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CPAC PANELS Fri 2012 (vids and pics)

FRIDAY, Feb 10. Day 2 at CPAC 2012 was going to be a VERY FULL DAY. 

9:00 AM- Noticed Huckabee was speaking in the Ballroom as I passed by but no time to stop. I was headed to my first panel of the day instead: 

9:15 AM: Grover Norquist's Panel "Broaden the Base and Lower The Tax Rate. Debate was on "Flat Tax, Fair tax, VAT or Other? (FULL AUDIO)

( L to R in picture) Lew Uhler ( National Tax Limitation Committee); Moderator, Grover Norquist (Americans For Tax Reform); Phil Kerpen (Americans For Prosperity) and Benjamin Powell (Independent institute) 

dscn1928 copy

AUDIO is here:


NEXT, there were two panels, back to back, moderated by Suhail Khan.

10:30 AM - PANEL 1-"Conservative Inclusion 101"

Speakers: ( L to R in picture) Mario Lopez, Hispanic Leadership Fund,  Kevin Daniels, the Frederick Douglass Foundation of North Carolina and Manny Rosales, the Latino Coalition

Moderator: Suhail Khan, Conservative Inclusion Coalition.

Playlist - 5 videos. Once finally to the Q and A, of both panels,  members of the audience , through their questions, expressed their frustrations at what topic was was carefully avoided ( the elephant in the room, so to speak):  "Islam and Sharia Law". And Suhail made it clear that was not going to be discussed.

11:30 AM - PANEL 2 - "Promoting Religious Freedom in the US and Abroad"

Speakers: Dr. Chris Seiple, Institute for Global Engagement and Professor Marshall Breger, Catholic University College of Law and Former Reagan Advisor

Moderator: Suhail Kahn, Conservative Inclusion Coalition.

Playlist - 3 videos  ....

Seiple and Breger held their ground. (Seems criticism of Islam is just not polite.) Also, there were 'helpful' books suggested by Dr. Seiple to help us be more understanding:

dscn1958 copy

And a disturbing flyer , explaining "Why Jews can't criticize Sharia Law", was handed out by Prof. Breger

And here are some video quotes I compiled of Suhail Khan calling Spencer a LIAR and claiming he and others, like Pamela Geller, had been turned away by CPAC.


Romney spoke in Ball Room at 1 PM but I was heading over to check out this panel:

1:30 A New Voice Panel - "Solutions to Battling Race and Class in Politics" Red Carpet Event

Speakers: Kevin Jackson, Anita MonCrief, and Clarence Mason (Alveeda King?) there were others .. Star Parker... Unfortunately their Q And A was cut short; hurried out by NEWT MANIA - they now preceded us (bumped us with no notice) before he spoke in Ball Room at 4:10. TOLD I had to turn vid-cam to the wall ( I was set up for our panel 3 PM) Such SILLINESS. There must have been a camera in the hands of every other person in the room! So I grabbed a few messy candid shots.

(slide show is "The New Voice Panel" and then Newt  with a short video)


3:00 ( pushed to 3:30) "Islamic Law in America: How the Obama Justice Department Is Selling Us Out"- Red Carpet Event

Speakers: AtlasShrugs- Pamela Geller, Spencer, J. Christian Adams, Robert Muise, Ilario Pantano , James Lafferty (VAST)

Playlist- 8 videos.  This was a powerful presentation. Once again, a missed opportunity for CPAC to address a timely subject. The threat of Sharia Law is here already, as written of so powerfully by Geller here, "Infidel Victim of Sharia Law in Pennsylvania"

In the McKinley Room, seemed like a few gremlins had been at play.  Sound was patched backwards, panel speakers were double-booked and the HEAT WAS ON in the room!

JC Adams was double-booked in the main Ballroom ( listing below) AFTER he was announced as a part of the  Spencer and Geller Panel

Obama vs. The Constitution: How a Harvard Law Graduate President Is Shredding the Constitution – Marshall Ballroom The Honorable Ed Meese III, Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow in Public Policy and Chairman of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, The Heritage Foundation and Former Attorney General of the United States Carrie Severino, Chief Counsel and Policy Director, Judicial Crisis Network Sheriff Paul Babeu, Pinal County, Arizona and Candidate for United States Congress The Honorable George Allen, Former United States Senator  

Moderator: J. Christian Adams, Former Justice Department Official and Author of Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department 

Also, Allen West was booked at 3:20 in Main Ball Room.... even though he was originally planning to be on the Geller/Spencer Panel , he too now had a conflict...


A Spencer/Geller debate with Suhail Khan (a debate Suhail was avoiding like the plague) took place in the LOBBY....Impromptu fun!

Friday was another huge day, with much to digest. Had no time to check on the OWS protestors. Missed most of the OCCUPY DC nut-jobs action, but did catch this BORING bit of OWS left-overs as I took a Friday evening stroll...

Back at the hotel, noticed this young 'lady' and her poster in the lobby. She was surly when I asked her what her poster was for. Rude, actually. So it would seem she was either an OWS'er or just a non-friendly.Turned out she was the latter....

Next day, found her group downstairs, not associated with CPAC. The very SOCIAL JUSTICE do-gooders were also meeting in the Marriott. Guess that wasn't sitting too well with the Socially Aware types Saturday morning, they had added security at top of the escalator. Protection from the inquisitive minds of those "ignorant RACIST CPAC-er's" perhaps?

Slide show of the displays. ( had to take pictures from the balcony since we weren't allowed to go near them:

Found two videos that DaTechGuy managed to make, interviewing the Social Justice Crow, before CPAC-rs were barred here

And over at Free Republic, I found a link to a Mark Judge article, who was most unhappy to discover he was forbidden near the Catholic Social Justice Display.

Found it predictable, so many of the topics on their displays. And noticed lots of Election topics, feeding the poor and opposition to the Death Penalty, but not so sure I saw anything about feeding the soul with the Good News of the Holy Gospels. And from this picture hiding in the background

DSCN2176 copy2 ( Holy Land in back ground)

 Liberal Social Justice Catholics, when they  depict the Holy Land of the Jews and Christians, they choose a picture of 3 Muslim girls? Figures...

Next post is a few more videos from Saturday and then ... Back to Manhattan!

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CPAC 2012 : Thursday- Feb 9 - Vids and pics

 February 9, 2012. Washington. DC - CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) 

 Off and running EARLY. It was 7:00AM  (and for a "late-riser" I was doing good ) as I headed for the bloggers check-in area to get any last minute info I may need for the day (including the very necessary wire-less code) and then I headed to a favorite, the Exhibit Hall.

They were still setting things up and many of the exhibitors were upstairs waiting for the opening-speakers in the Main Ball Room, but still took loads of pictures that will be posted after the reports on the panels. 

OUTSIDE the Ball Room, the crowds of CPAC attendees were registering, getting ready for three days of non-stop activity.  ( Noticed some added restrictions posted, rules of conduct etc most likely prompted by  the #OWS renegades  planning to crash the event) 

dscn1550 copy

dscn1805 copy

dscn1801 copy

dscn1732 copy

The first two panels, I just took notes and pictures ... not sure why... they were both very interesting. Great way to start the day.

11:15 AM

 "Return of Big Labor: What Can We Learn from Wisconsin and Ohio?"

Senior Fellow F. Vincent Vernuccio, Labor Policy Counsel, Competitive Enterprise Institute;  Steven Malanga, Senior Editor, City Journal, Manhattan Institute; Moderator: Terry Scanlon, President, Capital Research Center; Kevin Mooney, Capitol Bureau Reporter, Pelican Institute for Public Policy (L to R in photo)

dscn1790 copy

"One reason the unions are opposed to us is "Right To Work". 
Not anti-union to support "Right To work"

In Wisconsin, Governor Walkers' Bill.  no mandate.  $31 million saved. 
Teachers lost nothing.  And a reduction in property taxes

Freedom. Less government. Workers have a choice

Shameful that Wisconsin and Indiana Democrat Legislators refused to do their jobs (by hiding)

California pensions system is broken (300 billion)
California had Big Labor Pension Reform 
It was retroactively rolled-back when Grey Davis elected. 
All the money that had been saved was retroactively put back in to the system.

Only 3% union $ goes to represent union members.
Many union members vote Republican but union $ goes to support politics (and it's NOT Republican)

What happened to representing The Workers?

Union dues down by 50%. Pension Plans under-funded. 
Left always goes emotional when fighting reform:
"Bill will kill babies"
"Schools will blow-up"

Our side needs to get our message together (and funding) to break up these bills.
 Citizens need to know what's IN bills ( fiscal reality)"



"From Fidel to Chavez: How Do We Stop the Resurgence of Socialism in Latin America

                   [The Honorable Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), United States Representative did not attend]

The Honorable David Rivera (R-FL), United States Representative ; The Honorable Otto Reich, President, Otto Reich Associates, LLC, Former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Former United States Ambassador to Venezuela  

dscn1800 copy 

Moderator: Mauricio Claver-Carone, Executive Director, Cuba Democracy Public Advocacy

dscn1794 copy

David Rivera spoke first.

"Dictatorial regimes in Latin America. 
Cuba. Chavez . Ecuador. Nicaragua
Anti-America rhetoric from demagogues

Free-Trade. We want equal partnership. NAFTA

In Latin America often confronted by burdensome process
Reform Consular process 
Support NGOs, sports, educate; bridge the ant-American message"

On the spread of Socialism

Otto Reich :  Latin America is not European Socialism. It has failed.
Greece has failed . It is not the Castro-Chavez Marxist-Socialism

In our own interest (U.S.) a peaceful, prosperous FREE Hemisphere

Latin America's anti-imperialist economic project, ALBA (21st c Socialism) is not free, not peaceful, not prosperous  [drug traffic, explosives, narcotics, terrorism]

We should be surrounded by peaceful Nations. What should Obama do. Diplomatic outreach to those that are hostile regimes? Offered friendship to Chavez. 

Chavez' response: Largest military build-up financed by Russia. Opened doors to Iran (Ah'jad). Marxist guerrillas in Columbia. In Ecuador, had lunch with anti-American President. Nationalized property. Closed U.S. Air base . Expelled U.S. Ambassador.

Bolivia expelled U.S. We must care about the anti-American alliance South of our borders, financed by Chavez. STOP subsidizing Chavez (oil). His bag-men took Venezuelan suitcases of cash to places in South America...from Argentina.

Cut-off the OIL. Cut-off the Life-Line

Answer to a question: Castro asked Venezuelan President for $300 million to "do America in".  Two years later, Castro attacked Venezuela.

Rivera: Cuba has no electoral process. Venezuela does. Independents groups in Cuba trying to change. NGO's in Venezuela can be supported."


Sadly, at 12:30, this panel was so BORING!! The only one negative experience, panel-wise, everything else I checked out was great. 

 "The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity" - Sponsored by ProEnglish

 [ Dr. Serge Trifkovic, foreign affairs editor for Chronicles magazine did not attend]

 Speakers: Robert Vandervoort, Executive Director, ProEnglish; Dr. Rosalie Porter, author of American Immigrant: My Life In Three Languages, chairwoman of the board, ProEnglish ; Peter Brimelow, author of The Patriot Game: National Dreams and Political Realities and founder of and John Derbyshire, contributing editor at National Review and author of We Are Doomed  (L to R in picture)

dscn1802 copy

 First a long rambling speech, of Trifkovik's, was read by Vandervoort.  Those on the panel seemed as fidgety as the audience waiting for this speech to end. It may have been an interesting panel, but the elongated "read" lost me.   I was juggling events anyway, so I decided to be on-time for the next panel.

LINK to a hard-core Leftist report on the panel(predictably nasty)


1:00 PM "Is Disarming America Smart Politics? The Security and Economic Costs of Obama’s Policies "– Sponsored by Center for Security Policy

 Speakers: Frank Gaffney, Jr., President, Center for Security Policy; Joel Arrends, Executive Director, Vets for Freedom; Mackenzie Eaglen, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute; LtGen Jack Klimp, USMC (Ret.), National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS); & MG Al Zapanta, USARNG, President and CEO, U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

 Speaker is Lt. Gen Jack Klimp, USMC, (Ret) from NAUS ( National Association for Uniformed Services) After listening to Lt. Gen Kilmp, remain very concerned for our men and women in uniform. 

(This is a newer version; picture has been adjusted)

Link to  other speakers on this panel here

2:05 ( They were running late in the Ball Room so managed to catch this panel that I thought I'd missed) Is it an Arab Spring... or Arab Winter?

Debate: "Is the “Arab Spring” Good or Bad for America?"

The Honorable Jim Gilmore, President and Chief Executive Officer, Free Congress Foundation and Former Governor of Virginia, Former Member, Congressional Homeland Security Commission (1999-2003) The Honorable Zalmay Khalilzad, President, Gryphon Partners, Former U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN, Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, and Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan The Honorable Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations David French, Senior Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice

Moderator: Cliff May, President, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies


3:30 PM "Back to the Future: How Do We Bring Back Civics Education to Our Schools?"   (Complete Audio below)

 Moderator: Dr. Ed Moore, President, The Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida; Dr. Matthew Spalding, Vice President, American Studies and Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, The Heritage Foundation and Author, We Still Hold These Truths; Dr. Larry Schweikart, Author, Patriot's History of the United States  and Daniel Flynn, Author ( L to R in picture)

dscn1824 copy

(Length of audio 42:59) This was a great Panel. Civics. Who teaches REAL Civics anymore? Pride of Country. Of America? If Howard Zinn's Marxist revisionist History book is in the classroom, you know the answer. However, I was pleased to learn of A Patriot's History, that it is in the Classroom ( or can be) and that when it is even immigrants ( as well as those born here) can learn to speak PROUDLY of being an American and to be thankful for the sacrifices made by others to allow us to live FREE.

For those interested, hopeful publishing the audio will be useful.

"Great and Noble Purpose here"

Second Speaker

10:19:  grabbed some snippets that stuck with me: "Civics. The Way America Works. Best taught through History. Taught in an historical context, how government works. Foreign constitutions used as a model, due to failure to connect teach civics and Constitution, American Exceptionalism.  Without historical foundations, susceptible to relativism. you will accept that Amer. Constitutional  structure is deficient.  Myopic...designed to operate 4 pillars,  Common Law, Private Prop, Predominant Christ religion and Free Market. Without all 4 factors, an Amer-Like Constitution will fail... ask the French. Without teaching American Exceptionalism as part and parcel of CIVICS, will generate America-Hate they won't understand historical concerns of protecting the Common Man from Government."

"Recent experience with an instructor from the Sunni-system who taught immigrant classes for the constitution for citizenship classes. He wrote me, we've been using a Civics Text Book and our passing rates has been 65% at best. So he said he started using  the Patriots History of the United States to teach this CIVICS class. As a result, no student in my class came in with less than a 95%. I suggested he try to get the to adopt the book. I suggested a study. Sunni bought into a study, a test. (teaching 1/2 with the Patriots History)  All those who used the Patriots History were in the top 20%. The others were in the bottom 50 %. And the ADOPTED the Patriots History. SUNNI."

John Adams quote: Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of FREEDOM

And at 41:02 he adds to "the best part of the Sunni story". "What they found about the students before when they were using just the civics book, he told me his students were coming up very hostile toward America; they hated this country. They didn't like it, they were ambivalent. And after they started using Patriot's History,  I think you can use any good conservative history book, they came out GRATEFUL that they were in this country. They loved this country because they saw what people had gone through to give them the liberties they have."

So glad to have audio and video recorders to capture these panels. Even with written notes it's way too much info jamming from one panel to the other.

(4:05) caught END of Herman Cain, Former CEO, Godfather’s Pizza – Marriott Ballroom. The crowd LOVED him!

dscn1876 copy


Cain was a much fun as Sarah (who I missed cause I left early Saturday).  Caught this great display.

BTW:  Urban Infidel was there all day Sat ( link to her report.) Great pics of Sarah!

Next---Cain's  BUS parked outside:

 dscn1753 copy

And his TABLE inside:

dscn1771 copy

As I left the Ball Room, caught the beginning of The Honorable Rand Paul (R-KY), United States Senator

dscn1895 copy


Daddy-Ron wasn't at CPAC but he was SELLING his stuff downstairs..... 


BLOGGERS BASH  Finished up the day at this year's Blog Bash at 6:30 PM. We were bussed to Microsoft's state-of-the-art Innovation and Policy Center on K street. After an unfortunate  problem with our Blogger Bash ID's (the strings were all twisted and stuck together). we were finally allowed to ascend to an upper floor of Microsoft  were Suhail Khan was greeting us as we exited the elevators (more on him and Grover Norquist in Friday's post) BTW-there were NO PICTURES ALLOWED! Go figure. You get a bunch of bloggers together for a party and we're told we can't take any pictures. (very odd)

Next : Friday Feb 10th CPAC 2012

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THE MUSLIM UMMA (anti-NYPD) Protest NYC 2012 (videos)

 This rally of protest against the NYPD had many speakers with  claims of 'racism' against the whole police department; all because of one film.

DSCN1252 copy

"The rally was called by Majlis Al-Shura and DRUM

DRUM- Desis Rising Up and Moving is a multi-generational, membership led organization of working class South Asian immigrants in New York City.  Desi is a common term used by people of South Asian descent to identify as people from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and parts of the diaspora including Africa, England, Fiji, Guyana, and Trinidad.  ("No Human is Illegal")

DSCN1251 copy

Other supporters of the protest against the NYPD:

Arab Muslim American Federation
Council on American Islamic Relations- New York (CAIR-NY)
Muslim American Society (MAS)
Al-Awda NY
The Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood
Social Justice Task Force of Muslim Alliance in North Americ
ICNA New York
Muslim Peace Coalition-USA, NY
Pakistan Solidarity Network
National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights
The Justice Committee
Project SALAM
International Socialist Organization
Yemeni American Coalition for Change
Defending Dissent Foundation
May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights

NYC Coalition to Stop Islamophobia
World Can’t Wait
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)
Arab American Action Network (AAAN)
Turning Point for Women and Families
Asian American Legal Defense Fund (AALDEF)
International Action Center
WESPAC Foundation
Ad Hoc Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution
Committee to Stop FBI Repression-NY
Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA)
Black Unity
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ)
Jews Against Islamophobia

DSCN1247 copy2

DSCN1250 copy

A long list of supporters, yet they didn't pull together much of a crowd. There were lots of cameras followed by spare reportage.  Yet midst those carefully chosen words of "reconciliation" I was hearing reverse racism and calls for riots and violence in the streets, so I let the camera roll-on. 

"This is what Democracy looks like  "Rails against mass incarceration. Demands Community Control of the Police. We need to be in control of the police in NYC. SILENCE is CONSENT"

So who hears this stuff? Like this angry, ANGRY woman.

She's not too happy with Obama. Claims institutional racism is even more blatant under a black President.  Points out the Muslims in these country are mostly African-American. Government concerned about recruitment of blacks in prison. THEY have jammed-packed our prisons with young blacks and Latinos....looking to ensnare, to entrap those brothers and sisters in this BOGUS War against terrorism...The REAL TERROR lies in the NYPD.  (3:56) 

Get ready in 2012. You ain't seen nothing yet. Mass demonstrations. Your anger being expressed on the street. We have to hit the streets in the millions. That is our history. Our future. And HISTORY will absolve us.

Our kids hear this propaganda every day in their 'sensitivity' indoctrination classes and they read in their text-books. High school, college, even the reviled NYPD gets the same 'sensitivity'.  

 This guy starts out with...."the NYPD is a subversive, terrorist group. Ray Kelly is Irish Catholic . He slams Irish-Catholics... (but he's just kidding)... People we call Muslims are 1.5 billion in the world. Not chump-change. 1.5 billion  who serve allah. Can't blame a whole group for actions of a few... Not the people painted as terrorists. They are hard working. Just trying to get by. Not trying to take over. Show some RESPECT, Ray Kelly. (and launches in to this chant) We gotta make Kelly and Brown go out of town"

     (Point of fact, the film does not blame all Muslims)


And of course, our churches and synagogues. We had a priest representing the Christian support groups... but also....

ALL people of faith (faith traditions). There is a deep spiritual sickness in this city. All of us HUMANS can do better....bad ideas have infected this great city...the sickness spreads when we LIE about it. Call-out bigotry and intolerance.FEAR will be checked in NYC. We will SET the TONE for this PLANET.........AMEN

CAIR-NY Civil Rights Manager Cyrus McGoldrick (a "revert"... in college... from Roman Catholicism)....  and his associate, the smarmy Zead Ramadan, President of Hamas-linked CAIR- NY was seen laughing within the crowd. I think he and Cyrus looked forward to a playful personal shout out to moi while I was filming. (:0027) Whatever I smiled as did he and then he launched in to his woeful tails of NYPD racism.... He asks:

Is this Justice? Is this Good Government? He also intoned, and was parroted by the crowd (3:17)

"When people come between us, what do we do?  We LOVE one another. What do we do? We LOVE one another. What do we do...?

He also mocked that wikipedia was a source of info for the NYPD. Could this be the same Mulsim friendly encyclopedia source that rights so glowing of Islam, and slanders anyone who attempts to correct their re-tooled history? NOW, wiki is a joke? hmmmm. And in parting, asks the media to "Keep Shedding Light On The Truth".

Linda Sarsour is the director of the Arab American Association of New York and works for the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition. Attends the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge. 

"She DEMANDS the resignation of Keely and Brown caused the LIED. The NYC Police department actually participated in the production of the Third Jihad. And they  demand the re-education of the 1500 police officers who saw the Third Jihad film. The NYPD. Bloomberg's Army. We demand our civil rights. and Our Civil Liberties."

In the last five years, the Arab-American Association of New York, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in December, has quintupled its budget to a half-million dollars, drawn from individual donations and foundation support from the likes of the New York Foundation, the Union Square Awards, and the Brooklyn Community Foundation. It is the front line of American acculturation, if not integration, for tens of thousands of ESL-hungry Arab immigrants from Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, and beyond. The organization plays more or less the role that Abraham Cahan’s Forward played for the immigrants of Eastern Europe a century ago.

The executive director of the organization is Linda Sarsour, 31, a Palestinian-American mother of three who wears the hijab and plans to become the first Arab-American on the New York City Council when she runs in 2017, after the local seat opens up. Sarsour, who took over the organization in 2005 and has raised its profile tremendously—she was honored in December as one of 10 Champions of Change by the White House—travels a lot on behalf of the association.


NYC Council Members who spoke against the Mayor, the Commissioner and the NYPD: 

Former Blank Panther and Marxist Loving, Israel hating Charles Barron of the Freedom Party Barron a long-list of what he claims to be racist murders of NYC blacks by the NYPD . The film was tacked-on as he also suggested that the Wall Street Ponzi scheme criminals be subjected to the NYPD Stop and Frisk. He also threatened violence (2:44) 


Melissa Mark-Viverito, represents East Harlem and parts of the Bronx She called the NYPD “out of control.  Her talking-points,

"The A.P. Report. A Grave injustice. Our people profiled for  their religion. It's UN-American. She warns Bloomberg, Kelly and Brown, that we will not remain silent against the INJUSTICE in this City."

Councilman, Robert Jackson (a "revert") at a CAIR banquet in 2007, was oh so coy and acted like an"angel unawares" when quizzed about CAIR and it's 'un-indicted' co-conspirator status. More recently, at a Muslim Day Parade, he proclaimed Harlem as the New Mecca. He speaks today, apparently, to correct a misquote:

"Dave Friedlander, a blog, some of what I said was out of context. I viewed the entire film, it has a negative impact on all Muslims. It focuses on extreme Muslims, but you have to watch even those who are not extreme. Brown lied, as Deputy Commissioner, he has to go. mayor must reach-out to  build trust"

Marxist-loving, City Council member, Ydanis Rodriquez, District 10 in Northern Manhattan. (At 2:34)

Says "the film did nothing to improve the relationship of the police with our communities. The Muslim, Jewish, Latino, Black, Asian Communities. All they do is to make this a great Nation. (notice anybody missing from that list?) and with a bit of an over-reach, he says, "Whoever made this video should be in jail."

And there were also a couple of State Senators thrown in for good measure, one who bled on about how difficult is was to be a gay politician....

MAS-NY (Muslim American Society) board member Abdel Hafid Djamil. (He spoke in 2010 at the Community Board meeting on Staten Island  during  the opposition a selling a Catholic Church and turning it in to a msoque)

"An apology is NOT enough . The training of the 500 officers who were required to watch a prejudicial, inaccurate and vile video starring the police commissioner (requires) the establishment of community control of the NYPD; to over-see the conduct of the NYPD. They  calls on Christine Quinn to investigate the illegal actions of the NYPD against New Yorkers"

Brother Shaka Shakur , member of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood and founder of  the United Muslim Alliance. Shakur reminds of us of where we are standing.

That we must do our research. These people, what we call the police, this is nothing new. They were called "Paddy-rollers" , they were designed to keep the slaves 'in-line'. (00:53)Today the police are 'keeping people in line' by means of 'murder and mayhem'. Their strength is in 'dis-unity'. We can't wait til something happens to get united."

Paddy (rollers?) Thought ' paddy' was a reference to the Irish.....not to slaves....

Donna Nevel of "Jews Against Islamophobia" is also very, VERY anti-Israel. Does she EVER smile? ( wow...I found a picture...smiling in the background here) Yet, this is a woman so filled with inner -darkness that to be in her 'space' is so NOT a positive experience. Amongst her own, at this race-rally, apparently they LOVE her) as she DEMANDED 

 "Police accountability. Over-sight. Resignation of Kelly and Brown for fomenting and INSTIGATING Islamophobia."

 Center For Constitutional Rights Police Reform Campaign  was a young woman looking a lot like a Lamis Deek clone. She addressed racial profiling of blacks and Latinos. Claims the NYPD never seems to answer to anyone. Operates with impunity. Insists we need transparency and independent over sight of the NYPD

Al-Hajj Talib Abdur-Rashid, a REVERT Southern Baptist to Islam and Imam of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood and is always surrounded by BIG tough thugs. He was the final speaker before their march.

According to Discover the Network Rashid is
  • Imam of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood
  • Opposes the U.S. War on Terror
  • Views America as a nation infested with white racism
And author of a revisionist history book, "Reclaimed Legacy: Muslim Indigenous and Immigrant Peoples and The History of Al-Islam in America."...Peace be upon you.... (NOT)

In the video he says:

This is the Time of Revealed Truth.  The Year of the Protestor. And those who LIE. How do we know? Because people of conscience told the truth. This is the time of revealed truth. And those who are Muslim. Trust in Allah. Over come our fears. And to stand for Justice. Chanting:

What do we have to do? Stand For Justice (etc)

Commissioner Ray Kelly's apology was necessary, but it is NOT sufficient. They have yet to apologize for the INTENTIONAL misleading of New Yorkers as far as that film was concerned.

They took our money, as taxpayers, and then LIED to us.

This unusual fellow joined this protest and was at the anti-War/Iran Rally the next day:

 DSCN1253 copy

  Video playlist of all 18 videos:

As the protest marched to the precinct, I heard repeated a few times, "Kelly's son is a rapist. Kelly's son is a rapist" and the even more unpleasant, "How many kids did you shoot today. How many kids did you KILL today" as they walked passed the officers at the edge off the crowd. Nice way to foster "Good Will"

DSCN1282 copy

DSCN1288 copy

Followed by prayers back at Foley Square:

DSCN1294 copy

DSCN1304 copy

DSCN1310 copy

A re-cap of their demands:

1. The resignation of Commissioner Kelly and NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne

2. Demand for community control of the NYPD, and a well-funded oversight mechanism with subpoena power

The NYPD has been exposed for participating in the making of, and the showing of the bigoted, Islamophobic film, “The Third Jihad” to 1,500 police officers, and then repeatedly lying about it.  The NYPD has been spying on Muslim communities in mosques, schools, businesses, colleges, and community centers in the five boroughs.

The film depicts the majority of American Muslims as supportive of violent extremism, and specifically names several prominent Muslim organizations ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America), MAS (Muslim American Society), CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), and others as examples of this.  It also accuses the majority of American Muslims of secretly being part of a conspiracy to take over the U.S. government. 

Commissioner Ray Kelly willingly participated in the making of the film, and while he has apologized, he has not explained why the NYPD chose to lie, on the record, about his participation for well over a year. In the meantime, Commissioner Kelly has smugly dismissed community concerns by saying he has “excellent relations” with NYC Muslim communities on the basis of only talking and meeting with those hand-picked leaders who continue to support him without regards to the experiences and feelings of people in our communities. We know that the NYPD has operated without transparency or accountability, and often with brute force, with Black, Latino, and other communities of color, and youth for decades.


After 1,400 years, the Shias are being targeted in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, everywhere,” imam Malik Sakhawat Hussain said after being told that his mosque was in the NYPD document. “If U.S. authorities become suspicious of the Shias, I would say we are a very oppressed community of the world.”