Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Islamic Apartheid Conference " at Temple University Sparks Controversy and Protest

April 23, 2012 at 6 PM,  I returned to Temple University (Kiva Auditorium) to participate in an important conference on "Islamic Apartheid".

 Co-sponsored by The Horowitz Foundation and  Students For Intellectual Freedom, the usual 'outrage' and declarations against 'racism' and "Islamophobia' by the Muslim Students Association and a number of Leftists/Socialist groups was trumpeted in the local and students papers as fact and the result was predictable.

 Announcing their intentions to the media, proclaiming "Hate Speech" was not "Free Speech", and as arbiters of what was allowed (or not), they intended to shut the conference down.

Prior to the conference, the protestors assembled outside where I caught a few pictures and a short video of "Free Free Fakestine","From The River To The Sea'' and the usual"Fakestinian" flags.


 No doubt this was the only point-of view permitted' at T.U.


There was a pretense of rules they were told to abide by, knowing fully well they would ignore them with impunity since Temple's Security Police were passive observers. This guy heckled through out  Robert Spencer's and Pamela Geller's opening remarks (note Security is YAWNING)

Even after the second announcement made to the students inside, demanding a semblance of decorum, "deaf ears"prevailed. Security stood by watching the students behaving rudely, a raucous example of "Free Speech for ME but Not for THEE"

They smugly opposed everything they heard. Figuratively putting hands-to-ears, going la-la-la-la as the argued party-lines claiming Islamic Apartheid to be a slanderous fraud. It was racist. It was hate-speech. It was LIES. No real questions came out of their mouths, just more la-la-la-la la-la-la-la...............

 Part 1 VIDEO is a look at the crowd inside just before Dean of Students, Stephanie Ives, made a brief statement. The main point being, " I ask you all to keep the principles of free speech and civil discourse in mind tonight ." A statement which fell on deaf ears. These students came to disrupt and to violate the free-speech rights of their fellow students and the invited speakers.

As is evident from the videos posted here of the entire evening, security, as well as Ms Ives, basically ignored the offending students. After Ms Ives fulfilled her duties with empty words she did nothing to assist student leader, Alvaro Enrique Watson, a brave young man whose organization, Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom (TUSIF ) co-sponsored the conference with The David Horowitz Foundation

THE forbidden signs appeared at about 10:25 in Video 2 (as shown in these screen shots)  There was NO penalty for bad-behavior, but this Conference was too powerful to be shut-down so score A BIG ONE for the speakers!

The pamphlet the protestors handed out as they left during Spencer's opening remarks.

DSCN3868 copy

After most of arrogant fools walked out with their 8x10 paper signs that they had "snuck" in, only then did the campus police decided to have some rules; a rule they wouldn't bend: No one outside who really wanted to hear the speakers would be permitted in.

The VIDEOS that follow are of the speakers: Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, Nonie Darwish, Former Muslims United and Simon Deng, a Sudanese Refugee and the 3 Part  Q and A,  will be more powerful than anything else I can say...

Part 1-  Robert Spencer was the first speaker; listened to by most, although there was the to-be-expected disruption by a few (this happens in a couple of moments during Spencer's opening remarks) and was handled by the speaker since security just stood by and watched.

Part 2-Pamela Geller. In spite of a couple of hecklers, Ms Geller confidently waited them out and then spoke of her organization, dedicated to the individual human rights and to women's rights.

At this point, T.U News, a student paper (that's their crew in the center of this picture) They LEFT!

They had no interest in hearing Nonie, a former Muslim or Simon, a former Muslim slave tell their powerful stories.

Part 3- Nonie Darwish (Former Muslim) spoke of her upbringing as a Muslim in Egypt, of leaving Islam and the Islamic Apartheid against Former Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Part 4-Simon Deng was enslaved at the age of 9 by Muslims in the Sudan; a horrible practice that continues throughout the Muslim world today. This was a powerful presentation.

THE Q and A is in 3 parts.  This is our higher education at work, dedicated to creating and maintaining a brain-dead generation incapable of thinking for themselves. They proudly marched in lock-step with the Islamic Fascisti and their Marxist comrades. Fools and tools. Surly and smug as they lectured the speakers.

Then they walked out before the conclusion....

Part 1 - Q and A. One heckler remained in the crowd (ignored by security) and many of the 'questions' were statements of propaganda. (Handled superbly by the speakers) Audience mic was set too low so I tweaked the audio as best I could when questions were asked.

In Part One: Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish and Pamela Geller.

Part 2 - Q and A continues with a concerned young man asking Robert Spencer about what he has read in the Quran. He doesn't like the violence in the Quran. The loud mouth heckler shouts out a few times, but the Q and A continues in spite of him. Part 2 is intense and quite interesting.

Part 3 - Q and A is the end of the Q and A. The students get more argumentative. Their minds are closed but the speakers, Spencer, Geller, Darwish and Deng,  are politely confident as they continue to address The Islamic Apartheid , FACTS these students refused to listen to.

Now is the time to reach out to anyone sitting on the fence, unsure about the propaganda and indoctrination they are exposed to in our schools, our colleges and our media. Please share these videos. We need more panels like the Islamic Apartheid Conference and please support these brave student leaders.

 DSCN3866 copy

Illuminate and educate! Or the war is LOST.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Leftist Unions say get $$ out of Elections (YOURS not theirs!)

Midtown Manhattan. April 4, 2012.

44th st and 8th Avenue.

 DSCN3446 copy

A UNION sponsored Community "Town Hall" Meeting.

Unions and Leftist Grannies and OWS Friends..... meeting to promote #OWS propaganda

Those not so loveable 'Grannies' joined with their fellow hard-core Leftists to make us laugh. Demanding "$$$ get out of Politics".


Of course they mean the EVIL corporations. No mention of rampant UNION abuses. The $$$ (union dues) that UNIONS use to BUY elections (Nope. Not a word)


And this younger woman talking to a passer-by verifies she's #OWS. Says she had also been working with #OWS in DC.

DSCN3436 copy

Short video posted .... sound isn't very good. Sorry. Can't find lyric sheet either but the main lyric seemed to be the on-going meme: Occupy Wall Street". VIDEO:

What seemed so benign, so coy on April 5 is all part of the scam. Those loveable Grannies singing cute songs, telling us we having nothing to fear but the EVIL 1 %.

But, the unvarnished reality is we have MUCH to fear in "Omerica." Take Heed...This is a taste of what we can expect from Obama-endorsed #OWS this Spring and Summer. The Left wants war ..... so does O and the NYPD is under attack by Islamic supremacists and left-wing fascists.

UPDATE: APRIL 15, 2012...

Panic as anti-government goons smash up E. Village April 15, 2012, NY Post 

"Anarchy in New York! Panic Ensues"
Cops last night arrested three self-proclaimed anarchists who assaulted two police officers and terrorized patrons at an East Village coffee shop, authorities said.

The melee broke out at 8:45 p.m. when a gang of 25 authority-haters, some wearing masks, wielded 8-foot-long metal pipes and tried to smash the windows of the Starbucks at Astor Place and Lafayette Street, police said.

Coffee drinkers hid under tables during the fracas, cops said.

The group had just left the sixth annual anarchist book fair being held at a church off Washington Square Park.

[Were they "black bloc" ? or just your average #OWS insurgent.]


(Read more HERE.  At least one of them was an attorney!)

They then took to the streets marching against traffic chanting, “F--- the NYPD!” “Cops are murderers!” and “All pigs must die!” authorities said.

In addition to the Starbucks vandalism, a group of about 150 were seen tipping garbage cans and spray-painting anarchist symbols on storefronts, sources said.

One sergeant spotted, Eric Marchese, 24, smashing windows at several stores in the East Village, police sources said. He was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

Two other protesters, Alexander Penley, 41, and Nicholas Thommen, 30, were slapped with several charges including assault, criminal possession of a weapon and inciting a riot.

CAN'T SAY WE HAVEN'T BEEN WARNED. They continue training to create chaos in the streets.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter "Parade" NYC-Style ( 2012) Lots of pics and short video

April 8, 2012 (about 12: 30 PM) It's Easter in NYC on Fifth Avenue. (Orthodox Easter April 15)

 DSCN3713 copy

A few blocks on Fifth Avenue around St. Patrick's Cathedral are closed to traffic. (This is the Presbyterian Church a few blocks North)

 DSCN3723 copy

It's not really a parade per se, more like one big block-party.

DSCN3670 copy

The eclectic participants seemed less political this year. Only caught these two/

DSCN3513 copy

 No idea what the flamingo means, but the lapel button on his friend speaks loud and clear..

DSCN3718 copy

She supports marriage "equality" ...  aka gay "marriage"

DSCN3718 copy pin

Buoyant, joyful and at times .... ODD...

DSCN3597 copy


 DSCN3574 copy

(I was much too close this hirsute fellow)

DSCN3575 copy

The families were out, even the boys, to share in the creation of hats, hats and more hats....

 DSCN3731 copy

DSCN3719 copy

DSCN3799 copy

DSCN3748 copy

It wasn't just about the hats for these three friends...

DSCN3499 copy

Many times, people were posing with strangers.

 DSCN3595 copy

To capture a memory of the HATS.

 DSCN3804 copy

The beautiful children, having fun I hope...

DSCN3544 copy

DSCN3691 copy

Dad is definitely dressed for some fun....

DSCN3580 copy

Guess the guy lurking in the back ground wants in the picture....OR...he's holding up the HAT!

DSCN3782 copy

More beautiful creations....

DSCN3750 copy

DSCN3749 copy

DSCN3553 copy

DSCN3551 copy

 Perhaps not "beautiful", but lovingly made for sure.

DSCN3560 copy

DSCN3562 copy

And some beloved PETS ....

DSCN3503 copy

DSCN3546 copy

Seems a stretch for Easter but in NY, anything goes.... even a Naked Cowboy....

DSCN3568 copy

FREE to be ....whatever.... Have NO idea what these two costumes represent but they were popular when it came to getting their pictures taken.

DSCN3508 copy2

DSCN3758 copy

A WALRUS? Even she looks 'surprised'....

DSCN3775 copy

My favorite, the  musicians and dancers circa 1920 and 30s.

 DSCN3669 copy

A "crowd-pleaser"every year:


This cart was taking donations if you wanted a picture seated inside...

DSCN3515 copy

 DSCN3517 copy


 DSCN3754 copy

And the young-at-heart

DSCN3814 copy

Lots more to see in the slideshows of beautiful hats (men and women) and beautiful dresses (men and women). Good Will and Sunshine while Christians celebrated the Joy of Easter on a lovely Spring Day.

Slideshow Part 1

Slideshow Part 2

Spreading some joy in a weary world....