Friday, January 30, 2009

Pro-Gaza Rally- Mean Streets NY-Assault Photographer - (Video)

This failure to protect, on a selective basis, is a VIOLATION of police procedure.
What's up New York?!

Last night, a photographer from a major New York newspaper was assaulted and harassed by the new 'Brown Shirts"... the Green Vest patrol that accompanies these anti-Israel rallies and other ubiquitous hate-America 'peace' rallies. at this most recent rally, which was billed as a "pro- Gaza anti-AIPAC rally" ,at the NY Marriott Marquis, there were LOTS of police present, but as the video will show, our police showed very little interest in assisting the photographer (who had press credentials). They seemed to prefer nothing and did a lot of standing around while the Green-vested-Brown-shirts steam-rolled the First Amendment.

Video of the harassment of the VSB.The police had a brief shining moment at about 2:00 where it seemed they were stopping the harassment, and then...the 'brown shirts' pressed on...clearly ignoring First Amendment rights.


VSB was, also, harassed by these same bullies (male and female)with the same NON response from the police. The 'Green Vested Brown-Shirts were consistent in claiming our streets as their own little empire...they ruled...not the police.


One officer attempted a couple of "pyschological" explanations for the harassment: "They just don't like what you...They just don't like your taking their pictures" and..."That's their dislike having their pictured taken and to be brutes/bullies about it." They refused to get involved.

The officers were rude and disinterested or...timid...

The 'brown-shirts' were dictatorial and nasty and they defended "their streets" with a few choice statements. To the professional photographer they said "We don't need your pictures/coverage, so stop can't take our pictures. Are you under-cover!" and to VSB", You're a zionist bitch. You put the pictures in your zionist papers. Why are you here. Why do you take so many pictures. Stop" Why they even bothered going to the police demanding that anyone they disapproved of be REMOVED (from a public street) seemed unneccesary...They were in charge. Not the police.


This assault on this photographer was an assault on free-speech. We need to demand our First Amendment rights be protected for everyone without qualification. Otherwise...what what happened in's not good, boys and girls.... Not good at all.

So... Are you mad as hell yet? should be...

More pictures posted here Image hosted by
by redsquirrel08


Below the info on the anti-Israel Event:

Gaza Protest against AIPAC Fundraiser,
Times Square
Marriott Hotel!

***Please forward far and wide so even our people in Gaza hear about it!***

Join a Student and Community Protest outside the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Benefit Dinner at NYC Times Square 's Marriott Marquis Hotel

Thursday, January 29, 6:00 pm
Broadway between 45th and 46th Sts.

Stand up to ruin the appetite for Occupation! Stand up for the people of Gaza !

Over the past month, huge protests have erupted around the world to support the people of Gaza in the face of the massive campaign of devastation by Israeli forces that killed over 1300 Palestinians, one-third of them children. This movement is continuing the political pressure to support Palestine even in the aftermath of the recent "ceasefire" that Israel has reportedly already broken. Israel 's general siege on Gaza has not stopped, as seen in the current blockades of construction supplies into Gaza to rebuild homes, schools, and hospitals, etc.

These apartheid conditions on the Palestinian people are given full political and economic support by the U.S. government, with added ongoing pressure by such groups as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). This Thursday night, AIPAC will have its annual benefit dinner where New York politicians and Zionists will be rubbing elbows over $1,500 plates while most of Gaza is still in ruins.

We want to come in full force and ruin their appetite.

Join a lively student and community protest this Thursday at 6:00 pm outside the AIPAC dinner at the Times Square Marriott Marquis Hotel. The people of Gaza must not be forgotten.

Organized by: Break the Siege on Gaza Coalition-Student Committee, Campus Antiwar Network, General Union of Palestine Students, International Socialist Organization


Don't Tread on Me said...

Awesome video! Keep exposing the hate movement that is going on right under the noses of the liberal elite.

What these hate mongers seem to be ignorant of is that they are living in the U.S.A. where we have a free press but does not protect them from having their picture taken during a public protest.

The police officer in this video is an embaressment to the many wonderful men and woman who work for the NYPD- this seems to be a trend.

Way to go VigilanteSquirrelBrigade!

Cinnamon said...

Pro-Israel/pro-America grassroots activists need to realize that the police are not obligated to protect you, nor to protect press freedoms.

At their best, the cops will keep two sides (protest/counter-protest) apart and at their worst, they'll do nothing or actively help out the bad guys. I witnessed this once in Berkeley (wrote about here: and have had my blinders off ever since. Self-defense is key.

mtm said...

Punch a Woman in the face. No Way! That did not happen.I was there and that did not happen. The photographer was whacked in he head by protesters with their signs. He reached in to the pen to grab the punk that hit him. The Woman ducked out of the way.She was not struck or hit at all. The cowardly protesters tried to hide behind her. That is if it even was a woman. That person had their face completely covered. Lets face it, be honest here, the photographer was only trying to take pictures and record their rally so that it might be in the news. The protesters obviously just saw at he was from the Post and went crazy. The photographer was excited but who wouldnt be upset.And what is worse is that some of you want to spread lies about him. Stop it all and focus on what is going on in Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Stop it all and focus on what is going on in Gaza

Hamas is sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood. I'd be willing to bet good money that this 'protest' was also sponsored in part by one of the Muslim Brotherhood's front groups in America (CAIR, MAS, MSA, ISNA?).

Cinnamon is right, this isn't a problem that the police can directly deal with. The Muslim Brotherhood and their local activities are a legal/political/intelligence problem that's probably being dealt with by other govt. agencies.

Andy said...

This just makes me so angry. You might want to check out my blogpost too. I'm not doing all the stuff that you guys do but whenever I see or read something, I give my own personal comments. Most the time it's from a slew of e-mail subscriptions that I receive from various concervative sites. Specially relating to Islam and Israel.

Unknown said...

A group of emotional Islamic programmed american sheep doesnt want their pictures taken ,ohhh ,ohh my,where is the F.B.I. when there really needed

Unknown said...

Retards ,that believe Hamas lies,dime a dozen

Unknown said...

The muslim world is laughing at us now ,may they ROT !