Monday, September 28, 2009

Concerned Citizens meet with Pastor David Manning (video) videos 11 parts. These are excerpts from an almost two hour meeting on the evening of Sept. 24, 2009 that was arranged by ACT-Manhattan (American Congress for Truth) with Pastor James David Manning at his church in Harlem.

Part 1-The group discusses power and the media.

Part 2-The discussion continues on the topics of power, candidates in 2010 and 2012, evil and false charges of racism. (and a bit about Edgar Rice Burrows)

Part 3- The discussion turned to the 9-12 Tea Party in DC and unanswered questions like, "Is Obama a Muslim". Then the UN and Israel were also discussed.

Part 4-The group discussed Islam in our prisons; Kalidy and Obama's missing transcripts; Obama and his Health Care and Cap and Trade; the NYC Mayoral Race; Soros, dismanteling the middle-class and what are our options if Obama succeeds? Revolution or secession?

Part 5- They continue with Islam,division in our country, Evil, Truth, and our constitution and the military.

Part 6-They continue with 'who will lead' the revolution and what is meant by revolution. The media, the Internet, how to undo negative labels like 'extreme' right and how to keep BHO from being President for Life!

Part 7-The group discusses Obama's cover-up re citizenship and passport as well as his sexuality

Part 8-The Pastor discusses why Obama is not the Anti-Christ. Talks about what makes him a False-Messiah/False Prophet.

Part 9 -The discussion continues with our military. The Pastor feels strongly that our military will not support Obama, so Obama will create his own army through our prisons and gangs. More on Shariah Finance, terrorism and greed.

Part 10
-The group finishes with a wrap-up of what they might do to make a change. What do we want to see in our candidates. Get involved, know what is in our textbooks and take a class....learn what is in our Constitution

Part 11- The wrap-up concludes with defining the enemy.Islam, tribalism, racism, individual rights and the Constitution as well as some personal observations from the Pastor.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Andrew Wilkow speaks at the 2009 Free Republic Tea Party Convention Dinner

Andrew Wilkow was one of the speakers at the Free Republic Tea Party Convention Dinner at the Sheraton National in Arlington, Va on Sept. 12, 2009. This is after the fabulous "Tea Party of all Tea Parties" earlier that day in Washington,DC (video of speech is in 4 parts)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tea Party Express March on Washington The Videos!

America came to Washington on Sept. 12, 2009 to "Take Back America". The Obama-philes are still in denial....they can't handle the truth...but America is "Mad as Hell" and over 1 million Americans came to Washington to STOP the "Change". 2010 and 2012, this is CHANGE the Obama-Reid-Polosi's can count on! BTW- we noticed that no matter how many videos and pictures are posted, very few duplications are popping up. THAT's another indication of how many Americans' Came To Town'! (there will be more video posted as it's uploaded)

Part 1 March started at 10 AM instead of 11:30 because the crowd was so HUGE. Arrived at Freedom Plaza after it started (about 10:15)

Part 2 The "mob" marched and marched...and marched!

Part 3 We finally get to the Capitol...

Part 4

We are at the Capitol. It's wonderful hearing the crowd ROAR with such positive energy.

Part 5 -The Tea Party Patriots VS the CNN : Heard a fuss. Walked behind the busses to see a live CNN feed. The crowd was yelling "Move the bus" over and over and also, "Fox News is Number One" . I saw some of this aired later (not sure where since I don't watch CNN) so she managed to do her report. Crowd maybe could have been a bit more contained, but the MSM has been so dishonest and that makes it difficult to keep quiet when you see two big busses hiding the crowd around the Capitol from the live-feed. Communist News Network: We've come to expect nothing more and nothing less from CNN

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Washington Tea Party Patriots vs CNN Reporter

Forgot to mention that we've put some captions to all of the Tea Party Flickr posts. So don't forget to check that out as well...

Even MORE pictures from the Tea Party of All Tea Parties(American-Style)

DSCN7565 dup

DSCN7409 dup

DSCN7407 dup

DSCN7420 dup

The Mall was filled with people spilling in all directions (with great signs)

DSCN7419 dup

DSCN7529 dup

DSCN7442 dup

DSCN7408 dup

Col West and Joyce Kaufman on their way to the Capitol...

Allen West and Joyce Kaufman

DSCN7402 dup

Tried to give a sense of crowd size in the pictures.

people spilled on to 3rd and the grass towards 4th st

saw thes vets as I walked towards Washington Monument

DSCN7539 dup

DSCN7397 copy

There's a Black Families event in background (past 4th st)

DSCN7430 dup

This area is jammed with people now:

DSCN7438 dup 2

DSCN7540 dup

A filled up now and spilling across 3rd st

3rd St.

Approaching 7th street, the police had cars lined up so we didn't cross over in to another event on the mall :

police cras I think to declare the end of our rally space...

DSCN7546  dup

DSCN7543  dup

Where the day began (this was around 3:30 PM)

DSCN7569 dup

"Michigan" resting in the Plaza:

"Michigan" from the front

And Long Island...resting...

"Long Islanders" resting

Ex New Yorker (now Maryland)

slide show of part 3 pictures below:

One more batch of pictures to be posted. I caught a few pictures (and video) while a CNN reporter attempted to broadcast from the Mall (our crowd was a bit rowdy) And then ON TO THE VIDEOS....

Friday, September 18, 2009

More pictures from the Fabulous Washington DC Tea Party

Another batch of the Fabulous "Tea Party of all Tea Party" pictures (Part 2). Lots of pictures of the Capitol and the crowd once we got here

DSCN7387 dup

But it was slow because the crowd was HUGE. At first, the police kept the crowd off 3rd street. Funneled us on one path to the Capitol. However, when it was apparent the crowd was SO LARGE, they permitted us to use 3rd to walk to the Capitol. Flash didn't go off so we didn't get a clear picture of the Police on horseback holding us back. (It'll show up better when the video is posted)

Police on horseback held crowd back on 3rd St...

DSCN7292 dup

Later on this area will be JAMMED:

This grass area will soon be jammed with people

Had to use zoom to get a close view of the stage and the speakers:

DSCN7301 dup 3

used zoom to see people stitting on statues on Capitol grounds

We got some shots around the pool:

We looked at the crowded Capitol grounds

one of my few long shots of crowd around the pool

Lots of posters and the people!

DSCN7329 dup

All of whom were calm and positive BUT also very, very determined to get their messages across:

DSCN7332 dup

DSCN7262 dup 2

DSCN7264 dup

No MOB mentality that I saw, just Americans, young and old, who had come together in common cause.

DSCN7359 dup

DSCN7265 dup

DSCN7334 dup

DSCN7358 dup

We can Fix it if we try.

DSCN7365 dup

DSCN7369 dup

This one poster says it all:

DSCN7375 dup

America must STOP the madness

DSCN7349 dup

Slide show has many more pictures

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Eat your heart out Obama! We got the numbers, cause America, she WOKE UP!Eyes wide open...

DSCN7177 dup

DSCN7226 dup

AMERICA came to Washington to remind Hussein-Obama, Pelosi-Reid and Company: You work for US.

DSCN7135 dup


DSCN7136 dup

And in 2010. 2012... We can CHANGE America BACK to what made her Great!

DSCN7138 dup

We are going to Take Back America!

DSCN7147 dup

DSCN7154 dup

We took TONS of pictures. And will start posting them a few at a time.

DSCN7210 dup

DSCN7223 dup

Linking to batch one here in the slide show.

It's fun to catch the t-shirts, flags and signs that tally up the different States the came to Washington, to see the sleeping giant AWAKE at last!

DSCN7230 dup

DSCN7227 dup

so many that the march had to start an hour and half early. SO MANY people that the crowds of the peacefully assembled...this 'mob' filled every inch of Pennsylvania as they marched to the Capitol.

DSCN7253 dup 3

DSCN7237 dup

There, they spilled over left and right of the Capitol, and all around the pool and then continued on to the mall towards the Washington Monument.

DSCN7255 dup 2

However, if you were watching CNN...all you saw was their 2 busses pulled up to block the view of the crowds...showing only a view of the Capitol.

CNN truck was used to block view of crowd for their cameras

COWARDS and the Communist News Network...true to form, just can't handle reporting the TRUTH.... (will post those pictures later)

DSCN7263 dup 2

DSCN7236 dup

DSCN7175 dup

Slide show is here for the second batch:

More to come as well as video!