Monday, January 12, 2009

palis’ march to cnn in manhattan

The ‘palis’ marched up 8th Avenue to CNN whining that CNN and the NY ’slimes’ don’t support the ‘pali’-cause. Lots of police, horses, scooters and command vehicles (as usual) were on the street to accompany these vile protesters all over mid-town. At one point, traffic came to stand-still while a ‘pali’ got arrested (they like to do that—drama-queens).And lots of tourist watching…

Why no marches through mid-town from the pro-Israel crowd? Why was that awesome Solidarity with Israel Rally left hidden on the East Side? Imagine if those 5,000 people (or more…no tally to quote yet)marched through Times Square. What if the Pro-ISRAEL RALLY had marched into mid-town! What an awesome sight that would have been.

Why are we hiding? WHY are we not DEMANDING the same visibility!! This is a great misfortune. WE MUST GET OUT MESSAGE OUT TO THE PUBLIC. WE MUST FIGHT THE PR WAR ON THE STREETS. Just like the “pali-”leftists do. LET’S MARCH!!!(Or….will the police tell us WE can’t march) Anyone want to find out?

Firts up some pictures of the ‘pali’ leftists in Times Square and then their march up 8th Avenue and more speeches and yelling in front of cnn.

…their sound system from hell:

walking around Times Square…police didn’t seem to care..

This is what the tourists see for hours and we are not permitted to even hand out flyers to counter these obscene lies…

Gotta pray before the march to cnn…

lots of police make the trip uptown…

Charlotte Kates and gang running the show at cnn

Disgusting and sad

BUT…we were there too (just hidden …sort of) at Columbus circle:

All the photos for this post are here>>

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