Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Blizzard and NYC City- Day 2 (December 27, 2010)

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Monday morning, December 26, 2010. Looked out my window and saw there had been NO snow-plow. Most unusual. The street was completely covered. Beautiful. But this was an impassible snow fall that still covered the street. Very odd.

As I headed out my front door, I captured some fun. A man and his dog. Playing in the snow. "Why not?", he said and then I saw "Why Not". There was a BUS (an AIRPORT bus) blocking our street.

At a very odd angle.

This is a very busy side street for taxis and busses. Thought a bus would be moved post-haste but as of today December 28 (evening of Day 3) it's still there. Plan on posting more video and pics on this road-block. It's become a bit of a tourist sensation...

Meanwhile back to Day 2. By now Bloomberg and his errant snow-plows are leading the news. And walking around mid-town Manhattan it's apparent what shoveling that has been done (sidewalks and streets) is by the businesses and apartments (and even that is hit and miss)

Most amazing are the crosswalks for the pedestrians. These remain BLOCKED by piles of snow. Pedestrians are forced to walk in the street with the cars, trucks. Once again, very odd. And certainly not safe.

As I passed through Times Square (Duffy Square actually) the very intense cleaning of this area is because of New Years Eve. Not because of say...the people....The crews there shoveled ALL day. I left and came back and they were still shoveling Duffy Square. I asked and they was for New Years Eve .

Would that Bloomberg had focused on the city as he did on Duffy Square, maybe we wouldn't be feeling so neglected.

Back to Central Park and the Apple Store. Fifth Avenue seemed to be moving (though jammed with traffic) it was moving. And I even saw a snow-plow!

But, as I left the store, I was greeted by another bus that was  STUCK in the snow. There was quite a commotion from the MTA officials trying to figure out out to get the bus dug-out and towed.

And Central Park. The Park was beautiful in the new-fallen snow (as always) and even found a flock of pigeons huddled and glistening in the sunlight over-head. Some more fun.

It's all the video of Day 2

The subway back to midtown was another eye-opener. And not fun.Wish I'd had my camera on when the announcement came over the intercom. The LIST of trains that weren't running was unbelievably long. One train after another, so I fully expected to be told I was waiting at a FREEZING platform for naught. At least I could have walked unlike so many who were stranded all over the city.

There's more to report on Day 2 from mid-town....and then Day 3....
It's been quite an adventure...


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Juniper in the Desert said...

Sounds like Osama/obama al Bloomer is taking a page out of the UK gov's book: stop the country functioning, destroy small people's businesses and prevent them getting to their jobs.
Gradually, gradually make them dependent on the state...