Friday, November 18, 2011

N17, #OWS Subway Occupation a Bust ( Part 1)

DOWN WITH THE WALL! UP WITH THE STREET! This was the kick-off event of the Resist, Reclaim, Recreate N17  Movement. (Looking VERY Marxian, don't you  think?)

Today was billed as "Mic Check! Global Day of Action".  
#OWS declared November 17, 2011 a day to celebrate, all day, their second month anniversary

A Day of Reckoning. A Celebration that began at 7 AM with chaos in the street. They insist that Bloomberg made them do it.  All those Liberal Mayors. Attacking Democracy!

Homeland Security coordinating with local police to oppress Occupy Wall Street civil and human rights defenders in 18 cities has seemingly strengthened the OWS dissenters who "reclaimed" Zuccotti Park encampment Tuesday and, while picking up their confiscated belongings on Wednesday, announced their Resist, Reclaim, Recreate N17 day of action Thursday. 
(LIKE they hadn't planned the 2 month anniversary already)

DSCN9890 copy

After lunch (or LUNCH as they billed it) at 3:00 pm:  "OCCUPY THE SUBWAYS & RECLAIM our democracy!" They threatened to shut the subway system down so the 99% couldn't get to and from work.

So, after the orchestrated chaos on Wall Street had abated, I decided to check out two locations at 8th Avenue and 23rd St ( C Train ) and the City Hall (R Train).  From what I saw"Occupation Subway was a Big Bust." 

a short VIDEO 

23rd Street had a smattering of media, none of whom stayed very long. 

DSCN9888 copy

Nothing was happening

DSCN9883 copy

The People's Mic was supposed  to share stories of how banks and corporate greed have impacted the 99%, never happened. Nope . Nada.

DSCN9944 copy

Everyone seemed to be real low-key. Even the cops.

 DSCN9920 copy


DSCN9884 copy

Over-sold OR the participants were just too lazy to do as they'd been instructed.  Instead, standing around chatting with each other and ignoring the passers by.

DSCN9894 copy

23rd st is also the local stop for the The Episcopal Church's Theological Seminary.

DSCN9892 copy

Without the seminarians,  this would have been an even smaller turnout...

 DSCN9926 copy

The Episcopal Church, all the Mainline Churches seem to be supporting #OW, cause "You Know, Jesus was a SOCIALIST"

DSCN9939 copy

DSCN9927 copy

FOOLS, Tools and the reasons for demise of these denominations are not exaggerated.

DSCN9929 copy

Liberation Theology . #OWS is what 'a' CHURCH looks like?!

DSCN9918 copy

Slide Show

The 99% had a lot of apprehension about the shutting down of the city; the subways. But, not this guy!  "Be NOT Afraid". Nothing to fear but...."

DSCN9941 copy

Union Square and the students, apparently that was the only stop with any action,  with students chanting "Shut the city down!" They spilled in to the streets and hurt the average 99 % who live and work in that area. Rioting so we can all be EQUAL!

DSCN9952 copy

Class War, yeah, that's the ticket!

DSCN9932 copy

 N17 was billed as "Mic Check! Global Day of Action"  by #OWS . A day to celebrate, all day, their second month anniversary. But WHY "N17" ?

Point-of-information (from David R ) on WHY N17
Choosing November 17 was not a coincidence.
It is a significant date for the  Revolutionary Organization 17 November

A Marxist Revolutionary Guerrilla, organization (characterized as a terrorist group by the Greek state[1] and the United States[2] and the United Kingdom) formed in 1975 and believed to have been disbanded in 2002 after the arrest and trial of a number of its members. The group assassinated 23 people[3] in 103 attacks on U.S., British, Turkish and Greek targets.
 Nothing was sacred. Nothing off-limits They killed and terrorized with abandon.  And THIS  is  a role model for #OWS as they vow STOP Capitalism.

DSCN9930 copy

N17 is here so so we can finally be FREE.

DSCN9948 copy

We must riot in the street and throw things at the cops ( vinegar, lit cigarette, bricks) so we can all be FREE.

 DSCN9919 copy

I caught a bit of the QUIET action at City Hall Subway stop where the participants were directed to Foley Square by #OWS volunteers.

DSCN9954 copy

The sidewalk around City Hall and City Hall Park was lined with Police. For hours, waiting for something to happen.  But, as far as the Subway Occupation went ....Nada...

DSCN9955 copy
NEXT post is 5 PM (Foley Square) RECREATE so we can be FREE FREE FREE

They will claim there were over 30,000 people in Foley. Having attended many rallies and protests there and after walking through the entire RECREATE portion of N17, predictably the attendance numbers seem to be  GREATLY EXAGGERATED.

Even so, Bloomberg and Company need to hold firm against this formidable EVIL ; greedy, envious and determined to destroy America. One Occupation at a time.... ( so we can be FREE)

DSCN9921 copy

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NYC Merchant's Press Conf overrun by #OWS Stooges

Second post from the Merchants Press Conference at NY City Hall  on Monday, November 14. 2011. You can find the first post of the merchants here 

Next are the anarchists from #OWS Base Camp who managed to  highjack the Merchant's Press Conference.

They hovered, listened and then swooped in .

Seducing the press with their lies, lies and more lies.

Smug. Condescending.

 And well rehearsed in the 'Art' of Mockery....

The merchants just weren't ready for the Pied Pipers of Zuccotti who insisted these small business men were liars.

 Sherman Jackson, the Leader of the Pack, lied about how many restaurants were around the park, snidely told the woman who organized the protest that she was an EDP (emotionally disturbed person) and suggested she was wearing a mask because she was too ugly to show her face.

Jackson mocked anyone who said they had read something or shad een a photograph and insisted the feces behind the restaurants might have come from a DOG so he demanded DNA evidence,

Which means this merchant is the liar according to Sherman Jackson, #OWS facilitator

One of the #OWS associates claims she spoke to 50 merchants and only 4 claimed to have any problems. She  never said WHO those 4 were.

This is the video of the #OWS infiltrators.....

 Not sure if this is a good thing, but by morning  the #OWS eviction buried their story,  that the merchants were being put out of business by the Occupation of a City Park.

Within a few hours, the occupiers were finally evicted and Zuccotti looked great! (Ever so briefly)

A pedestrian takes a picture of an empty and closed Zuccotti Park in New York. Police officers evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters from the park overnight. The National Lawyers Guild obtained a court order allowing the protesters to return with their tents to the park, where they have camped for two months. The guild said the injunction prevents the city from enforcing park rules on the protesters.

But it ain't over! November 17th is their Day of Reckoning.

And now, according to the, they've discovered that the NYPD isn't "One of the 99%". They are the "Enemy in Blue"  because "they serve and protect private property and the existing racist, sexist, and massively unequal social order."

Since the NYPD must Protect and Serve the residents of NYC from terrorists, let's HOPE our police have no sympathies for their attempt to Resist austerity. Rebuild the economy. Reclaim our democracy.


 Taking the Revolution to the Streets


Here's hoping the Mayors of our cities and our Police are able to stop this insurrection.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Protest Supports Merchants as Rot Grows (GREW) in Zuccotti Park

3 AM EST- WOW! Before I could even get this post up, the Mayor has cleaned our Zuccotti! BUT there is a caveat. The squatters get to long as they abide by the rule of the park. Let see if they really mean it this time. Meanwhile, the are gathering in Foley Square by the Court House. Hope the police don't back down this time.

The notice to vacate:

 Apparently it was a covert operation. Please gathered under the Manhattan Bridge. Even the cops didn't know what they were doing....

A quote from NY Post makes it clear that the threatened violence on Thursday was the deciding factor. Not the pleas of the merchants or the residents, thought this quote seems to imply otherwise. 

Bloomberg reiterated his support for the protesters’ right to free speech but said he was aware that business owners — about 10 of whom rallied against the protest today at City Hall — have legitimate complaints.“We’re not going to allow people to stop commerce and to stop people’s right to go around and express themselves. No one group has the right to protest. They all have the right to protest,” Bloomberg said.

I have my doubts...more likely it was the threat of a major insurrection in the City Well, guess they really did themselves in by over-reaching. Glad something finally made the Mayor finally do his job.

Leaving this post up as I wrote in. The videos are still revealing. The plight of the merchants and the arrogance of the OWS.

NY POST: "On Thursday, the Occupy Wall Street movement, according to the group's Web site, planned “Mass, Non-violent Direct Action” to “Shut Down Wall Street” at 7 a.m., “Occupy the Subways” in all five boroughs at 3 p.m. and “Take the Square,” referring to Foley Square, at 5 p.m.
Protest organizers were also touting signs alluding to China’s infamous Tiananmen Square revolt.

November 14, 2011 5 PM City Hall NYC Day 58

A Press Conference/Protest was called by a concerned citizen to support the merchants and to protest the 'occupation'. She is NYC born and raised, a layed-off elementary school teacher who unfortunately hid her face behind a white mask. Maybe not the best choice, but her reason for being there wasn't hidden. She's mad as hell at the stone-walling Mayor Bloomberg and his City Council. They have continued to ignore the pleas of the small businesses in the Wall Street area. The city, the businesses and the residents are being held hostages by the anarchists. The damages to the businesses downtown are already at half a million and climbing, yet the merchants and a timid turnout . Fear of retaliation will do that.

With the best of intentions the protest was a bit unorganized. There was never a clear beginning to the Press Conference; for the merchants who were able to attend, there was no clear indication of who was a merchant, who was a supporter and WHO was representing the Strong-Arm of the Occupiers.

Part 1- VIDEO- The woman who organized the protest spoke first while waiting  for merchants to arrive

The press was clueless, they just didn't understand the merchants; that the vandalism and harassment has taken it's toll, not only financially but also emotionally. Even Brookfield Properties was harassed and intimidated into calling off the police when it came time to wash-down the park. The same thuggery is now focused no the merchants.

Next are statements from some of the brave merchants who came out to speak to the press.

 Part 2 VIDEO- The Merchants speak the truth without prevarication

There was also a smattering of residents from the area as well. And one particular videographer who was angry enough to speak his mind to the clueless press.

Part 3  VIDEO The Stalwart Videographer. (Michael)This guy is fabulous! One of the OWS Propaganda Facilitators started asking him questions. And this no nonsense guy from Queens laid out for him. Love how he defends the Tea Party.

But the press was sucked in by the Propaganda Reps of the Occupation, spewing the party-line.The liked hearing that all is really just fine with the Occupation and the surrounding merchants. No problems at all. No one is unhappy. No one is suffering damages or losses. Lies, Lies and more lies poured from their mouths and the reporters hung on every word.

An obnoxious display that was going unchallenged so I pressed one of the Propagandists to respond to my questions, questions that supported the claims of the merchants. The rude, snide and cocky responses were to be expected. 

Part 4  VIDEO The Propaganda Facilitators from Camp #OWS

This video will be posted later on the 15th ( Tuesday)

Bloomberg and the City were put on notice by the anarchists at Zuccotti Park. This Thursday the #OWS insurgents would march from their Home Base all over Wall Street. They were planning to shut down the Stock Market and  to swarm the subways. Will they pull thus off now that they are evicted?

Recently, maybe until 1 AM this morning, the anarchists were content. All was fine at Zuccotti Even though other camps sites were being reclaimed by their owners, Zuccotti held firm .They were proud, committed to the destruction of America.

They insist (they KNOW) that AMERICA is with them. America Supports them.

Bloomberg and Company praise them sayjng the protesters were largely law-abiding and did not bother anyone.

"If you go one block away from this park, you would never know it exists," he said last week. "It's just literally -- in any direction, one block away -- there's just nothing."

But a police officer who was posted at the perimeter of the park for seven days said he is one “ fed-up New Yorker.” “After speaking with many of them ( the occupiers) , I realize they are unemployable takers,They just want to be able to tell their friends, ‘Hey, I was there.’ There is no leader, no voice. They have money in the bank but can’t agree on using it and no one knows who controls it. I’m sick of it. Fed up like everyone else.”

Well, the Park was cleaned. 6 am and the tents are gone. Will they stay gone?
Will we have riots in the streets? Sure hope not but, it ain't over... til it's over....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#OWS Day 50 on the Road to Socialism. Are they "Winning"? (pics & vids)

 Dec 25: Found 13 extra pics that are now added to the end of the slide show

UPDATE: November 6, 2011.  “Freedom's  Highway. The Road to Socialism." ZUCCOTTI PARK. (aka Liberty Park) 

Please scroll down for videos

 DSCN9534 copy

A cooperative "planned economy", one that could meet people’s needs directly and foster meaningful social, economic, and racial equality.  They're here to show us 'how it's done'.

DSCN9528 copy2

Need a bogeyman, that evil corporate WAR machine aka AMERIKA to STAND together as ONE.

DSCN9542 copy

DSCN9544 copy


DSCN9567 copy

YET, all is not well in Who-ville. It's devolving. The 'People' do not ALL get along.

DSCN9695 copy

A stroll thru the park is a glimpse at their future. Our future. The one they want to force on US. (Three to a PUP tent hovel) Oh yeah...can't wait...

DSCN9587 copy

The Anarchistsseem to have their OWN Camp....

 DSCN9669 copy

But Papa George (Soros') money and ACORN and the Working Families Party.. If anybody can hold even these malcontents together, they are the glue.

DSCN9825 copy

Cause money talks (that evil by-product of Capitalism) These malcontents. These hy-po-crits. They CAN be bought. Methinks they DO protest way TOO much.

 DSCN9654 copy

And crammed and jammed amongst the glut of tents and mounds are the ever faithful working groups.

DSCN9591 copy

PR Table taking a REST

DSCN9570 copy

Class War Camp (Eating the Rich) Ooh yummy. Can't Wait.

DSCN9829 copy

The Facilitators, just hangin'

DSCN9573 copy

Wow. They've even got their own banner (made from the stolen police netting)

DSCN9572 copy

So many working (or just hanging) but they have their INDIVIDUAL spots (even if they can't SPELL)

DSCN9581 copy

DSCN9582 copy

Everything is FREE. So RISE UP. Celebrate. It's FREE!

DSCN9585 copy

However,  the kitchen area didn't seem so wonderful. Maybe that's why the BUMS are threatening the local merchants for that FREE food....

DSCN9594 copy

DSCN9602 copy

Maybe I'm not so hungry after all....

 DSCN9608 copy

 DSCN9609 copy

Free Books. Free shoes. Free Coats. Free Beds. Free Blankets. FREE CIGARETTES (Needs FREE PVC Pipe on one sign) And...oh my....Women's hygene? This is getting a tad ridiculous.

DSCN9629 copy

What? No.  We're doing important  'work' here.

DSCN9745 copy

DSCN9767 copy

Let the idiots working some 'meaningless' job...making some 'corporate monster' RICH...let them GIVE and GIVE and GIVE to US. Help Keep the Occupation Alive! DONATE so we can get MORE COMRADES. Please!

DSCN9830 copy

Later, after serenading this guy with "Get a Job"....

 DSCN9778 copy

I called these loosers a Bunch of Bums...and the BUMS... didn't like it.  ..

 DSCN9656 copy

FREE FREE FREE....That's the ticket to the NEW World Order. And also remember, while storming the local sandwich job for Free Food, To Be A Good Neighbor!

 DSCN9711 copy

Perhaps we should STOP and just THINK about this at "The Think Tank"

DSCN9600 copy

Intellectuals working the passersby with propaganda on the East side and the not-so-bright begging for money... for everything...on the West Side. BUT, as you pass thru the middle of the helpful! So many arrows. Every which way to INFINITY!

DSCN9558 copy

But, YOU are not doing ENOUGH to Save The World.  Smile.  You're Amazing!  You Are Part of History. Particularly, if you get RID of Fox Noose. can ... really smile!

DSCN9780 copy

Life is Good In Liberty Village.  At least we've got Toilet Paper...and even an ... ironing board??

DSCN9834 copy

And helpful suggestions for a bathroom (damn those nasty banks)

DSCN9774 copy

Remember, it's "THEM against US" so  we have a Live Stream Feed, just to show you how much 'we' are sacrificing to be here! Get your News right here.

 DSCN9575 copy

NOT HERE. No News here (so they say)

DSCN9692 copy

BTW- These signs opposing the Police presence are posted in PLAIN SIGHT for all to see. Helpful advisories ( click pictures to enlarge for easier reading)

police instructions 1

police rules 2

Hard to believe, but  BLOOMBERG and OBAMA support this anarchy. Bloomberg by his inaction and Obama? Guess THIS is his Utopia of Change we've been hearing about..

 DSCN9795 copy

 DSCN9796 copy

I spied a Special of Saul Alinsky's chums...

DSCN9821 copy

And lest we forget it was really the JOOOS that caused all of this trouble. They FORCED this Occupation because of their love of MONEY (and war)

DSCN9718 copy2

DSCN9641 copy

DSCN9642 copy

Wikileaks is there 24/7 it seems, to keep things covered! That purveyor of honest journalism....

DSCN9605 copy

DSCN9633 copy

The Security Patrol. The Sanitation Patrol. All have been given (by someone) the power to maintain Control of the Park. Supposedly to make it SAFE from Pigs. Yeah, that's right,  Let's Keep the PIGS out.

DSCN9756 copy

But there is more to come.The inner sanctum at Zuccotti-ville, the Speakers Circle (which has more power than the Peoples General Assembly) have Big Plans.

CHECK POINTS to enter the park. A series of questions that would have to be answered before permitted to enter. And you will be removed if THEIR security force deems YOU unacceptable.

Safety. Security from ...Perverts. The women (and transgenders) are being sequestered to protect them from sexual assaults. The 'Occupation" claims the police are ignoring them. Don't care about them. The police they bully and insult on a daily basis are now, ignoring them? So the Collective is choosing (or forced) to handle their internal problems without the police.

DSCN9630 copy

DSCN9631 copy


DSCN9634 copy

The GAMES Bloomberg and Obama Play are encouraging this insurgency to grow. Shutting down Oakland  should have been enough to turn the tide against these abuses of the First Amendment

DSCN9696 copy

No generators. Making electric and heat are harder to come by. Who Cares. Not the Occupation. Let's go Back to the Future with  Generators powered by Cyclists.

DSCN9687 copy

No toilets but the teachers union is offering port-o-johns a couple of blocks away. Trinity Episcopal lets them shower etc and the Library's bathrooms are only a few blocks away. But, why walk a few blocks when there are all these money grubbing businesses right here around the park.

DEMAND YOUR RIGHTS! Meaning, they have trashed and threatened all the local merchants for FREE bathrooms, electric, food and water. It's their RIGHT, Damn It! Feed the Beast or you DIE

DSCN9800 copy

The police have been neutered so why not send them back to their neighborhood patrols? Nope,  Bloomberg still has them encircling the park earning lots of overtime. Watching from a distance

DSCN9703 copy

 The Educated Masses smile, nod their heads in agreement and eagerly offer them money... for ...whatever...

 DSCN9546 copy2jpg

Teaching Empathy....that white 'black" widow on his cap sure makes me fell all warm and fuzzy inside. Trusting. Can't wait to FEEL some of that non-violent EMPATHY...

DSCN9613 cop2

Families passing by. Smiling. Telling their children how exciting this all is. That they are watching history being made. Teaching the little children  about Peace and Love:

DSCN9628 copy

Useful Idiots.

DSCN9759 copy

Flyers telling us who they are. Why they are here and how long they intend to stay . ( click flyers  for better reading)

Sflyer 3 copy

flyer 6 copy

flyer 9 copy

Signs encouraging us to JOIN the Occupation

DSCN9809 copy

and attitude. Wow. Can you feel the love....

attitude with hair copy

This Commie Sloth, DEMANDED 50 cents for her Marxist periodical, so I let it FLY thru the air on it's way back to her clutches...

DSCN9618 copy

 Hard at Work? I don't think so....

DSCN9624 copy

Knitting Circle, though, seemed "Hard at Work"

DSCN9552 copy

And Ribbon Duty, "Hard at Work"

DSCN9548 copy

 Do you really want this Brave New World?

DSCN9625 copy

PEACE symbol being flown by the Anarchists Camp (within a Camp)

DSCN9792 copy

The DRUMMERS! Not really so Peaceful. Just ask this drummer what he thinks of this latest incarnation of the Occupation and you'll get an earful of complaints.
 DSCN9764 copy

Heard this guy above going on about how the drummers used to be able to play the drums, a lot! There had been HAPPY people dancing and twirling in the plaza but, NOW it's all covered with tents. No dancing. Less drums. He's NOT happy. This guy below is now haging out it what was once Pulse Plaza... Oh ... the Horror....

DSCN9762 copy

BTW- Did a search on one particular song (just curious) and it really is a Commie Indoctrination Song. "This Land is My Land"

DSCN9714 copy

From Wikipedia: "This Land Is Your Land" is one of the United States' most famous folk songs. Its lyrics were written by Woody Guthrie in 1940 based on an existing melody, in response to Irving Berlin's "God Bless America", which Guthrie considered unrealistic and complacent. 

Tired of hearing Kate Smith sing it on the radio, he wrote a response originally called "God Blessed America for Me".[1] Guthrie varied the lyrics over time, sometimes including more overtly political verses in line with his sympathetic views of communism,[2] than appear in recordings or publications."

No WONDER the COMMIES don't sing God Bless America. The overt patriotism and God must really offend them. Instead they sing this Communist Ode to America. An Anthem for the Disgruntled:

As I went walking I saw a sign there
And on the sign it said "No Trespassing."
But on the other side it didn't say nothing,
That side was made for you and me.

BE SURE To Follow the Bouncing Ball during the Community Sing a Long

DSCN9713 copy

In the shadow of the steeple I saw my people,
By the relief office I seen my people;
As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking
Is this land made for you and me?

Nobody living can ever stop me,
As I go walking that freedom highway;
Nobody living can ever make me turn back
This land was made for you and me.

I see my people,
And some are grumblin',
And some are wonderin',
If this land's still made for you and me.

And then of course there's the odd co-opting of religion with this "religious" choice of, "We're on our way ....". We're  ON OUR WAY to OCCUPY EVERYTHING!

DSCN9657 copy

Have Globe. Will Travel

DSCN9667 copy

 He looks ready to travel (to Miami Beach)

DSCN9681 copy

He even has a lock on his TENT

DSCN9682 copy

This lock is a bit more primitive. Guess, it's the THOUGHT that counts...

DSCN9676 copy

And Now.... the VIDEOS

Part 1

Tripping ( and pedaling) backwards in time.... Socialists, Marxists and their minions.

Part 2

It's all Free man! Everything. Except the commie paper. Everything else: Free Food.
Free Coats. Free Money! Join the "occupation". It's FREE . And remember to SMILE cause, after all,  you're amazing...

Part 3

Bloomie and Zero, what a team. Everyone come out to 'play' while we deconstruct America. Listening to this one fellow explain why they aren't in yadayadayadaya and then... there was the American Indian contingent with  recap of our favorite Commie Ode to Joy.

Wrapping things up with this cocky Little Tool...

DSCN9686 copy

  He represents an attitude. Whether sitting around ( or standing) They are Occupying a Space. Going nowhere and doing nothing. So, are they really "Winning"? Perhaps they are and we're only just now 'getting it' .

 DSCN9644 copy

As long as they continue to break the law unchallenged, yeah, sure looks like "Winning".

DSCN9693 copy

It is now Day 53 and counting....Are you mad enough yet to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS OUTRAGE?


Slideshow includes a few more pictures  of OWS Day 50 with the Socialists, Marxists, Anarchists  and their minions. Trashing a park. Trashing a community and planning to TRASH America, One PARK, One Occupation at a time: Winning?