Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Obamnation comes to Cooper Union ( to 'Save' the Nation)

Cooper Union. New York City. April 22, 2010 (scroll down for video)



And Barack Hussein Obama....


Whether we want his help or not (and generally it has become so "NOT") but Obama continues his planned deconstruction of the American brick at a time.... undeterred cause his "Change" is the "Hope" of his fellow Marxists. (The media was there, of course)



The game plans included not even notifying the Mayor of New York City. Mayor Bloomberg found out from the blogosphere.(Isn't that sweet) And Barry's audience ....was his usual handpicked crowd of sycophants. (Everyone else, had to stay far, far away...)


"The People" just might question and doubt the Great Future that the Big Zero has in store...


Arrived late....had a conflict...but not sure there was much to see other than the media and a few lonely, happy (?) protestors. (Remember, Zero had the location in lock-down)


And there was the unfortunate and disturbing Neturei Karta....


Slideshow of pictures :

Feeling a bit numb. The elections in November 2010 will either stop this putsch or our future will continue to snowball in to the Hell Fires of Marxism. It's that close...

(video may still be processing)

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