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UPDATE: WHO is the REAL Tracy Blevins Postert (Reagan sucked b@lls)

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AND yes, Tracy Postert (maiden name Blevins)...age 41... Medical Marijuana Barbie aka Dr. Tracy Blevins.... she gets more 'interesting' with each new discovery.

 From WND, Getting naked for the cause
 February 09, 2002

"The irrepressible MMB, complete with diamond studded tiara, entertained a crowd of thousands as she stripped to loud cheers and applause, revealing a hand-painted marijuana leaf where a fig leaf should be and the slogan 'Medical Marijuana' inscribed on her bum." 

That got attention alright, but from the photos accompanying the press release, it's easy to see why the audience was cheering, and it had nothing do with marijuana.
Medical Marijuana Barbie is a character created by Tracy Blevins, comptroller for New York's Medical Marijuana Party, and is the star attraction of Blevins' one-woman "Medical Marijuana Traveling Circus Sideshow," designed to garner support for the legalization of medical pot.
Besides her breasts, the best thing Blevins has going for her cause is a Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Texas Houston Medical School. "I get 'em with the Barbie and keep 'em when they hear about the Ph.D.," she told the Palm Beach Post in November 2000.
But does she? Sure, parting with a bra and panties is going to pull some eyes. But what do the gawkers support, legalizing medpot or your bust? Will they become bosom buddies with the cause or simply your bosoms?

Tracy with her PINK hair   in 2001 and 2002 )

From Hatemongers Quarterly (March 2, 2005)

All of this must have left you wondering what the Good Doctor Medical Marijuana Barbie does in order to draw attention to her cause. Wonder no more:

So far the stunt that has brought Medical Marijuana Barbie the most attention was the time she climbed up on top of a bus stop in London’s Oxford Street and stripped down to her tiara, revealing a hand-painted cannabis leaf where modesty would have demanded a fig leaf, and the words Medical Marijuana inscribed across her buttocks.

Flash Forward to 2011, she's added glasses for a more studious look....

On October 17, 2011 she added cross-country driver to her resume...

Tracy Blevins, 41-year-old Manhattan resident, has a doctorate in biomedical science but lost her job as an adjunct professor at Touro College this spring. She’s since been getting by on odd jobs; most recently, she acted as a cross-country driver for $2,000.

“I’m earning money off a license I got when I was 16, and still paying off the loans I had to take out to get my degree,” she said.

Even after nine years of paying down her loans, Blevins said she owes $10,000. She’s current on payments now, but said the loans have crippled her credit score and even prevented her from getting work in the past.

“I have paid and paid and paid and I still owe $10,000. It’s the interest that keeps me in debt,” she said.

Her twitter page mentions she was at Zuccotti on October 7th.  (I saw her on the 8th) AND she was interviewed on  October 6 by Yahoo.... Tracy's story goes thru many colors, depending on the topic and who she's talking to....cause she claimed that October 22, when she was shilling for a job was only her tenth day there....

In Comments at NY Post article:

Googled and found this link, where she posted as “Tracy Blevins” but signed a post “Tracy Postert, PhD”, and used her Reagan sign as her avatar. She appears to be a 9/11 truther. Surprising, no? /sarc
Wonder what her new employers would think about that.

and also

" ...she seriously has some strange ideas, not only advocating the legalisation of cannabis, that the Twin Towers had their steel turned to dust by some strange exotic space-energy weapon and was offering sexual favours to all the Fire Fighters. It was not a comment on having any political beliefs per se ... but that someone with such a bizarre life and claims is maybe not quite as stable and the right kind of person for the job, nor the kind of person this company thought they were employing.

Someone whom has spent as much time and effort as she has in these more wacky beliefs may not be the best person for the job ..."

Tracy Blevins (911 TRUTHER

"I think that an electric weapon turned the WTC buildings into dust "

Video is Tracy in 2008, as Dr Babs, standing on a corner ....crashing a We Are Change Protest.

Tracy shaved a few years off for Fox Philly. com ....She's no longer 41:

It caught the eye of Wayne Kaufman, chief market analyst for John Thomas Financial Brokerage. The exec was not looking to hire, but he took Postert's resume anyway.

The next day, Kaufman, impressed by her CV, sent her an email asking if she would like to come for an interview two blocks from Zuccotti Park at 14 Wall St.

"I had been unemployed for so long, I thought why not?" Postert said, adding that she is in her 30s and has no background in finance or business.

And now #OWS has gotten in to the act. " See How an Occupy Wall Street Protestor Took Gingrich's Advice and Got a Job" Seems she has gotten and divorce, still paying off student loans and out of money They are defending her.

She's their kind of gal: "The WTC Dust is suspicious. Beam weapons brought down the WTC; Reagan Sucks B@lls and Never, Never , Never EVER VOTE Republican !

Dr.  Tracy Blevins Postert, Medical Marijuana Barbie, aka Dr. Babs:


Dr Babs said...

What's your deal? I'm a radical. I protest. Sometimes I wear costumes.

Don't you think pot should be legal? Don't you think the official narrative on 9/11 has holes in it?

If not, wake up. If so, what's your beef?

Dr Babs said...

You forgot this link:

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Thanks, Babs. I did find the video. Just forgot to post it.