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Press Conference :American Citizen Sues High Ranking Nazi (video & pics)

New York City - Marriott-Marquis 

December 7, 2010 (please scroll down for videos and complete audio of press conference will be shortly)

A Press Conference was held to announce a Civil Lawsuit against Dr. Bernhard Frank, Nazi war-criminal by American citizen, Mark Gould. Gould  has revealed, after a four year investigation, the chilling past of this now 97 years old man, Bernhard Frank. 

A man who was loved by Himmler.

Bernhard Frank, is also the man who signed the orders that made the German Army responsible for the genocide of 6 million Jews. Frank today remains proud and unrepentant of his murderous past.


Why was man  untouched for almost 70 years? 



Why has he gone unpunished?


And why do the Neo- Nazis even exist in 21st century Germany? In part of his video, we see that Gould infiltrated a modern day SS camp in Austria.




DSCN4569 copy

It took a private American citizen, Mark Gould,  to find the infamous Dr Frank and it was easy,  Frank was in the phone book. The world forgets.But the Jews do not . There were survivors of the Holocaust present to testify to the genocidal horror.




And as their attorney, Nitzab Darshan-Leitner, pointed out, the Jews do not forget and they do not forgive those who orchestrated this genocide. 


DSCN4619 copy

This press conference, most importantly, was called to announce that a private citizen, Mark Gould,  had filed an historic lawsuit against Bernhard Frank. Institutions have been sued, but never an individual perpetrator. 


Dr.  Bernhard Frank has lived a long life that he denied to the Jews. But at 97 years of age, Bernhard Frank is finally exposed. is finally exposed.


Some observations regarding the press. There was a lot more young people present than I expected it was unclear who many of them represented. The coverage doesn't seem to be 'out there' in spite of the 3 'major' networks showing up....




I only saw call letters for CBS, ABC  and WPIX-Channel 11. ( and PRN)

DSCN4635 copy

DSCN4539 copy

I captured in Part 2 of the video the rather dense reporter from WPIX-11. She came admittedly late and then  proceeded to announce(as well) her prejudice to the room. 

She stated in her 'question'  that Gould's exposure of Nazi war-criminal Bernhard Frank, was an opinion; that it was 'in Gould's  'mind' that this man was a murder. She did not once give any credence to the research that was substantially discussed. On camera we had just seen Frank admit that he had sign the Extermination Orders. Perhaps, because she came late, this reporter should have kept her mouth shut.

The videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The documents given to the Press:





A slide show or a few more pictures:

This is complete audio of the entire one hour press conference (minus the 9 minute video presentation) is at Daily Motion:

Audio of Press Conference American Citizen Sues... by vigilantsquirrel

UPDATE - January 2015 - New link- Video of Gould's interviews of Frank can be found at:

"Mark Gould, a private American citizen posing as a neo-Nazi sympathizer, spent the last four years undercover in Germany, investigating an unprosecuted Holocaust figure – allegedly the senior Nazi officer who signed the “start order” that commenced the genocide of Europe’s Jewish population. The following is footage from hundreds of hours of interviews with the now 97-year-old SS Colonel, who confirms that, on July 28, 1941, he personally signed the order allowing the first mass execution of Jews in the Pripjet Swamps near the Polish and Belarussian/Ukrainian borders. This effectively served as the flashpoint of the Holocaust."

Info on the civil complaint can be found at

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