Friday, December 31, 2010

The Blizzard,Bloomberg & the Union Slow Down (Day 3 & 4) Video

This is Part 5 in a series on the blizzard and the missing snow-plows...

The evening of the 28th December, 2010, the city was getting messier. Sure we're used to trudging through snow, this is New York, but this was different.Where sidewalks are cleared, the businesses have done the job. Looking at Grand Army Plaza...completely covered  I am taking a 'wild-guess; that it's city-owned and neglected that the rest of the city. Except Times Square. You can see where the Mayor's priorities are by what he has cleaned up and what is not.

The bus was finally moved on the 29th around 5 PM. Think I'm going to miss it...just a little. A  snow plow passed through (wish I'd been there) but next morning TWO snow-plows pass by within 15 minutes of each other. Now we got over-kill...

Headed out on the 29th, next day, to take-in the sights. The garbage.

There are  plugged drains from the frozen snow (that wasn't plowed) Garbage that was pre-blizzard (and even a few bikes) frozen in the snow and growing mounds of uncollected garbage. Seems the Mayor has issued a 'request' that people not put any more garbage out. So, where are they supposed to put it?  Starting to  look as disgusting as a Garbage Strike.

Late in the evening, there were FIVE City Sanitation cars hanging around 46th and 8th Avenue, while a familiar pile of snow was hauled off. One digger, four trucks and FIVE sanitation inspectors? For ONE pile of snow?

On the 29th, Mid-town Manhattan remains the same.  Started seeing a few garbage trucks (which had been AWOL) but there's A LOT of garbage.  Apparently they do double-duty as snow-plows (which have ALSO been AWOL)

The mess  the sanitation goons have orchestrated.We now know Sanitation Union Thugs called for a work slow-down (of course they deny it.) And Bloomberg claims they were all on-the-job. Hard to support that fantasy over the protests of the people who are snowed in. Sadly people died. Who will pay for this hooliganism remains to be seen. Expect cover-ups.

The city is getting ready to lock-down midtown for the New Years Eve insanity. Streets and sidewalks  shut down for security and crowd control. When we should be digging people out and picking up garbage. Nope. The Mayor says we have to wait til the tourists go home. And wait til January 10, when the City Council will hold a hearing to "investigate" the missing snow plows. bet  Bloomberg and the Unions will come out  unscathed.

Predictable and Disgusting.

Is this any way to run a city, Mayor Bloomberg?

Links to Parts 1,2,3, and 4 can be  found here:


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