Saturday, April 24, 2010

Patriots counter Leftists at US Immigration and Customs Office in NYC (4-23-10)

April 23, 2010. The anarchists called it an EMERGENCY PROTEST AGAINST FASCIST ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW. Every anti-American Leftist seemed to be marching round and round in front of the Immigration Building; demanding that there be NO penalty for breaking our immigration laws.


Of course, if you look closely you'll see many familiar faces...Put a call out for any anti-American rally and they come running!
These rallies are their Mother's Milk. They get up every day with one thought: only.... to CHANGE America (permanently) in to another Cuba or Venezuela. They never rest; NEITHER SHOULD WE.




The counter-protestors (Patriots-all) were there to explain that there are very clear NON- racist reasons for the Arizona Law.



Meanwhile: Come to this country LEGALLY.




Arizona is an important step towards enforcing America's immigration laws. The counter rally was small but mighty and it annoyed the lefties (a lot) BTW- the Federal cops were MARVELOUS! Next a short video (Part 1 of 2) :

The Patriots had some fun responding back and forth with t
wo guys in a passing who yelled the tired "you're all racists"...

And Part 2 is video is of the anarchists as round and round they go...

Last is a slide show of the anarchists and patriots:

Slide show of thee Anarchists and the Patriots:

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WAKE UP said...

As the comedian Richard Geni said (ages ago!): "America - fifty million illegal immigrants can't be wrong!"

Keep the country safe for its citizens and LEGAL immigrants.