Friday, August 22, 2014

Aug 9- AGAIN (Anti-Israel) Columbus Circle & media "bias" (vids & pics)

The Ignorance of the Gullible Masses. Sickens the Eye. The Heart. (The SOUL) G-d Save us from this Madness. PLEASE.

Stand Up and Speak Out.  SUNDAY - August 17 - Union Square.  NYC. Stop the Lies! Support the Living! Support Israel!


The August 7 protest of the very REAL Media Bias against Israel (on August 7) was  a success. Positive. Up-lifting.

DSC_5184 copy
Two days later, there was an attempt by the LEFT to repeat this media bias complaint.  August 9, 2014. Columbus Circle. NYC.
DSC_5408 copy
But this was a  Leftists "bizarro twist" on the TRUTH.

FACT: “Palestine” is not a nation, now or ever. It is the flag of jihad. Israel is Palestine, which jihadists wish to destroy —

Lefties and Muslims insist that CNN is BIASED... in favor of Israel... (who knew?)   Hamas' never ending attacks against Israel are twisted, making Hamas the 'victim'.

FACT: The greatest obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians is quite simply a virulent jihadist hatred of Jews and the Jewish state. It cannot be appeased.

Facts be damned. Plastered on face book and in their press outreach was a drubbing of the media, to which the media flocked and hovered for hours.

aug 9

A biased, agenda-driven protest filled will the usual posters and banners :

DSC_5317 copy
The media should be reporting with less bias in favor of 'fakestine'; countering this agitprop would be a huge step forward.

VIDEO Part 1

 Expose the LIES of the LEFT. The SLANDER.  

DSC_5396 copy
That is why I decided to publish these publish this report. WE must forget what THEY are doing to keep the anti-Isarel agenda going.

DSC_5323 copy2
Death. Death. Death.
DSC_5442 copy2
Picture after picture.
DSC_5444 copy
Horrid claims that Israel is murdering children.
DSC_5442 copy3
The Left and the Islamists hammer Israel with lie after lie ... a sea of 'pallywoods". The dead. Bodies blown apart. Children. Pictures manipulated to impress the media.
DSC_5419 copy
While the speaker complains about CNN being PRO-Israel! Cars were honking in support of the 'bloody' hands waving back at them. Racist Cornel West and his chum, Chris Hedges wave back in support of the hate and lies.
west bloddy hands
[ BTW- Police seem to be getting weary of these hate-fests messing up Times Square. Moving them to Columbus Circle is happening more often.]

VIDEO Part 2

LIES to fire-up young Muslims in the crowd. Every Marxist tool in the city, like Sara Flounders of the International Action Center, set these events up and then FIRE-up the crowd with their anarchistic rhetoric. BTW- there were plenty of anarchists represented Jewish/Muslim ...white, black and Hispanic...I know this because I have the pictures to validate them ( since they where their anarchy proudly on their t-shirts and banners)

VIDEO Part 3

Pulling the heart strings of the gullible is also the work of these UWS Leftists (mostly Jews) .

DSC_5319 copy
A Muslim GIRL carries the Green Flag of Hamas Terrorism ... as though it represents "peace".
hamas flag 1

VIDEO Part 4

...the anti-Israel SPIN rolls on... Save the families. Save the children.

DSC_5314 copy
Don't think. Thinking is NOT allowed. Just... FEEL...the family that feels together...won't question anything (except the truth)
DSC_5336 copy
(NOTE to Neteuri Karta: you could have stayed home.) You were barely noticed at this protest
DSC_5385 copy
Death to Israel means Death to the Jews (which they deny)
DSC_5470 copy
Words. Words. Words. "I'm so sick of words" and these pictures.
DSC_5364 copy2
Suddenly....the UN and CNN are PRO-Israel. Pro-USA?
DSC_5572 copy
(When the LIE suits the moment...they will run with it...) Sympathy abounds for some.
DSC_5466 copy
Jews. Christians. Kufirs Need NOT apply. Your dead means nothing to these anarchists.
DSC_5455 copy

More reportage that dares to tell the TRUTH about the murdering of the children (Jewish/Christian and even Muslim) by Muslims/Terrorists/Islamists.

And more on the very real meaning of the word genocide, The TRUTH about Genocide

 Slideshow of many more pictures:



Stand Up and Speak Out.  August 17 - Union Square.  NYC. Stop the Lies! Support the Living! Support Israel!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

HUGE "STAND WITH ISRAEL" Rally - UN Plaza (7-28-14) vids & pics


The crowds were HUGE. Coming together to STAND With ISRAEL.

Walking to the UN Plaza from all-sides. Converging on two small tables where bags had to be checked . BTW- this is NOT required when going to lefty/muzzard protests ... ONLY to Israeli protests. (That tells us a lot about who is threatening whom.)

It was impossible to see or hear anything. The UN Plaza was JAMMED with people who had come to show SUPPORT for Israel.
DSC_4443 copy
I had to hang around the the edges of the rally.
DSC_4453 copy
Which is OK when you realize so many people gathered in the name of PEACE... and they are PEACEFUL.
DSC_4467 copy
No angry, fist pumping chants demanding anyone's death (as we see at the anti-Israel events)
DSC_4438 copy
As I was leaving, I came upon a few passersby who had decided to chastise the Neteuri Karta. (Some days you just can't ignore them)

During this 'talk-back' ... aimed at the Neteuri Karta.... I loved it when the girl with the Israel Flag headband started to SING, am Yisrael CHAI!  Singing is usually the order-of-the day (even when angry) SING!
IMG_1710 copy
I understand their frustration. Too many passing-by think the Neteuri Karta represent "True Judaism".
IMG_1713 copy
The Leftists and Muslims find the confusion they create very useful.  They love it when  the media writes there are even 'Jews' who say Israel is illegal"

That makes our Show of Support more important with every day.

This Sunday. In Union Square. Another opportunity to join together in SUPPORT of Israel AND Minorities Persecuted Under Islamic Rule. July 17, 2014.

BE THERE if you can!!

A Slide show of a few more pictures:


Pro- Israel "Stop the Media-Lies" Rally -Columbus Circle- 8-7-14

August 7, 2014 Columbus Circle NYC.
pro israel cnn
"Support Israel Against Biased Media"
DSC_5108 copy
It may not have been as big a gathering as the  July 28th Rally at UN Plaza---that was HUGE---but this was confident rally with a purpose.
media bias  copy copy
Support Israel!!
DSC_5242 copy
The crowd was  full of a quiet but intense energy...asking....begging for peace.
DSC_5171 copy
A peace that HAMAS has no intention of honoring.
DSC_5266 copy
The Hamas goal does not change.
DSC_5260 copy
It's purpose is to wipe Israel OFF the map.
DSC_5185 copy
The Media has no intention of reporting the TRUTH.  We must challenge  and EXPOSE the Media LIES
DSC_5153 copy
Hamas is  supported not exposed by the media.
DSC_5133 copy

DSC_5178 copy
I wasn't able to stay long but the difference between the two rallies, the anti- Israel and the pro-Israel, is apparent to the eye and ear. The PEACEFUL, joyful  singing is always a hallmark of pro-Israel rallies and protests.
DSC_5124 copy
The anti-Israel Leftists and muslims scream, chant and pump angry hateful fists in the air, demanding DEATH to Israel.
DSC_5532 copy
THE TRUTH jumps out for all to see yet they, the media, turn away.
DSC_5229 copy2
There was one cheeky protestor this day ( that I saw). She walked confidently passed me to the enclosed area  surrounded by police barricades.
DSC_5200 copy
She sat down Buddha-style and held her 'peace sign' for about 15 minutes.  

" We are Humans. End the Fighting"... But, no mention of Hamas....just a Peace Symbol...
DSC_5206 copy

Police said she could stay. She held nothing  that said she was opposing Israel. I asked some officers, could I do the same at a pro-Hamas /anti-Israel protest? Go in their enclosure with a coy little sign and sit down? Knowing that I would not care to be physically assaulted, the response to me, says it all, "Would you want to?"

[VIDEO has more of the interloper starting at 00:32]

In NO danger from the pro-Israeli gathering she 'meditated' unmolested until she became a topic of as a 'protestor'.... she left.
DSC_5228 copy
(too many 'negative vibes?)
DSC_5153 copy2
"Who REALLY wants PEACE". Who Really wants to End the Fighting?
DSC_5251 copy
Too bad she wasn't willing to ask.Too bad the Media isn't interested either.
DSC_5226 copy


Slideshow of a few more pictures

And the Beat Goes On. More gatherings.  Needed to spread the TRUTH. To Support Israel & the Minorities Under Islamic Rule. If you can: BE There!

August 17, 2014 - Union Square- NYC - 4-7 PM