Monday, January 8, 2024

Rise and Resist/Antifa Riot against Curtis Sliwa's "Stop Illegal Migration" Protest

Update. Jan 8, 2024 and no one in the government seems to be able or CARE to stem the tide of illegals as the streets of NY turn to  winter.

@ViralNewsNYC :  Overnight NYPD officers found migrants with kids wandering streets in the freezing cold. I was told cops picked them up and took them to the Roosevelt hotel. They came from Penn Station. Someone will end up dying because of this nonsense.

The East Village NYC.  100s of migrants line the streets waiting to get reprocessed. Most of the migrants are black.  Some state they have been waiting for over 15 days to get reprocessed. This wait is due to the overwhelming number of migrants that are flooding NYC and the Borders. NYC officials have stated over and over the migrant crisis is unsustainable and are now calling it a humanitarian crisis.  I personally don't see the end game of this .🎥 by @LeeroyPress Follow @viralnewsnyc

The Oct 7 massacre and kidnapped Israelis dominates the press, as it should. But, as the "falesteenians" take the lede and overwhelm our cities and police, and the press, the illegals continue to be dropped off - in the dark of night- by the bus loads.

The Illegal Invasion of our country continues unabated.

On Aug 27,2023, at 2 pm, New Yorkers from across the 5 Burroughs tried to stem the tide. They demanded an America First reaction from Mayor Adams and his hard left City Council: Protect and Defend Americans FIRST. Something the prog/soc/commie left will never do.

The destruction of our cities is at the top of their list. Even the NYPD seemed to be compromised and confused thanks to our courts.

Occupy Gracie Mansion against Illegal Migration.

Curtis Sliwa and others led the protest, calling out Mayor Adams. Adams said he could house illegals at Gracie Mansion and then backed down.So, Staten Island and Brooklyn - Queens- were chosen to be drop off points. Shame on you, Mayor Adams and the misuse of public funds for illegal migrants.

Americans First.

.Four VIDEOS next - First,  an excerpted speech of Curtis Sliwa. Humidity was high. No matter, Curtis always delivers a powerful message: "Come here LEGALLY, or not at all. America First. " Had to struggle for clear shots, the crowd was hard to film over and it was HOT! Just look at Curtis' jacket from behind. Meanwhile, "ONE TERM Mayor " was a popular chant.


Video 2: ALSO present were two different groups of hard core leftists- some were Black Bloc/Antifa.  They overwhelmed the police. Took over the street. And assaulted the protestors. Ripping flags and signs to instigate fights. Curtis had warned the NYPD this would happen, yet they were unprepared. The police were scrambling, attempting to get control of the anarchists.


 Video 3: When the NYPD finally got control of the chaos, the PRESS took a hit....for doing nothing but covering the protest. Many of the press were locked in a pen across from the protest. Also, peaceful protestors who came closer to 2 pm were denied entry. They were locked out at 86th street ...the after math of the Rise/Resist/Antifa riot.

Video 4: As arranged, at the end of the Occupy Gracie Mansion protest, Sliwa and two octogenarians agreed to be arrested - bringing attention to the abuse Mayor Adams has caused to senior citizens who were displaced for the illegals. I repeat, it was a very hot day. Everyone was drenched and the crunch of photographers made everything even more intense.

Flickr slide show part 1- Arrived 1:15 and both sides were already gathering as Curtis Sliwa led the protest. Sliwa's peaceful protestors, who came closer to 2 pm, were denied entry after the lefties rioted. They were locked out at 86th street. This slide show is a compilation off all sides: Occupy Gracie, Leftists, police, press and the groups that got penned.

Occupy Gracie Mansion Protests Illegals Part 1

Part 2  Slide Show-The result of the lefties rioting was a confused lock down. Press, lefties, Curtis' peaceful protestors. So many police standing in line to stem the confrontations... Do we ever see this kind of control at the 'falesteenian" city wide street assaults.? (you know the answer)

hOccupy Gracie Mansion illegals Protest Part 2

Part 3  slide show- Sadly, peaceful protestors were locked out by the police, over a long block away.  (belated crowd control- after the Rise and Resist  riot) But the patriots still delivered their message: Americans First! There were many speakers - on message!  So, Mayor Adams, are you listening?  (Nope ... nobody was listening.)

Occupy Gracie Mansion Illegals Protest Part 3

I observed aggressive acts by the thugs on the left but only two were arrested. However, there were newbies protesting Mayor Adams, who misread who were the leftists. Using masks as a code for leftards and they acted out. I think one was arrested. Other than that- it is almost ALWAYS the Rise and Resist/Antifas who assault any one on the right.

.The big question : Does NYC have to House the World.

".... New York’s liberal elites are arguing over whether the “right to shelter” only applies to New York’s mentally impaired derelicts and addicts or those of the entire world who have been arriving in endless numbers as part of the Biden administration’s open borders policy.

Never was it envisioned that this would be an unlimited universal right or obligation on the city to have to house literally entire world,” Gov. Hochul protested.

Mayor Eric Adams .... has gone to court to suspend the disastrous 1979 ‘Right to Shelter’ consent decree. Legally speaking he’s likely to lose because the city’s radical courts have repeatedly held that everyone has the right to be housed even if it’s a right that has no actual legal basis. []


. End of discussion.

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Thursday, January 4, 2024

From the River to the Sea: Israel is what you'll see!

From The River to the Sea, ISRAEL is what you'll SEE!!

Dec 5, 2023. NYC. On W. 42nd St,  YadYamim-NY counter-protested the obnoxious CUNY "palis", again. It was a low key event, but whenever and where ever the 'palis' gather it is important to counter them with the truth.  

Pro-Israel supporters must stand up against the Jew hating "falesteen" protesters.


Flickr Slide Show of both sides and the eponymous Crackhead Barney (no body welcomed her at this protest.

CUNY Alumni Protest and Counter Protest

xCUNY alumni (and others) gathered outside of CUNY's Chancellor's office where the 'pali' organizers encouraged the protestors  to "Bring your cap and gown for a denouncement ceremony". (only a couple did)

Part 1 video - The pro-Israel side was small, but wonderfully loud. While filming the 'palis' it was obvious the Israel crowd's chants carried across 42nd St.  It's the commitment, not the size that matters.


Part 2 video - Did my best to capture some of the speakers from the opposite of 42nd st. The falesteenians are very nasty to reporters who are known to expose their lies.


Part 3 video -The obscene Crack Head Barney was turned away from the 'palis'.  (they usually embrace her) Fun.



Three Months On, The New York Times FINALLY Reports on Weaponization of Mass Rape, Unimaginable Sexual Torture, Sexual Violence by Hamas on Oct. 7

They suppressed the truth for months and promoted the brutal butchers and Islam, “no stronger retrograde force exists in the world.” (Winston Churchill)

The hard-core left is married to the idea that these evil deeds, the murders, the genocide comes  from the right:

'The process of indoctrination starts by telling you something is a threat, promising you the tools to defeat it, and then getting you to buy in more and more. Fear sells. And we’re all dumb enough to buy it, every time.'' Talia Jane Ben Oro

The statement above describes perfectly the WEF, WHO, the elitist cabal: ALL deal in FEAR. (yet, the leftist-dominating reportage consistently alludes to anyone on the right)  ... the truth is so inconvenient ...

It's a bizarro world we live in.

[Where indicated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall-VSB]

Monday, January 1, 2024

Drag Queen Story Hour Protest at Cricket’s Candy Creations

 Dec 16, 2023 - Lower Manhattan- 11 am - 1 pm.
Yes it is now 2024. (I got the flu) slowed me down.
But, still gonna share the protests, even if a bit late.
Happy New Year!

This Drag Story Hour protest wasn't looking like a typical protest. 11 am and there was just a small crowd of leftist enablers gathered in front of Cricket's Candy Creations,  a few police and me. Not even any moms and kids.

The actual protest did not take off until about 11:45 when the G.O.D Squad arrived. (While the moms and kids remained AWOL)

The noisy protestors confronted each other but, what mattered was the children. WHERE were the children?

Are the protests making a difference? With the lack of attendance ... maybe so.
(Flickr Slide show)

Drag Queen Story Hour Protest at Cricket's Candy Creations

This day there was an oddly casual approach to crowd control by the NYPD: Not very serious yellow caution tape tied to large orange bell cones on the sidewalk was definitely low-key.

Every one was close... many times so close they could touch ... as both sides continued to taunt each other.

And children.

Of course, noise, lots of noise from the leftist enablers: drums. clappers, cowbells. (percussion was the main offender.) Commotion. Lots of commotion.

Maybe the noise scared the children away. And "UNFUCK the World "I'm sure wasn't welcomed by the mothers.

VIDEO Part 1

Hefty debates included warnings of the Quran and messages from the leftist enablers, like a red face scarf that said: "Essential and Excluded" along with the ubiquitous rainbow umbrellas.

VIDEO Part 2


.The left always covers their faces... that too, is surely not very welcoming to the children.

The leftist enablers tried to claim there was an audience for the Drag Queen Story Hour, but none was seen entering the store until near the end. IG - ( captured ONE family entering after the story hour ended - vid screen grabs)

  x Sorry for Cricket's Candy Creations, it seemed like a really nice store for kids and all. But maybe, in the future,  they'll think of offering someone less offensive .... perhaps a grandparent, a firefighter or a police officer.

"Cricket’s Candy Creations’ mission is to provide innovative educational experiences and a unique outlet for exploration, visualization, creativity, and fun."

BTW- we were told the store was charging for the Story Hour. If so, maybe that discouraged attendance since the libraries are free.

The kids sure seemed to be a No Show.

Addendum: Highly recommend the "Sound of Silence". Just saw it on Prime Video. With Epstein's list of pedophiles in the news of late, it remains vitally important to SAVE THE CHILDREN.

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