Monday, January 12, 2009

reports in NY of many assaults by muslims after pro-Israel rallies

WAKE UP AMERICA. Can we be protected by our police? We must be concerned. We too have heard the taunts of this is their country and get out of here. We must take our country back before it’s lost for good.

Read more on mulsim attacks after cnn rally here>>

Got a shot of the police arresting this woman on the way 8th Ave:

Here’s the CNN report of arrests and assaults on police as well:

NEW YORK (CNN) — At least nine protesters were arrested in a pro-Palestinian rally in New York that injured seven police officers, authorities said.

The extent of injuries varied from minor to serious, New York police said. Two officers sustained head injuries.

Detective Cheryl Crispin said the protesters taken into custody faced charges ranging from disorderly conduct to reckless endangerment.

In a statement, the NYPD said the officers were injured when trying to break up a fight between two demonstrators.

The demonstrators had gathered on Manhattan’s West Side on Sunday afternoon to protest the Israeli incursion in Gaza.

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Saw this passing delivery truck , a kefiyah waving fool hanging out the passenger window and the infamous Charlotte Kates came out to encourage him

And some hopped up muzzie males driving around Columbus Circle:

They jeer our pro-Israel supporters as they pass through:


Christopher Logan said...

Thank you for your never ending commitment.

Red Squirrel (Pamela Hall) said...

We know we must keep fighting these death cults. The commitment is easy...we must educate educate EDUCATE! if we are to stop this islamic madness. Thank you!!