Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thoughts while looking for masjids in lower Manhattan....and then some....

So many many questions....Let's start with what seems to be beyond the ken of our current administration: We must Never Forget what Islam did on 9-11. Almost 3,000 people were murdered in the name of Islam.

The unavoidable truth is 9-11 was an attack by ISLAM on America; on the West (on freedom, on individualism)

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So Americans persistently rejected the insane plans of Eric Holder

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and Obama the all powerful

To hold a civilian trial for KSM, the confessed master-mind, in Manhattan. It was an outrage that had to be stopped. Now it seems, with a little 'help' from AMERICA, those plans have been 're-thought". Plans that would have magnified the disastrous 9/11 attack by destroying the economy of Lower Manhattan with their billions of dollars boon-doggle trial (let's hope they don't change their minds)

The stories remain fluid, but what we 'know' at this time, about the KSM civilian trial is that it may be going back to Gitmo (from the sublime to the...well maybe not so ridiculous)

After the murders at Ft. Hood and with the threat of the KSM civilian trials in Manhattan, after so many assaults and attempted assaults since 9-11, is America ready to deal appropriately with the enemy; the one within our gates? With an administration that sees no threat and chooses appeasement as a peace-making method-of-choice, how long are we going to continue to peacefully co-exist?

Sadly, the article below is another example of appeasement by Americans. As the masjids and mosques proliferate in Manhattan some wind up being located near liquor stores and restaurants. And it is the restaurants who are considering changing their entrances because they serve liquor and it is a problem for the masjid! What happened to assimilation?

The mosque(on West Broadway) is sandwiched between two licensed establishments: Cercle Rouge, which opened last year, and 10-year-old Tribeca Tavern. Bubble Lounge opened 11 years ago, 188 feet from the mosque, according to the SLA. All three received notices of revocation. (Montrachet restaurant, 68 feet from the mosque, is apparently exempt because it predates the mosque

(scroll down to end of article for more pictures of this location)

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Americans are allowing Islamists to change our customs and our laws through the ruse of fairness and respect for THEM. But, ask an Islamist how he feels about, "Freedom of religion for thee but not for me?" Will you get a heavy does of taquiyya? You betcha.

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Sufi, sunni, shi'a,wahabbi, to some all that matters is that a Muslim is a Muslim who deserves to worship as any other American. The reality is: maybe not!

We need to ask some hard questions and get some honest answers. "What is Islam" and "Can Islam Live at Peace with the West"? Demand our government do something more than appeasement.

Some might say that the masjid mentioned by the NY Times, that's planned for Park Place and is just two blocks from Ground Zero, that since it is Sufis, it's okay. After all, Sufis are so into a spiritual-mystical Islam that they've had problems themselves being accepted by other Muslims. Let them alone to worship in peace. But, no matter what sect of Islam is using the Ground Zero mosque, " WHO is buying the Old Burlington Factory?". It will cost millions! Who's millions?

Is it the Saudi, Wahabbi money that Rudy turned down in 2001? If so, something is going real right for the Sufis. Perhaps they're the perfect front for a bigger purpose. The Saudis will work with them to achieve the larger goal, a mosque , a LARGE mosque at Ground Zero.

There are more masjids in Manhattan than most of us realize. Walk around the city and there are masjids everywhere; on the lower East side, in midtown and in Harlem (this one pictured below is at Frederick Douglass Boulevard and 116th Street) and some seem to be very serious institutions....

But, do these masjids offer an open-door to the curious? Can we just drop in? Would you feel welcomed as you would at a church or synagogue? Since there seems to be much to hide from those inquiring minds, it's highly doubtful. What do they really preach within these masjid/mosque/Islamic Cultural Centers? Who knows....we aren't really welcomed...

What we get as an answer is a propaganda film like "Inside Islam, What a Billion Muslims Really Think", which was recently screened in Manhattan . Peace and love is what they offer us because Muslims are really nice and just plain misunderstood...

It was an evening, however, that revealed so much more... how solidly entrenched this 'main-stream' Islam is within the New York City government and our schools. And what is a 'moderate' Muslim?

Remember this gem , the NYC Intifada T-shirt of 2007.
Defended as a innocent struggle by the young girls at AWAAM?

Americans are accused of Muslim 'racism'.... But, who's the racist?

From the which reveals, "N.Y. Imam Blames Zionists. Within weeks of September 11, 2001, an Egyptian sheik serving as Al-Azhar University's representative in America and an imam at the Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque of New York City, Muhammad al-Gamei'a, was interviewed at an unofficial Al-Azhar University Web site, Sheik al-Gamei'a returned to Egypt shortly after his interview was translated. Many of his friends in the interfaith community were shocked at what this "moderate" said.

In the interview, he claimed the Jews were behind the September 11 attacks and offered the following as evidence: "four thousand Jews did not come to work at the World Trade Center...."

This masjid is in Manhattan (55th and Lexington). the Islamic Society of Mid-Manhattan

And what about the big, BIG Mosque at E 96th St and 3rd Ave. See article here that was written in 1992. It was built apparently by the Kuwaitis; minaret and all...

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Wonder if they're blasting their hideous 'Calls to Prayer" to the local infidels on E. 96th Street. Guess they can if they want to... (see more pictures of the 96th st mosque here)

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Islam should be questioned...if we are allowed to .... the same way that Christianity and Judaism is relentlessly deconstructed by those who feel the only 'good' religion is Islam (the religion of "peace').

Organizations like CAIR and MSA work tirelessly to deconstruct our Constitution, to deconstruct Christianity and Judaism but, how does Islam really feel about and the First Amendment to our Constitution? Freedom of speech and assembly; to freely worship in America; a freedom that's NOT enjoyed in Islamic countries that live under Shariah Law.

Islamic countries are hardly open-societies, where church bells are silenced and churches are destroyed or turned in to mosques (or forced to look like anything but a church) And all outward signs of Christianity: crosses, Bibles and signs of Judaism: Stars of David, the Torah are illegal. All suffer but in many countries the anti-semitism is even worse. The reality is ALL non-Muslim religions are forbidden, hidden or destroyed. Could this be our future?

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Are these masjids as innocent as they claim?As we walked through lower Manhattan, looking at the masjids on West Broadway, Warren and Park Place the questions grew stronger. Why are we are not permitted to name the enemy? Because we might offend a Muslim?

At the Annual Muslim Day Parade in Manhattan, that sure doesn't look like anything but a WHOLE lotta praying all over Madison Avenue. Who's offended? Couldn't be the Muslims...



With the murders at Ft. Hood and Nidal Hasan passing as a normal America, we should be concerned that these new Americans may not who we think they are. We have a right to protect ourselves, our families and our future from more Nidal Hasans.

Here's some of the info on the lower Manhattan masjids. 20 Warren St (in the basement) has a connection to what was /is MasjidManhattan. (Masjid Manhattan says on their New York City Progressive Muslim Meet-Up Group," The building which the Masjid currently occupies at 12 Warren Street, NY, NY 1007 has been sold. "This is what they say on their site, "On May 25th 2008 our Masjid was evicted and forced to vacate the building which it occupied for the last 28 years." They continue, "We have found a wonderful, 5 floors, property located at 23 Park Place in the same financial downtown area of Manhattan."

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Take the time to watch this video they made. 40 years they say they've been at their original location. The scroll at the end says, "If you want to see the face of Islam in Lower Manhattan, spreading the eternal message of the Qur'an to "freedom loving mankind...."

Where we are now

Where insha'Allah we will be

A recent NY Times article may have innocently brought our concerns to the surface about 45 (51) Park Place when it spoke of this new mosque. It raised many questions ... after all..." this building still has parts of a landing gear from one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center on 9/11 when it broke through the roof and two floors." It's that close to Ground Zero.

The building is in very bad need of repairs, but the Sufis from West Broadway are meeting here already.

DSCN2800 dp

Let's ask questions of Bloomberg and company: Who's money is this? that will purchase this old Burlington Factory that is pictured above?

What follows next is the slide show of the tour we took of four locations in lower Manhattan: two on Park Place, one on Warren St and the fourth on West Broadway. If needed, click "Show info" in slide show to get extra info regarding pictures:

Americans need to demand answers and investigate as happened recently in Naperville, Illinois . And the citizens were successful!

"Dupage County Board Rejects Muslim Center" Which means we must not back down. We must continue to fight expansion and dawah whether in Mich (Dearbornistan), Minn (el Tariq school) , Brooklyn (KGIA) or Virginia (ISA ). Fight as they did in Naperville. Say "No to Shariah Law" and "Shariah Finance". It is imperative that Muslims assimilate or go back to their Islamic Countries.

The Islamists have long-range goals that have spanned the millenia.

We must stop the advance of Shariah Law and Shariah Finance.

Stop the erosion of our freedoms. The time is NOW or Never....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Islam and the West...Can They Co-Exist (video)

A thought provoking evening sponsored by a New York Chapter of ACT regarding “Islam, the Koran, Sharia and the West…Can they co-exist?”.

(Part 1) Speaking on Muslim immigration, assimilation, the Constitution and Islam is Lawrence Auster.

(Part 2) Speaking on Theology and Islam is Andrew Bieszad.

(Part 3)
The Q and A that followed their individual presentations. TAKE NOTE: don't hesitate to use your own speaker controls to adjust levels. There were different levels in the room. Video is pumped up, but you may want to also control it yourself.

Friday, January 22, 2010

(Videos) Coptic Christians Protest at UN and Egyptian Consulate

The Coptic Christian Community gathered in front of the UN and the Egyptian Consulate from Noon to 4 PM on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. They gathered to protest the genocide of their people, Coptic Christians; a genocide that continues unabated in Egypt. As the world... as America... ignores their cries.

Part 1

Part 2

Some stills taken from the videos:

sign 2 dp

banner on the north side of 44th St

back of sign on Second Ave

sign on the north side of 44th and 2nd Ave

it was a very passionate rally

Slide show includes a few other stills:

For a report with pictures there are two posts

Part 2

Found video from in front of the UN. (we missed the first part) Fabulous!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

(New) Coptic Christians Protest at UN and Egyptian Consulate (Part 2)

The Coptic Christian Community gathered in front of the UN and the Egyptian Consulate from Noon to 4 PM on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. They gathered to protest the genocide of their people; a genocide that continues unabated in Egypt as the America... ignores their cries. (two videos are now posted here)

DSCN2323 dp

DSCN2501 dp

This is Part 2, as the protest walks to 47th St (to the park by the UN). The peaceful rally was too large...thousands! Too large for the police to manage at the Egyptian Consulate.

DSCN2341 dp

DSCN2345 dp

DSCN2344 dp

DSCN2368 dp

DSCN2363 dp

Arriving at the 47th street. There's still an hour more for the protest.

DSCN2383 dp

DSCN2426 dp

Obama, your help is needed! Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace. Islam murders the Coptic Christians. WHY? Because they're Christians...

DSCN2408 dp

DSCN2398 dp 2

DSCN2399 dp

The rally spread from one end of the park to the the other:

DSCN2455 dp

Before protest ended, there were pictures in remembrance of those Christians murdered on Christmas Day

DSCN2463 dp

DSCN2499 dp

America should be outraged.

DSCN2491 dp

President Obama, why don't you demand an end to the genocide of the Coptic Christians?

DSCN2459 dp

DSCN2447 dp

DSCN2446 dp

DSCN2376 dp

The day before was January 18, Obama and America remembered Martin Luther King and his dream. Don't the Coptics have a right to the same dream?

DSCN2386 dp

DSCN2416 dp

The slide show of more pictures:

Part 1 is here: