Saturday, December 10, 2011

#OWS Broadway- Creative Resistance-VIDEO-12-02-11

December 2, 2011. 

The #OWS crowd  looking for something 'creative' to do now that they are ... homeless...


 Their petition:

VIDEO Part 1 The FUN and Games were lead by  Marxist/Socialist/Anarchist Brigades. They met up at Duffy Sq. 6 PM . They entertained with "Mic Check" and Occupation"prior to their march up Broadway to an undisclosed Public/Private aka POP space.

 There's a map at the link showing all privately owned public spaces in Manhattan CD 5 (Midtown)

This was to be ANOTHER occupation (yawn)  there was certainly lots of smug congratulations (for breathing, I guess) and lots of F-bombs.

Part 2. VIDEO They were now ready to move to their secret POP space. Music, and Mockery. Fake Ministers. Stilt walkers. Clowns. French Revolution beggars and tattered (desecrated) American Flags. The Rude Mechanical Orchestra entertained and The fake "Rev Billy" Pied Pipered them up town with "YOU are the 99 %", Rev-O-Lu-Jah. They tried to get the public to "Join the March" insisting it was a "Great Night for a Revolution" and FUn FUn FUn

Part 3 VIDEO The Carnie-Side Show continued in the Paramount Plaza POP space at 51st & Broadway. And # OWS had big plans. TO OCCUPY. They tore down the yellow police tape that was meant to keep them out of an area that was decorated with large Pumpkins. The police were patient. Once the 'parade' was in the plaza a  truck with the metal barricades arrived. The #OWS organizers seemed disappointed. Their "stage" ( you'll see it was chalk marks) was now contained by barricades. Smoothly handled by the police. 3 or 4 fellows in whiote smocks planned on PAINTING in another area. After laying down their white tarps, the police quickly stopped them. Heard a woman with baby on her back, an #OWS leader, tell the 'painter' guys they should only listen to the owners of the building (not the police) Didn't happen. They packed up. Lots of singing. Silly lyrics. Union-style. And like children the crowd giggles and sings a long. Sounding more like Dead-Heads with every mic-check.


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