US Harvard varsity Emirates 24/7 January 13, 2013


Tools and Fools placing those of us who value the U. S. Constitution and our Freedoms in jeopardy. Thankfully, stalwart warriors like Geller and Spencer are fighting back with the TRUTH about Islam and Jihad. Brilliantly, AFDI has blanketed the NYC subways with one particular quote from the Quran. They placed this ad beside the subway clocks with a  picture of the Towers being destroyed on 9-11. For those who See it, Read it and THINK about it, the message is VERY clear...these were Evil Acts perpetrated by the followers of Mohammed and the Quran.

This IS their Truth : The  United States was attacked. The Twin Towers were destroyed. Three Thousand people were murdered in the Name of Allah.


But there are always vandals who seek to destroy the truth thru vandalism. So, on Monday, January 7, I headed back to the lower depths of Manhattan looking for the ads and checking for any possible damage.  What I found so far is that only a few were defaced!

DSC_0954 copy

And this time the Leftards actually got it 'right'.  Yes! The Quran IS War Propaganda.

DSC_0951 copy

And We ARE the Target!

DSC_0898 copy

'Civilized' Debate" stripped-down to one  flippant-phrase: F-U

DSC_0868 copy

...."Video Surveillance"  everywhere....

Ad surrounded by lots and lots of cameras.

The Clock Ads were everywhere . No denying what REALLY happened on 9-11. WHO did it. WHY they did it. And most importantly, reminding us that they murdered in the name of Allah...

The combination of security cameras and the height of the clocks are, perhaps, a deterrent  to the Leftards who love to destroy Free Speech.

DSC_0977 copy

But, there was ONE unexpected and encouraging surprise at City Hall. I found THIS sticker on an AFDI ad: Go Army!

DSC_1100 copy2

(Slide show)- January 11, 2013

++    ++

Later, as I was walking through mid-town Manhattan, I  found a sick example of  our hypocritical love-affair with violence and murder. This obscene 'restaurant' at 42nd and 8th ave, romanticizes and glamorizes gore and murder. Now THIS IS SICK. Not the AFDI Clock-Ads....THIS...A KILL ROOM with Restaurant, is Obscene and capitalizes on Acts of Savagery.

DSC_1071 copy

Got an A rating for dinner (does that include toy knives and/or guns?)

DSC_1074 copy

No protests from the Obama Camp, or SEI, whose 1199 office is right around the corner.  What's to protest? Innocent fun, right?

DSC_1079 copy2

No protests against Islam Human Rights violations.

Hanging of Gays? No protest.
Stone Rape victims? No Protest. 
Make children Sex Slaves? No Protest.

Where-oh-where is the outrage when it comes to mocking murder with a "Kill Room" Restaurant ?

DSC_1079 copy

The whole world has turned up-side-down. OBAMA ADMIRES IRAN. Admires Chavez. Castro. Cuba. He has NO respect for Israel and next to NO respect for the United States and our Constitution.
Say NOTHING critical about Jihad or Islam as we IGNORE the assaults around the U.S. by bands of marauding Muslim youths.

Obama wants us to ignore the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas-Cair, ICNA, ISNA, MSA. They have infiltrated our government and as they grow bolder every day, Obama continues to strip our military, our cops (off-duty and retired)....our citizens.... of  the Right to Bear Arms.
Wanta bet the SEIU thugs (etc) will be armed?

DSC_1092 copy

That Barack Hussein Obama is still our President is beyond the pale.... as is the hypocrisy of a Kill Room.... We are being told that Islam is Good! and the ads daring to tell the Truth about Islam are BAD. This is INSANITY.

But, maybe we can still hope to stop this madness.  After all, Geller and Spencer have shown us how to fight back. And Fight We MUST... or Die.

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Two Flickr slide shows of AFDI subway ads. 

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