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Never say that Freedom of Speech is threatened in NYC.

Not if you are a card-carrying Israel-Jew-Hating Soc/Commie/Prog-LEFTist who hates America as much as he/she hates the Jews and Israel.

Add the College-Educated Islamists (pretending to 'love' the  U.S.) and you have a fair assessment of who turned out for the Al Quds-Day protest in Times Square.

From Pamela Geller:

"Al Quds"--  the jihad name for Jerusalem is as egregious as "nakba" (catastrophe) -- the day Israel was established. Calling Jerusalem "al quds" is just the same as the Romans renaming Israel "Palestine." A cornerstone of Islam is to falsify and deny the religion of Jews and Christians and "the other" (Sikh, Hindu, Bahai, etc.)

A small gathering, by their standards, but with their high-powered sound system (fight-instigator, Bill Doares (Workers World Party) lugs the speakers to the 'stage')

They need hefty speakers so the agitprop can drone on and on; it POUNDED through the air at 42nd St and 7th Ave.

Lately, the usual leaders of these events are missing-in-action and this protest was no exception.

Dima Abi Saab, an organizer with Al-Awda NY
Dima Abi Saab, an organizer with Al-Awda NY
Dima Abi Saab, an organizer with Al-Awda NYDima, Fakestinian Attorney, Lamis Deek, Andy Pollack (often walking the crowd as a faux- attorney in green- hat), Grandma Brigade leaders, Jenny Heinz and Joan Pluene, Fakestinian activist, Laurie Arbeiter, Existence is Resistance hot-head, Nancy Mansour, Fakestinian photographer, Eddie Pages, World Can't Wait lunatic, Elaine Brower, the vile Donna Nevel of Jews say no ( not in our name)  and the ridiculous, Crazy "RABBI" Feinberg!  Where- oh-WHERE have they gone! (what I really mean is... What are they 'up to')  Almost forgot, that pretend crowd-control "attorney"  in her little green cap: Psychologist, Antonia Cedrone. What happened to the Green-Hats?  And the once golden-boy Muslim advisor to the NYPD, where is Erhan Yildirim?

Polluting and rotting the minds of our young. They steal the future. In our churches. Synagogues. Libraries. Media. Our schools. Colleges. The Muslim Student Association. Middle East Studies. The curricula? Howard Zinn. Marx. Che. Hitler. Mao. LIES that go UNCHALLENGED. Admired. Contradictions to  their 'Facts' - NOT allowed.

And then there are the children at this Times Square hate-fest. Holding signs that spew lies against Israel, the Jews and America. Perhaps this should qualify as Child Abuse.



LIES held high by STUPID WESTERNERS (white women, Jewish women. Young and middle aged)

This flyer that was handed out by Anne Pruden (Workers World..etc) meant ONLY for children of color

Lots of pretty hijabed, stylishly-dressed young Muslim women parade for the cameras. A required photo-op for many.


Just average Americans exercising their Right to Free Speech.

EVEN, the notorious Neturei Karta, exercising their Free Speech Rights.

Once the Jews in Israel  are destroyed, do they really think they will NOT be next? Capos. Fools. That's Cyrus McGoldrick (formerly the head of Hamas-CAIR-NY) preaching more hatred for Israel on the stage behind them.

Will they be protected by Sharia Law or American Rule Of Law? Israel, the only Democracy in the Middle East, denied by these fools, who are surrounded at this protest by a male contingent that was mostly Muslim.

Friend of the Jews? Or Foe?


What stood out for me in particular at this protest were the WOMEN. The confident, WESTERN, AMERICAN women. So many STUPID women. Women who are either leading or allowing the destruction of our young.

Anne Pruden (throwing a fist bump) as this happy-go-lucky family-of-protest passes by.


Fools and Tools.



Get them while they are young. (Bill Ayers has proven this to be very true) Howard Zinn, Core Curriculum, Muslim APPROVED textbooks, approved and taught by safe, "pro-Western" Muslims.  Taught by young Arab, Muslim women like the very Western "Fakestinian: Muslim, Fatin Jarara  of Al-Awda NY. 

Al-Awda's mission, in part:

"To foster relationships with the media to help with the effort of educating the community of the human and legal rights of Palestinian refugees. • To educate elected representatives on the grave implications resulting from the continuing violations of numerous human and legal rights of Palestinians, and how we can effect change. • To develop and coordinate grassroots and student initiatives for action related to Palestinian refugee rights. • To develop and strengthen links and coordinate efforts with human and civil rights organizations in support of the Palestinian struggle for return, freedom and equality"

And the very hijabed, Tahani Salah. She is a performer, poet, and activist based in Brooklyn, New York. She serves as a youth outreach coordinator and Board Member with Urban Word NYC. She has performed at a number of the world’s famous stages including the Apollo Theatre in New York City to universities in South Africa and Germany.

VIDEO Part 1- As I arrived, from the west side of 7th Ave., crossing to the east side....Taking in the 'crowd' as they arrive and the in-charge Marxists set-up their sound system ( often seems to be the job of Commie agitator, Bill Doares)

VIDEO Part 2 -Bill Doares (Workers World Party) Leads chants as they set up the sound system

VIDEO Part 3  The Neteuri Karta claim that Israel has NO right to exist. That it is against Torah

VIDEO Part 4 Cyrus McGoldrick (formerly the head of Hamas-CAIR-NY. A revert to Islam. Reared Roman Catholic) continues the anti- Israel anti- Jewish rants.

VIDEO Part 5 Bill Doares is a "filler". Works the crowd. Spews the propaganda as needed.

VIDEO Part 6 Fatin Jarara of Al-Awda NY. Western dressed. No hijab for this girl as she, too, spews hatred for Israel and the Jews.

If we are to RECLAIM our Future  from this relentless indoctrination, we must Save The Children. Our society, Our culture has been RE-EDUCATED by the enemy while We SLEPT.

A Re-Education made possible by the Supporting Organizations of this Anti-Israel, Anti-American Hate-Fest because they Control The Message. Organizations like:

Al-Awda NY, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition
International Action Center (IAC)
International League of Peoples Struggle-US Chapter
Jafria Association of North America
Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
Muslims for Peace, Inc.
Neturei Karta
New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership
Students for Justice in Palestine at Brooklyn College
Students for Justice in Palestine at College of Staten Island
Students for Justice in Palestine at Hunter College
Students for Justice in Palestine at John Jay College
Students for Justice in Palestine at Rutgers University Newark
Students for Justice in Palestine at Rutgers University New Brunswick
Students for Justice in Palestine at CUNY Law

Truth and Reason should ring out as loudly through Times Square as their Propaganda. We should DEMAND IT.

Silence is NOT the Answer.

Two Slide Shows of the remaining pictures.

Part 1

Part 2



Read more from Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs Here


Thursday, August 1, 2013

NYC PROTEST ISRAELI GOV Release of 104 MURDERERS (7-30-13) pic/vids

People of Conscience were Urged to Join a PROTEST on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013, 12:30 to 2pm, across from the Israeli Consulate in NYC.


Some of the organizations who supported this Press Conference included the Los Angeles-based Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, B’nai Brith of Toronto, Rachel’s Children Reclamation Center, the International Committee for the Land of Israel and a Victims of Terror group.

Demonstration and Protest Press Release:
On Sunday, July 28, 2013,  Israeli Cabinet Members Gideon Saar, Moshe Yaalon, Yitzchak Aharonovich, Yuval Steinitz, Sofa Landver, Yair Lapid, Shai Piron, Yael German, Yaakov Perry, Meir Cohen, Tzipi Livni, and Amir Peretz voted with PM Netanyahu to release 104 Arab murderers of Jewish men, women, and children in another one of its "goodwill" gestures intended to coax the so-called Palestinian Authority back to the table for "peace talks".

The release of unrepentant murderers, who will be greeted as returning heroes by their fellow terrorists, is a repugnant action that endangers the lives of every Jewish citizen who lives in Israel. Every land for peace deal that Israeli and Jewish leaders have agreed to has brought war, terrorism, devastating property damage and loss, and left traumatized vast numbers of our precious Jewish citizenry.

Not only is the release of these terrorists a violation of the judicial process with all its moral and ethical values, but the entire pursuit of the elusive "peace" is an exercise in futility. The PA has NEVER changed its Charter calling for the extermination of Israel, so there is no point in pretending that "peace" talks can get anywhere. Their goal is the extermination of Israel

We call on PM Netanyahu to immediately retract his offer to release 104 Arab terrorists. We call on all Knesset Members with a Jewish conscience to urge the PM to withdraw the offer and to end the charade of "peace" talks. Israel should ONLY come to the table when the PA Charter is revised.
As Americans, we strongly object to the arm twisting being exercised by President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. It is up to Israel, and an Arab entity that will recognize Israel's right to exist, to determine the "peace" that they can construct. America, the EU, the UN, and all others who think they can bully Israel should bow out.

VIDEO Part 1: Tamar Adelstein of Crown Heights Women for the Safety & Integrity of Israel

VIDEO Part 2 -Helen Freedman, executive director of New York-based Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI)

VIDEO Part 3- Zaki Tamir, Chair of Crown Heights Jewish Community Council (CHJCC)

VIDEO Part 4- Glenn Richter (excerpt) reading names of some of the most grisly Arab murderers to be released by Israel.

Jewish Press Report- Lori Lowenthal Marcus ( Z Street)

"In an email to The Jewish Press on Tuesday evening, (Buddy) Macy- NJ  Israel activist) explained that he had sent a copy of his speech to every member of the Israeli government, and concluded it with a plea for true American Jewish leadership regarding Israel:

We, in America, are also desperately seeking true leadership from one of our own who sits in a position of esteemed leadership.  I am positive that at least one of you agrees with me that the release of 104 Arab “Palestinian” convicted murderers is an obscenity that reduces the worth of every Jew in the world.  I am also certain that at least one of you thinks that the idea of a two-state ‘solution’ – at least at this time – is pure fantasy.  Please, I beg of you, speak out publicly before all of Israel’s sovereignty has disappeared, and before all of us have been placed in grave danger.

Knesset member Nachman Shai (Labor) is the only Israeli who answered Macy’s emails.  Shai wrote: “Do not send more emails.”

The AFSI( Americans For A Safe Israel) Action Alert:
        With just a day's notice, activists from across NYC gathered in front of the Israeli Consulate on Second Avenue & 42nd Street at 12:30 P.M. on Tuesday, July 30, to denounce the "self-castrating" decision by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and a majority of the Israeli Cabinet to release 104 Arab terrorists with blood on their hands.

         Grass roots organizers were led by Tamar Adelstein, Robin Ticker, Dr. Paul Brody, Buddy Macy, and Helen Freedman of AFSI. Speakers included all of the above and Glenn Richter, Rabbi David Algaze, Bob Unger speaking on behalf of MK Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin, Michoel Friend, Raanan Isseroff, and Jonathan Grauman. The many supporters who joined us are too numerous to mention, but thanks go to all of them for being with us.

       Thanks to Arutz Sheva correspondent Eliran Aharon, who videotaped the entire protest. Arutz Sheva carried the story...(snip)

       Gary Bauer, in his July 30 report, tells us that President Obama, "citing the national security interests of the U.S." issued an executive order releasing approximately $150 million to the PA. Bauer speculates that this was bribe money to get the PA to the point where they would talk about having talks. He insists that "taxpayer money should stay here...rather than being used to prop up the corrupt PA regime, which continues to honor Jihadist homicide bombers." The fact that Mahmoud Abbas has declared all PA territory JUDENREIN, hasn't evoked any response from Obama or his cohorts. 

TAKE ACTION: Contact your Congressman: 202-224-3121 and the White House: 202-456-1111
  Tell them to stop pressuring Israel to make unconscionable "goodwill gestures" and that you do not want your American tax dollars going to support a terrorist entity that is openly racist.

Contact Prime Minister Netanyahu:; Tell him that freeing terrorists with blood on their hands is a shameful and dangerous decision which must be revoked.

Slide show of pictures: