Monday, October 30, 2023

Never Is Now - Cooper Union Rally NYC


Oct 29, 2023. Curtis Sliwa joined those who came out in a steady rain at Cooper Union to challenge the constant LIES that Hamas and the anti-Israel protestors feed to the media.


Curtis always supports the Israelis and Jews here at home with the current message BRING THEM HOME NOW!

Those who were able to endure the steady rain til the end left with flyers in a reusable shopping bag with tape, ready to do battle with the vandals who tear the kidnapped posters: They must be stopped!

Flickr slideshow: BRING THEM HOME NOW!

Never Again Cooper Union NYC

. The situation world wide grows worse each day. See current news links on this ever evolving story:

‘It could have all ended with us getting killed’ Passenger on flight from Israel to Russia’s Dagestan recounts anti-Semitic riot at airport []

Cornell University Jewish threats prove how deep campus rot runs []

Hamas releases propaganda video of Israeli hostages accusing Netanyahu of wanting ‘to kill us all’ []

We are passed the time to be passive observers.

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Empty Chairs / Broken Hearts Shabbat NYC


4 pm. Oct 26, 2023. Duffy Square at 46th st and Bdway.
In the middle of Times Square I found 224
"Empty Tables/Empty Chairs" set for shabbat.

"On October 7th,2023, an unprecedented and horrifying attack against Israel was launched over  Shabbat and the holiday of Shemini Atzeret.


In times of crisis, we MUST stand together. While our hearts break for the wounded, kidnapped, and murdered and their families, we are proud that our community rallies to show our support." []


First slide show : The 224 places representing those held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, 30 of them are children. HOSTAGES of HAMAS. This is a CRIME against Humanity. Israel. And the Jews.

 Flickr Slideshow 1:

Empty Chairs, Broken Hearts - NYC Part 1

Pictures that can only hint of the terror Hamas delivered on October 7 as the wantonly murdered the children. []

Flickr 2- Later, families of some of the hostages were going to speak.  Meanwhile I took pictures of those present. It seemed to be many friends and families

  Empty Chairs, Broken Hearts- NYC Part 2

Video 1- Walking around the empty chairs. The children's tables. High chairs. baby bottles. The beautiful flowers and challah. It was a deeply moving experience particularly the children's table where chairs were knocked over and little toy-bears were blind folded and torn apart.

Video 2-  IAC Board Member,  Tal Shuster  was the first speaker.

Tal was born and raised in Israel, serving three years as an Officer in the Israeli Army, Tal arrived in the United States to complete her studies and graduate from Rutgers. Tal and her husband Eyal Shuster, have four children and live in Jersey City.

She was followed briefly by a woman who held a list of the countries supporting "palestine"; the hatred and racism. [She was being interviewed on camera so she wasn't on mic.]

Later a list of countries that the hostages are from was posted []

Video 3- While IAC Council member, Aviv Ezra, Consul General of Israel to the Midwest, was being interviewed to my left, a woman to my right began a very loud, emotional statement. Everything stopped. She wanted everyone, the world, the city to hear her. She was so overwrought, that eventually she was given a supportive embrace to calm her down.


In the back ground of the video.... "Dear NY Times Words DO Break Bones .... "

Update with links and 2 short videos addressing the continued support for Pali/Hamas.

[] Outrageous

Short video supporting Pali/Hamas



This young woman, confronts the lies that support Hamas. The lost generations who know only the anti-Israel/ anti-Jewish agitprop should listen to her. (but...they won't) "If you truly want PEACE, you Stand With Israel"

And Starbucks ... What were you thinking?

Supporting HAMAS?
Starbucks is on the WRONG side of the protest Game.

This was so unnecessary.

[Where indicated pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]


Monday, October 23, 2023

BRING THEM HOME NOW! Rally For israeli Hostages in NYC


October 19 , 2023. Duffy Square.
Bring Them Home NOW!
Powerful and deeply emotional.

Security was tight, as I expected.   My press cameras were inspected to make sure they were actually cameras, but ... understood.

FLICKR Slideshow Part 1

 Bring Them Home NOW! NYC

Once in the press enclosure, I wasn't sure  I was loving this location, surrounded by way too many cameras, but this was where I landed.* fellow journalists were getting great video and pictures of the crowd from outside the press area.* so, eventually, I too left this area.

FLICKR Slideshow Part 2

 Bring Them Home - NYC Part 2

The evening began with U.S. National Anthem AND then Hatikvah (sung by Gilad Paz and Shiri Maimon).

Then, from the MC: "We no longer can be the Jews trembling in the shadows," actor and activist Yuval David, a dual Israeli and American citizen, "We know what happened to us then, and we know what is happening to us now." (the video is an excerpt of his opening remarks)

Elan Carr (CEO of Israeli American Council, quoted a by WPIX) “The (hostages) are suffering unimaginable agony every moment, and we are here to demand the release of those hostages as well as to stand for Israel’s inalienable right to defend itself decisively.” 

Elan Carr then introduced Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) Senate Majority Leader and highest-ranking Jewish official in US history. The senator pledged America would do everything it can to rescue those held by the terrorists.

Video: NYC Mayor Eric Adams, who was supposed to be at the rally, bailed and sent a recorded message instead. He started awkwardly referring to Emmet Till, then once on message with the tragedy in Israel, he concluded by hoping for a PEACEFUL Resolution.(what would that entail?)

Ambassador Gilad Erdan (permanent representative of Israel to the United Nations since 2020) Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, declared that “Gaza will not have a moment of quiet until we bring them home and we will bring them. Israel will prevail.” (NY Post)

The parents of Israeli-American hostage,Omer Nuetra: Ronen  and Orna Neutra. Omer had just turned 22.

The Acting General Council of Israel in NY- Aviv Ezra .

ALL were impassioned and committed to BRING THEM HOME-NOW.

Found this on line at Twitter X- "We as Muslims, don't hate any body for what they are , we deal with someone according to his actions with us. The issue in Palestine now is they want their land back from the occupying Zionist. Before Israel, there were a jews in Palestine and every thing was alright." NOT CORRECT, but this is what they have been TAUGHT

I left the press area to get a better look at the crowd.

  It was huge and message oriented.

15 billboards in Times Sq were alive with the faces of those kidnapped. The mother and daughter below were freed the next day, BUT tragically there are still 200 hostages.

Israeli American Council demands the 200 hostages be freed NOW. However, Hamas has said it will not release the hostages until Israel ends its attack on Gaza, where some 2.3 million Palestinians live. The terrorists have also demanded the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody.

SO, is a PEACEFUL resolution even possible when the hostages are not HOME?

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

ADDENDUM: A few news links of the rally:




Saturday, October 7, 2023

NYC Climate Ignorati March against "fossil" fuels- again.

Signs are good that the western monarch butterfly is again flourishing in the Golden State after fluttering near the brink of extinction. The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation has announced that its most recent yearly monarch count registered more than 330,000 of the distinctive orange-and-black beauties in California—a massive increase since 2020, when just 2,000 were tallied

Defend the Planet : []

The world’s poorest people contribute the least but suffer the most from the climate crisis. Climate change impacts people's health, ability to access nutritious food, and livelihoods.

YET: the Hypocrisy of the Greenies jumps to the FRONT:

Sept 23 Global Citizen Festival destroys Great Lawn Central Park


Never Mind: the Carbon loons who justify their personal JETS with CARBON CREDITS in a world controlled by the ELITES .... We are just along for the ride.

[Pictures and Videos where indicated property of Pamela Hall-VSB]