Sunday, September 26, 2010

25th Annual Muslim Day Parade 2010 (video and pics)

UPDATE: September 29; Part 7 (last video ) is now posted

September 28: The first of two parade videos (Parts 6 and 7) is up now (please scroll down for Part 6)

New video posted: September 27, 2010
(please scroll down for Parts 4 and 5)

Part 1:
The parade came to an end at Madison Square Park at 23rd and Madison Ave. The early part of ceremony had an award to Mayor Bloomberg as well as The Priest, the Rabbi and the Imam. (who seemed to be a non-note band of sorts)

Part 2: Three speakers from ICNA, MAS and the Islamic Cultural Center of NY

Part 3: This speaker is Nihad Awad of CAIR (Council of Islamic Relations) was one of the Grand marshals of the parade.

Part 4

While many spoke on the stage of how the American Muslim is "suffering " at the hands of bigots they used three groups of lovely children to sing of the "joys" and " peace" that Islam brings. Good ol' Da'wah.

Part 5 The prayers before the parade were at 38th and Madison this year (even though it was published at 41st as it had been in previous years). There was a delay putting out the tarps (prayer "rugs") due to this location. Seemed police weren't ready to close the intersection in time for the zuhur prayer. The Imam kept singing. There is a wudu basin on Madison this year. The tarps were laid out and finally the prayers (at approx. 10 minutes into video )

Part 6: The parade began with flags..lots of flags followed the the police band playing "This is My Country"...followed by the Muslim Police Officers Association.
Then lots of local masjids, mosques, floats celebrating the Victory Mosque that destroyed the great Jewish Temple....women's groups, schools, hijabs, niqabs,families.... da'wah was loud and bold for the Ummah of North America with lots of loving, peaceful quotes from Mohamed and chants of takbir. takbir. takbir.

Part 7: I walked with the parade to Madison Square Park at 25th Street. The takbir. takbir. takbir. mixed in with other chants was relentless and then...the occasional...silence .The parade was quite simple. It was families, children, schools and masjids and, of course, the da'wah signs. At the park, there was a popular da'wah table(FREE)andthen more prayers were sung from the stage. After a young woman with a lovely voice sang the National Anthem, the program continued with the speakers ( See videos 1,2 and 3)


On September 26, our first observations :

The parade seemed to be confused. Announced to start at 41st and Madison , but they were all at 38th st. the police were not blocking off the intersections so the prayer tarps could be put down. The clock was ticking and the Imam was BEGGING the police to get the intersections blocked.Police pointed out that they weren't where they were supposed to be....I think they weren't planning on closing an intersection (interesting)

Slide show is of prayers and the TARPS on Madison Avenue. The parade floats, some signs and banners....and the children....

The speakers did a lot of complaining about Park 51 with the usual bigots, hatred slander and it was no surprise that it was also a LOVE-Fest for Bloomberg and Obama.

The unannounced theme: Da'wah. To Educate and rewrite Islam's "history".

9-29-10: And a few more pictures will be posted.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Freedom for Iran and No Nukes for Ahjad Rally at UN (9-23-10)

UPDATE : 10-14-10 ALL seven videos are now posted. Just added John Bolton's speech (in 2 parts)

In Part 1 (John Bolton)
The first 3 minutes has unsteady camera trying to shoot over crowd.
I decided to black out the video in those sections so I could post video .
Please LISTEN at those spots. Sound is good . Speech is great.

In Part 2 (John Bolton)
Holding camera over heads in crowd of this fabulous (but long) speech, I didn't catch the very end. Only missed the wrap up at the end.

Slide show Number 1:

11 AM, September 23,2010. Rally to protest the presence of Ahmadinejad at the UN.
Brave Iranians came together, joined by Jews and Christians as well as former Ambassador the to the U.N. John Bolton and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, both of whom spoke.

America came out to protest the murderous Ahmadinejad; this tyrant who was welcomed at the United Nations. Unwanted in Iran, he steals elections and terrorizes and murders those who protest and beg for freedom.

We have video and lots of pictures from the "No to Ah'jad" rally across the the U.N. It was one of the more beautiful rallies. The purple balloons, scarves and caps; the confetti stars being shot high above the was gorgeous. Yet,
the message was any thing but..... Sometimes uplifting and at other times deeply disturbing; that the UN should give a public forum to the holocaust denying, 9-11 truther
: sickening!

Part 1: Opening Video

Part 2 includes excerpts from Rudy Guiliani

Part 3: The Marxist-Iranians were set-up at the corner of 47th and 2nd ave. The police however tried to move them, said they had no amplified sound permit, but as usual....after much chatter between police and the Leftists.... the Lefty/Soc/Progressive/Commies-Reads: Marxist....They didn't move.

A whole contingent of sign-waving Che-loving Reds arrived, pressing-on with their SECULAR protest. Then in the distance we heard a huge roar and saw lots of confetti. This was when Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian Resistance was introduced to speak.

Apologies for BOUNCY CAMERA work... the zoom was hyper sensitive ...and I was having more difficulty than usual keeping it steady....

Part 4: Maryam Rajavi, leader of Iranian Resistance, spoke....

Part 6:
During the protest, South of the stage (at 1st Avenue) where the rally took place was the Falun Gong. Never saw them in action before (and so QUIET). Then as I left the rally, there was Crazy Commie Guy on 2nd Avenue. What a contrast....

There was unexpected street-theatre depicting the sharia law horrors of hangings and stonings so loved by this vile dwarf.

There were the Marxist Iranians accompanied by the local Reds and of course (for those of you who know him: Crazy Commie Guy.)

It is an outrage that the madman of Tehran, Mahmud Ahmadinejad was granted a platform at the United Nations. “...a sad day for people of all faiths” .

Tibetans, Camaroons, Chinese Fulong Gong and the La Raza contingent. And throw in a new Leftist org called, Iran 180.

These Leftists formed a new group called "Iran 180" and hosted a press conference on Monday with Anthony Weiner and Jerry Nadler . Today they brought their GIANT head-puppets (nobody but the hard-core left drags these giant heads around) It's De rigueur . Freshman year: "How to make Giant Puppet Heads for Protests 101"

TONS of pictures of this eclectic
rally to follow. One more slide-show to be posted)

One more video is left to be posted ...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

(video) Protest Cries of Iranians in NY: "Ahmadinejad Out of U.N."

Iranian Freedom Fighters on September 21, 2010. We found this protest at 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue.

DSCN2332 copyright

It's an out rage that this unelected tyrant has been welcomed by the United Nations. Just ask these Iranians


End the Terrorist Regime

DSCN2709 copyright
It is time to UNITE and FREE IRAN

DSCN2698 copyright

It is time for IRANIANS to be True IRANIAN

DSCN2330 copyright

September 23, 2010, the outrage continues when the murderous Ahmadinejadspeaks at the United Nations.

DSCN2709 copyright2

Slide Show of a few more pictures

DSCN2330 copyright

Another post from Columbus Circle Protest on September 19, is posted here

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New York Board of Rabbis Human Chain in Protest at United Nations

"This is a Day of Outrage"

On TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 @ 9:45 AM, at the SOUTHWEST CORNER OF 40TH & 1ST AVENUE, the New York Board of Rabbis (NYBR) gathered at 1st Avenue and 40th street to protest the President of Iran . A sad day for New Yorkers and Americans.

"There is no place for this evil-entity to be at the U.N. A sad day for New Yorkers and Americans."

DSCN2600 copyright

"Ah'jad, a man who brutalizes the opposition. A tyrant . A murderer who is being given an honorable welcome by the U.N. , when he should be locked away.; put on-trial and locked away for the crime of genocide."

DSCN2579 copyright

They gathered at the UN to protest and to voice their condemnation of the madman of Tehran, Mahmud Ahmadinejad being granted a platform at the United Nations.
"This is a sad day for people of all faiths."

DSCN2625 2 copyright

The night before Ah'jad refused to even say the name of Israel, using instead "the Zionist entity". "This protest is about doing what is right. It is about the Decent vs the un-Decent."

DSCN2618 copyright

The Rabbis were joined by the Inter-Faith Community. "No sign of CAIR, ISNA, ICNA or other Islamic surpremacists. Where was peacemaker Rauf?"

DSCN2574 copyright

After a few short speeches, they formed a Human Link Across First Avenue in Protest; singing and the blowing the shofar.

The New York Board of Rabbis (NYBR), is the largest interdenominational
rabbinic body in the world representing over 700 Rabbis from the New York
metropolitan area .

DSCN2610 copyright

After linking arms and forming a chain to block 1st Avenue in
protest the police then asked them to leave the street or they would be arrested. With the blowing of the shofar, they willingly and respectfully cleared 1st Avenue.

DSCN2614 copyright

"The voices of the murdered cry-out and the voice of moral conscience will follow this evil (Ah'jad) until he is defeated and overcome. Goodness will prevail."

"This is a Day of Outrage"

Monday, September 20, 2010

pictures from the 9-11 Rally of Remembrance at Ground Zero

Please click on pictures to see the original size at flickr. To see more detail in the crowd shots by choosing original size.

And videos of all the speakers are posted here:

1.DSCN2234 copyright 2

2. DSCN2242 copyright

3. DSCN2234 copyright

4.DSCN2245 copyright

5.DSCN2250 copyright

6.DSCN2252 copyright

DSCN2253 copyright

8.DSCN2254 copyright

9.DSCN2255 copyright

Slide show Part 1

Slide show Part 2

After the rally was over, they was some meeting and greeting with the crowd (even though security had to remain on-alert)

1.DSCN2289 copyright

2 DSCN2288 copyright

3 DSCN2286 copyright

4 DSCN2293 copyright

5 DSCN2296 copyright

So...who do you think the police were protecting from violence....US or THEM

6 DSCN2301 copyright

And here's their "non political" flyer. Our rally was a respectful Rally of Remembrance .... NOT POLITICIZING. Read how THEY rallied, their hard-core anti-American leftists on 9-11 and the dhimmi-press ....said THEY were non-political:

8 CIMG0014 copyright

9 CIMG0017 copyright

10 CIMG0016 copyright

11 CIMG0018 copyright

And the ubiquitous and very political 9-11(We are Change) Truthers (all day and into the evening):

12 DSCN2161 copyright

And Crazy Commie Guy (the press can't get enough of this paid agitator)

1 DSCN2057 copyright

2 DSCN2041 copyright

The Remembrance Rally was crawling with mainstream press (cameras and reporters)literally falling all over each other but they shamefully give face-time to all of these weirdos and Leftists, not to the Remembrance Rally.

3 DSCN2146 copyright 2

4 DSCN2068 copyright

Guess their supervisors/editors don't like the message:

5 DSCN2074 copyright 2

With premeditation they chose to ignore the HUGE peaceful and respectful gathering of AMERICANS without out right lies and distortions.

DSCN2081 copyright

WHERE is all of the video they took the verifies how peaceful, respectful and HUGE this rally was. This was at 1:30...and the crowd was into the second block already. People were packed shoulder to shoulder...all the way to Chambers by
3 :00 Pm and the police turned away hundreds if not thousands....

DSCN2038 copyright

DSCN2071 copyright

DSCN2072 copyright

DSCN2043 copyright

Stand Tall. Stand Proud. And Say NO to a Mosque at Ground Zero. Not Now. Not Ever!!

DSCN2246 copyright 2

DSCN2322 copyright