Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leftist "Raging Granny Brigade" OCCUPY Toys-R-Us Christmas 2011

Some may ask who are these loveable Grannies-of-the-Left and why they  OCCUPIED Toys-R-Us on December 16th?

DSCN0645 copy

On October 1, 2011 the militant Grannies marched to Brooklyn Bridge with #OWS. They love to get arrested so a few of them were surely amongst the 700 taken to jail for obstruction.

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On October 13, 2011 (just before the aborted hosing-down of Zuccotti) the 'Grannies' were seen scrubbing the filth left by the OWS squatters and defending the anarchists 'rights' to squat.



The Progressive Grannies seemed to prefer Zuccotti-ville 

DSCN7768 copy

Not Zuccotti Park as it was intended ....Pictured below (thanks to Urban Infidel for the update on Dec 26, 2011)

On October 15, 2011, the Gray-Haired Grannies joined the Castro-loving Code Pinkos and #OWS chums in Times Square where Grannie, Jenny Heinz, walked around screaming "YOU are the 99 %"

DSCN8907 copy

DSCN8898 copy

Flash- Forward to December 16, 2011, back to Times Square, Toys-R-Us and the Protest Grannies had come-a-caroling...

 DSCN0647 copy

These "ladies" never met a leftist/marxist/progressive/socialist they couldn't support: TIME-WARP GRANNIES.

 DSCN0572 copy 2

.....serenading the shoppers with rude, propaganda "Christmas" Carols

The GRANNIES walked around TOYS-R-US with their War Banners singing twisted WAR-TOY carols until they were escorted OUT by TOYS-R-US security (and continued the assault outside)

DSCN0569 copy


DSCN0575 copy

Poor guy from the Salvation Army, they planted themselves beside him and even put money in his bucket

 DSCN0572 copy

 But, he finally moved away from the 'peaceful grannies' since their lyrics were inappropriate, having NOTHING to do with Christmas....

The Marxists Gray-haired Grannies. Anti-Christmas. (Anti-Israel.) Anti-America.

Whether RAGING Grannies are marching in the #OWS REVOLUTION or singing twisted Christmas Carols (during a Christian Holy Season) they also support terrorists and despots (like Castro and Chavez) and anything Islam. But, America? She is BAD, very bad cause...  "We Buy WAR TOYS!"      '

 "The actual Christmas message of "Peace" and "Goodwill towards men" seems to threaten their very existence as they RAGE AGAINST WAR-TOYS"


Everybody sing now!!

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