Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Day "General Strike" seeks to "Take Down America" in 2012

There is no 99%. No 1% . But, there are "unhinged, nihilistic protestors."

We are 100% Americans! All part of America. Not some multi-culti Balkanized Marxist fantasy-land.

There is NO homogeneous 'class' in America. An 'unselfish' collective marching toward Utopia....

No Class Warfare. But, there is a real war; occupy war-games , on-going and violent; satellite protests with the naive and gullible marching in lock-step

No mass of individuals who are equally oppressed by the wealthiest "1%" . But that could soon change. CHANGE. Once OWS and their Marxist Army have deconstructed America, oppression will reign supreme.

But, that hasn't stopped the "OWS" movement from lumping together bankers, politicians, CEOs and stockbrokers so they could create that phantom EVIL class: "The 1%.". For these happy little 'tools'

Propaganda.  Subversion

Indoctrination not Education.

Misguided priorities.

"Liberty is the Enemy."

Terrorize neighborhoods.

Widespread riots: Good.

Cops: Law and Order...Bad.

Success must be punished.

Grievances. Resentments from 'elfin academics"

It's a Global Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Chavista, Anarchist-Insurgent-Illegal-Islamist Fantasy-land. 

The Alinsky-Ayers Community Organizer traditions have given us generations of malcontents .

This is NOT the American Dream.

Propaganda-fed "useful idiots"

A whining, entitled class of underlings prepared to destroy America.

MAY DAY was Inter-National WORKERS Day AND #OWS General STRIKE Day. 

No work. No Income. Shut down America. 

UNIONS LOVE Commie Day. Addicted to power and want MORE. Lots More.

The #OWS Movement was manufactured months before they squatted in Zuccotti. Planned by George Soros and his fellow travellers…

An Army of the disgruntled, taught to HATE the very country that’s meant success for generations of immigrants.

Mocking all things good about America.

ILLEGALS thought Obama would open borders instantly. “Can we come IN now?

Open Borders. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Why do ILLEGALS want to come to the U.S. if it is so AWFUL? 

Malcontents, organized by the Left to foment class warfare and strife.

Anarchist-fascist-marxist-socialist thugs, working with furious deliberation to put an end to our American Dreams .

A summer of disobedience. A flash mob redesigning of the U.S….

And their tools…..Street Theatre. Banners. Puppets …. “We’re All In The Same Boat”…

Flags and Slogans: 99% ...."999 bottles of beer on the wall".... also..."99 names for the moon god". (just sayin')

Entice the gullible with Fun. Fun. Fun. (Had enough of the drums? They end at about 2:39)

One Big LOVE-FEST of a Party

Peace and Love:

This guy was so 'Full of Love' that he kept poking me with his sign I would move away from his "Love Circle"

Flyers. Badges. T-shirts. Ecological Terrorism. People are Bad. Earth is GOOD. So ...Party On!



.... NO MORE WAR....

Social engineers. Nazis. Thugs. Unions. Communists. Anarchists. Progressives. Democrats.

March On. March on....

Accept their "New World Order"  or....else.... STOP BITCHIN'

Provoke. Confuse Law enforcement. ( Confuse everybody) BTW- Leftie Commie- Lisa Fithian was paid $300 a day to teach Training Tactics to OPPOSE police.  F#%k the Police.

Attack any and all opposition (The assault on NY-ICE went just as they planned) Compromise Police and Attack . Attack Attack.

Create Crisis. Confuse 'public 'good' and 'general will' with wishful delusions.

Anyone looking for a Doctor? (With perhaps a BAD attitude)

The Left is at War with American History. Zinn. Chomsky. Ayers. Must rewrite . Must not teach traditions. Must not learn from the past. 


DeTocqueville: "When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness."

Eli Wiesel: "When Evil has power, it is almost too late"

These anarchists and insurgents are NOT the "99%" . They have not been elected to represent America.

Twinkle fingers DOWN.

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Many more pictures from May Day 2012. Please follow links to the 3 Flickr sets  PART One  ; PART Two; PART Three.

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And now, In Conclusion (sort of)

Taking a hard look at WISCONSIN and "Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin's Left Embraces Marxism and Chaos." 

From their site:

This #ows movement empowers real people to create real change from the bottom up. We want to see a general assembly in every backyard, on every street corner because we don't need Wall Street and we don't need politicians to build a better society.

Revolutionary War includes Mass Struggle.

Clandestine Struggle. 

Without Mass Struggle there is no Revolution. 

Without Armed Struggle. There can be no Victory.

the only solution is 


We have been put on notice .... UPDATE May 21, 2012... (from Atlas Shrugs)- "Revolution Solution" is in Full swing....

"Scenes from Obama-Endorsed #OWS Occupy NATO Chicago"