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#OWS Teachers Aide also NUDE Protestor (VIDEO) Warning Nudity

That sweet, young teacher's aide from Albany, New York is one KAYLEE DEDRICK, who gained notoriety when she was pepper-sprayed by a MEAN NYC cop.

But, Kaylee's NOT your average teacher's-aide. Oh, no, no, no....

About a 1/2 hour before the 'incident', on September 24, 2011,  Kaylee was MARCHING NUDE in lower Manhattan. Hello,  KAYLEE! Do your students know what you are UP to?!

(Jamie NYC took pics at Day 8 protest)


It's obvious, that Kaylee and her friends were not innocent by-standers. They were participants; encouraging havoc on the streets near Union Square.

 So why does the MSM avoid "exposing" these rude and crude anarchists. It's not difficult to surf the blogosphere to find a much more detailed profile on this 'victim' of police brutality.

Found this particular info on Kaylee here >>

Kaylee Dedrick, lesbian OWS protester, turns straight after treat for pepper spray

Updated: 27 Oct 2011

Romance:  Robert Grodt and Kaylee Dedrick started a romance after he
treated herwhen she was pepper-sprayed by police at a march in New York

Attacked: Miss Dedrick was filmed screaming in agony after being pepper-sprayed by police

An Occupy Wall Street protester who was pepper-sprayed by police has started a romance with the demonstrator who helped treat her. Robert Grodt, 24, a volunteer medic, rushed to help Kaylee Dedrick, 24... temporarily blinded by the spray on September 24... Miss Dedrick...calls herself gay on social networking sites... found romance with the male fellow protester. SNIP

Miss Dedrick, a teacher's aide from Albany, was marching close to Union Square when she was surrounded by police and sprayed by a NYPD Deputy Inspector

The now notorious video of the incident, which has been viewed 1.5 million times online, shows police rounding up Miss Dedrick and fellow protesters in orange netting, before the officer approaches and sprays them in the face. SNIP

'They were screaming,' (aka egging on the RIOTERS) They say that they would not have got together if it was not for the incident. SNIP

Mr Grodt has also been pictured at the protests lying on a bed with a different woman. SOURCE:

AND remember, KAYLEE was PROTESTING NUDE at Zuccotti the morning of Sept 24th. WARNING NUDITY ( if you haven't noticed already) 



September 24, 2011 ---- the day of the pepper-spray incident is also the day Kaylee was teaching her students the fine points of NUDE protesting (at 9:57 AM, to be precise) and smug disobedience. She even has the same skirt on later (and tank top) but you can still admire her lovely tattoos. 

(WARNING: NUDITY . Kaylee is interviewed NUDE at Zuccotti)

"Miss Dedrick, who is self-identified on Facebook and Twitter as 'Kay the Gay' and 'Kay the Queer' says she was laid-off as a teachers-aide. "

Those social networks have been killing a number of educational careers lately, so applying for that NEXT teachers-aide position, with the above video as a character reference, perhaps Kaylee should look forward to more time on-the-streets with her #OWS chums, not so sure her future is in education.

Kaylee also planned to  SUE the NYPD, a long-shot (of course) but good for a few more minutes of fame.

"In the case of Kaylee Dedrick, the NYPD said the use of force was justified given the protest and because pepper-spraying obviated the need to use batons. Batons can lead to permanent injuries while pepper-spraying normally only causes temporary impairment. For these reasons, the Occupy Wall Street assault charges will likely not be brought"

But as far as the OCCUPATION, I'm sure they feel KAYLEE DEDRICK is the cats-meow!

  #OWS TEACHER OF THE YEAR! (what a gal)

(Day 8-picture Jamie NY)

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