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#OWS Anarchists Attempt to Occupy Duffy Sq (12-17-11) vids & pics

D17: OCCUPY (again and again) Saturday, December 17, 2011

The #OWS Mobsters said this was their THREE MONTH ANNIVERSARY of Occupy Wall St. They also celebrated the birthday of (TRAITOR) Bradley Manning (thanks to Urban Infidel for the picture)

And insinuated it was the "One Year" anniversary (actually on January 4, 2012) of the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi - the act that sparked the questionable "Arab Spring".

It was a day so glorified (in their own minds) that it was ultimately called "a Day of Faith & Re-Occupation".

From OWS Press Release (

Vast resources sit unused while people are in need: in need of homes, schools, jobs and public places to gather and empower communities. Duarte Square is one of New York City's many uninhabited spaces. The non-residential lot is owned by the third largest real estate owner in Manhattan, Trinity Real Estate, the corporate arm of Trinity on Wall Street. This vacant lot has sat empty for the past 3 years, and is not slated for development for at least another year; similar to the hundreds of bank-owned, foreclosed homes in East New York, one of which was re-occupied by a displaced family on December 6th, the OWS National Day to Occupy Foreclosed Homes, with home re-occupations in over 30 U.S. cities.

While the event may include a reoccupation the event itself is a broader celebration and expansion of Occupy Wall Street as we continue to draw attention to the issues facing the 99%, occupy the nation’s imagination with art and culture, as well exercise our first amendment rights. Through on-site performances and a special radio broadcast on WBAI, we will introduce the people's amp, a guerrilla sound system to give voice to the people's movement.

Occupy Wall Street is part of an international people powered movement fighting for economic justice in the face of neoliberal economic practices, the crimes of Wall Street, and a government controlled by monied interests. #OWS is the 99% organizing to end the tyranny of the 1%. 

 They began the festivities at 10:00 AM with Clergy and Friends gathered together for prayer at  OCCUPY FAITH

  • After prayers, they headed for Duarte Square, where at Noon, the clergy 'proudly' lead the insurgency against the police.  

  • Plan A to re-occupying an empty lot owned by the Leftist loving Episcopal Church-USA

  • Plan B to set up a NEW encampment.

  • BUT apparently the historical Trinity Episcopal lost its nerve. After encouraging the occupation of Zuccotti Park:

The CHURCH said NO to an occupation of their own property!  (NIMBY)

 Retired Bishop George Packard, an ex-military chaplain in Iraq, is first to enter the privately owned area in lower Manhattan. He was soon arrested — along with dozens of other demonstrators. Photos by Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith for News

The "CHILDREN", so enraged by this rejection, threw one huge temper-tantrum of a party at the Re-occupation of this empty lot. It was ultimately one big  FAIL.

 Occupy Wall Street protester carries flag as she scales fence near Trinity Church on Saturday.

Bryan Smith for News

An #OWS "wanna-be squatter" reacting to "NO"!


 "Peaceful Protestors" (NOT)  Police: AWESOME

Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images

 About 55 anarchists chose arrest and the others eventually dispersed (or so it seemed) Unfortunately, the insurgents surprised the NYPD by 'spontaneously' marching up 7th Avenue.

Day marched into night as I caught up with them at 36th Street, walking IN the traffic... up 7th Ave... Their new destination: Times Square.

VIDEO PART 1: Marching Up 7th Avenue

Military Island (in front of the Recruitment Center)

 DSCN0659 copy

DSCN0661 copy

Mic Checks and Temperature Checks ( and wiggle fingers)

DSCN0664 copy

Anti-Israel ( Fakestinian) Agitators

DSCN0668 copy

Anti-Capitalists preaching "Spread the Wealth"

IMG_1285 copy

And Castro-loving NYC Councilman, Ydanis Rodriguez, who supports open borders  and unfettered illegal migration...

IMG_1268 copy

IMG_1280 copy

Next they left Military Island and marched two blocks to Duffy Sq,

IMG_1289 copy

VIDEO- Part 2- March to Duffy Sq

Intending to OCCUPY the red steps for a G.A. (the PEOPLES General Assembly).

DSCN0713 copy

 The police were ready and waiting for them at Duffy Square.

 DSCN0695 copy

DSCN0702 copy

As soon as the 'Occupiers" hit the square there was dancing, chanting, singing and drum(s)

IMG_1294 copy2

They also 'entertained' the tourists with silly testimonials of "WHY I OCCUPY" (Caught a few of these in the videos)

IMG_1286 copy

This obnoxious woman (below)stood in front of the officers, who blocked the red steps, and obsequiously repeated over and over, "Why won't you let us sit on the steps? Why won't you answer me?"  When another woman responded with, "We all know why, cause you'll never leave!" She smirked and walked away.

DSCN0707 copy

As  the Occupiers prepared to drift back down town, noticed this floppy, snarky sign:"NYPD, most dangerous Gang in NY".

IMG_1299 copy

Insurgents. Revolutionaries. Anarchists insisting, "We are a  'Peaceful" Movement" (yeah...right...)

IMG_1298 copy

Eventually the Occupiers went back to 60 Wall Street for a General (Peoples) Assembly. They have lots and lots of plans. Next up,  December 24-25, 2011

OCCUPY CHRISTMAS AT ZUCCOTTI (like Brookfield would say 'yes').

Their plans are announced in the Village Voice  here>>

We will host a 24-hour prayer vigil in Zuccotti Park (or Liberty Square, as we prefer to call it) that will open with a midnight service on Christmas Eve, and continue throughout the day, closing with a ceremony at midnight on Christmas Day. We invite congregations and leaders from faiths and Churches throughout the city to design the way in which they would like to come together with the Occupy community, by creating a service that reflects the unique beauty of their own community

 And more info of future Occupations:
In Washington, DC, Benjamin Chavis, another icon of the Sixties’ Civil Rights movement, announced the creation of Occupy The Dream, which is demanding federal grants for university education, an immediate halt to home foreclosures and the creation of a $100 billion fund from Wall Street institutions for new jobs and investment in neighborhoods.  

Chavis is no stranger to organizing. A colleague of King’s, he organized a one-million person march on Washington in the 1960s with a coalition of African Americans, progressive white liberal groups, and organized labor. ‘That is what we have to rebuild,’ he announced.

On January 16, Martin Luther King’s birthday, Occupy the Dream plans its first actions at Federal Reserve Bank locations around America and thereafter every 30 days, and Chavis’ has special plans to marshall the gigantic African-American faith community.

The work has already begun with The Occupy Homes National Day of Action last week, where in more than two dozen cities across America, the occupiers helped evicted residents reoccupy their foreclosed homes, disrupted bank actions and blocked eviction of victims of toxic mortgages and unconscionable mortgage ‘insurance.’

Come Spring, their DRUMS of War will drone on and on and on insisting,  "We're doing this for YOU."

IMG_1261 copy

DSCN0670 copy

You have been warned....

DSCN0683 copy

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