Sunday, April 4, 2010

NYC Easter Parade Fifth Ave 2010- (Pics )

Walked from Rockefeller Center to 54th street and back. There were lots of families who apparently love to play together (great matching ensembles)to buskers (hitting the passers-by for $$$...Guess they have to pay for their costumes) New York never fails to entertain. Some put a smile on your face, others, sometimes you might go...huh?

Part 1 of the Easter Parade:

Part 2: The rest of the Easter Parade

Part 3 :The protestors returned
but it was a different, younger (gayer) crowd who apparently see nothing sacred in observing Easter. Using Easter to disparage your faith? Shame on them. Again we ask: Is nothing sacred?

Some video will follow and a few more pictures of the Tea Dancers...

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