Thursday, January 8, 2009

IAC action: Shoes For Bloomberg/Anti Israel rally

January 7, 2009. Ramsey Clark's IAC at New York City Hall, as the 'palis' protest Bloomberg's trip to Israel by throwing old shoes in the pouring rain. (like Bloomie cares!Mr 'no-term-limits-for-me' Bloomberg has said, "If you don't like it , BOO me at a parade.") Left before they threw the shoes...too cold. Too wet...

(watch video in High's a bit was a rainy night)

Lots of police...too much rain....and commuters rushing who was this for? The press? their cameras(of course) and they'll say there were THOUSANDS there. Thousands!


a few more pictures here (Click Thumbnail):Image hosted by
by redsquirrel08

NY POST article is a tad amusing... there were LOTS of police...standing in the rain!! (getting hazard pay) wondering WHERE were the 5,000 shoeless protesters....having coffee with the 25-30,000 'palis' (remeber that FAKE tally?) for the march in Times Square on January 4. You'd think the police would know better than to believe the INFLATED numbers from the soc/commie/dem-'palis'!

This time, a picture was worth several dozen shoes.

At least 150 pro-Palestinian New Yorkers rallied against Mayor Bloomberg for his recent trip to Israel and unfettered support of that country in the latest outbreak of violence in Gaza.

The protesters, gathering outside City hall, tossed the old shoes at a portrait of Bloomberg they carried along.

"The mayor of New York is going to Israel to support this terrorism, this genocide against Palestinians in Gaza," said Raja Abdulhaq, who represented a group called Break the Siege on Gaza.

Larris Jamal, a Brooklyn resident who immigrated from Palestine, said the mayor should either stay neutral or side with the Palestinians because "international law" is on their side.

At the end of the protest, the marchers went to Foley Square - carrying Bloomberg's picture pierced with shoes and chanting, "Bloomberg, Bloomberg, shame on you."

Police who guard City Hall were expecting a larger, more rambunctious protest, and said they set up barriers for 5,000 demonstrators.

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