Thursday, December 30, 2010

After the Blizzard comes the Slush (Part 4)

 December 28, 2010. Day 3.

Silly me, I actually expected the bus to be gone by now. I mean ...come on...Mid-town? An airport bus? Guess the driver could be just a bit embarrassed. One expensive cup a the midst of a blizzard...made such a mess!

But, NY-ers trudge on.  Even though  the intersections and sidewalks remain blocked with snow, businesses and deliveries...the MAIL... try but they can't always get through the mess. I noticed  one petite mail-carrier need to ask for assistance just to get her cart across the street. 

Tourists are showing up to take pictures of "the Bus" and snow plows just pass by. But, there are smaller trucks with plows.Surely one of them to clear the street? Get the cars moving and maybe then...

"The Bus" could be towed.

 Garbage continues to pile up. Stuck in the melting snow/ice/slush. Bus-stops are useless...if you get a bus...since there's a large ridge of snow between the sidewalk and the bus, getting ON the bus is problematic..

Snow. Heaps of Snow. Buried Cars. Piles of garbage. Soupy slush. The Elderly and others with canes...trying to walk through the slippy mountains of snow.... Nice job, Bloomie.

You should-a quit when you were ahead.

 Parts 1, 2  and 3 videos are posted herehere and here



Anonymous said...

Loved the musical accompaniment on this one, very witty. Also noticed how odd and out of place is "nature" in NYC. Very strange indeed! Thanks for the nostalgic and slightly guilt ridden (/sarc) reminder of why I live in CA.

Red Squirrel (Pamela Hall) said...

Thanks, Jamadagnii. I was torn at times in my life between California, vs New York. Even though I'm not missing the California deluges, I always felt L.A had it under control. New York sure dropped the ball on this one.

Guess where ever we all land, we hope to see out tax dollars spent on an honest clean-up. Nature did quite a job on the city with this blizzard.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.The investigation.

Have a Good 2011