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Al Sharpton uses Trayvon to Preach "Racism and Bigotry"

"Justice for Trayvon" National Day of Action Vigils in 100 Cities

12 (NOON)

Thursday, July 18, 2013 (New York, NY)—Trayvon Martin’s parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin will stand with Rev. Al Sharpton and National Action Network for the “Justice for Trayvon” 100 city vigils this Saturday, July 20th. Sybrina Fulton and her surviving son Jahvaris Fulton, Trayvon's half brother, will stand with Rev. Al Sharpton and NAN at One Police Plaza at Noon in New York, while Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin, will join NAN’s Southeast Regional Chairman and Florida chapter a the Miami location for the “100-city Justice for Trayvon” vigil.

In over one hundred cities across the United States, NAN is organizing “Justice for Trayvon” vigils on Saturday, July 20th to press the federal government to investigate civil rights charges against George Zimmerman. Hundreds of national preachers, led by Rev. Al Sharpton and NAN will hold prayer vigils and rallies in front of federal buildings calling on the Justice Department to investigate the civil rights violations made against Trayvon Martin.

Lies, damn lies, and MORE damn lies from America’s partisan and very corrupt media who feed their relentless propaganda to a pathetic mob of willful idiots and nurture these racial arsonists.

Using faux terminology, like a white Hispanic to label George Zimmerman (yet White Black man will never be used to describe Obama). Jackson and Sharpton (two leaders of the Poverty Pimps of America) have used their incendiary propaganda to stoke the fires of racism and bigotry at rallies across America.

Their army of racists are ready to march on America. Blacks (and hard-core Leftists) refuse to believe what really happened. With a lot of help reeducating them from groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (lead by the very odd Bob Avakian) This seemed to be their banner....

FACT- the medical report revealed Trayvon had marijuana in his system that night. He is said to have smoked marijuana, resulting  in the munchies and feeling paranoid. So the reason may be that he was out late to get his munchies on and since he may have been a little paranoid, he could have been acting a little suspiciously.

FACT- Zimmerman got out of his truck and did not go back as soon as he was told. However, he was going back to his truck when Trayvon came back to confront George.

FACT-in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and New York, blacks are killing blacks. Black on black crime. In those cities blacks perpetrate serious crimes with guns over 70 per cent of the time. That's 30 percent of the population committing over 70 percent of all crimes in our largest cities.

(I think she forgot the WATERMELON Tea)

FACT- Blacks have become the most racist group of people in the 21st century Congratulations. And leading the way, were the usual  suspects. Sharpton. Jackson. and celebs like Beyonce (with her body guard) But all were surrounded and protected from the 'little people' by those NASTY, Racist NYPD officers.

Her bodyguard, talking in his phone, most likely calling for the car.

And of course...The Rev Al. It happened so fast that as Sharpton passed by, I didn't get a wide enough shot. He's holding Trayvon's mother's hand

Both were followed by swarms of people as they left.

Beyonce's swarm of fans....

And Al's swarm..

ALL except Geraldo Rivera! As he left, I noticed there were no photographers 'on him'...

No crowds followed Geraldo (but he marched out proudly with head held-high)

From The Blaze (Hat Tip  Urban Infidel) : "Guess Who Reportedly Accompanied Al Sharpton to NYC Rally — Then Got Jeered by Crowd?"

Rivera had “no cameraman and seemed to be observing the proceedings as a guest. Some protesters apparently spotted Rivera and began to complain and shout, “Get Fox out!” and “What are you doing here?”


So...later that night... he had a few drinks...said he was lonely...and posted a NAKED picture!!! on Twitter! "70 is the NEW 50" (now they'll have to respect me) Sure they will, Jerry...

Geraldo Rivera posted on his twitter page a nude selfie that he took in his bathroom.

Back to the NYC Racist Rally with pictures and some video I took on July 20, 2013 at 1 Police Plaza.  (Noon to 1 PM).

This was the only OWS sign I saw, hiding on the BACK of her Trayvon sign: Stand For Justice!

Dumb white-chick Alert. Obviously CLUELESS.

 I was only able to catch a glimpse of Trayvon's mother. She  can be seen to left of the Trayvon poster

A sign demanding JUSTICE:

The Right to Justice
Is Something no one can bestow nor take away
It is in one's heart

VIDEO Thought the crowd's Blind ADORATION for ALL THINGS SHARPTON to be very interesting...

 Anti-American Marxists, Commies, Socialists, Progressives, Leftists, Fascists...they were EVERYWHERE.  A little something for all the bigots to ponder, assisted by the usual Community Organizers and Crowd Instigators.

 JOIN The League For the Revolutionary Party (LRP-COFI-org)

Union/Labor agitator aka....Comrade-Bully, Andy Pollack (mustache and eyeglasses) was seen strolling in the back of the crowd.

Sherry Wolf  of the and International Socialist Organization is  an American socialist, Jewish anti-Zionist and Openly lesbian agitator (working the crowd)

Socialist Alternative

WorkersWorld Party (

Jumaane Williams (on the right below) a NY City Council member ...propped up by these Socialist/Workers Parties... and hostile to the NYPD's "Stop and Frisk" (note his button) 

Another dumb white woman. This one couldn't spell TrayVon.

International Action Center (founded by former Attorney General, Ramsey Clark)

Obama, the Great Divider... poster-child for more and more racism. (BTW- Trayvon, a MADE UP name that challenged more than one sign-maker when it comes to the "y") 

A pretty young woman of color....who sure looks privileged... quotes Malcolm X

Domestic Violence was the topic of this white man's poster....

Black Panthers (we all know how peace-loving they are) ... and a carton of OJ...

Black Panther-types promoted this 50th March on Washington cards Their cards were only handed to black people. White people were not permitted to take a card.

On Saturday, August 24, 2013 we will gather at 8AM at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC to stand together against the recent attack on voter rights, against Stand Your Ground and racial profiling, and to continue to raise awareness on unemployment, poverty, gun violence, immigration, gay rights and other critical issues affecting our nation. 50 years ago when we marched on Washington it was an historic event that lead to the passage of the very civil rights legislation that ended Jim Crow and began the modern era of civil rights. It brought us our dignity, our humanity and our march to realize the dream that so many had given their lives for.

Black History Map of Africa. "Remembering the past, Shaping the Future"

_DSC6262 copy crop

"Now I walk in Fear"

After disrespecting the American flag, noticed a few other flags  that were  right-side-up.... Black Power flags (disrespecting the U.S. design...)

Pledge of Allegiance" Justice For ALL Americans...unless you're BLACK"

Not saying there weren't some good and decent people in the crowd, but Sharpton has convinced these people that the jury and the court was rigged in favor of Zimmerman. Amazing and tragically NOT GOOD for this country.

"Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere"

Pithy signs, like: " Different Ships/Same Boat"

Later I noticed this "Z sign" (off in the distance) It sort of falls apart as you read to the bottom of the sign....

Z-The wannabe Cop
Z-The Wannabe Hero
Z-The Ultimate Coward and Murderer
He Followed/Stalked with a (gun?)
He is only person for this ....  ( Trayvon) lost on life ?

Blinded by the sun, I didn't see some signs in the distance.
"Equal Justice For Americans" and a LIST of those they think are Denying them that Justice...

Hard to read all the names, but you can clearly see "Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity" and most probably the other two are "John Gambling and Mike Gallagher" .... Labeled a "Gang of Four". (insane)

Sequence 01.Still006 copy crop

 Lost on this crowd, thanks to Sharpton and his cronies, is the FACT that Zimmerman's attorneys claimed Self-defense NOT Stand Your Ground. But, they still dragged out a "Stand Our Ground" US Protest Map . 

And of course, an homage to that "Man of the People":  a Che T-shirt

Viva La Revolucion!  Requires a "Revolution Newspaper"

Workers Vanguard Newspaper T-shirt

Three questions for the race arsonist, Al Sharpton, that he will NEVER answer:

Why do you believe justice was not achieved in the Zimmerman case?

Would  you convict a murderer no matter what the skin color?

Do you support a COLOR-Blind Rule of Law.

Al Sharpton claims he is there to promote PEACE and to demand JUSTICE for ALL; to heal and promote a color-blind America. OR did Al Sharpton and his Black Grievance Society gather just to fan the flames of racism and division?

IGNORING  that Trayvon was a thug who did the assaulting. Zimmerman was 100% correct in his response to this attempted murdering AND there will be no further prosecution of Zimmerman. It's too obvious: if Holder had ANYTHING on him he’d be making 24-7 announcements on BET, CNN, NBC, etc. (**crickets**)

Joanna of NY-ICE sent me this video of the Great Divider Sharpton speaking at a July 9th  ally in Atlanta that  meant to support Illegals. BUT, around 00:47, Big Al makes it very clear he was not there to SUPPORT ILLEGALS.

" We are not ..protesting to PROTECT ILLEGAL  "Immigrants". We are here to protect CITIZENS who can be profiled in the name of Illegal "Immigrants"


Perhaps that's why I didn't see any of the usual "Immigration" Signs on July 20 . Only saw this one as I left and it was compliments of the usual WHITE MARXIST Revolutionary -Types

Al's Racist-Bigots claim that WE just don't 'get it' : "You're White, You can't understand" (guess this might include the Illegals...who knew?

More to the point, anyone who doubts that Al Sharpton is "Out For Blood in the Streets" should take a hard look and LISTEN to the REAL Al Sharpton " in his OWN WORDS"

Al Sharpton- Racist, Hate-Monger and Bigot.


Lastly,  two slide shows of the pictures

Slide Show One

Slide Show Two


Sunday, July 14, 2013

STOP Samantha Power-NOT qualified to represent US at UN

             Urgent Call to Action

The Dangers of Trans-nationalist Samantha Power Representing the US at the UN are NOT to be IGNORED

Under the tyrannical reign of Barrack Hussein Obama, America is rapidly being de-constructed. Obama works 24/7 to diminish the American 'brand and Samantha Power is one more GIANT Step in the continued pursuit of the DECONSTRUCTION  of  this once glorious Republic. Power considers the  United States to be an Imperialist Beast that must be knocked down, made weak, limp in the eyes of the world 's dictators. She is just the person Obama needs  to represent HIM in the United Nations

Samantha Power is not now nor will she EVER be a great Patriot as in former UN Ambassador, John Bolton. Bolton's wisdom and patriotism is already sorely missed but will be even more so if Samantha Power  is appointed as United Nations Ambassador from the U.S.

no power 5

And don't count on our yellow-media to expose her. It is up to us,  AMERICA, to say ENOUGH and to STOP her appointment to the United Nations.

Remember,  The Senate has to approve the nomination.

  • Continue to target Senators, most importantly GOP on Senate Foreign Relations Committee: Mr. Corker, Mr. Risch, Mr. Rubio, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Flake, Mr. McCain, Mr. Barrasso, and Mr. Paul
  • Use July 4 holiday as a backdrop to draw a sharp distinction between traditional US foreign policy for 237 years and what Power represents!

Senators like  Ted Cruz oppose Power for solid reasons of LOGIC.

cruz 1

Samantha Power is one of most extreme radical leftists  in the Obama administration

 - Please share this video and this action page. We must demand the Congress says, "No To Power!" - US Congressional Switchboard - (202) 224-3121

Samantha Power  is against western interests

3 declarations

She supports the UN having a Standing Army.

She supports the Cairo Declaration on "Human Rights"

cairo 1990 declaration

Samantha Power supports Sharia Law!


The following message is from Frank Gaffney

  Urgent Call to Action

President Obama's appointment of Samantha Power to be the next US ambassador to the United Nations is an abomination, she is rabidly anti-American, hateful towards Israel, reflexively trans-nationalist and, in short, wholly unsuited to be our representative to an organization in which such traits are already way too much in evidence.

Samantha Power: The Quintessential 'Blame America First'-er

Breitbart News | Frank Gaffney


IN HER OWN WORDS, watch as Obama Advisor Samantha Power Calls for Invasion of Israel


Secure Freedom Radio: Samantha Power Will Concede US Self-determination to the UN

Read Samantha Power: The Genocide Chick's BIO

 Samantha Power - Trans-Nationalist


no power  2

The following provides full text and quotes from Samantha Power on a variety of subjects to support our position on Samantha Power’s unsuitability for the position of UN Ambassador...
In 2002 interview with Harry Kreisler:

In a ‘Conversations with History’ interview at University of California at Berkeley, Power, responded to a hypothetical question on a scenario in which the U.S. must “install some mechanism” to prevent the possibility of genocide in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

She was asked,  “Let me give you a thought experiment...let’s say you were an advisor to the President of the United States, how would you respond to current events there? Would you advise him to put a structure in place to monitor that situation, at least if one party or another [starts] looking like they might be moving toward genocide?”

This was a excerpt from Power’s response: Power said that her advice to the President would be to 1) “Alienate” the American Jewish community, and indeed all Americans, such as evangelical Christians, who support the state of Israel, because 2) Israeli leaders are “destroying the lives of their own people.” 3) Pour billions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money into “the new state of Palestine”; 4) Stage an American ground invasion of Israel and the Palestinian territories — what else can she mean by a “mammoth protection force” and a “military presence” that will be “imposed” by “external intervention”? — in order to do the exact same thing that she considers the height of arrogance and foolishness in Iraq: an American campaign to remake an Arab society.


The Case Against Her Appointment as 
US Ambassador to the United Nations.

Samantha Power, President Barack Obama’s choice to fill the position of 28th US Ambassador to the United Nations, has built her reputation as a staunch and vocal advocate for “humanitarian intervention”, particularly where genocide is the likely result of non-intervention. She is the self-styled “genocide chick”.

She has been widely criticized, however, for the solutions that she espouses, which have been called “answering a ‘problem from hell’ with a ‘solution from hell.’. She is also widely believed to support an anti-Israel agenda as part of her overall view of a globalized integration of American law and values. This is a view demonstrated by a largely consistent body of statements over more than a decade.
Power’s Role in the Obama Administration and Intervention in Libya and Syria.

When President Obama led the United States into a coalition of forces against Libya, the person behind that decision was understood to be Samantha Power. The decision was strongly influenced by her doctrine of "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) that purported to guide the American government on how to prevent genocide. The concept is being promoted to create a new international model based on ‘moral’ criteria, that can be employed in situations where the safety of civilians is at risk.

Yet, on the very first night of the coalition’s enforcement of a “no-fly zone” over Libya, US forces rained 1,100 missiles down on Tripoli. It brought death and destruction to an unprecedented level for a “humanitarian” effort, in a nation in which the US had no strategic interest.
According to John Podhoretz’s account of the “contentious” meeting at which the President decided to “move on Libya”, it was Power’s concept of R2P and not any concern for our national interest, that influenced the decision.
It should be noted that this intervention was in response to Libyan leader Muammar Ghadaffi’s threat of revenge against dissidents. Although there was certainly fighting on the ground in Benghazi and other places, there was no wholesale genocide taking place in Libya at the time the decision to engage was taken.
In stark contrast, the Administration has refused, for the last two years, to act openly in Syria, even after tens of thousands of civilians were killed in the rapidly escalating conflict.

Even after we had all known for several months that chemical weapons were now at play in Syria, US policy was to remain publicly uninvolved. Perhaps the concept of “humanitarian intervention” only applies where it is politically expedient and safe.

Meanwhile, Samantha Power was appointed head of the do-nothing Atrocities Prevention Board, set up by the President in 2012...

But while the growing list of atrocities being committed against Syrian civilians continued to bring the death toll ever higher, the APB did nothing. It is difficult to understand how Power’s commitment to R2D did not make Syria her most urgent priority.

To date, some 93,000 men, women, and children have died in Syria, according to the latest UN estimates. Yet even today, this “budget neutral” board still has no office, no web site, no phone, no public record of actions it has taken, nor has it issued a single public statement relating to the increasingly desperate plight of Syrian civilians, who themselves are facing genocide at the hands of both the Assad government and the terrorist elements within the opposition.

.... it should give the Senate serious pause as they consider her appointment.


On Israel

The implications of her off-the-cuff remarks suggest that she believes 1) that either side was capable of genocide, 2) that there was a clear moral equivalence between the two leaders, 3) that US support for a Palestinian state should include massive US funding for a Palestinian defense force, at the expense of funds now going to Israel for its own defense, and 4) that Israel was incapable of handling its own affairs vis à vis the Palestinians, and the only solution, therefore, was international intervention in the affairs of a sovereign state.


When concerns arose in 2008 regarding Barack Obama and his views towards Israel it generated wrath from Ms. Power, who was a key foreign policy adviser to candidate Obama. She let loose in a radio interview while in Europe, "So much of it is about: 'Is he going to be good for the Jews?"

We care too much about whether it is good for the Jews



Sean Hannity isn't the only conservative commentator who has put in his two cents on Power. Glenn Beck has said:

For anyone who thinks that Samantha Power is just some low level cog in the Washington machine, the New York Times just did a nice profile on her role in the current administration. It turns out that Mrs. Cass Sunstein is probably the most dangerous woman in America, after all.

            Urgent Call to Action


REACH OUT TO YOUR SENATORS NOW.   The Senate has to approve the nomination WHICH IS SCHEDULED FOR THE WEEK OF JULY 15, 2013


Find your senator on this link:

Please send this message  to your Senator and forward to your e-mail contacts.

Dear Senator:

As you know, President Obama has declared his intention to nominate Samantha Power to be the next U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations.  In light of her low regard for our country, her animus towards one of our most important allies, Israel, and her affinity for those who would diminish our sovereignty and strengthen our adversaries, we consider her to be a wholly unacceptable choice for this sensitive post and urge you to reject this nomination.

Of course, almost since its inception, the United Nations has been dominated by member states, organizations and personalities who share Dr. Power’s sentiments.  We do not need to add to their number – especially as the representative of the American people – someone who shares their transnationalist agenda, with all that implies for our interests and freedoms.

That is particularly the case at this  moment in history.  Freedom-loving nations are under assault – arguably as never before – from totalitarian adversaries, Islamist ideologues, terrorist groups and other enemies.  Such foes have found legitimacy and sustenance in the United Nations.  And their agendas are routinely adopted as the agendas of this so-called “world body,” rather than ones that are actually in the interest of our country and allies.

Now, more than ever, the United States needs to return to the kind of UN representation it has enjoyed in the past with prominent figures from both parties, like Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Jeanne Kirkpatrick and John Bolton.  They loved and admired our nation, exulted in its exceptionalism and courageously defended it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  They were under no illusions about the United Nations and routinely challenged efforts to increase its influence and power at American expense.  Samantha Power’s decades-long track record makes clear that she neither embraces these principles nor is disposed to play this important role in advancing them.

We urge you in the strongest of terms to ensure that we are once again represented at the UN by a great American, not someone like Samantha Power who reviles America’s greatness.