Friday, January 16, 2009

A Day of 'conscience"?! (from those who hate-Israel )

Caught two videos . “Act One”: truant high school students used as propaganda tools at the UN and “Act Two” : “palis ” and anarchists make a mess of rush hour in Grand Central.

A Day of 'conscience"? Then why do these fools(!) support Hamas whose charter is committed to the death of Israelis and Jews..'from the river to the sea'? Some conscience!

The Grand Central action was billed as "Act Two". A bit uneventful. :-) The public just kept walking through them (and over them...those garbage BAGS on the ground). The action was going to display shoes and toys to represent only the killing of their own children (murdered in fact by Hamas in Gaza) tears for Jewish children murdered by Hamas. You'll not see any sympathy for Jewish children from these soc/commie/dem/libs who also just happen to HATE America.

Act Two video:

The day started at Noon with a protest at the US Consulate to the UN (led by cold, angry, bitter and obviously IGNORANT teens) (scroll past pictures for "Act One" video) The future screamed at us from the US Consulate to the UN shouting “She’ll use this in her Zionist press. Don’t talk her”:

There were childrens' toys and shoes placed on the ground by truant teen-aged anti-zionists (yes...skipping school en masse) "This is education" they chanted apparently unaware that they were spewing propaganda. They refused to discuss Hamas' charter (they couldn't....hadn't READ it) but TALK isn't on their agenda anyway. With no understanding of the Middle East (other than the lies they'd been fed) they have no sympathy for the Jewish mothers and children murdered by Hamas. Is this how the kids in New York learn their history? THIS is "education" ?

Do you know where your kids were today? Try the US Consulate to the UN.

"Act One" video :

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