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An Israeli Spotter Speaks Out, Posthumously By Madeline Brooks


"I wrote a political poem about the war on Israel and the failure of craven minds to understand the threat of Islam. As you will see, I take the role of a dead female spotter on the Gaza fence, and I let her speak." M. Brooks

An Israeli Spotter Speaks Out, Posthumously
By Madeline Brooks

I did! I tried to warn them. For a year and a half, I tried. So did all of us girls at the Gaza fence watching the terrorists train to kill us.

I told my sergeant, a women like me. She reported up the ranks and was smacked down. Hysterical, stupid female, she was told. Next time you will be count martialed for bothering me.

Then Gaza smacked us full force. Most of the girls on the fence – my friends – were shot. Hamas needed them silent. But they took me and two of the soldiers I worked with captive for a moment. They made us watch each other being raped, then they tied us together, poured gasoline on us, and we burned up together with our command post.

I will not tell you about the pain I felt. It was unbearable, of course. But if I tell you more you will stop reading now and I must not lose you for the next part.

Now that I am free of my body, my mind can travel many places. I can go to the minds of those who resolutely denied danger coming to see why they did it.

First of all, the generals are still alive, unraped. The generals believed the complexity and internal harmony of their thinking was a sufficient map of reality.

The map replaced the road. Mentally adjacent to them were the woke peaceniks, “Sha! Don’t disturb the dream! If we want peace badly enough surely the terrorists will too. Except we must stop offending them by calling them terrorists.” These are the moral aristocrats, superior to people like me.

Less pretentious are the policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic. They spend all their time arguing over giving and taking this and that parcel of land, as if it will bring peace.

I searched on and discovered brilliant minds usually ignored. These are the Muslim defectors who are spilling the beans about what makes Islam tick. Ayaan Irsi Ali, genitally mutilated in Somalia. Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of a Hamas founder, now hunted by his family. Nonie Darwish, daughter of an Egyptian general and founder of Arabs for Israel, Ibn Warraq, “Why I Am Not a Muslim,” a preeminent Pakistani scholar, and the very accomplished Maronite Middle East expert and journalist, Robert Spencer. There are so many other brave souls, risking their very lives to speak the truth about Islam. They expose the Koran as a war manual and detail its 1600 years of bloody, world wide Muslim expansion. Sadly, the dissidents are pushed aside as “extremists” by supposed intellectuals who are unwilling to even notice their experience and knowledge. Why are these brave souls ignored when they are patiently willing to risk their lives, martyrs not for the cause of jihad but to promote truth and peace? They whisper that what they have to say is so scary that cowardice makes many back off.

I am like them. I was not listened to either, and now I’m dead. As of this writing, these Muslim defectors have not been assassinated – yet. They continue to risk their lives to save yours.

Won’t you please check them out, while there is time?

Curtis Sliwa protested Staten Island illegal shelters: NOT HERE! NOT NOW.


On August 20, 2023, Curtis Sliwa was arrested, again, along with Scott Lobaido and others. This time during a protest in Staten Island, against housing of migrants in Midland Beach senior housing. 


Curtis Sliwa and other anti-illegal migrant activists blocked the street outside of a Senior Residence in Staten Island tentatively planned to be turned into a migrant center. They chanted - re evicting the senior residents with : “Close the border!”

"The leftists in our city government hate America"

However, the NYPD declared the protesters blocking the road to be an unlawful assembly and moved in to make arrests after their warnings were ignored.

The Staten Island  protestors supported Rule-of-Law against the egregious abuses perpetrated by hard-core leftists.

Open borders: NOT HERE! NO WAY!

However, is this  two steps forward, and one step back. Mayor Adam's' head is now on the chopping-block of financial fraud.

The FBI investigation into Mayor Eric Adams is focused on campaign money, favors and possible foreign influence, according to officials briefed on the investigation. Adams has a long and proud relationship with the Turkish-American community of New York City, and he has made a half a dozen trips to Turkey.Nov 14, 2023

Is he the perpetrator or simply ineffectual. Whatever, affective change from City Hall seems illusive.

Flickr Slideshow Part 1. NOT HERE! Staten Island

Flickr Slideshow Part 2. Staten Island is so NEW YORK. They put on notice, Albany and City Hall: Do NOT think you can march in and do as you like without a FIGHT. Not Here! Staten Island Part 2

SEVEN VIDEOS. thoughtful speakers who made ir clear that passivity is not the answer.#1 But first,  a playful arrival of the President's "Limo"

#2 The speakers began with local artist, Scott LoBaido: never forget Staten Island is an Island Of Immigrants

#3 Speakers continue with John Matland

#4 ... I don't  have his name ... a community  activist who shared his unique perspective to our government gone mad.

#5 The main speaker, organizer, Curtis Sliwa spoke before the arrests.

#6- Midland Beach protesters blocked the avenue in Part 1 of the arrests. First they blocked the street .

#7 Midland Beach protesters,  now in Part 2: they are arrested for civil disobedience.

The final question, as we proceed towards 2024 ... re the abuses, the media, the war against loyal American .... it does not abate. Can we hope to stop this conspiracy?


Is the New York nursing home turned into a migrant shelter? 

The Department of Social Services (DSS) spokesman told the Staten Island Advance in September the former senior living facility would be turned into a migrant shelter for 113 families with private rooms and meal services. [Nov 30, 2023]

The Island Shores Residences in Staten Island are now known as the Midland Beach Migrant Center.

A 94-year-old US Army veteran is blasting his Staten Island assisted living home for kicking him out then cutting a deal to welcome migrants — saying it’s “not fair” he was sent packing.

Frank Tammaro was given less than two months’ notice he and 53 other seniors would have to move out of Island Shores Residences in March, and had to make other living arrangements.

GOP leaders from the borough have slammed the city and the nonprofit that owns the facility for what they called a “shady deal” to house migrants.


The decision led outraged Staten Islanders to protest in front of the shelter, with some physically blocking the arrival of an MTA bus carrying asylum seekers.

The group of protesters halted traffic after intercepting the bus on Sept. 19. A total of 10 people were taken into custody, with nine being issued summonses [AGAIN] for disorderly conduct.

Sadly, the government marches on.
Their agenda:

“They’re worried about the migrants more than they’re worried about the US citizens,” .... Homes for the Homeless declined to comment.

America FIRST was shoved out the door.
Protests.... are they a waste of energy?

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