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Thugs "ALL out for Al AQSA" in Times Square

July 22, 2017. Times Square
1 pm to 3 pm
Their message was clear

"Allah" is with those who serve others (Prophet Muhammad)

A young Israeli woman insisted 'Palestinians', "Only want PEACE." Some. Sure. (maybe)

Did the Muslims (and Commies) hold another protest in Times Square to spread their message of PEACE? (or NOT)

In their own words, from American Muslims for Palestine - NJ Chapter

"AMP is alarmed by the recent developments at the Al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem. Israeli authorities closed the mosque for Friday prayers last week. When it reopened, worshipers were greeted with metal detectors and checkpoints outside the mosque's gates.

Israel is using the current situation in Jerusalem as a pretext to implement long-standing plans to divide Al Aqsa mosque like they did to the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. This new move violates international law, restricts freedom of religion and violates the internationally agreed upon status quo of the Al Aqsa compound. Join us as we protest these Israeli aggressions!"
                                                                 Protest Co-sponsors:

  International Action Network
Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
Labor for Palestine
Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Rutgers SJP
NYC Students for Justice in Palestine

 The fist on the poster - not much of an olive branch. Claiming to be peaceful while they sucker-punch the world. Violence is their "Peace".

The NEW JDL-NY was, also, there; to protest the recent  murder of a Jewish family, in their home by a "Palestinian" terrorist.
"The victims were celebrating the birth of a grandson when the "Palestinian" terrorist, 19-year-old Omar al-Abed, entered their home armed with a large knife and stabbed to death a father and his two adult children."
Abed said, "He was wanting to commit a terror attack because of events surrounding the Temple Mount in Jerusalem."

Peace? Is it ever possible. When these Muslim protests have managed to inspire Muslim murderers like Abed. Without apology.

The protest crowd included flag-runners and flag-thieves, aggressive "yutes" bussed in from Jersey, spreading their message of "peace".

Filling the air with chants, cheers and jeers, along with air horns and 'motivational" speakers, they all did their duty.

Playing to themselves, and the confused passersby, they screamed their "peaceful" lies across Seventh Ave. [One small pleasure, the press wasn't interested.]

Slogans. signs. chants. t-shirts. Add them up and there is no doubt: the Commie-Muslim rabble at this protest have no intention of living PEACEFULLY with anyone, least of all the Jews in Israel.

JEWS, get out of "Palestine". Israel. Gaza. The Middle East. Where ever there are Muslims - Jews Begone.

Sadly, their LIES remain unchallenged by the media.

BUT, that challenge was met Without Apology by the NEW JDL-NY.

FACT: The TEMPLE MOUNT belongs to the JEWS. Occupation by the Muslims does not make it a mosque. It's still the Temple Mount. So PROTEST WE MUST.

A confused public rarely understands the Neturei Karta. And a sign like "It's Not about RELIGION" makes no sense when we know it's ALL about religion: Islam is at war with the world.

More bogus claims:
"Israel is using the current situation in Jerusalem as a pretext to implement long-standing plans to divide Al Aqsa mosque like they did the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. 

Israel violates international law, restricts freedom of religion.
This new move violates international law, restricts freedom of religion and violates the internationally agreed upon status quo of the Al Aqsa compound."

Knowing there is always a possibility of confrontations, orchestrated by the Muslim thugs, the NYPD asks US to (make nice), KEEP THE PEACE. Why? Because the police can trust us.

Flashback to
the May 25 AFDI Protest/ Rally led by Pamela Geller, a vivid example of Muslim-Leftie harassment unchecked. They insisted they were protected (by LAW) from police harassment.

[In the two pictures that follow - the speakers-stage is blue canopy on the right, the commie-agitators on the left - and just a few police standing between the WHISTLES, the Commies and the stage.]

The ruse …. as long as passersby can move through the sidewalk …. passing their noxious gauntlet, the Soc/Commie/Lefties DEMAND the right to STAND there. (and not quietly) Contrary to what we have been told in the past by the NYPD: keep moving, not standing, has been the rule-of-law .... til now.

Flash forward- July 22, 2017. Walk the streets. Blow the whistles. Use the same tactics and loyal American citizens will be pressured, "guilted", to STOP. When it comes to protest rules-of-engagement, the police predictably urge us to go away, to "PLEASE keep things peaceful."

Regarding the two assaults. AFTER Muslim THUGS assaulted JDL members carrying the Israeli flags. The thugs walked. Disappeared in the crowd ... til the next assault.

Slide Show screen shots of assaults:


Unfortunately, controlling Muslim violence in the U.K. is going 'bad to worse', so the NYPD aims to keep the Times Square thugs placated.

"EXCLUSIVE: Police lose control as “Palestinian” demonstrators menace supporters of Israel in London" (Pamela Geller)

BUT WHO is doing the controlling? The police or the THUGS?

BTW- Some of the NYPD officers still wear the black-band of mourning on their badges (in memoriam for assassinated  NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia).

The police are under attack.  Yet, they remain on-the street, working to keep-the-peace while protecting these Muslim/Commie thugs and bullies.

We are NOT the problem. The police know they have our support AND our respect, even when we disagree. Still, we were assaulted. Twice. By those peaceful Muslim 'yutes'.

The first assault. The New JDL - NY was walking, legally, on a public sidewalk .... with two Israeli flags .... when 2 thugs flung themselves on the male JDL protestor. From behind. Knocked him down as they tried to rip the Israeli flag from his hands. [The usual method: One thug body-slams. Another rips flag from hands of the assaulted.]

BUT, our guy didn't go down so easily. He was knocked to the sidewalk and then slammed into the wall. But, the thugs NEVER got the flag. AND .... they were not arrested. They walked. Instead the officers prevailed upon the JDL to please LEAVE the area. With the caveat that IF they appeared on our side (which they were doing already) IF they were causing a problem, the police would handle it.

IF? Their belligerence and willingness to pick a fight makes them uncontrollable. Yet, our mere presence was characterized as THE problem. We caused the assaults by legally walking back and forth with our flags.  Yet, one snippy officer insisted WE were an irritant CAUSING trouble. Not the Muslim thugs. So, LEAVE.

[The first assault is at approx. 1:30 in the video]

The SECOND assault came after more than one Muslim continued to stand behind us, on OUR side of the avenue, with their signs. chanting.  The two officers near us seemed uninterested in the Muslim interlopers. So the Muslims hung around. Waiting to strike. Which they did - eventually.

This  assault involved 4-5 - maybe more - Muslims (young and middle-aged) whose sole purpose was to engage - incite - by walking back and forth behind us while shouting Free, Free "Palestine". Finally, one of our Israeli JDL flag-bearers turned towards the aggressors - holding her flag high. Immediately she was BODY-SLAMMED from behind by a "PEACEFUL" Muslim.

Her flag ripped from her hands - the thief ran down the sidewalk - but someone in our group caught him and returned the flag.

Finally, the police managed - with difficulty- to get the pack of Muslims back to their side of the avenue.

Assault #2 happened before the video starts.  I witnessed the assault - the body-slam and the Israeli flag ripped from her hands. The video begins just after the flag was re-captured.

This is a part of speech supporting "Palestine" and the al-Aqsa mosque protest by a 17 years old Muslima,  Hebh Jamal ["The function of freedom is to free someone else" - Toni Morrison]

"Salaam Aleikum. I want to just acknowledge that I understand how hard it is to ignore what is happening on the other side. (referring to the JDL protestors) These people are the ones who are taking our loved ones.  Taking things that are meaningful to us. Taking our country away from us.  So I get it.  But I want you guys right now ....  to understand my words ... I want to remind you that this is not enough.  It is not enough to go to protests.  It is not enough to say #FreePalestine . We have to do more than that. [snip] Right here in this country, two senators are creating a bill (Senator Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer) are creating a bill that makes boycotting Israel illegal. Why are they trying so hard to stop us? The least we can do is advocate against this. Advocate against those who try to silence us. Why are they trying so hard to stop us? [snip] ... it is only over our dead bodies will we have freedom [...] the least we can do is show 'Palestinians' that we stand in solidarity with them and the resistance" [chanting in Arabic]

 And a complaint/suggestion found at their Face book site:

Fahmi Alasmar Abu Morad - "You should've planned it for Friday and have everyone pray Juma on Times Square in support of our brothers and sisters in Jerusalem."

HELLO, FAHMI. They prayed. 

They did the Zuhr prayer. No opportunity missed to raise their back-sides to the sky.

Remembering the obscene whistle blowing and shouting that the NYPD seemed unable to control on May 25th, I left ( briefly) to buy the LAST $5 whistle at Modells. I  hurried back. Whistle-ready.  ONE whistle was better than no whistle.


That ONE high-pitched whistle can carry across the avenue. Enough reactions from the Muslims made it apparent

 THEY heard me. (SShhing me)

Unfortunately - so did the two officers standing with us. NOW the pressure was on to please 'Give it a rest'.   I responded, "I support you guys, officer. But, I can do this (whistle).  I know 'cause at our protest, they were allowed to use multiple whistles. Standing on top of our speakers." He was not happy. GUILTING me as he walked away with "Thank you for your co-operation". 

It worked. A few more long winded blasts and I caved. Something the Left NEVER does.

Flickr slide show of both sides

The JDL counter-protest stayed on until the Muslim al-Aqsa protest marched east on 42nd St . Maybe to Bryant Park for their late afternoon prayers.

Of course, NOT a WORD was spoken about the murders of the Jewish family in Israel.  If you dare to ask, "What about..." , all you get is "The IDF murders" innocent Muslims".

The Salomon family had sat down for Friday night Shabbat dinner in their home in Halamish. They had invited their friends to come later that evening for a celebration to mark the birth of a grandson when suddenly a Palestinian terrorist infiltrated their home, and stabbed Yosef, 70, and two of his children - Elad, 36 and Chaya, 46 - to death.

It took only 15 minutes from the moment the terrorist, Omar al-Abed (19) climbed over the fence around the settlement of Halamish to the moment he was killed by an off-duty soldier, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis said on Saturday.

[snip] “What is different now is that there is more focus on religion, especially in the last few days, which we didn’t see before. Such a focus makes it more dangerous because it has more support in the Arab world,” he said.

There was a joyful Facebook UPDATE from Hebh Jamal  "Palestinians celebrated the removal of Israeli security measures from the al-Aqsa compound after two weeks of protests." (Al Jazeera)


Hebh Jamal is 17 yrs old and credits her TEACHERS for helping her find her voice. Her activism.

When people critic [sic] the Palestinian resistance by placing the concern of violence at the forefront, it ignores the issues that create the violence. We want self determination and freedom from a terrorist state. 

Interestingly, Nelson Mandela although was described as the most important peace advocate in history .... was kept on the US terrorist list until 2008.... Our plight is minimized , and as Angela Davis put it, " let the Palestinian people employ their own methods they deem most likely to succeed in their struggle."

[snip] you can link the hyper militarization of both the US and Israel to the rise of violence in Palestine, and the rise in tragedies that occur. Israeli police have been involved in training US police. Our struggles are unfortunately tied. When you challenge one, you're subsequently challenging the other.

Sami Disu There are surveys of the American population which show that most think there is a higher fatality of Israelis than Palestinians. With that basic lack of knowledge, it may not even be useful to get into certain discussions on the issue over here.

BUT, then there's TRUTH vs their Fiction

What Status Quo:

July 25, 2017 : The so-called “status quo” on the Temple Mount is dead. It was killed by Palestinian denial of Jewish connection not only to the Mount but to any part of the Land of Israel, by terrorists who may have been aided and abetted by the Waqf, and by Abbas’s diplomatic assaults on Jewish history and legitimacy in Jerusalem.

And last week, Palestinian terrorists smuggled machine guns onto the Temple Mount and attacked police guarding its gates, killing two Israeli officers. The terrorists launched their attack from within the Temple Mount and then fled into the shrines on the Mount.

The Metal Detectors of Islam:  
(Regarding).... "the metal detectors (and surveillance cameras) that (were) installed last week at the entrances to the Temple Mount/Haram ash-Sharif.
The episode has raised the question of just what constitutes legitimate security measures at Islamic holy shrines and iconic mosques. We live in a time when the primary threat to the security of these sites arises from Muslims themselves—notably, extremists bent on using them as launching pads for violent acts designed to destabilize and terrorize. Across the Muslim world, governments are acutely aware of the vulnerabilities of these sites, and have taken measures to secure them. In particular, they have resorted to a very commonplace technology: metal detectors. At this link, I provide some prime examples, from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates.

How do these states differ from Israel? They are effective and sole sovereigns over the holy shrines and major mosques in their territory. Israel apparently is not. “The Metal Detectors of Islam,here, for a quick trip to Islam’s bucket list of top sites."

                    Peace - Humanity - SOME ARE JUST MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.

[Videos and Pictures Property of Pamela Hall]

++  Flyers handed out the the Muslim protestors in Times Square - click images to enlarge -++



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al-Quds Day LIES Returned to Times Square 2017

al-Quds Day, June 23, 2017. The anti-Israel LIES and agitprop returned to Times Square. Again.

Every year. Same ol', Same ol'. (Rinse. Repeat)

Commies and their anti-Israel chums (Muslims and the Neturei Karta) gathered on Seventh avenue to proclaim - LOUDLY- that the Holy Land. Israel. Jerusalem (al-Quds). The Temple Mount (al Aqsa mosque). The City of David. ALL are the 'ancestral' property of those "Palestinain"  pretenders from Jordan ("victims' of the Jews).

The Big LIE, claiming to be "Palestinians". You name it. They  claim it. "From the River to the Sea".
In Arabic, Jerusalem is known as al-Quds :  "The Holy" or "The Holy Sanctuary".


"al-Quds Day (Jerusalem Day; Quds is Arabic for Jerusalem), an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan .... initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 to express support for the Palestinians and oppose Zionism and Israel,[1] as well as Israel's "occupation" of Jerusalem and Jewish settlements in Israeli- occupied territories[2][3]. Nominally, it exists in opposition to the Jerusalem Day (Yom Yerushalayim) celebration instituted by Israel in May 1968." []

The videos begin with al-Quds Day chants and pep-talk speeches (of course).


 The usual anti-Israel, anti-Zionist LIES made by the delusional Neturei Karta were countered vociferously by the The New Jewish Defence League NYC.

The New JDL-NY counter-protest had legs, determined to confront the LIES, still ---  even the truth confused some and irritated others.

But, the JDL-NY  had a permit so their counter-protest was not buried blocks away. The Commies got Alinskied! (Right back 'atcha)

 The al-Quds Commies displayed outrage as they shouted (screamed) their Fakestinian agitprop across 42nd and 7th.

Lead by the usual culprits: Ramsey Clark's IAC (International Action Center Commies) and WWP
(Workers World Party
), Sara Flounders.

And also from IAC and WWP (Workers World Party),  Larry Holmes .

Veteran Communist organizers run the 'show' along with Cyrus McGoldrick (once head of NY-CAIR.

Many of the speakers SCREAMED their message of HATE in Times Square, except for Sara Flounders. She spewed just as much hatred for Israel and America, but in an oddly quiet tone. Either way, it's still HATE. But, TODAY, they did not "OWN the streets". They were not happy.

As the JDL- NY counter-protest continued, walking back and forth with the JDL and Israeli flag, sullen was added to the Communist demeanor.

The al-Quds protest leaders slipped profanity into their pro-forma anti-Zionist, anti-America diatribes. They were not happy.

Even the always confident Cyrus McGoldrick seemed to grow weary of the JDL-NY commotion.

The JDL-NY contingent, like gnats on a hot summer might, were annoying but it was legal.

.... just keep walking ...

So the Israeli, American, Trump in 2020 and JDL flags strolled back and forth.

Including an "al-Quds is HATE" sign.

The whistles. The rams horn. The acoustic megaphones. The jeering back at the speakers. It all worked. But next time, I'd recommend MORE WHISTLES (maybe more cowbell!)

The JDL-NY counter-protest hung in there. Unrelenting. Countering the LIES. A new day was dawning.

 The NK - holding HORRID Nazi signs - were confronted by passersby, the JDL and a guy in a truck. draped with Israeli flags. He stopped that truck right beside the Neturei Karta.

The truck-guy started shouting at them in Hebrew.

Then, he drove SLOWLY down 7th. Next to the protest pens.

Yelling at the protestors, they yelled back and threw signs as well as other small detritus at his truck. [caught this action in the video at about 1:38] All while NYC Students for Justice in Palestine organizer, Nerdeen Kiswani, was screaming from the stage.

 Soon after, very soon, the the police closed that traffic lane next to the barricades. No way could he, or anyone else, make a second pass.

  Seems the war of flags and banners led to an arrest on the Left.  No matter. Lefties LOOOVE anything that gets them more attention. Especially arrests.

The arrestee was activist Nick Maniace of Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network. The Maniace arrest in picture below includes two of his co-horts, the woman in the  green hajab and Sara Flounders of International Action Center

Nick’s arrest took place midway through Joe Catron’s speech for the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.  A small team of demonstrators engaged in jail support arrived with Nick to the al-Quds Day Iftar organized by NYC Students for Justice in Palestine after the demonstration, meeting with cheers and strong solidarity and support.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network denounces the unjust and illegitimate arrest by the NYPD of Nick Maniace. 

Such attacks are in no way surprising from a police department engaged in daily terror against Black people and other oppressed communities. This incident reflects ongoing NYPD support for Zionism and racism and the framework of repression and surveillance targeting the Palestine movement and Arab and Muslim organizing and community existence.

We urge full support for Nick Maniace at his scheduled court date on 28 August and, most importantly, continued and intensified organizing, protest and action against racism, Zionism, imperialism and colonialism, from NYPD repression on the streets of New York to Zionist settler colonialism in occupied Palestine.

In my own words, as I watched Sara Flounders argue against the arrest and the JDL-NY's permit.

JDL-NY  had a PERMIT, not a sound permit,  but an NYPD permit that allowed them to protest across from the al-Quds protest, challenging the al-Quds lies, relentlessly. This annoyed dedicated Ramsey Clarke Commie, Sara Flounders.

I over heard Sara arguing with a police Capt. "Why was the JDL allowed to be so close to their protest?" (the shouting - WHISTLING)

She waved her permit form. The NYPD Captain said the JDL-NY had a permit, too. Sara shocked, "THEY have a permit?" (Capt) YES! ( Sara) flustered annoyed. Jammed her cell phone to her ear - making a call - to someone. (they do this a lot when manipulating the police) BUT- heh- nothing worked!

The Captain waved her away. Crossed back to the al-Quds pen, on the east side of Seventh Ave, telling the officer to get her out of the street. She was blocking traffic. (sweet)

As for  that ARREST, don't let their whining fool you. The Commies LOVE to be arrested : victimology 101.

More on the arrest in a comment from the "belly-ache" of the beast:

BTW - while we're on "Fact or Fiction" reportage- found an odd reference while  searching Google for "Israel".  WHAT pray tell is THIS?  Google- protesting history?

Definition: of Deprecated a recommendation against using it "to express disapproval"

Please note - the sponsors dedicated to spewing these FREE al -Quds LIES, maybe some also work for GOOGLE. (friends in 'high' places?)

The list of  sponsors for al Quds

Names and organizations: Students for Justice in Palestine organizer Nerdeen Kiswani. Speakers included Kiswani of NYC SJP, Joe Catron of Samidoun, Sara Flounders of the International Action Center, Bernadette Ellorin and Mike Legaspi of BAYAN USA, longtime activist Esperanza Martel, Richard Kossally of Peoples’ Power Assembly, Mike Bento of NYC Shut it Down, Syed Istafa Naqvi of the Islamic Association of North America, Shahid Comrade of the Pakistan USA Freedom Forum, Larry Holmes of the Workers World Party and Lawrence Hamm of the Peoples Organization for Progress, reflecting an alliance of social justice movements.

They do not relent. Neither should we. The TRUTH must be heard.  No matter what the Commies and Muslim "fakestinians' claim, these inconvenient (and IGNORED) FACTS remain what they are : FACT- NOT LIES!

"... there are no records to support the Palestinian narrative. In history, art and literature there is no trace at all of any Muslim people referred to by anybody as “Palestinians.”

Records show that it was 19th and 20th century Jewish settlement and the resulting employment opportunities that drew successive waves of Arab immigrants to Palestine. “The Arab population shows a remarkable increase ….. partly due to the import of Jewish capital into Palestine and other factors associated with the growth of the [Jewish] National Home..” (The Peel Commission Report - 1937)

“ the Jewish settlement Rishon l’Tsion founded in 1882, by the year 1889, the forty Jewish families settled there, had attracted more than four hundred Arab families.... Many other Arab villages had sprouted in the same fashion.” (Joan Peters - From Time Immemorial p. 252 - referenced further as: FTI)

British PM Winston Churchill said in 1939: “.. far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country [Palestine]..”

Before the Six Day War in 1967, when Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt ruled in Gaza, there was never any suggestion on the part of the "Palestinians" that they wanted independence in their ancestral homeland. The reason was that the "Palestinian" nation hadn't been invented yet.
In fact, before the State of Israel was born, the term "Palestinians" was used by the Jews to refer to themselves and their organizations. “The Palestine Post”, the Palestine Foundation Fund, Palestine Airways, and the Palestine Symphony Orchestra were all purely Jewish enterprises.

We first hear of Arabs referred to as "Palestinians" when Egypt’s President Nasser, with help from the Russian KGB, established the "Palestine Liberation Organization" in 1964. It was only during the 1970s that the newly minted “Palestinians” began to promote their narrative through murder and assassination. The Arabs have justified their attacks as acts of the indigenous people struggling for national liberation.[snip]

The claim that “Palestinians” are the indigenous people of Israel and that most of the present Palestinian Arabs have lived in these lands since time immemorial is a total fraud. "

[Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

Follow links to  Part 1 flickr slide show
June, 23, 2017 - Lies Lies and more LIES.

                                          Part 2 Flickr slide show