Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SION 911 Conference ( vids) and UPDATE: Two members EDL Arrested in UK

 UPDATE ( From Pamela Geller -10-26-12- on arrest of Carroll and Robinson. Please scroll down:

Posting these videos belatedly (they've already gone up at Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch) from September 11, 2012. But, with the dramatic arrest of members of the EDL (Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson)

Paul Weston Arrested Outside Wormwood Scrubs

 ... An organization like SION is needed now more than ever.

From Atlas Shrugs:

On September 11, our organization, SION (Stop the Islamization of Nations), held a historic conference at the UN on the war on free speech (at the same time that our embassies were being attacked in Egypt and Libya). The war on our very basic freedoms is being waged on all fronts, in all countries and on the voices of freedom.

The SION freedom congress was an incredible event: world leaders converged at UN Plaza to brainstorm and strategize in the offense against the blasphemy laws under the sharia. Tommy Robinson is part of SION's first activist leadership team, uniting counter-jihadists in Europe, the U.S., and Australia: the President's Council of Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) that we formed in Stockholm back in August. Other members of the President's Council are SIOE's Anders Gravers; Kevin Carroll of the EDL; Debbie Robinson of the Q Society of Australia, Robert Spencer and me.

We were fortunate to have the singular Tommy Robinson come to New York and address the first SION World Freedom Congress on September 11th. Robinson has been arrested for his participation in this effort (video of his speech above). This is the latest outrage in a relentless campaign of attrition, harrassment and political persecution of Robinson by a weak, sharia-compliant UK government. We consider the political persecution of Robinson an attack on all of us. And we will fight alongside him.

No western nation is racing to Islamization as furiously as the UK. I have often said that the UK will be the first Islamic country in Europe."

Answeradcair F

The videos from the 9-11 SION (Stop Islamization of Nations) Conference are a powerful testament to the bravery and dedication of those who lead and inspire us: Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Anders Gravers, as well as those who were unjustly arrested in the U.K.

Playlist - 12 videos- 3 amazing hours

Slideshow of some pictures from the conference:

Stop Creeping Sharia. Stop the Stealth Jihad. Stop their "Final Solution";  the Islamization of the West and the eradication of our freedoms. Can't happen in the States? It HAS already begun. Take a look at what the dhimmis in Washington, DC are up to as they chip away at the First Amendment. We MUST FIGHT BACK.

What 's happening to the U.K. is of grave concern to the world... We are ALL Tommy Robinson!

UPDATE on arrest – complete article – ” Darkness Descends On England”

“The arrest of over 53 people in the United Kingdom is the beginning of the end for the once-great Britain. The leaders of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, were among those arrested, as well as Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party (BFP).  I spoke with Kevin Carroll about his recent arrest and that of Robinson and Weston, and he told me the appalling details.
Carroll told me that British authorities tried everything in the book to stop him from running for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for the Bedfordshire Police Authority. Nonetheless, he officially won the right to run for PCC last Friday. But then the very next day, British authorities carried out these mass arrests of EDL and BFP members, stripping them and forcing them to wear white paper overalls like those that are given to incarcerated terrorists. They were allowed no phone calls.
Meanwhile, British police raided the homes of Carroll, Robinson, and three others who had been arrested. “They absolutely ransacked mine,” Carroll told me. “They smashed the door off and wrecked my home. They took my only vehicle, with all the tools of my trade inside, and impounded it, as well as Tommy’s car.” The police the bomb squad, forensics teams and sniffer dogs spent seven and a half hours stripping Carroll’s van to the bone. “When they finished,” he said, “they found nothing! They loaded it up with bugs and GPS monitors and threw everything in the back; it looks like it’s been in a blender.”
“…is there no one is the political establishment in the U.K. who has any decency, integrity, or spine?  No one who will stand up against these outrages?”


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hofstra Presidential Debate (2012) Patriots & Communist Loons (Pics)

"Too many Americans think Communism died with the fall of the Soviet Union. Nothing could be further from the truth. Communism is alive and well, but it isn’t just in Russia or China anymore."

Welcome to Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island. Host of the Second Presidential Debate on October 16, 2012.

It was also host to an eclectic group of protestors, drawing mainly from the Occupy Wall Street-Anarchists. Is this the future we've been waiting for?

"Teach the Children The Truth"? You think they mean it?

The Loving Open-Arms of Anarchy "Welcomes YOU!"

Joined with their Socialist Femi-Nazi comrades. At War with America. This young woman was encouraging everyone within ear-shot to VOTE Socialist!

As I snapped the picture, this misguided pro-abortionist was handed a Christian tract. She laughingly told the woman that she was handing it to the wrong person; that she, the Christian, was at the wrong rally. Then, she and her 'uterus', continued to walk around YELLING at the top of her lungs "My Choice" etc, etc...

Fed-up with her unchallenged mantra, I did a face-to-face stand-off yelling back at her, "That's right, SUCK the brains out of those babies...."  "Kill the babies" etc

To which she replied, "Why don't you shut-up" and warned me she'll "shove her hand up me just to shut me up" (huh?)

Found this Occu-pooper  giving an interview. The fellow asked her where she lived. She replied, "I don't have a place right now." Like ... she was "traveling around the country..." etc.. Couldn't help myself, I responded,  "So, that would make you part of the 1%" ! (They were not amused)

There were the predictable (unsuspecting) families who supported Obama.

A very tattered sign, unknowingly representing the last 4 years (ya think?)

Third Party hold-outs continue to ignore the harm they perpetuate by throwing away their votes.

Green Party Socialists...

Specific issues like PETA....


Support for legalizing "Cannabus". BTW-heard the Occu-pooper buses were THICK with weed and swimming in vodka. Most helpful in maintaining their demeanor which was Rowdy and Rude.

China. These people were very heartfelt and wanted people to  contact them.

Read their flyer for more on their issue.

"This Machine Annoys Fascists"  "Vermin Supreme"

Thankfully, there were plenty of Romney supporters from Long Island to Pennsylvania. And since the police were letting opposing sides mix with each other, more than once I caught pictures like this one with the creepy Obama t-shirt in the background ... (look at BHO's face)

Lots of jockeying to get in the picture. "Prosecute the Bankers" was very pushy

This mixing is something the police in Manhattan would never allow.

Patriots with clear-cut messages of why you should VOTE Romney.

Long Island Patriots. Proud to be Americans

End the nightmare of Obama. VOTE ROMNEY

The Delusional Demon-crats think with FOUR MORE YEARS, Obama and Company could actually save Social Security and Mortgages!

Don't 'piss-off ' Polar Bears. VOTE Democrat!

The air was ripe with the arrogance, anarchy and stupidity.  How else to you explain such a 'winning" argument, "If I want the government in my vagina, I'd fuck a Senator".

So in-LOVE with Communism, Socialism and Anarchy, they automatically vote for Tyranny and MORE government control.

"Tools and Fools" outside the Presidential debate shout down anyone who just might support Romney. Debate? Never!

Which brings me to this timely article, from which I took a couple of quotes. [The complete article is well worth reading]

When did Communism replace Freedom and Liberty as the new American Dream?


The election of 2012 is a contest between two opposite American Dreams and the outcome will tell us  everything about the American people...those who vote and those who don’t bother and those who think they can afford to play 3rd party games on the sidelines, even in this, the most important election in U.S. history.

On November 6th , America will get ONE LAST CHANCE to end this charade, peacefully.

Is this the future we’ve been waiting for?

If we fail... we'll be left with only a Second Amendment solution. At this point, there is no other solution.

Amerikka or America. It's up to YOU !

Slideshow of all the pictures outside Hofstra:


Friday, October 19, 2012

"Human Rights" Rabbis & their PRO-Jihad ads hit NYC Subways

October 17, 2012. NYC Subways. As the ad-wars continue, I went trolling for the next ad in the "enemedia" war against the Civilized Man. BINGO! The VERY misguided Leftists Tools at the Rabbis For "Human Rights"-North America now have their ads up at some of the stations where the AFDI ads are posted:

To the right of the picture is the Rabbis Pro-Jihad ad. In distance, marked by two arrows in the 44th  St and 8th Ave corridor, is the AFDI Anti-Jihad ad as well as the Lefty Jim Wallis Sojourner and Lefty Methodist Ladies Pro-Jihad ads.

Found the "Human Rights" Rabbis  up at Penn Station.

Please Note, the AFDI ad has NEVER been replaced at 34th St (#1) where there used to be an AFDI ad.... Not any more.

This is the same location (34th st- Penn Station) and the AFDI anti-Jihad ad has been replaced by the Methodists Pro-Jihad ad.

So, let's get honest (if possible) WHAT! are these Jihad Enablers protesting at Penn Station?

Then, I made a very interesting discovery, by accident. I took the wrong train. Got off at 28th street (#1 line). This is NOT a station with an AFDI ad (ever). But, look at what's peaking at me from across the tracks...

Guess those Jihad-Loving Rabbis have some 'friends' in the MTA cause, ya gotta ask, "WHY is their ad placed in this station?"

Moving on to the 23rd Street (C line). It still has the AFDI ad but, NO Rabbis (yet) just Methodists and Sojourners....

The "Rabbis" are now posted in the Times Square Corridor at 7th Ave and 42nd st. The arrows in the distance are the AFDI ad and the Lefty Jihad Enablers behind the Sojourner and Methodist ads. The Rabbis are to the right in the picture.

Finally, on the 17th, there was a surprise at the 49th Street station(N/R line). Found the MTA actually REPLACED the sliced up AFDI ad....

BEFORE (October 14th)

AFTER (October 17th)

The Rabbis ad joined up with AFDI, Sojourners and Methodists ads. Perhaps the 49th st MTA crew was feeling 'generous' so the replaced the AFDI ad at the same time.

Here's some powerful new posts on the subject.  First, the perfect response on Atlas Shrugs from a Rabbi who 'gets it'  and why we must support Civilization and NOT the Savage. 

After all, to support Jihad, to enable Jihad, to spread "mis-information" about Jihad, AKA LIES, enables the 'enemedia', who are bent on fufilling the suicidal Goebbels/Alinsky meme that if you "tell a LIE long enough, it becomes the "Truth"... but, then we ALL lose.

Islamorealism ad updated

Hello, New Jersey! What could you be thinking!!!! when you passed a PRO-Jihad Bill...

New Jersey Assembly passes pro-jihad bill: Dismantles counter terror measures to appease Muslim Brotherhood organizations

Allowing the ENEMY to control the message and the investigation are the Fools and Tools of New Jersey.....Dead-Men Walking....

Answeradcair F

If we remain silent, we Enable the Enablers and the Grand Jihad will succeed by destroying CIVILIZATION from within. The Nice-Guy SAVAGES will WIN.

Robert Spencer  at Jihad Watch shines a spot light on those NICE-GUY Jihadis
"Great guys all. Some partied and some embarked on a spiritual search, but they all ended up in the same place, committing acts dedicated to furthering the cause of jihad, or facing charges of having done so.

...they may be genuinely decent fellows....But the continued reference to such people as “terrorists” pure and simple, and the refusal of the media and most law enforcement officials to examine their ideology at all, only reinforces the idea that these people are raving maniacs, interested solely in chaos for its own sake.

The society they want to build, and the means besides guns and bombs that they are using to build it, is a forbidden topic for government analysts. People like Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis are just “terrorists,” interested only in “terror.” And so we’re continually surprised when they turn out to be nice guys after all. Decent fellows. Like the SS."

Wake UP AMERICA! Failure to stop the Jihadi Warriors is NOT an Option.