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Meet the GOP candidate for NYC Comptroller-2013

On Thursday, June 27, 2013, Republican Wall Street veteran, John Burnett,  announced his candidacy for New York Comptroller in front of NYC's City Hall.

(scroll down for video)

Introduced by Edward Cox, chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, and Manhattan GOP Chair, Dan Isaacs,

_DSC5822 copy
Burnett then  formally announced that he is ready to jump into the race.
_DSC5836 copy3
Republican John Burnett, 43, is a Harlem resident who went from working a cash register at Pathmark to overseeing wealth managers on Wall Street.

He  is a member of the state GOP’s African-American Coalition and has most recently been an advisory board member of White Wolf Capital, a private firm specializing in “management buyouts, re-capitalizations and investments in leading middle market companies. Prior to that, Burnett worked with Platts, a division of McGraw-Hill, last serving as director of risk and compliance and   spent 20 years as an auditor for major banks. This is John Burnett, the man now running full-time for Comptroller of NYC.

Burnett is more than qualified for Comptroller but Democrat enrollment in the city outstrips GOP registration by more than six to one, so Burnett likely faces an uphill fight for votes and donor cash in a race against Scott Stringer, the Manhattan BP who cleared the field after dropping down from the mayor’s race.

Burnett has blasted  his Democrat rival, Scott Stringer, as:

" ...unqualified for even an entry-level financial-services job.“The Democrat(ic) candidate for city comptroller is a career politician with absolutely zero business experience — he’s never had a job in the private sector. He’s not qualified to work as a bank teller, but he wants to manage a $130 billion pension fund.”

How important is Comptroller?

The New York City Comptroller is the Chief Financial Officer of the City of New York. The office requires a trustworthy professional that is independent and has experience in portfolio investment management, audit, compliance, contract administration registration and oversight, as well as matters that relate to the City’s operations and financial transactions.

_DSC5817 copyredo
What Does the Comptroller Do?
The 4 primary roles of the Comptroller are to:

1.    Oversee the management of the 5 New York City Pension Funds that are currently worth approximately 135 billion dollars;

2.    Audit the City’s agencies with an independent view that is not subject to political influence, develop fiscal policy, implement corrective action plans for issues and ensure that the City’s contracts are compliant and fairly awarded to corporations, small businesses and individuals;

3.    Organize, recommend and provide advice regarding the City’s 78 billion dollar annual budget; and

4.    Manage a professional staff of approximately 700 employees. These employees include accountants, attorneys, economists, engineers, budget, financial and investment analysts, computer analysts, claim specialists and researchers in addition to clerical and administrative support.

Burnett says:

" As Comptroller of New York City, I will execute my duties and responsibilities in an ethical manner to safeguard the financial health of the City. I will advise the Mayor, the City Council and the public in a transparent and timely manner."

_DSC5814 copyredo
If Burnett makes it to the November vote for office of Comptroller,

"he vows to create jobs, to see that minority and women-owned businesses get a fair share of city contracts and to reform the public pension system."

Regarding pensions, Burnett has also said, “My first experience as a 'union guy' was as the child of union-member parents".

"My parents relied heavily on their pensions, especially later in their lives when they were challenged with heart disease and cancer. I will never forget that [as] comptroller, we are not just seeking a positive return on investments; we are investing for people like my parents and millions of New Yorkers’ retirement and well-being to secure their future in good health and in challenging times.”

According to his campaign website, one of his top priorities is:

investigating the cost-saving potential of merging the city’s five public-worker pension systems into one. As the father of a 19-year-old daughter, he also promises to create a more hospitable environment for small businesses in a city where black and Latino unemployment outstrips that of whites.


Burnett’s professional record is an alphabet soup of qualifications, including experience in “operational controls for structured financing and investment products, mutual funds, unit trusts, annuities, CDOs, corporate and individual retirement plans, bank financing and investment instruments to include CDs, HELOC, corporate financing and cash management.”

Burnett takes pains to demonstrate that he’s not all about big money and says he stays engaged in the community through the Harlem chapter of his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, and as a member of the board of the Urban Resource Institute. Burnett also served as treasurer of the area’s subcommittee of The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Foundation.

From his campaign website:

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."— Frederick Douglass

To follow and support John Burnett's campaign for Comptroller, you can check out these sites:

Burnett campaign site:
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Burnett campaign video:


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NEW CLUES Times Square Bicycle Bomber (2008)

June 18, 2013. The FBI has released new video and pix of the cyclist-bomber of 2008. The cyclist set the bomb in the early morning of March 6, 2008, at 3:40 A.M., but Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the bomber could easily have killed or maimed people in the area.

"While published reports have repeatedly cited the early-morning time of the attack and the lack of casualties, the fact is the bomber narrowly missed killing or injuring passersby who can be seen clearly in the vicinity, moments before the blast," Kelly said. “The distance between polemics by bombing and the murdering of innocents is short, indeed."


In the FBI video from early morning. March 6, 2008, the intensity of the explosion can be seen at 3:15 -

The newly-released photo below shows part of the explosive device used in the 2008 bombing . The FBI says this is a piece of the ammunition used in the device; typical for the warfare used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Authorities say it was filled halfway with black powder, detonated using a time-fuse, and could have caused serious casualties if people had been nearby.


The Times Square Recruitment Center bombing was two years before the failed 45th St Times Square bomber of 2010 (see post and video here).

Again, we were lucky: no casualties..... 2010


The pictures below that I am re-posting are of what I saw at the recruitment center in 2008 at 11 AM. that morning...

I arrived just as the press was being allowed to get close-up shots of the damage.

2008 Slideshow (different angles of the damage)


As for the suspect, he was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and pants of an unknown color. The height, weight, age, sex, and race of the suspect are unknown.  At one time there was an inference the 2008 bombing had been French anarchists. Five years later...perhaps that is now off-the-table....since I see no mention of that in these latest reports.


Authorities increased the reward for the suspect to $65,000. Anyone with information on any of the three bombings is encouraged to call the FBI at (212) 384-1000.

See more at:

Sunday, June 9, 2013

“Hijabs are Us” (or not) In a Store near you?

Walking down  5th Ave recently, I noticed a UNIQLO store at 53rd St.

IMAG2145 copy

Japanese owned, and always interesting, I’ve enjoyed shopping in the midtown store near Port Authority with its eclectic assortment of clothes and “things”.  [Correction, that store is called " Muji USA" ] at any rate, I headed in and UP one of the many escalators to explore this MUCH larger store.

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 9.40.32 PM

I saw nothing but clothes, clothes and more clothes neatly displayed throughout the many levels and corridors and then I came upon a unique display of mannequins arranged in a VERY dramatic Martha Graham-like pose….

IMAG2136 copy

Are those hijabs or ‘head scarves’… yearning to break free…

IMAG2137 copy

A symbol of the “moderate” Muslima embracing western fashion?  Or just a headscarf. (You can make a case for either one)

IMAG2138 copy

Perhaps these ARE hijabs, meant to subtly open-the-eyes of the western shopper to the fashionable wearing of  “hijab”  ’round-the-world.

This is Malaysia:


And this is Malaysia

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 9.26.05 PM

This is  from a catalog in New Zealand …


And in the U.S., I’ve seen many western dressed muslimas …skinny jeans etc …who also wear hijab. (below was in Times Square 2012)

So, perhaps those very short-shorts….very high-heels … that barely-dressed look…is okay… as long as you wear hijab…

IMAG2142 copy

The models in the UNIQLO catalog dress smartly in western designed clothes…tight, slim and sexy… reaching out to their global customers … Yet, it’s in NY that we see the ‘head scarves’ … not in the Malaysian catalog.

IMAG2139 copy 

IMAG2140 copy 

 IMAG2141 copy

There were many ‘hijabs’ on the mannequins. ‘Headscarves’ in the windows,  all over the store. So, perhaps we’ll soon see “our own” dressing in-style with these faux hijabs? (not that’s there anything wrong with it)

IMAG2143 copy

The NYC campaign…. is it hijabs…or headscarves…

IMAG2144 copy

I have no answer. But,

“as the world explodes and Jihadists have the general population on tenterhooks, what is the U.S.  government’s response to the obvious warnings that abound, warning us of the threat of Islamists in the West?” (Pamela Geller)

Another pressure cooker incident evacuates mall outside Boston


And  ” WE get MORE Sharia.  Our every move watched. Big Brother, surveillance, draconian travel procedures, counter-Jihadists blacklisted and now:  Restrictions on Free Speech. SHARIA. Ever more sharia.”

So, maybe those ‘hijabs’ on the mannequins on Fifth Avenue have a purpose,  along with the proliferation of hijabs and niqabs all over Times Square. As this pictorial study from summer 2012  observed, PERHAPS these ‘head-scarves’ are another sign of the encroachment and Rise of The Caliphate in the West.

Perhaps this Hijab fashion is coming to America…and maybe…to a store near you?

hijab fashion